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"He killed a man". Idk, a lot of "good guy" types have killed people. And it could be possible that its like magic the gathering battle for zendikar and boris and bendy are just extensions of the same demon

daniel-siegfried replied to your post “Wanna bet boris is the bad guy and bendy is just trying to ensure he…”

By killed a man, did you mean the creator or sammy?      

we still have no idea what happened to joey. i have a headcanon that bendy is possesing him hence his oddly humanesque proportions but that’s still just my headcanon. as for sammy…WELL….i think chapter 2 made it clear what happened to him.

as for good guys killing people, it’s good to have in mind if said people were heinous, cruel people who totally deserved it. because in the case of batim, we might as well be talking about innocent animators who were brainwashed into joining a satanic cult and becoming ink monstrosities. Sammy’s recordings showed that he wasn’t always a religious zealot; he complained about Joey’s exccentricities like everybody else. But is Bendy the one behind this? Is it Joey? Both of them? Neither? we still don’t know!

All I’m saying is that Bendy’s not innocent either. Even if he’s not the one responsible for this mess or that he was forced into acting like this against his will, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s done some Fucked Up Shit™ and that he’s most definitely out to get you. The evidence is not exactly in his favor (and I mean….he IS a demon)

also i know nothing about magic the gatherin other than the guy who got banned for taking pictures next to butt cracks

I’m laying in bed and I’m practically covered in children and animals.  Bruce is patrolling, but Damian has a cold and couldn’t go with him, so he and Jon are laying in bed with me (we were watching Inside Out).  The pets sensed all the human (and humanesque lol) warmth, so I’ve got my kitty on my chest, Krypto laying across my feet and Ace snuggled into him.  Titus is between the boys, and Alfred (the cat, not the man lol) is laying above Damian’s head.  I’m glad Bruce and I have a big bed.. it’s still pretty crowded though!  I’m so incredibly happy about it. 😊💖👌

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Can you write something where Jake is the huntsman and Ezekiel is a werewolf he captured but can't kill?

Hi there! I have to say, this was interesting to write because it’s not really like anything I’ve done before, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Thanks so much for the request, and I hope you enjoy!!

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Is rose still alive in this au or no? And btw Garnet is so beautiful I love her!

rose was always (un)dead bc she was a vampire but, similarly to the show, she ceased to exist when she was staked :(

and thank you!! i’m still kinda learning how to draw garnet/translate her into a humanesque form but so that she’s recognisable so that means lots!

[Fic] Light in Dark Places 3/?


Stiles is extremely careful not to let anyone discover what he is. In a pack consisting mostly of teenagers who are self-absorbed on the best of days, it’s not all that hard. Really, the only members he has to worry about are Lydia and Peter, both of whom are too damn observant for their own good. Which is a major asset to the pack when trouble comes to town, but otherwise is just a major pain in the ass for Stiles, who likes keeping his creature status a secret, thank you. 

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I am in Great Need of an AU where Summer’s life is in danger for whatever reason (like some alien is coming after her or something hunting her down exclusively) and Rick doesn’t really have time to deal with it because he’s got some business in another dimension to take care of so he customizes his ship into a humanesque form so she can go to school with Summer and protect her (Rick knows that the ship will take care of her bc the ship is always asking Rick about her; “Hows your granddaughter doing?” “Is Summer safe?”) and at first Summer hates her bc shes scaring off all of her friends (and potential boyfriends) but then Summer realizes that inside this murderous hunk of metal is a Teenage Girl so Summer tries to teach her the ways of a high schooler (and probably gives her a proper name other than “Ship”) and the ship feels something stirring inside of her whenever shes around Summer and its not the tiny universe fueling her

Once Rick and Morty come back from their most recent shenanigans, they find Rick’s ship listening to the top 40 and doodling hearts around Summer’s name in her notebook

The ship would have to go back to being a ship, but whenever she’s got spare time she reverts back to her humanoid form to be with Summer

(i drew and wrote this at 4 in the morning so sorry if its bad lol)

The fairy is a shapeshifter from dreamspace. In their realm they can take on any form and create many marvelous dreams. They are known by quite a few names but withhold their true title from most.

While they are fickle and can change on  dime they do tend to gravitate towards certain appearances for convenience or comfort.

This particular visage is commonly used around others as it is small and nonthreatening while also being fairly humanesque in appearance. Even when in this form they can make tiny alterations such as the number of horns they have or extra features such as eyes. 

Trying to refine the main proportions and features of this form of fairy.
The top three drawings are probably the most correct in that regard. 


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have you ever considered a horror enemy that's like...a human who's been endosymbiotically assimilated with some sort of giant creature? like, it technically still looks human (or humanesque) but it's no longer a separate organism from the host

This is actually almost the entire theme of the NES shooter Abadox, one of my all-time favorite games for its setting, art and concept.

The setting of the game is a planet-sized space monster that devours and absorbs worlds, and most of the bosses and many of the minor enemies are humans and animals integrated to its body.

A lot of similarities to Junji Ito’s Hellstar Remina, where that also happens when a human explorer sets foot on the monster’s surface

I Call, No Answer
Jack Green
I Call, No Answer

Jack Green “I Call, No Answer” (1980)

I have always considered post-punk power pop to be “stealth new wave”, though Mrs. V. thinks it just sounds like rock. But when I would hear this on WAVA back in 1980, it did not sound like most of the music they played, i.e. AOR. It sounded new, fresh, and different… kind of like New Wave. (Guitar solo by Ritchie Blackmore, I just learned.)

what if mettaton doesnt even have an ass he just… has legs… theyre flat on the back… he doesnt need a sculpted ass… mettaton with a hank hill butt… theres plenty of monsters probably who dont have a humanesque ass alphys doesnt have to prioritize making one. Ha Ha No Ass Mettaton


Name: Hannah Walther
Age: 22 ((Appearance))
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unkown
Weight: 59 kg
Height: 178 (188 with heels)
Sexual orientation: Demisexual
Occupation: Bounty hunter / Soul reaper
Dislikes: Being degraded, losing and inferiority, bugs, milk, being annoyed, nagging, not having things her way.
Likes: Chocolate, summer, sleeping, coffee, working out, running, smashing things, fighting, loud music, being praised, being superior, cuddling
Notable facts:
-As a soul reaper she goes after souls filled with pride. Mainly 
-Has a more humanesque form and her reaper form like the rest of the siblings
-The lower part of her hammer (Scythe) is removable with her magic. Mostly uses her hammer when fighting.
-She leaves her ears pointy and her skin pale because she doesn’t care if she’s exposed or not. Her mindest is that she’ll just get rid of you if you become an annoyance.
-Is somewhat very superficial and will most likely put on a mask to hide her true nature. Aka a sassy asshole. :^)
-Speaks in a german accent like her siblings.
-Ztorm and Mathilda’s sister. Along with 4 more.
-A lowkey tsundere.
-Has a tendency to act fake around others to gain something.
-Actually runs around with a bounty on her head for being a total failure at bounty hunting and destroying things for being too ruthless and a shitty tactician.