Harvard Professor Creates Blueprint for Ending Cash in US; Calls for Immediate Phasing Out of $20 Bills

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Kenneth Rogoff, the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University and the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is out with an essay this morning in the Wall Street Journal titled,The Sinister Side of Cash.

Rogoff writes:

When I tell people that I have been doing research on why the government should drastically scale back the circulation of cash—paper currency—the most common initial reaction is bewilderment. Why should anyone care about such a mundane topic? But paper currency lies at the heart of some of today’s most intractable public-finance and monetary problems. Getting rid of most of it—that is, moving to a society where cash is used less frequently and mainly for small transactions—could be a big help…

There is little debate among law-enforcement agencies that paper currency, especially large notes such as the U.S. $100 bill, facilitates crime: racketeering, extortion, money laundering, drug and human trafficking, the corruption of public officials, not to mention terrorism….

Cash is also deeply implicated in tax evasion, which costs the federal government some $500 billion a year in revenue…

Cash also lies at the core of the illegal immigration problem in the U.S. If American employers couldn’t so easily pay illegal workers off the books in cash, the lure of jobs would abate, and the flow of illegal immigrants would shrink drastically.

In other words, cash is anti-state, It is about freedom. Rogoff by addressing the above state concerns lays out the true desires of the anti-cash promoters: More state control. It is a further move in the direction of totalitarianism.

How does Rogoff want to execute this anti-cash movement?

He writes:

To be clear, I am proposing a “less-cash” society, not a cashless one, at least for the foreseeable future. The first stage of the transition would involve very gradually phasing out large denomination bills that constitute the bulk of the currency supply. Of the more than $4,200 in cash that is circulating outside financial institutions for every man, woman and child in the U.S., almost 80% of it is in $100 bills. In turn, $50 and $20 bills would also be phased out, though $10s, $5s and $1s would be kept indefinitely. Today these smaller bills constitute just 3% of the value of the currency supply…

The point of getting rid of big bills is to make it harder to carry and store large amounts. A million dollars in $100 bills weighs approximately 22 pounds and can fit comfortably into a large shopping bag. With $10 bills, it isn’t so easy

He also explains how instruments like bitcoin will be thwarted in his statist non-cash world:

Won’t the private sector continually find new ways to make anonymous transfers that sidestep government restrictions? Certainly. But as long as the government keeps playing Whac-A-Mole and prevents these alternative vehicles from being easily used at retail stores or banks, they won’t be able fill the role that cash plays today.

Rogoff  also knows that  cash is a check against the Federal Reserve going serioulsy negative on interest rates:

In principle, cutting interest rates below zero ought to stimulate consumption and investment in the same way as normal monetary policy, by encouraging borrowing. Unfortunately, the existence of cash gums up the works. If you are a saver, you will simply withdraw your funds, turning them into cash, rather than watch them shrink too rapidly. Enormous sums might be withdrawn to avoid these loses, which could make it difficult for banks to make loans—thus defeating the whole purpose of the policy.

Take cash away, however, or make the cost of hoarding high enough, and central banks would be free to drive rates as deep into negative territory as they needed in a severe recession. People could still hoard small bills, but the costs would likely be prohibitive for any realistic negative interest rate. If necessary, central banks could also slap temporary fees on any large withdrawals and deposits of paper currency.

When does he want to launch his program to eliminate $20 bills and up?

“ I believe the time has come,” he writes.

The elimination of everything but very low denomination bills is one of the most significant statist power grabs in United States history.  It provides the state with unheard of methods of tracking and control.

It is an evil plan that must be objected to loudly and forcefully. This is a battle that must be joined. The anti-cash advocates must be defeated.

The Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee has organized 65,000 sex workers in India to advocate for their rights as workers as well as to fight the spread of HIV and to combat human trafficking, but Lefty dudes out there are still pretending that sex work is an issue of ~privileged western choice feminism~ and not one of solidarity with the international working class. 

