Humanized/Personified Dreadwing! For a moment I listened to his voice and thought that the look may be too off, but then I just got used to it and now it seems fine :I

To me Dradwing’s a bit of a rare looking guy. I mean the dude’s face is gold and he’s got little wrinkle-line things at the crner of his eyes.  Hs hai was almost black but my initial idea of it being blonde just stuck.

I don’t know why blonde just seemed like THE choice

Body shape: Dreadwing’s a pretty wide guy, swol legs and arms, and I assume he’s considered large for his kind, considering that he’s as large as Optimus (I like the idea that Decepticons tend to be bigger in size but in Prime this doesn’t seem to be the case ;-:.)

Eyes: Sharp,

Face: Masculine/rough but not really scary-looking, a little bit of facial hair but not anything considered “hairy”

Weapons: Large guns, twin katanas

Clothes: Partially armored, always wearing some form of armor or combat dress and always seems to be in professional wear.

Man bun: I can really see dreadwing as someon who pulls his hair tight into a bun rather than cutting it short.

Human design by me. Dreadwing © Hasbro

Me and @maelikki made up a typical human name for Drift’s humanformer.
And I end up making his name as “Tadayou Satori” - means “Drifting to Enlightenment” since he’s also deep in spiritual practice.

(I miss drawing humans by the way, design originally made by @jnwiedle)