How about a Deal? [Bill CipherXReader] Chapter 3 A New Body

“I want a human vessel.” He commanded at me.
Just how was I going to give him ‘human vessel’? It’s not like I could make one with simple ingridients… right?
“Human Vessel?” I questioned at him as he seemed enlightened to spread the new of his knowledge.
“Ah yes, the human body~ I want one.” He simply stated.
“Uh… ok…? Why exactly do you want one?” I questioned at him. He then leans on his cane.
“Oh Y/N, it’s just no fun with me being trapped in the third and fourth dimension with no one knowing of my existence besides a winy little brat, such as yourself.” He explained to me happily. I kinda got offended by his rude gesture at me.

Bill Cipher’s P.O.V
“So, you gonna get me one or what? I haven’t got all day kid.” I lied at her. I *did* have all day. She still seemed kinda offended at my rude gestures at her. I was only kidding, can’t she take a joke? God, kids these day don’t know good comedy if it bit them in the-
Before she could answer me. Her phone went off.
I leaned over to hear the conversation.
“Hello?” Y/N asks as a 'chill girl’ responded to her voice happily.
“Hey Y/N, Dipper and Mabel wanted to know if you’d like to come with us to go swimming in the lake? Hope you’re not mad about yesterday…” Her voice went from cheerful to depressing. This is kinda awkward, just listening to two teenage girls talking to each other….
“Ah, I’d love to~ And no worries about yesterday. I’ll 'resolve’ it later…” She let out cheerfully while mumbling the last part. I knew what she meant by it though.
“Alright! I’ll see you there, laters!” With that she hung up the phone.
“Later…” She exhaled while closing her phone and putting it back into her pocket.
“So, about that human vessel…” I started. She sighed heavily in frustration.
“Fine, I’ll get you your 'body’. You did help me, I supposed… It would only be fair if *I* returned the favor…” She sighed while cocking her hips to the right while crossing her arms.
Yes! Now I got her~!
“So… just how do we get a human vessel? Do we just make one or something?” She asked me.
Yes, making one *is* possible, but I had a much better and more exciting way of retrieving one~
“Make one? Heaven’s no, kid! We have to 'get one’. Here let me show you”

Your P.O.V
We teleported to a cemetery. So, this is the way he wants me to retrieve a 'human vessel’…
“Alright, I want that one over there!” He commands at me while pointing over to a 'ceremony of the dead’, the funeral was about to end as everyone came out as the coffin was carried over to the heurist. It was then taken to the burial sight.
“C'mon, let’s get going!” Bill chimed out while going on ahead. I sighed at the dark deed I was about to proceed doing. This felt so wrong…
I followed along as everyone began sobbing. The 'mother’ which I assumed was sobbing histerically as the coffin was being lowered into the ground. I swear she was about to jump on in and joined them as a man, as to which I assumed was the 'husband’, holding her back.
Bill and I waited it out until they all finally left the area.
Once we scoped put the area to see if it was clear. Bill made time stand still as the scenery changed to the time we first met. Black and white. Time stood still as Bill handed me a shovel.
“Start digging hid.” He commanded at me. I started digging and as i did, I swear I could feel my sanity drop as I was twitching a bit, upon my own knowledge of digging up a dead person’s body. I don’t know why I was doing this. I then came to the conclusion that this was all Bill’s doing. He could manipulate the mind can’t he? Well, if he could control time and space, why not control the mind as well? He is a dream demon too, after all right?
Bill just hovered over me excitedly rubbing his hands together, waiting for his new body. Geez, he could still help me instead of just watching me.
I sighed heavily in frustration. Just how much *did* they dig just to lower this thing into the ground. Finally I hit the coffin’s door. I began digging it out as Bill loomed over me happily.
Finally, I was now able to open the coffin door. I opened it as Bill loomed over while staring at it intensely. The object that stood before me was now a teenage boy. He seemed like he was the age of 18. He had a beautiful shade of black hair. The features of his face was just flawless. Poor thing, such a young age and he didn’t get to see life for the fullest… Bill loomed over the body and nodded in approval.
“I sure know how to pick em, don’t I kid? The body is fresh. Seemed like the soul just left it, not too long ago.” He says while fusing into the body. I made my way out of the hole and waited for Bill to come out. I was fixing myself while throwing the shovel onto the side. I turned to see a hand sticking out of the ground like one of those. Zombie apocalypse movies. Bill came out of the ground with a heavy groan. “Haha, did I scare ya kid?” He chuckled out.
I just rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, you got your body. Now let’s go! I have to get ready for the lake.” I grumbled at him.
“Yeah, yeah, kid. Whatever.” He then examines his new 'body’. “Hmm, it just doesn’t seem like 'me’.” He then snaps his fingers as a new 'man’ appeared before me. He had a yellow tuxedo along with a top hat, cane, gloves, and an eye patch on his left eye. His hair was a messy yellow along with black on the backside. “Aha, that’s waaaayyyy better, right kid?” He asks me while posing. “W-What the…?” I asked in disbelief. “Remember kid, reality is just an illusion. And you know that 'cabin’ you now resign in the woods? Also an illusion!” He then teleported us back 'home’ the cabin that appeared before me shifted into a mansion right before my eyes. I stood there bemused as Bill let out a laugh.
“Now, where to put the body when I don’t 'need’ to use it…?” He then began rummaging at the bookshelves as a velvet book was pulled and there was a clinking noise along with it. The door way opened as Bill smiled entered it happily. “W-what the…?” I followed Bill as we went down a long corridor. He stopped as we entered a 'display’ room. Bill looked at the empty glass case in the middle of the room. “Hmm, here would be fine.” He examines the display. Then turned around to see a very 'bemused’  me.
“Bill… h-how?” I started to question.
“I lived here kid.”
Author’s Note: Oh meh geeeeerrrddd! I had alot of great new ideas and inspiration for this story! Sorry it’s short, i’ll make more ASAP. I’m on a roll! XD Hope you all enjoyed this one. Ill see you in the next one Buh-Bye!