Or again another example is how every post speaking out against porn & the porn industry [including those made by exited women] is rife with retorts of how “Well I need porn to make a living so take THAT!” like

Without getting into it really…the fact still remains that porn is harmful to millions and millions of women around the world, contributes to misogyny & violence against women, supports human trafficking, racism, and the infinite issues the industry in its entirety contributes to…and your individual need to make an income doesn’t negate that, but is instead indicative of the state of our society where anyone is placed in a situation where they have to choose between supporting such an industry or go hungry


Amber Heard will take part in the film Mission Save Her, produced by Nitish Kannan and will start filming in October 2016. The documentary will touch delicate themes such as violence against women and human trafficking.

“No one wants to imagine those they love being abused, kidnapped, or raped. However, for these women, there are social injustices that are ongoing and far worse than what is imaginable. Somewhere, someone’s daughter is being sold as currency and forced into sexual slavery. Somewhere, someone’s mother is being publicly hanged. Somewhere, someone’s wife is being murdered”.

This film shares the story of one of the affected young girls in order to promote awareness of social injustice.

intimidated, mistah J?

Characters: Joker x Reader.

Plot: Your first time meeting; Joker heard of someone new hanging around his club and didn’t like the sound of it. He goes to investigate and finds you. (( Reader is metahuman ))

Warnings: profanity, guns, slightly sexual remarks, death, strippers,alcohol

Someone pretty lady had been hanging around the Joker’s bar lately. Usually he would have no problem with that. He had lots of dames wandering around. But she- she was different.

His goons had told him about her, and if his idiot goons could pick up on someone suspicious, it had to be so.

They told him there was a pretty dame, with (h/c) hair that was in ringlets down her back. She had captivating (e/c) eyes that seemed to draw people in. She had a large tattoo of a wave up her side that was only visible if she wore certain things. Apparently, she was quite the looker.

She hung around J’s club. Never dancing, or drinking too much. Just sitting and waiting. Like she was waiting for something.

So J decided to check it out for himself.

He entered his club with a look of approval. He had strippers on their poles and money on the ground. Just the way he liked it.

He walked around the club with his cane, his eyes searching for this hot dame. His eyes landed on a figure at the bar. Her figure making his mouth water. She wore a white dress that was cut out on the sides and a pair of black pumps.

He walked slowly up to her, taking his time assessing his prey. When he walked next to you, he noticed the tattoo on your sides of ocean waves. He took a seat in the barstool next to you and watched you order a drink.

“Martini, dry.” Your voice was intoxicating to him, it made him feel weak. Your full lips shone under the neon lights of the club and he wanted nothing more than to kiss this perfect stranger.

You accepted the drink into your manicured hands and pulled the olives out, tossing them onto the counter with a look of disgust. “Are you just going to stare at me all night, Mr. Joker?”

You turned to face the man whose piercing blue orbs were watching your every move. He smiled at you with squinted eyes, his silver grille shining in your eyes. “I’d like to stare at you forever.” He flirted and then ordered a glass of rum on the rocks. “And please, call me Mistah J.”

“Hmm, how about no.” You said before taking your glass and walking off. His eyes caught the small tattoo on your wrist that had a date on it.


He was agitated at the way you just walked away from him. Like you had no fear whatsoever. He stood up quickly and followed you, not wanting to loose sight of the fearless babe.

He found your looking at a man in a booth, with an irritated yet relieved face. The man was huge, and covered in tattoos. He looked like some sort of mafia guy.

J watched as you set your glass down and pulled your dress down a bit, exposing your cleavage more. He couldn’t help but think maybe you were just a harlot.

He decided to watch the show, not truly believing that you, a total hot mama, would just fall into bed with anyone.

You stumbled into the booth, feigning drunk off your ass. “Whoop!” You giggled as you fell into the lap of the Mafia guy. “Sorry, hehe. I just- wow you’re like super cute.” You ran your finger up and down his chest and he grunted in approval.

J watched you, he knew you weren’t drunk. He just wanted to know what you were up to.

