Isaac was sitting on the front steps of the old Hale house, lost in thought. He’d had a fight with Scott and he’d come out there to calm down and think things through before he spoke to his friend again. It hadn’t been a big fight, but enough to rile them up and that was not good, especially since he’d grown to care about Scott and didn’t want a stupid fight to ruin the first real friendship he’d had in years. His train of thought was interrupted when he heard footsteps nearby and he looked up, surprised that someone else was there. “Hey,” he said, tilting his head to the side. 

Do you feel the end of DE coming ? Yes i do too ^^

If they dont give the cure to Elena this time, i just dont get it…. xD with all the forshadowing since the beginning, like Damon wondering if HumanElena would still feel the same, or Elena saying things like “you and me it’s forever” multiple times, or even “epic loves of my life”. If Elena just give the cure to someone else once again, it would be so stupid, we already saw it !!

We all know, if she takes the cure, there is a good chance Stelena will be ON again ;)

And it is just me or they are making some unneeded DE sex scene wherever and whenever they can, it’s like they’re trying to give as much as they can to DE fans before……The END of this shitty relationship that is DE  :P. So Bamily just prepare for more useless Dullena sex scenes…..

Look like they’re preparing the way for Bamon, AND Stelena’s come back. :) :) :)

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Question: what are you enjoying about DE in season 6?

  • how they understand each other and try to be patient with each other
  • how they can’t keep their hands off each other
  • how Elena tried to stay away from Damon but failed
  • canon confirmation that Elena loved Damon as a human
  • Elena being excited to meet Damon’s mom
  • Damon feeding Elena :P
  • Porch scenes!!!