me sexting with kevin barnes
  • <p><b>me:</b> so what are you wearing ;)<p/><b>kb:</b> I confess to really being quite charmed<p/><b></b> By your feminine effects<p/><b></b> You're the only one with whom<p/><b></b> I would role play Oedipus Rex<p/><b></b> I want you to be my pleasure puss<p/><b></b> I wanna know what it's like to be inside you<p/><b></b> I want you to be my pleasure puss<p/><b></b> I wanna know how it feels<p/><b></b> Wanna give you that ooh la, ooh la la<p/><b></b> Wanna give you that ooh la, ooh la la<p/><b></b> Lover face, how your ass is pumping<p/><b></b> Sweet licentious song<p/><b></b> Lover face, you're a scandal<p/><b></b> Your body is so wrong, wrong<p/><b></b> Bless my lips with your Sunlandic kisses<p/><b></b> Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me<p/><b></b> While our hands explore each other's human vessels<p/><b></b> Oh you know, like four excited spiders<p/><b></b> I want you to be my pleasure puss<p/><b></b> I wanna know what it's like to be inside you<p/><b></b> I want you to be my pleasure puss<p/><b></b> I wanna know how it feels<p/><b>me:</b> haha and then what ;)<p/></p>

His parents’ generation, it was said, was the last generation of humans that could roam around mostly free. Back then, the system still worked. Some humans were taken as food for various creatures, some were chosen to be vessels, and some were “domesticated”. Everything was designed perfectly to keep all the species going. Sure, the happiness of human beings wasn’t often taken into consideration, but that was considered a necessary sacrifice, it always had been.

But then the system stopped working. The population of supernatural beings increased, and humans start to become more and more rare. Soon, demons were fighting each other for vessels, and humans were no longer being simply chosen for their roles - they were being hunted down, chased through the streets, dragged out of whatever hiding place they could find.

Dean wasn’t sure what had happened to his little brother, but as far as he could tell, he was gone. He’d looked, for months - years, even - he’d looked, but Sam was nowhere to be found. Now it was just him, trying his best to keep himself alive when he had a million people chasing him down, many who could tell what he was from a mile away. It wasn’t easy, but he’d managed for twenty six years. He hoped he could manage for however long his life turned out to be. It was said that humans used to live to be much over sixty, but now it wasn’t so easy to find anyone over thirty. He feared what would happen to him in a few years time.

Letting out a tired sigh, he huddled up on what seemed like it was someone’s shed, which had been carelessly left open. Dean had been forced to leave his blanket behind when someone had found him in the middle of the night the day before, so all he could do was try to curl up as tightly as he could manage and hope that the shed would start feeling warmer soon now that he’d closed the window.


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Name: Willow
Time and date: 3:03 pm July 30
Average hours of sleep at night: lately i’ve been a huge dick to myself and i’ve only been getting 5-7 hours when i actually need like 9 to feel like i’m not dying
Last thing I googled: donkey kong halloween costume……..
Birthday: December 14
Gender: Girl but idk if that’s because that’s just always how it’s been to everyone else or like?? i was thinkin about it a while ago and i don’t know if i really feel connected to any gender tbh. mine doesn’t really matter to me. my SPIRIT is GENDERLESS and POWERFUL and JUST NEEDS TO INHABIT THIS HUMAN VESSEL FOR A WHILE LONGER………………
Sexual orientation: ✧ SUPER ACE ✧ (leavin’ this here thenk u danie. also sometimes i think aro as well but i don’t care to try n figure that out rn)
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Favorite color: i like greens and blue greens and blues
One place that makes me happy: anywhere i go on my bike
How many blankets I sleep under: one during the summer and four or five or six during the winter ahaha….
Favorite movie: kiki’s delivery service
What I’m wearing right now: my flowery old lady pajamas
Last book I read: ehhh… the last book i actually COMPLETED was probably this weird manga about like demons that inhabit inanimate objects and then lure people to touch those objects so the demon can then inhabit their body??? and when the human has been super corrupted by th e demon and has taken lives their little horns turn from white to red….
Most used phrases/words: wowee!!
What I last said to a family member: “bye love you too”
Favorite beverage: ehh…. ehhh? wwater..? hot chocolate? protein shake………….
Favorite food: greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter n jelly n chocolate chips n fruit n granola…..
Dream vacation: gghhh??? norway? canada??????????? alaska…..? ireland??
Dream wedding: we are both dressed like vikings. we fight each other. The Rock is there.
Dream pet: crow or raven or lots of kitters
Dream job: marine biologist….. or mycologist… there’s lots of good ologist jobs… paleontologist……..