He watched as the Mafia man gripped your waist and ass, thinking that all of that was gonna be his tonight. You trailed your finger up to his jaw and kept it there, he leaned in to kiss you but you just stayed still. “Do you know, just how much water there is in the human body?” You asked slamming your hand on his neck.

The mans eyes opened wide, knowing just who had her pretty little hand over his throat. His whole body strained against the booth, his veins popping out profusely.

J’s eyes widened in excitement when he realized what you were, and what you were capable of.

Your eyes caught the shimmer of a glass of water on the table and you smiled deviously. You waved your arm and the water shot out of the glass, wrapping around the mans neck.

You straddled the man and grabbed his collar. “You know who I am, yes?” You asked sweetly, smiling at the terrified man. He nodded quickly and winced as you trailed a finger down his cheek. “Good. Do you wanna make this quick and just tell me where he is?”

He shook his head no quickly and his eyes wandered around, looking for anyone to help him. “I- I don’t know! He’s off the radar from even us!”

You tsked a few time and shook your head, “Are you telling the truth, Eric?” He shook his head yes and a few stray tears leaked from his eyes. “Well then, guess I don’t need you.” You focused on the water running through his veins and made them all rush to his lungs. He choked on his own blood for minutes before he finally died.

You grabbed a glass of wine off the tray of a passing waitress and noticed Mistah J looking towards you. Your heels clacked, each one echoing in J’s head like a catchy song. “Were you watching me Mistah J?”

He smiled, even though you could see the nervousness in his eyes. “Yes darling, I was enjoying the show. Quite the talent you got there.”

You bit your lip and smiled. “Intimidated, Mistah J?”

“No baby, just a little turned out.” He growled out his eyes roaming your body.

You stepped close so that you were right next to his ear, your body pressed up against his. “Well that’s too bad, bye now.”

You turned away from him a strut out of the door, his eyes never leaving your retreating form.

All he could think was , ‘damn, I need me one of those.’

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Trafficking Victim Needs Help


link for credit cards, checks, and other methods of donation

Hi, I’m Tanuki. I’m a mentally and physically disabled woman from Washington State. In April, I was taken by a man purporting to be a retired farmer, who was actually part of a human trafficking ring (I was targeted for my vulnerabilities - few people miss a homeless trans sex worker, and my disabilities make it easy to take advantage of me). I eventually escaped (you can read all about my bullshit life on my blog, if you’re into that sort of thing), but that didn’t solve the “broke and homeless” problem. I’m sleeping on a couch right now. The entirety of my worldly possessions fit into a purse and a backpack (started with just the purse, so, I guess I’m making my way up in the world). I have food stamps and state disability and state health insurance, but those only go so far, and “so far” isn’t nearly far enough. I need food, clothes, medications, and if I ever manage to get that much, rent money. I have, up till now, been making ends meet through sex work, but for my own well-being I’m trying to not have to rely on that source of income anymore. These posts tend to bring in about $30 a month to supplement things, so literally anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Paypal donations can be sent to andthere’s a donate button on my blog for if you want to donate via credit card or check or something.

Thank you so, so much for your help.

I have $4 in my purse, $14 in food stamps, and nothing in my bank account. It’d be really awesome of you to donate.

EXO’s Roles In Lotto MV


Already hit the lotto we all know he didn’t he already had that money

Likes to burn his money for fun

Since everyone thinks he got his money from gambling the cops are after him too

Tries to fight back with a club

Puts up a good fight but still loses 


Human trafficker

Shares the cage with D.O

Gets the cage every other day

Enjoys sitting on top of the cage as the people inside try to break free

Lowkey likes that one hand that’s touching his butt

Sometimes goes inside the cage to experience what they go through

Occasionally stays to watch D.O’s rooster fights

Was in the cage with D.O cleaning for the next batch of humans

If they’re going to be in a cage it should at leats be a clean one

He’s not a complete monster

Suddenly cops show up

They try to get close and he kicks them away

“At least I’m semi-nice to the humans I sell! I’m not like the people down the street! They’re animals compared to me!”

