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The Beatles photographed at Cardiff’s Capital Theatre on the 12th December, 1965, as they place a doll at the top of a Christmas Tree inside the theatre (why, exactly, is unclear!) This was the last date of the last ever UK tour. 

The concert was marred by a stage invasion, when an overly enthusiastic male Beatle fan jumped on stage as John introduced Day Tripper and tried to grab George and Paul. He had to be caught by “security” (Mal!) and thrown out of the venue. 

After the show George said, “I can’t understand it. This is an occupational hazard,” and Mal told the local press, “A man ran on the stage while John was announcing the group’s next number – Day Tripper – and grappled with the lads.“He was asked to leave and disappeared as quickly as quickly as he came. This sort of thing has happened before and we are able to handle it.”

After the show the Beatles were driven by limo back to London to attend a Christmas party at The Scotch Of St James. 

The Men in Cynthia Lennon’s Life

A reflection of the men in Cynthia’s life.

Note: Although not primarily a countdown list, I did more or less rank the men from who I considered the least substantial, to the most significant. While all were crucial in Cynthia’s life, some I think just left a bigger impact. And as always, this is just my opinion.

Number 5: John Twist

Not surprising Twist would be on the bottom. Not to say that the guy was bad. But of the men that she was romantically involved with, this is the one where she seemed the most regretful about. She realized marrying him wasn’t a good idea, on the very day she married him. Also, I think Cynthia even said (I have to read the book again) that Twist always felt like he was living under the shadow of Lennon and couldn’t compete with that.

With that said, Twist did care about Cynthia and Julian. He showed compassion after John’s death, even though by that point the marriage had sanked. He also was one of the main people who encouraged her to write her first book. Even though Cynthia had mix feelings about the overall publication of “A Twist of Lennon”, (especially after John tried to sue her), I think Twist’s intentions came from a good place. He felt she had a right to be heard and gain something from all her hard work over the years. Decent guy overall.

Number 4: Jim Christie

Despite the fact that Christie and Cynthia were together for 17 years, not much is known about their time together. Here is the info that I was able to find:

She began a relationship with Liverpudlian chauffeur Jim Christie in 1981, who became her partner for 17 years as well as her business manager, living in Penrith, Cumbria. She said at the time: “Jim has never felt he’s living in John Lennon’s shadow. He’s four years younger than me and wasn’t really part of that whole Beatles’ scene.” They later lived on the Isle of Man and then Normandy for some years, but separated in 1998.

More so than her other relationships, this one has been left rather private. I’m not sure if part of that has to do with the fact that they never married. But I see nothing wrong in Cynthia wanting to keep her relationships private. I think after the craziness of being a Beatles wife, privacy is the best thing you could want. And even though not much is known about Christie, it seems that he made her happy. It’s just too bad that the quality of their photos aren’t better.

Number 3: Roberto Bassanini

Roberto always striked me as a nice dude. That smile just screams out warmth and friendliness. Judging by the pictures, it’s not hard to see why she married him. He just seems like a person you want to be around with. A person who will appreciate and love you. And that’s exactly what Roberto was for Cynthia and Julian. Personally, I would have loved for this relationship to work out. But alas that wasn’t the case. At least this one ended more peacefully than the first one.

One thing that definitely makes Roberto stand out from the other men though, was how great of a father figure he was for Julian, more so than John. I think that was the main reason why Cynthia married him, so that he could be there for her son. Of course, his kindness to her also helped her feel better during a very tough time in her life. Although I always thought she should have given herself more time before jumping into another marriage so quickly. But at least when looking at some of the pictures, you can tell that Cynthia was able to find moments of great happiness with Roberto.

Number 2: Noel Charles

It’s so great to know that Cynthia’s last relationship was a successful marriage to a man who truly loved her. When Cynthia died, May Pang said a few kind words about her friend. One thing she mentioned was that Noel was her soulmate. And I actually kind of agree. Although Cynthia kept things pretty private, what little things she would mention about Noel definitely showed that she loved him deeply. They loved cooking together, he brought her out of her shell, he never felt pressure to live under John’s shadow, and was a great friend to her and Julian.

His passing hurt her very much, and it was clear that by that time, the love she had for him was probably just as strong as the one she had for John. It’s sad that Noel died. But I’m also happy that after many years, Cynthia was able to have a happy marriage from beginning to end.

Number 1: John Lennon

No matter which way you look at it, no man will ever be what John Lennon was for Cynthia. Truly the love of her life, the 10 years she spent by his side shaped her tremendously. And although the last 2 weren’t the happiest, the majority of their life together was full of love, happiness, excitement, and passion.

Most of you who follow me have seen the list I made about the sweetest moments between the couple, so I won’t go into too much detail about that. But I will say that no matter how their marriage ended, there is something so special about first love. And even though many fans see Yoko as the love of John’s life, I will always believe that no women ever loved him the way Cynthia did. I like to hope that at some points after their divorce, he was aware of how great of a woman she was to him. Sadly that’s something we will never know. But I hope that all of Cynthia’s fans can somehow let others know that their love wasn’t forced or fabricated. It was and always will be real.

Honorable Mention: Julian Lennon

In all honesty, Julian shouldn’t even be a honorable mention.

If there’s one dude in Cynthia’s life that has loved her unconditionally, it’s Julian. Probably one of the sweetest mother and son relationships in real life, Cynthia and Julian’s life was full of ups and downs. But they prevailed through all of them together. And even when some men would come and go in her life, Julian was always loyal to his dear mother.

It’s sad that Cynthia is no longer with us. Not just because she was a good person, but because how much Julian misses her. But it’s clear that her influence in his life shaped him to be a wonderful and gracious human being. And let’s hope and pray that Julian will stay with us for a long time.

Thanks for reading as always and God bless you all.


On this day in music history: December 11, 1970 - “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”, the debut solo album by John Lennon is released. Produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Phil Spector, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and Ascot Sound Studios at Tittenhurst Park in Ascot, Berkshire, UK from September 26 - October 23, 1970. Much of the material on the album is influenced by the Primal Scream therapy sessions Lennon and Ono participate in with Dr. Arthur Janov (earlier in 1970), dealing with the emotional and childhood traumas both have suffered. The sessions result in some of the most deeply personal and affecting material Lennon has ever written. The album features Lennon, bassist Klaus Voorman and former Beatle band mate Ringo Starr on drums as the core rhythm section, with co-producer Spector and Billy Preston also playing keyboards on one track each. It receives rapturous critical praise upon its release and is considered a landmark recording in Lennon’s career. The album is remastered three times on CD, with the 2000 release featuring the album remixed from the original multi-track tapes adding “Power to the People”, and “Do the Oz” as bonus tracks. A 2003 CD and vinyl LP reissue by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab uses the remixed version of the album. Another remaster is issued in 2010 using the original stereo master mix down masters. It is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2015, as part of EMI/UMe’s Back To Black reissue series. The reissue replicates the original album artwork, custom record labels and lyric sheet inner sleeve. “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band” peaks at number six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


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