my formal thank u…its all real (yep yep)!

i would like to say thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this new endeavor that i call humanclay [photography] est 5.20.

what kinda started as an accident, well nothings an accident in GODS eyes has developed into something that is becoming very spiritually lucrative for me.

i would like to thank each and everyone that posed for me [knowingly or unknowingly] …gave me positive energy when i showed them the finished product, i would like to thank each & every person whose given me feedback.

i would like to thank my mommi for always supporting any vision that i have had since i was zero and encouraging my weirdness thru grade school, etc.

i would like to thank all of the people that have inquired about me having the privilege of shooting them in the very near future, im very excited and have some exciting shots mentally developing for each and every one of you so, lets make it happen!

i would like to thank a few people specifically for the support and they know the reason why, thank you thank you and thank you again [in NO PARTICULAR ORDER after my family]:

the creator, from whence all things flow.

mommi, aka my best friend, my travel buddy, the biggest nerd i know, my harshest critic & biggest fan all in one.

my family for always letting me experiment & sometimes ruin family shots as a kid.

macy, because i love you…plain and simple.

tim aka tephlat, the world will know our names soon enough…we r destined to succeed, its already in the works.

femi, for being “tall” & “lightskinned” [paradox] all the time and being the most short tempered nigerian in the whole world …& not to mention the loudest. thank u for introducing me to the world of fela and nigerian culture, nothing can replace that.

d. lott, i mean this is the year and i know u see every move right? so what will we wear to the awards show?

tracy “full court” press, the unofficial mayor of DC aka the sweetest soul aka she does big things aka dr. tracy press, m.d. [managerial duties].

kenny & jodi j, i love yall man, what more needs to be said? i’m your brother period …soon i will be the coolest, nerdiest uncle in the world …& the happiest too!

jemma, for always making me smile when i need it.

victoria, cuz we are “tarquarians” & the struggle has been beautiful …glad we found our way back …so many memories made & are being made right now …lets get it!

dj cuzzin b, so much to say bruh …suite 314 days that spawned that shot to your input on the names & all things beyond …the mixtape is still coming …trust, you’re family man …keep doing the true school heavy touring the world and ish …i see you pops.

my kb, aka my mommy knew i had a crush on you but u didnt …haha …glad i found u.

kristen, for always showing me love and being mrs. me too …the world is ours!

usual suspectz, with a “z” for always supporting a kat …man words canNOT express my gratitude.

quianna, because you are just you …remember the initial meeting?

amy ruths [harlem nyc], having my leather bag stolen out the trunk & my change cup gone & walking like 30 blocks without a coat in a ny december anyone? …but im willing to do the ny thing again, that trip was classic! …haha.

stacy richardson, one of the most beautiful songbirds i know. thank u my friend.

tyrese, man ok so you were right. transformers did buss my head wide open!

nic ringwald, for being the baddest tattoo’d chick with fire red hair on the planet and hitting me up at like 3am to tell me about this thing called myspace way back when & setting up my initial page for me …we will make u a suicide girl!

phil lawrence, cuz you’s a silly dude man …& when the 3 of us get together, oh lawd!…make the music son cuz its for yamamanem. bruno mars is blowing up major bro. im proud of you.

lala, because you are just lala …& whooo boy!

anthony and tarsha hamilton, for repping nc all the time and bringin the heat, im honored to call you guys friends ‘o mine …speak to you old school sidekick style real soon!

eli davis, cuz your fly eli, cmon now …who else can be as fly as eli?

shortfuze, what up probanga? …yeah its going down this year man …i told you.

tee nguyen, because you my dear are the sexiest nerd i know. i love you my friend …philly stand up …lets go get some sneaks now in north philly …you are on your way to pinup girl heaven.

sugi yumi, i know your government name but i promise i wont tell. i miss you, our trip is coming soon.

amir k., team twizz …u kno how we do.

brian le, ayo man i never understood the ginuwine thing but hey thats all you bro and thats what make you, you! u know the full circle of why im here now bruh …lets make it!

kay pee, you are my west coast sunshine & such a beautiful spirit, lets connect soon k?

kenneth “babyface” edmonds, for all of the encouragement & positive energy, thank you.

emily king, you are a beautiful spirit & your music is heaven…great shots!

chucky thompson, man our convos on music are always mind boggling …see u in the studio.

e. campbell, hold atlanta down for me til i come back then we gonna snap it up bruh!

victor, ayo the weekend snap sessions in dc …priceless fam …lets do it bruh.

mark from fewsion media, thanks for the headphones that supply my energy when im out shooting …nothing better than professional studio monitor phones giving the back drop ya kno.

jossan, what up my dude? thanks for the love on the true school flyer i appreciate that man …lets do some more.

drifa, for teaching me icelandic terms, late night share sessions & for your wishy-washyness…thanks…i think? *smile*, thank you & thank you …check them out y’all.

shonda hurt, thank you for your input always & supporting the cause.

uk phil l., hey hey whats up man?

sam, what up broadway? i still gotta get you those shots.

charles davids, you are on your way, the best kept secret will not be a secret for much longer …kill em musically.

evita, for being my bmw …this way i will always have one, even when i dont drive one.

bernadette, for letting me dub u “storm” & u kept it to this day!

kristine from the uk, i enjoy every minute of our talks about everything really.

emine, because u are a beautiful spirit & a scurry one at that …haha.

derrick from splashdown, i cannot thank u enough for your encouraging words and all of the help that you gave me when selecting cameras, it was more than vital.

miss kat, you are a gem beyond words, thank u eternally.

just be photography, keep doing your thing.

asap photography, respect due.

moye, your work is still inspiring to a young baw making his mark. i can’t even describe how beautiful your imagery is…simply put, thank u.

shouts out to kelis, pharrell, boyz II men, deborah cox, smitty, monica, chris brown, rakim, dj kid capri, clipse, amir “questlove” thompson, dj premier and guru, alicia keys, mike philly, lina, leela, kirk franklin, j moss, nas, tye tribbett, martha minuzzi and family, erykah badu, common, lyfe jennings, usher, john legend, los amigos invisibles, paula deanda, cody chesnutt, kelly rowland, big tigger, brandy, vikter duplaix, kenny and chante, blaine, jc chasez, justin timberlake, mario, the roots and every other artist that i’ve had the chance to build with.

again and again,

i’d like to again thank u all for being a part of this journey, if i 4got anyone, charge it to my head & not my heart as im was doing this after a long night at like 4am.

welcome to the dawn of a photographic revolution…humanclay [photography] est. 520

its all real (yep yep)!

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[i] love documentaries & the fat boys were the first hip hop group that i got into. before that it was more my older cousins’ music.

this is the documentary of the fat boys from the tv one unsung series. in its entirety [38:55 time lapse]

enjoy &


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