Angel - (Michael)

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“You summoned me?” Michael looked up at the angel seated on the throne in front of him. His name was Zachariah, who was also said to be one of the most ancient yet strongest angel in heaven.

“Michael, honestly I never understand why you always stay in your human vessel, just between us it’s pathetic really, you should get out, stretch your wings in your real form,” Even when teasing him, Zachariah spoke with power and authority.

“I thought you wanted to talk about something serious, did you just call me here to annoy me, Zach?” Michael used that name on purpose knowing that it would annoy the angel.

“Of course not, time is precious to me, god did appoint me to be in charge of the heavens,” The elder angel bragged, his voice dragging out every word.

“Just get to the point,” It wasn’t a secret between the angels that Michael didn’t like Zachariah and vice versa. After all it was him who got Michael sent to hell for almost a century and even then he tried to trap him there for eternity.

“I’ve finally managed to get a new job for you, a new case,” Zachariah was back to being serious, “It’s a 19 year old girl, Amelia Williams.” He paused for a few minutes scanning Michaels face for any kind of reaction, “She recently got into an accident and now you’re assigned to her.” Michael stood there speechless not knowing what to say, “Well, don’t just stand there looking like an idiot, you have a case to work on now!” All Michael could do was nod to what the angel was saying before he gathered his thoughts and got ready to leave, “Oh and Michael, make sure what happened last time doesn’t happen again.”


Unlike what most people thought, heaven wasn’t just one place full of people, instead each soul had a different heaven for itself. It was a place where the soul would be the happiest and most content so it could finally rest in piece. Michael personally preferred the heaven of a 75 year old man who used to have dementia, it was a bright green garden with a large fountain in the middle and the old man would be sitting on a chair in the corner birdwatching.

Michael stood in the middle of the garden thinking about what had suddenly persuaded Zachariah to give him a case. After what had happened with his last case he had begged his elders for weeks and weeks, every time they refused but now he was suddenly given a girl to look after. He felt like he was missing something but his train of thoughts was broken by another angel suddenly appearing in front him.

“Luke,” Michael gave a small nod acknowledging blonde haired boy front of him, “I’m guessing Zach sent you here to pass on the information?” Without saying anything Luke just nodded and raised his fingers towards Michaels forehead, giving him a light tap in the middle. All of a sudden Michael knew everything about her. She was born on the 29th of January during a stormy night, the earlist memory she had was playing with her old dog Bondie who died when she was 6, her dad was a lawyer and her mum was business woman. A mental picture of her appeared in Michaels mind, she had olive skin, bright brown eyes and dark hair that framed her delicate features.

“You could’ve chosen a better place,” Luke muttered looking around, “Anyway, good luck.” He gave a gentle smile to his friend. “And Michael, please, don’t let history repeat itself.” And with that Michael could feel a warm sensation travel through his body as everything around him start to fade away. A small smile made its way to Michaels lips, he was finally going back to earth.



A small groan escaped my lips as I woke up. I could hear hushed whispers and consistent beeps of a machine coming from somewhere around me. My eyes were still closed yet I could feel a bright light glaring down at me. A strange smell that hung around the room told me that I wasn’t at home.

Gathering enough energy I twitched my fingers a little and then proceeded to stretch my whole hand. A dull ache spread through my arms as I tried to move. As I forced my eyes open the only colour I could see with my blurry vision was white. My mind was still fuzzy, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to think at all. Pushing a light sheet off my body I sat up and looked down at my self. I was in a purple flannel with holes and mud splattered everywhere, both my arms had needles sticking into them and my left hand was heavily bandaged. The table next to the bed was covered in flowers and boxes of chocolate.

“Amy,” I heard a sob from my right, it was Mum. Her and Dad were seated on chairs besides the bed I was lying on, “Oh my god, Amy, you’re awake.” Mum gasped once again.

“I’ll get the doctor,” Dad muttered, his eyes wide with shock as he left the room.

“Where am I?” I pressed the cold palm of my unbandaged hand against my forehead, trying to stop the painful headache I was getting.

“You’re in a hospital, you got into an accident, don’t you remember?” A concerned expression took over Mums face, “How much do you remember? You do know who I am, right?” Her eyes got teary as she said that. Before I could reply a man in a white lab coat entered the room with Dad following behind him.

“I’m Doctor Laxton,” He introduced himself, “So how are you feeling?”

“Uh, dizzy, my arms and head hurt a lot,” My answer was short as I was still trying to figure out what was happening, “I don’t remember how I ended up here.” The doctors eyebrows raised in surprise as he noted down everything I was saying.

“When did she wake up?” He turned to Mum and Dad.

“Only a few minutes ago, do you think she has amnesia?” Mum asked.

