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My headcanon for how (human) Wildbreak happened is that Knockout did a little bi-curious experimenting with some random chick, nine months later she shows up and foists a baby off on him. Instead of being mad, Breakdown throws himself wholeheartedly into fatherhood. All he cares is that it’s half Knockout and he loves it like his own.

You are… not far off. From what I imagine at least. Though I beg you to ponder which, of the pair, is canonically bi-curious. And whether “experimenting” could mean “what happens when you’re blind drunk and beset by groupies after winning a prize fight.” And whether it happened without your lover’s knowledge because you weren’t properly in a relationship yet.

Neither of them know the mother. Breakdown never got her name. And neither of them would have ever met Wildbreak had Knock Out not been working in the same hospital where he was abandoned.

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knockout would steal a hospital baby honestly, y’all trying to act like he wouldn’t... boy’s a mess

If we learn anything from “Predacons Rising,” it’s that Knock Out makes life choices with about six seconds of forethought.

(Though he’ll have you know he didn’t steal Wildbreak, and he has the paperwork to prove it.)

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Hello! I recently discovered this blog and have spent hours looking over your amazing art! I know you're very busy but do you think you could draw human tfp soundwave one more time ? Doing soundwave stuff ?He's my favorite and your style makes me love him 10000x more!! (Your laser beak is amazing btw)


That’s Lord Starscream, High Chancellor of the Refulgent Cybertronian Dynasty, Emperor Perpetua, and Defender of the Realm to you, pal.

just some starscream looks that i’ve been sitting on for a while now…glad i had some time to finally finish them ^^