Did you know that your blood takes a very long trip through your body? If you could stretch out all of a human’s blood vessels, they would be about 60,000 miles long. That’s enough to go around the world twice. Isn’t that fascinating?

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Is it possible to terraform a gas giant? I know that's kind of a contradiction but part of me just wants to live on Neptune :/

Well, you definitely can’t live /on/ Neptune because anything we might consider a “surface” of a gas giant (which is probably a liquid hydrogen core) would be under so much atmospheric pressure that any vessel a human could inhabit would be crushed. 

Since Neptune is just gas, you couldn’t terraform it, there’s no surface to make liveable. But if you’re really serious about life in the Neptune system, Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, would be comparatively easy to build a nitrogen / oxygen atmosphere around since it has lots of nitrogen and oxygen in its crust. That way, instead of living on Neptune, you’d get to have it looming hugely in the sky.

But, in general, so far from the sun even if you could build a breathable atmosphere it would be VERY COLD. So you’d need some sort of constant heat source around the whole moon. That would be very energetically expensive to generate, but maybe you could have some kind of fusion system that would suck hydrogen off Neptune and then fuse it in a contained ball that orbited Triton.

That is, of course, impossible, but it would be super cool! 



During their war with ancient humanity millennia ago, the Didact employed the use of Armigers – bipedal combat platforms that proved incredibly useful for raiding ancient human warships, particularly when attempting to infiltrate the often-more confined spaces of human vessels.

Following the conflict, after the Didact had entered into exile during the ecumene Council’s diminishment of his rate, the Forerunners found themselves dangerously underprepared for the Flood’s return. In order to bolster the empire’s defenses, the Master Builder recommissioned the production of the Armigers to support the ranks of both Builder Security and the waning number of remaining Warrior-Servants. The Soldiers are one such example of these combat platforms, with multiple types used by various factions within the Forerunner ecumene.

While most were originally expended in the fruitless war against the Flood or compromised by the logic plague, some were secretly left to guard key Forerunner sites in the ages following the firing of the Array. Their reappearance with the Guardians indicates the secret of their manufacture has once again been uncovered, and as humanity continues to try and reclaim the vestiges of the Forerunners’ dominance, the reawakening of these constructs and others like them cannot be taken lightly by the UNSC. [x]

So this conversation just happened.
  • Me:I am sick
  • Me:My human vessel is clearly dying
  • Josh:leah, you don't have a human vessel
  • Josh Maywald:you are a human vessel
  • Me:No
  • Me:I don't believe you
  • Me:Prove it
  • Josh:search your feelings leah. you know it to be true.
  • Me:LIES
  • Me:*sob*

Trailer for Behind Silver Eyes, a Carmilla OT3 Host AU

Earth has been invaded by an alien species who use human bodies as host vessels, wiping out nearly all human life on Earth. Laura Hollis is one of the few remaining humans still living in hiding with a group of fellow survivors. However, when Laura is captured and taken over by an alien soul named Carmilla, she must fight from within to prevent the souls from using her memories to track down the rest of the human resistance, including the woman Laura loves.

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things i have been thinking abt: the art of the poor and suffering is typically discussed, whether in the mainstream or smaller circles, in very troubling ways, and has been historically. the art of the mentally ill, the art of the poor, of disenfranchised races and genders, is typically spoken of first by its proximity to the life struggle of its artist, and while this is typically not irrelevant, the conversation seems to suggest that something of the circumstances begs telling so much that it overcomes its human vessel and speaks itself. the intellect and sensitivity and inner life of the marginalized is not typically looked upon with any seriousness in general, but even when they speak their own circumstances with the power of emotion/craft/volume of thought and decision-making power that they personally carry, their work is usually explained away at least in part b/c of their circumstances. pusha t said something to this effect to counter an interviewer. the interviewer stated that he would have never been able to be as successful as he is if not for his involvement in the drug trade. pusha t responds, “actually, i never would have become as successful as i am if i wasn’t a great rapper.” just a thought

Just took a quick look over the new chapter in my Anatomy textbook for the next class, and did you know that your blood takes a very long trip through your body? If you could stretch out all of a human’s blood vessels, they would be about 60,000 miles long. That’s enough to go around the world twice. Isn’t that fascinating?