Gets caught because he accidentally got his shirt caught on the cage door


Kidnapper ???

I think he actually saved her but i have a crime theme going here so …

He’s just lonely and wants love

He could’ve just joined Match

But nope he wants someone to love him now

So he does the obvious thing and kidnaps someone 

He can’t do it alone 

Tells Suho he can burn money later and drags him to the car

Still not enough help

He interups Lay and Sehun’s jam session and drags Lay away

Once they get the girl they go back

Decides to put a long ass dress on the girl

Then hangs her on the ceiling by her wrists

Hears everyone getting arrested and takes the girl

She’s surprisingly ok with this

They drive away

5 miles away they get caught

Chanyeol gets arrested

The girl gets saved

As she walks away she gives Chanyeol her number

“Call me when you get out xx 😉”


Crooked Card Dealer

Steals money from the casino in small amounts so no one notices

Suddenly makes a lot of friends and goes to the bar to hang out

Gets too drunk and spills the beans about how he got the money

Friends call the cops and leave not before taking a couple hundred for themselves

Sits alone at the bar drinking a glass of wine

Cops suddenly show up


Brides cops not to take him away they accept

When they leave he’s mad so he buys a sledgehammer and breaks the bar

Owner: “Sir you’ll have to pay for that”

*throws wad of cash*

Xiumin and Kai


Don’t actually know how to play

They just throw money and say things

Somehow they end up winning

Turns out they cheated

They knew how to play all along

Kia tries to run but gets caught

Xiumin tries to fight back but gets caught


Kai almost tells the cops about the others

But Chanyeol catches him and he stops

Kai gives the cop fake info

The cop is already too suspicious 

This causes all the guilty members to get arrested

Lay and Sehun

They’re just jamming out to their song

Don’t get arrested because they were just dancing



Runs Illegal Rooster Fighting Club And Records Fights

Shares the cage with Baek

Gets the cage every other day

Likes to stare at the roosters with his face pressed against the bars

Scares them more than their opponent with his smile

Like Baek he also occasionally goes inside the cage to experience it

Cops show up when he’s inside with Beak

They were experiencing together

Tries to fight 


Okay but can we please talk like - A LOT MORE - about the obvious pro-feminism in ACOMAF and TOG? Like … Yes, I’ve seen the feminist quotes from Rhys everywhere, and a couple rants about Sarah herself here and there and her feminist hints, but PLEASE just let me pour my heart and soul out here about the amazing world of reality that she slammed us into with her not real world. K. In throne of glass the very first up close and personal Courtesan we are introduced to is Archer Finn. “ I may be a whore but I’m not a traitor!” Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that we were shown full-force that when we hear the word “whore, courtesan, blah blah blah” we think automatically of a girl. Never a guy. But believe it or not, they do exist, human sex trafficking in our world will take anyone, from the exceptionally pretty high school girl to the four year old little boy in the grocery store with pretty blue eyes and kidnap and train them for sex. Women are not the only sex valued humans in this world, and definitely not the only sex workers out there. ACOMAF: Rhys was raped and abused for 50 FUCKING YEARS by a woman. What Feyre went through was only a HINT of the horror that Rhys endured for his people, and he didn’t have a dark sexy savior to appear out of the shadows either, no, he had to wait a WHILE. And it fucked him up. I think that we are going to see how much it may have truly fucked him up in the next book and then some. Next. Cassian is trying to start a group of FEMALE Illyrian warriors and it’s hard and it’s sad because hardly any of them have ever had a chance and it’s going to be a super long and strenuous change for the way that they were treated for THOUSANDS of years. And it pulls my heart strings because GUYS we are in that transition still! Women still aren’t allowed to fight on the front lines in the US because it BOTHERS people, by people I mean mainly men. Because we are the baby makers, we are the ones who “ if shit happens” we are the backup to breed more soldiers. We are not fit or even thought of when it comes to protecting our own land and loved ones. Maybe the women of the Illyrians wings being cut off is a metaphor for something … And what about this? Why is it just so simply spectacular to be pulled into this world of wanting equality ? Celaena gave quite a shock to anyone who found out that she was a girl because they expected a