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I think season 12 is going to give us original!cas. In the finale we saw a cas who was more stoic and mission oriented. Also he had a missing the reference moment. I hope we'll get the powerful angel Cas back,I loved him. He had his own motivations not just what the Winchesters told him to do.

Good morning lovely!

While I also loved the Castiel of S4 when he was this otherworldly being - I just adored how Misha conveyed so well that despite residing in a human vessel there was just nothing human about this character - I think at this point if Castiel reverted back to his “old self” would be very dissatisfying and undermine all the character growth Castiel has gone through.

There is a lot for Cas to work through and come to terms with and to me him reverting back to this old persona would be really heartbreaking, because in the end to me it would mean the disappearance of the person Cas has become.

Imo - and that’s of course my personal feeling on the matter - the only way Castiel’s entire arc make sense to be wrapped up is with Castiel choosing to become human. He’s been hated and pushed away by Heaven and his kin, has been hunted and became enemy number one. There simply is nothing to me that Cas could learn from going back there, in fact to me it would almost count as a “suicide” of sorts. Arguably after having fallen a few angels have understood the concept of free will and have changed, but in general to me Heaven’s workings and Castiel becoming more like his old self again would almost come close to a loss of his own personality and identity he has shaped over the years only to become one of many again who just does as he is told.

And I think I have to disagree with you on the Cas having his own motivations back then. :) I think it is only through the Winchesters he started to have his own motivations. S4 was largely about Castiel doing Heaven’s work, it is only the last couple of seasons that he really explored his own wishes, though only to some degree because Cas is in general - much like Dean - someone who dials back his own wishes to accomodate to someone elses.

All that said, it will be interesting if the angels and demons will play any kind of important role next season. I don’t see Crowley exactly interested in running Hell anymore (I think ultimately he’ll either die or would also choose becoming human again) cause that quest is hollow. Likewise after the angels know God is still out there, but disappeared again maybe they just give up their “jobs” altogether? I personally get the feeling the show may be moving away from angels a bit and go back to “simpler” things. Though Jensen’s comment at JIB definitely implies that Heaven and Hell in some form may play some part as Jensen said that the upcoming season could “pave the road to Heaven” while Jared said but there are forces “trying to pull the Winchesters rather to Hell”.

How about a Deal? [Bill CipherXReader] Chapter 3 A New Body

“I want a human vessel.” He commanded at me.
Just how was I going to give him ‘human vessel’? It’s not like I could make one with simple ingridients… right?
“Human Vessel?” I questioned at him as he seemed enlightened to spread the new of his knowledge.
“Ah yes, the human body~ I want one.” He simply stated.
“Uh… ok…? Why exactly do you want one?” I questioned at him. He then leans on his cane.
“Oh Y/N, it’s just no fun with me being trapped in the third and fourth dimension with no one knowing of my existence besides a winy little brat, such as yourself.” He explained to me happily. I kinda got offended by his rude gesture at me.

Bill Cipher’s P.O.V
“So, you gonna get me one or what? I haven’t got all day kid.” I lied at her. I *did* have all day. She still seemed kinda offended at my rude gestures at her. I was only kidding, can’t she take a joke? God, kids these day don’t know good comedy if it bit them in the-
Before she could answer me. Her phone went off.
I leaned over to hear the conversation.
“Hello?” Y/N asks as a 'chill girl’ responded to her voice happily.
“Hey Y/N, Dipper and Mabel wanted to know if you’d like to come with us to go swimming in the lake? Hope you’re not mad about yesterday…” Her voice went from cheerful to depressing. This is kinda awkward, just listening to two teenage girls talking to each other….
“Ah, I’d love to~ And no worries about yesterday. I’ll 'resolve’ it later…” She let out cheerfully while mumbling the last part. I knew what she meant by it though.
“Alright! I’ll see you there, laters!” With that she hung up the phone.
“Later…” She exhaled while closing her phone and putting it back into her pocket.
“So, about that human vessel…” I started. She sighed heavily in frustration.
“Fine, I’ll get you your 'body’. You did help me, I supposed… It would only be fair if *I* returned the favor…” She sighed while cocking her hips to the right while crossing her arms.
Yes! Now I got her~!
“So… just how do we get a human vessel? Do we just make one or something?” She asked me.
Yes, making one *is* possible, but I had a much better and more exciting way of retrieving one~
“Make one? Heaven’s no, kid! We have to 'get one’. Here let me show you”