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“People don’t look at you and see your body. They don’t measure the space between your thighs or the width around your stomach. That doesn’t happen. People see your pretty smile and your soft hair and your cheeks red from the cold and your eyes. They hear your laugh and your sentences and your jokes and your ideas. There is so much more than this tiny human vessel you were given. Your legs can walk and your brain can think and your hands can feel. You could walk anywhere. You could cut all your hair off and wear dark lipstick. You could kiss strangers. The possibilities are endless and you were given this life, this opportunity, to explore and to create and to love and be loved back. 
You are not your body. You are the songs you sing and the friends you make and the words you write and the places you go. I believe in you. I really do. You are going to do something so great in this world. You can share ideas and teach so many people. Please take care of yourself. Give your body fuel so it can think and smile and be healthy. Please.”

hannah doesn’t take a human vessel again.

it was so hard to give it up the two times ze had to already, and ze doesn’t know if ze can handle having to do it again.

but ze misses the earth with an ache ze never could have expected. ze misses the warmth of sun on skin, the feel of soft earth under feet and the smell of a cool breeze.

so sometimes - when ze has the chance, has no other pressing matters to attend to immediately - ze visits.

these times, though, ze politely asks the animals for their permission - not to take control, but to let zir ride along, and never for more than a day.

so ze climbs trees with the squirrels, flies with the birds, sings with the whales.

ze walks with the elephants and plays with the tiger cubs, crows with the roosters and howls with the dogs.

ze visits castiel as a bluebird one day; it seems fitting. he recognizes zir immediately with a fond laugh and asks zir what it’s like to fly with such tiny wings.

but zir favorite time is when ze spent one long summer afternoon as a housecat lounging on an old woman’s lap, marveling at the depth of their bond and the love they had for each other, these two entirely different species with no common language between them.

it makes zir a better leader, ze thinks. it keeps zir humble. it keeps zir at peace. it keeps zir - for lack of a better word - grounded.

angels, ze thinks, could learn a lot from the animals.

So this conversation just happened.
  • Me:I am sick
  • Me:My human vessel is clearly dying
  • Josh:leah, you don't have a human vessel
  • Josh Maywald:you are a human vessel
  • Me:No
  • Me:I don't believe you
  • Me:Prove it
  • Josh:search your feelings leah. you know it to be true.
  • Me:LIES
  • Me:*sob*
Behind Silver Eyes || Chapter 2

Fandom: Carmilla
Words: 2.5k
Pairings: Laura/Carmilla/Danny, Lafontaine/Perry
Summary: Earth has been invaded by an alien species who use human bodies as host vessels, wiping out nearly all human life on Earth. Laura Hollis is one of the few remaining humans still living in hiding with a group of fellow survivors. However, when Laura is captured and taken over by an alien soul named Carmilla, she must fight from within to prevent the souls from using her memories to track down the rest of the human resistance, including the woman Laura loves.

Carmilla Host AU, based loosely on the 2008 novel and the 2013 movie.

[Read on AO3]

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I don’t know why people are worried about there being intelligent life on Kepler 452b. It is 1400 light years away. That’s 8,230,075,757,747,774 miles. If you were to say that number out loud it would sound like this… 8 quadrillion, 230 trillion, 75 billion, 757 million, 747 thousand, 7 hundred, and 74 miles. It took New Horizon almost 10 years to go only 3 billion miles and it was traveling much faster than an occupied human vessel would go. We will NEVER know what (or who) may (or may not) be on Kepler 452b. 



like as a concept, it’s pretty weird

if you consider the “ über-photogenic ”

i.e. models, those socially deemed

aesthetically pleasing, often in print


to think that some people are born

with just the right sequence of DNA

to have your human vessel grow

in such a way as to appear beautiful


after having been photographed

and trapped in the second dimension


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Well, Cas shouldn't age when he's angeled up, but I guess he'd let Claire grow if she is his vessel? Being short has its disadvantages. Making eye contact's hard, too. So imagine Claire!Cas kicking Dean's ankle, knocking him down when she needs to make eye-to-eye contact the first time (I can throw you back in?) and Dean later autmatically half-kneeling after she does it for nth time. I think in this Claire verse we'd get Jimmy/Dean as OTP and hundreds of golfing fics :p

I’d guess thanks to human biology being inevitable for the actress/es (I guess she gets recast as Kathryn at some point? Maybe her return in season 7 and they just pretend it never happened and it’s the same girl in-world? :P) they just have to keep making sure every time something weird happens to Cas and she gets human again her vessel starts growing up some more.

Honestly, the best part of this AU is the fact every “Hello Dean” would be accompanied by Claire!Cas tugging on Dean’s sleeve from behind since he wouldn’t see her otherwise. :P