the universe that i build all of my characters in (literally all of my characters) is ??? very specific in that i have an .. idea about why the hell prophets and angels are running around in a world where the existence of god is questionable.

my idea is that characters like madonna, abra, micah and any other semi - biblical interpretations of characters i write exist in a world where god was once a thing, a cool thing, but hasn’t been for A While. a lot of angels grieved and just .. waited. they served the purpose that they felt their father laid out for them. other angels ( micah ) ended up .. frustrated with the abandonment, angry and vengeful. these angels believed in different methods of purpose, believing that since god had left, they needed to carve out new paths for themselves.

they created new angels. 

this is where abra’s creation story comes in. she is an angel, but, like. not authentic. something like an artificial angel, abra still can manipulate grace and serve more or less every purpose an angel was initially meant to serve  —-  but these angels aren’t exactly like the creations god intended. they get warped. distorted. they’re often flawed, emotional creatures who aren’t nearly as grounded as their ancient counterparts. they can create or destroy universes.

madonna, as a prophet, is an authentic prophet. micah is an angel (and, i guess depending on your definition of “demigod” he’s a demigod too) .. but more or less anything micah touches / gives creation to is bound to be fucked in some sort of way. that’s where that whole “fucked madonna” archetype comes in with donna…… yeah

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Tbh I'd like to know just everything about Matt and Camille?? Literally anything, like, just spew information about them to me, it could be literally anything about them. They just seem so rad and I love them

Matt is the reason why Amy needs a host body to begin with.I gotta admit a majority time he’s in his vessel/human form.He’s quite fond of it.

Matt’s human name isn’t really his, Matt (Matthew) but he likes being called that anyways.Matthew (his first name) James (middle name) Carver (last name),each name is stolen from a previous host he had some kind of respect for.He doesn’t take just anyone’s name.

And as for Camille

Camille grew up an orphan (around the age of 11/12 which is when he started his necromancy studies n’ such) and story wise he is one of the youngest most prestigious necromancer/black mage!He’s 21 and that’ll be brought up a lot story wise cus people pick at him for looking a lot older than he actually looks.(Edna calls him old man frequently and in different variations)

@indivisusimber​ || because Neku’s problematic

And to think, he had only been meaning to mind his own business. But now, that was a bit of a pipe dream. Which was what lead to the present situation: Neku, standing in the pathway with his arms crossed, staring down a particularly stern looking older Water Seraph.

“I already told you. You can’t go here.

      He lived down here- he didn’t want some nosy nobody touching his place, messing with his domain. Misanthropic? To an extent. Majorly? Neku didn’t want to be bothered, and this was exactly bothering. 

Free styling is simply an example of this mastery channeling.
The vessel (human) makes themselves essentially completely empty, freeing their mind of any baggage, or unnecessary thought, the crown chakra is then opened, and divine inspiration (source energy) can freely flow through, and enable the person to manifest their visions, through spoken word.

Free writing also works in the same way. This is why free writing is such a fantastic method of clearing writers block, or any type of artistic blockage. The blockage arises from not being able to let go of the endless thoughts that plague our mind, and not allowing a bridge for spirit (inspiration energy) to pass through.
When one is too dense, they can no longer be a channel. It is about trusting source, and not attaching to the idea of perfection, nor control.