Your P.O.V
We teleported to a cemetery. So, this is the way he wants me to retrieve a 'human vessel’…
“Alright, I want that one over there!” He commands at me while pointing over to a 'ceremony of the dead’, the funeral was about to end as everyone came out as the coffin was carried over to the heurist. It was then taken to the burial sight.
“C'mon, let’s get going!” Bill chimed out while going on ahead. I sighed at the dark deed I was about to proceed doing. This felt so wrong…
I followed along as everyone began sobbing. The 'mother’ which I assumed was sobbing histerically as the coffin was being lowered into the ground. I swear she was about to jump on in and joined them as a man, as to which I assumed was the 'husband’, holding her back.
Bill and I waited it out until they all finally left the area.
Once we scoped put the area to see if it was clear. Bill made time stand still as the scenery changed to the time we first met. Black and white. Time stood still as Bill handed me a shovel.
“Start digging hid.” He commanded at me. I started digging and as i did, I swear I could feel my sanity drop as I was twitching a bit, upon my own knowledge of digging up a dead person’s body. I don’t know why I was doing this. I then came to the conclusion that this was all Bill’s doing. He could manipulate the mind can’t he? Well, if he could control time and space, why not control the mind as well? He is a dream demon too, after all right?
Bill just hovered over me excitedly rubbing his hands together, waiting for his new body. Geez, he could still help me instead of just watching me.
I sighed heavily in frustration. Just how much *did* they dig just to lower this thing into the ground. Finally I hit the coffin’s door. I began digging it out as Bill loomed over me happily.
Finally, I was now able to open the coffin door. I opened it as Bill loomed over while staring at it intensely. The object that stood before me was now a teenage boy. He seemed like he was the age of 18. He had a beautiful shade of black hair. The features of his face was just flawless. Poor thing, such a young age and he didn’t get to see life for the fullest… Bill loomed over the body and nodded in approval.
“I sure know how to pick em, don’t I kid? The body is fresh. Seemed like the soul just left it, not too long ago.” He says while fusing into the body. I made my way out of the hole and waited for Bill to come out. I was fixing myself while throwing the shovel onto the side. I turned to see a hand sticking out of the ground like one of those. Zombie apocalypse movies. Bill came out of the ground with a heavy groan. “Haha, did I scare ya kid?” He chuckled out.
I just rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, you got your body. Now let’s go! I have to get ready for the lake.” I grumbled at him.
“Yeah, yeah, kid. Whatever.” He then examines his new 'body’. “Hmm, it just doesn’t seem like 'me’.” He then snaps his fingers as a new 'man’ appeared before me. He had a yellow tuxedo along with a top hat, cane, gloves, and an eye patch on his left eye. His hair was a messy yellow along with black on the backside. “Aha, that’s waaaayyyy better, right kid?” He asks me while posing. “W-What the…?” I asked in disbelief. “Remember kid, reality is just an illusion. And you know that 'cabin’ you now resign in the woods? Also an illusion!” He then teleported us back 'home’ the cabin that appeared before me shifted into a mansion right before my eyes. I stood there bemused as Bill let out a laugh.
“Now, where to put the body when I don’t 'need’ to use it…?” He then began rummaging at the bookshelves as a velvet book was pulled and there was a clinking noise along with it. The door way opened as Bill smiled entered it happily. “W-what the…?” I followed Bill as we went down a long corridor. He stopped as we entered a 'display’ room. Bill looked at the empty glass case in the middle of the room. “Hmm, here would be fine.” He examines the display. Then turned around to see a very 'bemused’  me.
“Bill… h-how?” I started to question.
“I lived here kid.”
Author’s Note: Oh meh geeeeerrrddd! I had alot of great new ideas and inspiration for this story! Sorry it’s short, i’ll make more ASAP. I’m on a roll! XD Hope you all enjoyed this one. Ill see you in the next one Buh-Bye!

