Name: Trinity Trevelyan

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown/black 

Eyes: Light blue 

Height: 5 ft. 8 in. 

Race: Human

Age: Mind twenties - early thirties

Class and Specialization: Rogue (dual daggers), Assassin 

Morality: Very good

Varric’s Nickname: “Trin”

Likes: Reading, sketching, exploring, dual-wielding, history, the dark/shadows, stealth, strategy, tradition, cool and sleek armor as long as it’s in black (for stealth and coolness reasons). templars, playing Wicked Grace, stone castles, diplomacy.

Dislikes: Spiders, anybody who wants to destroy the world. 

Major decisions: 

  • Chose to help Templars, Templars allied with Inquisition
  • Accepted being chosen by Andraste
  • For faith 
  • Hawke did not make it out of the Fade; allied with Wardens
  • Empress Celene rules, Gaspard and Briala spared. Florianne arrested and judged.
  • Took long temple path, allied with Abelas in the Temple of Mythal. 
  • Morrigan drank from Well of Sorrows
  • Let Calpernia walk away
  • Cassandra became Divine Victoria
  • Found Inquisitor Ameridan
  • Saved the lyrium mines in the Deep Roads
  • Disbanded the Inquisition
  • Attempt to redeem Solas

Personality: Social when she has to be. Independent, didn’t romance anybody. Very professional-like, she knows what she’s doing. Stands firm in the face of danger. Prefers to deal with matters diplomatically first, but won’t hesitate to use violence should the situation grow out of hand. Makes descisions based on the history of what she’s dealing with. Seeks information and answers and gathers as much of both as possible before she makes a decision. Can create compromise to ensure agreements between parties. Very strong conscience, compromises and makes good choices. Focused in combat, attacks strongly, but gracefully; prefers element of surprise and attacking from behind; uses stealth to advantage. Likes to have fun with friends (the closest of whom being Cassandra and Varric) when not busy with Inquisitor stuff. 

(Side note: Yes, I based this one off of a character from movie, so I guess this is a crossover of sorts? Making look-a-likes is what makes character creation so fun for me (and why it takes me two hours to make a single character, but it’s so worth it))

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Promptober Day 19

Day 19: Flight

“How you holding up over there?” Charlie asked with a grin, Rex giving her a stern glare. His metal arm was holding onto the edge of the plane seat a bit hard as thunder rumbled and shook the plane, causing turbulence in their flight.

“Wishing I was asleep in my bed instead of on this mission.” He grumbled, making Charlie grin and laugh a bit, the redhead sipping a soda.
“When we land we’ll get to the hotel and you can sleep all you want you big baby, okay?” She mocked, earning another glare before he nodded. 
“Fine, but you are staying with me tonight. Deal?”
“Oh fine, deal.”

Rex: Me (Crimson-Agony)

Charlie: @lanokirxgames


Paddle Boarder and Clouds, Hanalei Bay, Hawaii by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
A man on a paddle board paddles to the mouth of Hanalei Bay just after sunrise on Kaua'i.