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She wouldn't have known the kid was Viktor if he didn't smell exactly the same. Well then. "Fuck," Katarina opines, and immediately turns to walk away again. // DOUBLE M!A LET'S DO THIS

Viktor ducks behind a table the moment he sees this new stranger, his heart thumping desperately behind his ribs. At first glance, he had assumed she was human–she’s human-shaped, after all–but then he saw the ears. And the whiskers. And the eyes. It’s the eyes that make him the most nervous.

Gods, he hadn’t realized there were so many non-humans in Zaun itself, let alone his own house.

“Who are you?” he whispers.


if you remember this comics

actually i wanted to draw Adam ver. since that… yeah haha now i finally had motivation to complete it. some ppl say Adam is a cruel man, but the fact is,they are hurting each other. Blake was doing the same thing as Adam did.
she didn’t tell him how she’s feeling.
She ran away, met team RWBY,then learned how to express. this time,is Blake’s turn to help Adam out as team RWBY saved her.

Adam knows Blake is in Beacon(so that’s why he is so cold as their reunion) maybe he saw Blake at V2C12,seeing she is talking to Human and being so happy.He felt confused,even misunderstand that’s human taking her from him.
then decided to kill all of human…?XD

after all, just my opinion.


Years after years, life goes on. But we all interact with each other in the end. We will all die in the end, from immortal or mortal. That’s what makes us humans after all. We must protect our fragile little world, even if it’s cruel and merciless.” - Unknown 

Edward Nygma in #14, sick day scrubs

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Ed hates getting sick. You think you hate getting sick? He HATES it.

His face gets stuffed up, his body gives out, his head gets fuzzy and he can’t think. Among other things, sickness renders our dear Riddler incapacitated of his own genius and so is forced to lie around ‘till he gets better.

He’s already getting impatient.

Signs you might be an INTJ (Functions, brah)

By fringe-emu

This is rather long, so bear with me here! A lot of people think they’re an INTJ when they are not. I’ve studied the functions for a while now (MBTIguy and Charity here at FunkyMBTIFiction have been a big help in that aspect!) and have determined that I am in fact an INTJ. Evil unicorns, yay (I’ve been spending waaaay too much time with an INTP)! Anyway, I’m rather ashamed of how my type is misrepresented! We can be kind and heartfelt, too! We have emotions! We may hide them for various reasons, but we do have them! We are human, after all.

In regards to the anon over at MBTIguy’s tumblr who was unsure of their type, but was pretty sure they’re an INTJ, I thought I’d help out with that and I figured that you guys here could use it too! Here are a few ways I can tell I’m an INTJ (or you can tell you’re an INFJ if you ignore the Te-Fi parts):

I love for things to be organized and efficient and, unlike a Si-dom who just freaks out because of inferior Ne gripping them, I freak out when things don’t go the way I planned because my plan seemed so full proof and now I have to account for all this new data and recalculate where things are going! My plans aren’t ruined, I just have to figure out a new route to get to where I know I’m going. Not that life hasn’t knocked me so far off base that I see where I’m going shift, it does happen. Cue another freak out until I manage to figure out my new sought after destination.

Everything I do has been calculated to some degree, I’m almost never spontaneous unless I know that the person I’m with is very spontaneous (looking at you, Kara) and then I add that factor in! It’s times like these where I have to use my Se, because all of a sudden I’ve got to be on my toes, ready for anything. When this happens I realize that the best course of action is no course of action, so I actively let Se take over whilst still knowing that, because in this moment I am in a moderate amount of control over Se, I can go back to Ni when I need to.

Speaking of Se, it really is a great and wonderful function. If it’s not your inferior, that is! I am very unaware of my surroundings, constantly bumping into things and tripping over nothing, and my Se can often be akin to a toddler throwing a tantrum as any inferior function is wont to do! It screams and yells at me when it sees something shiny that it must have now or it wants to do something and it wants to do it now. This is not how Se acts in a higher position, oh no. And when it grips you it’s either let’s go buy fifty dollars worth of lotion that I don’t need just because it smells pretty or it’s total sensory overload. Either way, you end up with at least a headache.