Inspiration is energy channelled through the crown chakra. However, it may travel through the root chakra (sexuality).
If it becomes blocked, the individual will become severely unhappy, likely even overweight physically, and internally. This is the reason that a lot of empaths and highly sensitive individuals may carry excess weight, or extra emotional baggage, (depression).
They were born simply to express, and create, and expand.. And they will suffer at the hands of stifling that.

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Hi there, a while ago I made a connection with Anup. I've been confused about the nature of our relationship, as I've consistently been getting messages that we're related and after finally mustering up the courage to really ask, I was told we were siblings. I want to ignore it of course, because that's not something I feel like I should just blindly accept to be true, though I have heard of ppl being the children of gods, so? idk, the more I think about it the more insane it sounds.

Well there is such a thing as deitykin, where you believe or feel that you’re a portion or incarnation of a part of a deity (most don’t believe that they are the entirety of a god shoved into a human vessel, which is why i use portion and part here). So in theory, you could be a shard of a deity that is a sibling to Anup.

Course, it could also be metaphorical in some capacity as well. The Egyptians used brother and sister for spouses/lovers, iirc. And there is the sort of “brother from another mother” metaphor as well. So those are also worth considering.

When I’m given information like this, I typically sit on it for a bit while I continue to do my thing. I’ve found that this sort of stuff either proves itself to be more accurate in time, or I’ll find later that I got the wrong idea, misheard, misunderstood, etc. aka, the proof is in the pudding, and time makes a great pudding.

If you wanted to try and dig into it a bit more right now, it may be worth looking into divination or oracle cards to see if you can ascertain more about your relationship or your past. Getting some blind readings will help you to be able to compare your notes with others, and help make sure you’re reading things properly, etc.

Any of these could work, though. But yeah, it’s not unheard of to be related to a god or have parts of a god in you, etc. Whether that’s the situation for you or not, I can’t say. But it’s definitely not unheard of, fwiw :>

Know that we of the Angelic realms of the Galactic council of the Galactic federation of light continue to have vast numbers of our Angelic Extraterrestrial citizens who have incarnated into human vessels at this time of the now on the surface to be among humanity in assisting the Earth to ascend within the higher densities of non duality which is the 5th dimension in which humanity is evolving and shifting into in this now, where these incarnates were chosen among their collective as the best to initiate for this mission and for its succession which was long planned 13.000 years ago during Earth’s clarion call to the spiritual hierarchies.

These citizens that exist from vast parts of nebadon and other realms within the multiverse are always working together with Commander Ashtar, Sananda, Saint Germain And other ascended masters to ensure that Gaia transitions as peacefully, smoothly and calmly as possible within her new place of dwelling as she shifts within the Galactic core where she will thrive for millions of years within a high vibration in peace, purity, harmony, love and balance within all aspects of her expression as the place of dwelling for humanity.

These beings are in this now anchoring the reality of disclosure and open contact with who we are of the light in order that we may decloak our vast numbers of star ships to humanity and address this world of the energetic changes transpiring within the Earth and galaxy, and what they mean for the human species, in which we are aware of the pivotal necessity for global disclosure in this now which holds great implications and purposeful changes in earths current governing structure within all aspects from all divide and conquer cabal laws of separation.

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Soul Math, Pt 2

Monsters cannot absorb monster souls, humans cannot absorb human souls. A “vessel“ that’s “neither human nor monster“ can absorb both.

Buttercupgate 201X:

Not much is known about the specific appearance and powers of Asriel after absorbing Chara’s soul (1 monster soul + 1 human soul). Asriel does tell us this, however:

* Frisk^1, when 
&  and I combined our&  SOULs together.../

Omega Flowey:

Within Omega Flowey, the 6 human souls are shown and described as existing discrete from one another while inside Flowey.

\\E0I've been empty for so&long.../
\\E4It feels great to have a&SOUL inside me again./
\\E1Mmmm^1, I can feel them&wriggling.../
\\E5* The souls...^5? %
* What are they&  doing^5? %%

Asriel Dreemurr, Absolute God of Hyperdeath:

Within Asriel, the souls absorbed are described as existing within a singular SOUL unit.

* Something else began resonating&  within the SOUL^1, stronger&  and stronger./

When Asriel breaks open the barrier, the souls are all shown as separate, and all the monsters absorbed are restored to existence as separate entities, which would seem to suggest that the souls were not fused while within Asriel.

However, since Flowey with six human souls has the “incredible power” required to absorb the souls of living monsters, it may be possible that Asriel, with the power of roughly seven human souls, can use that power to unfuse “combined“ souls?????