“Did you know that your blood takes a very long trip through your body? If you could stretch out all of a human’s blood vessels, they would be about 60,000 miles long. That’s enough to go around the world twice. Isn’t that fascinating?”

The Eschatological Inevitability.

*Irotek’s response to the death of Idroslvia, obviously, was one of high aggression towards his court. All six members of his court were attacked, even Zyrilaark, despite his capture of the beast known as ‘Drago’, which was now held in stasis deep within the Dissectarium, the large collective of laboratories within the Cairn class tomb ship. Kazapark, Lord Operant of the Eschatological Inevitability, however, would be tasked with finding the humans and their primitive vessels, and would be allowed the majority of Idroslvia’s resources to do so.*

Meanwhile, in the Dissectarium, a desperate escape attempt was in the process of actualisation by one of the Jonmarines’ most elusive foes: Steravarets, the Uncorrupted Corruption, Sorceress of Malal; she’d broken herself out of her stasis field by the means of a huge psychic blast, one large enough to send a random warp surge at a random psyker. She’d remained undetected only thanks to the necrons’ dedication to calculating escape vectors used by the Jonmarines, Wyverns and the Carnosaurs away from Lawsunda.

I wanna be a spoilt dragon that lounges around all day on gold and has scratches and belly rubs and kisses on my snoot whenever I want but because I have a human vessel I can’t do that and that frustrates me
It’s stupid, but it frustrates me.

Ya know, the more I think about it, the more Heart of Darkness fits with Carver’s whole run.  I’m thinking mostly the points about Imperialism in the book as compared to Supernatural, though certainly all the psychological horror stuff and the good versus evil stuff and the seeing and not seeing stuff in the book apply as well.  I’ve talked about this before, but boiled down, it comes to Earth and humans as places and resources to be ‘explored’ and colonized and mined for power, and the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell as the explorers and colonizers and miners.  Demons are ex-human souls, but they only exist because of Lucifer being a fallen angel and the mechanics of Hell.  Overwhelmingly the angels have always seen Earth and humans as less advanced than Heaven and angels, and they’ve had no compunction about using Earth and humans in whatever way they want.  (There have been exceptions like Daniel and Adina, but they still held onto their human vessels while extolling the virtues of life and freedom on Earth.  Even Gadreel didn’t hesitate to take his human vessel out with him when he sacrificed himself for Heaven.)

So, it’s interesting that Chuck/God decided to move to Earth and live among the humans so long ago, and that he seems so very comfortable enjoying human things like food and the internet and sex.  He’s very much like Kurtz, and perhaps in his final moments when he comes face to face with his own heart of darkness, he’ll see the horrors of his own actions…or lack of action.  In season 11, Metatron has functioned much like the man in the book described as “the harlequin”, another angel who has spent way more time on Earth than most angels and doesn’t quite fit back home anymore.

That would make Castiel, the angel who spent so much time tracking God down, a lot like Marlowe.  Castiel’s journey since his grace was first stolen and he was sent to Earth to also live among the humans mirrors Marlowe’s journey up the river to find Kurtz.  In the end, though Marlowe believes that Kurtz has gone insane, he comes to see imperialism as a bad thing, and turns against “the company” and the “whited sepulcher” of the European city.  Castiel has certainly come to see the subjugation of humans by angels in a similar light.  Cas has risked his own soul by literally allowing Satan into his body and has since been tormented by the Darkness, much like Marlowe was confronted with various fears along his journey and the sickness he experienced on the river after hearing Kurtz’ voice and traveling into and back out of the heart of darkness.

SPN Season 11

I have soooooooooooo many problems with this new episode.

Like oh my Chuck.

I’m not even upset that God’s life is in danger because I expected it. It’s other factors I’m bothered by. Amara was weak and yet she still did that much damage???

I thought Gabriel lived, what is going on with this archangel stuff, now?

Michael is unfit for battle… Is he still in the cage… ?

Where did Crowley go?

Cas? Cas? Are you ok? What’s going on? Is he never going to talk to God? He searched for you. He wanted to live up to you. He loved you.