“In a situation like this it’s very rare but it is a possibility, we’ll have to ask her her a few questions just to make sure how much she knows,” He then walked over to me, “Amelia, what’s your parents name?”

“Clarissa and Adam Williams,” Mum instantly let out a sigh of relief knowing that I remembered who she was.

“What’s the name of your street?”

“Botley Road.”

“What’s your house number?”


“When is your birthday?”

“4th of November.” All my answers were given to the doctor quickly.

“What day is it?”

“Uh, 27th of July, 2016?” I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know how long I’d been unconscious for.

“Yep, that’s correct, that’s good then, it means you don’t have any long term memory problems,” He seemed satisfied with my answers, “What do you remember from last night?” I closed my eyes as my mind went back to last night.


“So is 6:30 okay?” Ashton, one of my closest friends, asked me over the phone while I rearranged the books in the library.

“Yep, so we’re meeting at 6:30 near the Starcross cafe,” I repeated what he had just told me.

Good, now don’t be late, we need to get to the arena as soon as possible,” He reminded me before we both said good-bye and hung up our phones. My shift at the library went past in a blink and before I knew it I was getting ready for the concert. Me, Ashton and some of my other close friends had planned this trip for weeks, we were going to meet up an hour before the concert actually started and then after the concert was over we would spend the rest of the night at Ashton’s.

I smiled and turned the volume as one of my favourite started playing on the radio, singing along to it I accidentally swerved the car into an unknown road, it took me 20 minutes to realise that. Parking the car at the side of the road, I got out and tried to recognise where I was. Thick trees were surrounding both sides of the road and despite it being a sunny day, it felt dark and gloomy. Everything was still, not even a single leaf on the trees moved. It was silent, deadly silent, I could hear my heart beating inside my chest. All of a sudden I heard an ear piercing scream come from the trees and so I ran.


“Is that all you remember?” The doctor asked me.

“But that’s not possible, she was found just outside town with her car falling to pieces,” Mum didn’t give me a chance to reply back.

“It’s fine, by the looks of it, she has temporary memory loss. She’ll be able to remember everything eventually,” The doctor gave me a gentle smile before continuing to talk to my parents about my discharge date and the medicine I had to take. I sat still on my bed, my mind still muddled with confusion.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind staying here another night then,” I looked up at my dad, “They might need to run a few more tests, just to check if you’ve got any extra damage and then you’re back home!” He seemed more cheerful than he had been before, “For a while we thought you were gone for good, the doctor said there weren’t many chances of you surviving. It’s a miracle that you woke up,” He brushed my messy hair out of my eyes before leaning down and giving me a kiss on top of my head.

“It’s better for her to rest now,” The doctor spoke up again, “She should be ready for the blood tests and X-rays tomorrow before she goes home, so it’s better if she’s left alone.” Mum came up and gave me wet kiss meanwhile Dad just settled for a tight hug and then they both left the room with the doctor.

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Considering Cas is the sole inhabitant of Jimmy's body, does that mean if he leaves his vessel, he can't get back in because Jimmy is no longer alive to give him permission?

Canon hasn’t addressed that so we don’t know for sure, all we can do is speculate. Angel!Anna was able to possess her human body even though it would have been soulless at the time, we have to assume that she had the right to do that because when she was human her soul was the rightful owner of that vessel. God gave the Jimmy vessel to Cas after Jimmy went to heaven, and Cas had a human soul that occupied that vessel during season 9. It’s possible that the Anna rule now applies to Cas because the vessel belongs to him, both as an angel and a human. But there’s also room in the canon for them to say that the rule only applies if the vessel was grown for your human soul and that vessel was grown for Jimmy. What we do know from canon is that Cas does have ownership rights to that vessel because he was able to give Lucifer permission to possess it. This suggests that he would be able to get back in if he were knocked out of it, just like Anna did with her vessel.

Things overheard at a highschool

“Okay you write your name here” “and for reason?” “Just put late” “how do you spell that?”

“Awe dude did you see the TOC for shop?” “Nah man why” “cause she foiiine” “you’re white stop saying fine like that”

“I just got suspended for wearing my hat”

“If I stop talking with a lisp people won’t think I’m adorable”

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Ddemon!ty having a bad episode and the whole rooms bleeding and red and he feels skmeone starin at him n angel!josh walks in and sees him curled up in a ball and immediately rushed to him and Tyler's cryin but he looks at josh "your not bleeding?" And he touches his face suds he's so soft and safe and they end up sitting together with Josh's wings covering Tyler's face so all he can see is the soft feathers and feel warm and safe again

tthis made my heart so warm oh my god its so hard living in a human vessel like this for josh bcuz hes tempted to sin every second n ty bcuz his powers threaten to overtake him constantly but theyre here for each other josh moreso than ty rly bcuz he holds his hands when they shake with rage n kisses his face even as it burns his lips