Not that inferior Se doesn’t have its merits when you’re actively trying to cultivate it, it’s just that we’re so unused to using it! It’s like you’ve incapacitated both of your upper limbs and nobody will help you eat so you’re having to either try and hold a spoon with your toes or just shove your face into your plate and hope for the best!

And if you’re an INTJ, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily arrogant, you just know what you’re good at (Ignoring those wannabees who act all hoity toity, high and mighty). I, personally, try to build up other people’s confidence, especially by trying to help them improve if I can. But I’m not going to lie and say you did good when you didn’t. It’s not helping anyone and it’s counter-productive! Not that I’m harsh about it (unless circumstances call for it) because it’s normally against my moral code to be mean if I can avoid it.

Speaking of which: Fi. Oh Fi, Fi, Fi. I both love and loathe thee, you keep me from becoming an arrogant jerk but you keep me from being my most efficient! I grew up around a bunch of feeling types, so I suppose you could say that I’m a bit softer than your average INTJ. My family instilled some morals in me, yes, but a lot of it just came from within. I pretty much had my own moral code from when I was a small child onwards. Also, in a way it does help me be more efficient, now that I think about it. If I didn’t have my moral compass telling me now’s the time to be nice and polite, how would I get people to go along with what I want to happen? Is this calculating and a bit conniving at times? You betcha! But that’s sometimes the consequence of Te-Fi; trying to be efficient and using your moral code to help you to do that.

And I was a rule follower when I was a child and generally still am. Why? It’s the most efficient (I keep using that word, sorry). If you know the rules of the game you can play it to the best of your abilities.

And that whole reading people thing? Pffft! I’d have to get out of my head long enough to see what’s going on around me! But once I do, it’s scary how well I can read someone, especially once they’ve piqued my interest. I oftentimes know others better than myself because most of my mind lives in the subconscious due to Ni. Which can also make me secretly unsure of myself!

So a real INTJ can be an unfeeling, cocky jerk, yes, but those are the ones that have very little interaction with their Fi or use their Fi for selfish/evil ends. I hope this helps anyone questioning their type!

Family pic featuring Daddyasha reclining on Kagomom, boys Hajime(4 ½), Isamu(9 months) and Shippo(17), and some cat. (I saw someone’s idea for the Higirashi household being something of a neko atsume)

Inuyasha and Kagome discover that both boys will have bottomless pits for stomachs, just like their old man.

Love, hope, compassion… This is what people say monster souls are made of. But the absolute nature of ‘soul’ is unknown. After all, humans have proven their souls don’t need these things to exist.

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  #they asked me if i COOK #that is what servants do

“Not necessarily. While our meals are prepared for us, the culinary arts can be rather enjoyable. Vanilla Ice has shown me various specialties of his every now and then. He is confident and proficient with his baking. Though I, DIO, do not pursue these talents myself, I’d be curious what you could come up with, The World.”

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Humiliation hc?

yeeeee! I’ve been waiting for this one ;) (slight exhibition kink oops)

ok lets go!!

**(ALSO please send me more headcanons please thank you very much)**

-Dan and Phil having a quiet night in, just putting on some movie on the television and ending up not even watching it, getting distracted with editing their videos on their laptops. 

-Dan getting all hot and bothered next to Phil because, I mean, its Phil and Dan is only human after all. Phil being especially hot with his glasses and slight scruff because he hadn’t shaven for a couple of days and looking sexier in a jumper and some sweat pants than anyone has the right to. 

-Dan admiring the sharp angles of Phil’s face and his broad shoulders and intense, focused blue eyes while editing. Phil being completely oblivious to Dan’s pleading stares and Dan saying good night to Phil so he could take matters in his own hands. Phil looking at him a bit weird because its still quite early but smiling his gorgeous smile all the same and wishing Dan a good night because he’s just sweet like that. 

