Most of you have probably seen the excellent lyric video for ‘Human’, released on YouTube several weeks ago. Nanna and Raggi recently stated in an interview that the band intends to make similar videos for all the songs on the album.

The actor in the ‘Human’ video is Björn Stefánsson. In recent years, he has been best known as an actor, most recently in the movie ‘Austur’ (’East of the Mountain’). He’s also well known for lending his voice to many audio books in Iceland. However, he used to be better known for being the drummer in the Icelandic alternative rock / hardcore band Mínus, which had some success around the turn of the century (here you can see them playing the Reading festival in 2004). As such, he was known as “Bjössi í Mínus” (Bjössi from Mínus). 

In an interview from December 2013, Arnar said the following when asked about the first concert he attended: “It was the album release concert for “Jesus Christy Bobby” by Mínus at Gaukur á Stöng [legendary pub and concert venue in downtown Reykjavik] in 2001. Mínus are legends. At the time, they had their practice space in Garðabær, in the same building where my band at the time practiced. They were our idols.”

Recently, Björn has appeared with the Metallica cover band ‘Melrakkar’, which is comprised of members of the leading Icelandic hard rock / heavy metal bands Skálmöld, Sólstafir, HAM, and Mínus (captured here at the aforementioned Gaukur á Stöng). Finally, we should mention that Björn is a world-class drummer, as you can see here.