human: benedict cumberbatch

-me: oh geez, why do i wait years for three episodes of a TV show that only hurt my feelings and mental health?                              -BBC Sherlock:

@addignisherlock asked me why we sometimes use traditionally ‘feminine’ words like beautiful, pretty etc. to describe benedict…. which i do too. all the time. but i also use words like imposing, menacing, byronic and athletic etc. 

i think he’s unique… in that he is all things. sometimes he looks as ethereal and soft as a pre-raphaelite painting. sometimes his angles catch the light like an adrogynous michelangelo sculpture. and sometimes when in repose he looks vulnerable, and soft. but then… like the top and bottom pic; he can go from there to spiky. and scary as f*ck.

he’s like a human kaleidoscope. with ever-shifting fractals.