male assassin. Amren is this little slight of a female who likes to collect jewelry but NO ONE will fuck with that little spitfire, aka, ANCIENT AND POWERFUL BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Cassian is this hulking macho guy WHO IN TURN is probably one of the most pro equality characters in the entire fucking acotar series. Lucien is most likely an abused victim with Stockholm syndrome to the maxxxx because Tamlin saved him so long ago that he has this twisted and warped idea that no matter what, Tamlin is a good guy and he will eventually change. Even to the point of watching another person be abused right in front of his eyes and he turns away because he thinks it’s not that bad because he has been going through that hell for fucking decades. Rowan was basically a slave for centuries upon centuries to a warped and spoiled ancient queen to the point of which whipping other members of his cadre, or being whipped BY his cadre was almost normal by the time Aelin came into the scene. Guys, it’s US. In drastic and book world form, yes, but it’s US. Men and women, abuse and neglect and repression and fear and hate. It’s all there. And I think that’s a big reason as to why we love these books so much. Look. For me? Personally? In ACOMAF, when Feyre was on the floor, screaming and darkness was consuming her because she was trapped in her own house by the man she thought she loved, it was suddenly me in metaphor. I was in an abusive relationship. I got to the point to where I felt like I couldn’t leave my own house. I was trapped inside with this … Person. This thing. And it was sucking the god damned life out of me. I lost myself. And yes, up until I got the guts to run and get the hell out, I was consumed by darkness. It was literally constant fear and anxiety and being just so scared and pathetic. These books, this writer, somehow she knows how to tap into all of our pains and reflects them through her own characters and their own experiences. God I love these fucking books

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EU grapples with human trafficking

Ever since the West-originated economic crisis loomed - impoverished Eastern societies have become “a paradise” for human traffickers.

That’s according to Brussels statistics, which estimate that as many as one-third of all sexually exploited females in the 27-nation European Union were recruited in Bulgaria and Romania alone.

According to latest data by the European Commission, some 120 000 women and underage girls from Central and Eastern Europe are smuggled each year to Western Europe - and forced into prostitution.

The UN calls this “modern-day slavery”.

[Source : Press TV Global News]

External image

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A federal judge says a North Dakota man convicted of operating a drug and prostitution ring on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation must serve 45 years in prison.

A jury in April found Dustin Morsette, of New Town, guilty on several charges, including sex trafficking, sexual abuse, drug trafficking and witness tampering.

[Source : San Francisco Chronicle]

Bulgaria Tops EU by Human Trafficking Victims

External image

Bulgaria is among the first five European countries by the number of people falling prey of human trafficking.

The data was announced Monday by Antoaneta Vasileva, Chief Secretary of the National Committee for the Fight against Human Trafficking, NCFHT.

Speaking for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, Vasileva said that 541 Bulgarians were victims of human trafficking in 2011, and 90 of them were men. The highest share and the largest increase are attributed to sexual exploitation while the men have been subjected mostly to work exploitation.

[Source : Sofia News Agency]

Home-grown human trafficking: Nurses on the frontlines help in identifying victims

External image

Ellen LoCascio, RN, BSN, CEN, knew something was amiss when a female patient said she was 24 years old and the middle-aged man accompanying her was her spouse. The girl looked about 15, and the pair lacked any signs of intimacy typical for married couples. The girl had come to an ED at a hospital in Southwest Florida four years ago because she was suffering from abdominal pain, but strangely, she was cheerful and chatty — as if she were playing a role, according to LoCascio. Then the couple disappeared before LoCascio could return to the room with the discharge papers.

In hindsight, LoCascio suspects the girl may have been a victim of human trafficking. At the time, it seemed hard to imagine this type of abuse was a problem in the U.S. But a second similar incident motivated LoCascio to start asking nurse and law enforcement experts about the issue.