Why couldn’t God just make another vessel, a human, for Lucifer and solve this problem? I was kinda waiting for someone to think of this.

This episode… I pray the season finale makes up for this and ties in loose holes.

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(1) hey sopheriel! i see a lot of things about angels, people identifying as angels and having/feeling wings and all that. my concept of an angel is that they are a higher vibrational being, more spiritually evolved and enlightened, pure energy and light. i dont see how they can have a physical form? of course any physical form they take probably has to do with how they manifest themselves towards us and how we interpret them, but yeah i just wanted to know your thoughts!

(2) is the feeling of wings all something to do with energy maybe as well? sorry for all the asks! thank you!!”

You can definitely have your own definitions and interpretations of spirits, that’s totally valid! Angels often are known, via Christianity, to contrast demons–one representing evolution and alignment, and one representing ego and toxicity. In my own experience, I think all spirits can choose ego or love/enlightenment, regardless of their species, but if you feel that this idea doesn’t work with you, that’s totally fine. 

Regarding incarnation, it’s important to recognize that all of us our spiritual beings in human forms–whether we’re angels, demons, spirits, or human souls. At the core of our being in the love of the Universe itself, so this means that all of us can live incredibly enlightened and evolved lives here on this planet. The human body is simply a vessel for our experiencing of this physical plane, so both angelic spirits and humans can interact here. All conscious beings can develop an ego or foster enlightenment, and since all spirits (angels included) have a consciousness, it would make sense that they can choose a variety of forms to exist in. At their core, just like at your core, you are one with the Universe itself. 

I think wings definitely are energy based–relating to what other angelic-identifying beings have shared with me, and my own experience with aspects of my being (I don’t have wings, but I have a scarf that always feels like it’s energetically a part of me), it’s energy and our choice of how to translate it that creates the idea of wings and other spiritual appendages. Just like how our brain translates what our body’s limbs feel like, even when we close our eyes we can still feel the form of our arm. 

To be a god is to be totally absorbed in the exercise of one’s own power, the fulfillment of one’s own nature, unchecked by any thought of others except as obstacles to be overcome; it is to be incapable of self-questioning or self-criticism. But there are human beings who are like this. Preeminent in their particular sphere of power, they impose their will on others with the confidence, the unquestioning certainty of their own right and worth that is characteristic of gods. Such people the Greeks called “heroes”; they recognized the fact that they transcended the norms of humanity by according them worship at their tombs after death. Heroes might be, usually were, violent, antisocial, destructive, but they offered an assurance that in some chosen vessels humanity is capable of superhuman greatness, that there are some human beings who can deny the imperatives which others obey in order to live.
The heroes are godlike in their passionate self-esteem. But they are not gods, not immortal. They are subject, like the rest of us, to failure, above all to the irremediable failure of death. And sooner or later, in suffering, in disaster, they come to realize their limits, accept mortality and establish (or reestablish) a human relationship with their fellowmen. This pattern, recurrent in the myths of the Greeks and later to be the model for some of the greatest Athenian tragedies, is first given artistic form in the Iliad.
—  Bernard Knox, Introduction to Robert Fagles’ translation of the Iliad

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*[The Anomaly has appeared at an unfortunate time. They drop what they were holding] G-Gaene?

[ Whelp so much for concentration, he lets out a startled yell as the Anomaly appears out of nowhere.

He gives them a worried look, hands quickly coming up to try and keep them calm..If they start his own mind might get ideas..]

* A-Ano it’s fine, it’s perfectly fine…I’m….

* …I’m just..temporarily trapped in this form. I’m my older a human vessel..


Memories of Aisling: Rebirth

“Even I, a Goddess, will see the end of my days. My divine powers shall dissipate and my body will become nothing more than stardust. Memories since creation will be lost to the sunset….
…And rise anew to the dawn, cultivated by my undying soul.”

It’s been months since I’ve finished any sort of illustration. But I’ve been growing increasingly motivated to continue my novel project again, so here is the Life Goddess Aisling and her Vessel, Kari. Also the lineart and rough sketch, because why not?