-Dan turning up his music kind of loud, but not loud enough for it to disrupt anyone, just loud enough to disguise his strangled moans. Dan prepping himself, scissoring his hole and whining softly when he brushes his prostate. Its torture for Dan to be around Phil all day, the sexual tension building and building until Dan is ready to scream and is so so desperate to come already.

-Dan fucking himself slow at first with his vibrator but going faster every time he hits his prostate, the vibrations making him shake from pleasure and moan so loudly that the music isn’t enough to cover up his sounds.

-Phil walking into Dan’s room because he needed his advice on the video he was editing. He knew Dan would probably be pissed for barging in but it was really important and also Dan always forgave him for waking him up.

-Phil stopping dead in his tracks when he sees Dan with his legs spread and fucking himself with a toy, all long limbs, sweaty hair, and his back is fucking arching. Its obscene and it makes Phil hard in his pants faster than he even thought possible.

-Dan scrambling to cover himself but Phil just standing there and staring Dan down. “Are you that desperate to get fucked?” being the first thing he says, a cheeky smirk on his lips and eyes turning a dark blue that makes arousal churn in the pit of Dan’s stomach.

-Dan not being able to respond, just completely speechless but at Phil’s hungry stare he blushes hard and the heat travels straight to his cock which twitches on his stomach.

-Phil sitting at the end of the bed and telling Dan to show him how much he wants it. Dan nodding, kind of confused because when did this adorable nerd turn into a fucking sex god? Not that he’s complaining; he’s been literally dreaming about this for too long.

-Dan moving the toy slow, not as close as before but still practically gagging for it like he’s going to explode if he doesn’t come right fucking now.

-Phil whispering dirty things to Dan while he palms himself slightly like, “You’re so dirty, Dan, fucking yourself when I was right in the other room.” or maybe “I bet you wanted me to hear you fucking yourself. Did that get you off, huh? Knowing I was right there and I could walk in at any moment,”

-Dan keening loudly, cheeks flushing so hard he felt like he was on fire, gasping and writhing on the bed. Dan being so so embarrassed about Phil walking in on him because he probably looks like a mess all hard and needy, but he’s also so turned on he’s dizzy with want and he just doesn’t care. 

-Phil watching Dan intensely, stripping off his clothes and stroking his cock and Phil being so turned on seeing Dan blush when he teases him, having to grip his base hard to keep from coming when Dan moans his name, fucking hell.

-Dan’s whimpering loudly, thighs shaking and shit. Phil is watching him like he wants to devour him and god he wants it so much. He’s so needy and he can hear the desperation in his voice when he moans but he only turns himself on more. He’s so embarrassed by it but even as he blushes so hard that his skin is practically sizzling, it only sends jolts of pleasure to his cock so strong his breath is knocked out of him.

-Dan coming spectacularly, shooting up so high some of it gets on his neck and chin and making a mess everywhere, body shuddering and Dan nearly curling in on himself from the force of his orgasm. The vibrations from the toy making him whine from oversensitivity and tremble from the aftershocks of his orgasm. Phil jerking off quickly and coming just as Dan is coming down from his high. Phil coming so hard that he groans loudly, maybe even louder than Dan, and he sees white spots behind his eyes and holy shit its so good even if its only his hand.

-Phil humming and looking at Dan with a smirk. “Mm should’ve seen yourself, you were so desperate for it. So pretty when you come. Look at you, you messy boy,” Phil says in a teasing tone which makes Dan squirm, and his cock gives a pitiful twitch. God, the whole thing is embarrassing but Dan loves it. 

-Phil cleaning Dan up and cuddling with him afterwards, youtube video left unedited and completely forgotten for the moment. Phil whispering “my good boy,” just as they fall asleep making Dan smirk a little because he did secretly hope that Phil would hear him over the music, but he could always tell Phil and be punished for it later…

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