[Source :]

Three charged for human trafficking in Grand Forks

External image
Two men and a woman face human trafficking charges in state district court in Grand Forks in what prosecutors say was an operation pimping out a 17-year-old girl to older johns.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

The case is unusual in that prostitution involving adults has been seen only a few times in more than 40 years in the community. A case of an underage prostitute is unknown.

“It’s the first one involving a minor I have ever seen,” said Jason McCarthy, assistant state’s attorney for Grand Forks County who has been working the case for some time. Meredith Larson, an assistant state’s attorney, also is working the case but was not in the office Monday.

[Source : Grand Forks Herald]

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Okay I love the modern torturegate au, but where is Shmi from originally? Absolutely must know!

Well Pernilla August (who played Shmi) is Swedish, so I think modern AU Shmi was trafficked from Sweden.

In the US she lives in Arizona, and Anakin usually went back there when he was given leave. After his injury that becomes a lot more difficult, since Shmi lives in a crappy little upstairs apartment that’s not at all accessible, and Anakin wouldn’t have good access to medical care, either.

Anakin ends up living in New Jersey for close access to the Kessler Center for Amputee Rehabilition (after he’s become a bit of a celebrated cause and the donations start pouring in so he can actually afford care), and Shmi moves to Jersey to be with her son.

(It’s a convenient coincidence that Padme lives on Long Island.)

Seijoh and Lunches


  • Buys bread for the whole team but eats it all himself
  • Somehow still has enough space in his stomach afterwards to eat the 7 bento lunches his fanclub makes him on a daily basis
  • And cookies
  • And cake
  • People sometimes place bets on how much he can eat


  • Doting mother packs him a delicious and balanced meal every day
  • Usually consists of tofu, veggies, and rice
  • Plot twist, Oikawa eats most of it
  • Likes eating outside with Oikawa


  • Loves pastries
  • Would sell Oikawa in the human trafficking market for a cream puff
  • Has punched Oikawa in the face when he walked into the club room with four boxed cakes (courtesy of his fanclub)
  • Cries because he doesn’t have a fanclub that bakes him things
  • Posts memes to make himself feel better


  • Every single lunch is the same
  • Rice with a side of fried chicken and kimchi
  • Really fucking loves kimchi
  • Has a mysterious water bottle that he always sips from
  • No one knows what’s inside it except Hanamaki
  • And Hanamaki knows for a fact it’s just Kool-Aid but the little shit is the one who started the “shroom juice” rumor


  • Has a sister that packs his lunches in embarassingly girly pink bento boxes
  • But they taste amazing
  • Increases Tsundere levels by 4000%
  • “It’s not like I’m eating this because I w-want to, baka!”
  • Chokes down both his pride and the tempura


  • Used to eat fried food every day from the cafeteria
  • Literally so unhealthy
  • Iwaizumi found out and flipped
  • Now he’s fed veggies and love


  • “Ah! I love eating this!”
  • “It tastes so yummy when you eat with friends, doesn’t it?”
  • #ActualSunChild2k16
  • Hanamaki doused his lunch with hot sauce one day
  • Watari still ate it and liked it
  • ?????


  • Wakes up early to make his own lunch
  • Is a surprisingly good cook
  • Never packed shallots ever since The Incident™
  • Eats with Kunimi on the roof
  • Likes sesame eggplant the best


  • “Yo Kunimi, wake up, it’s lunch time” “UUUuuuUUUuuuGH”
  • Eats half of Kindaichi’s lunch
  • Really hates eggplant
  • Eats half of Yahaba’s lunch
  • Eats half of almost everyone’s lunch really
  • Doesn’t bring his own lunch
  • Too lazy
  • Goes back to sleep after lunch period ends

you-ride-or-die  asked:

Are there psychological similarities between Stockholm syndrome and human (women) trafficking? I'm writing my thesis about it but I'm quite confused. Please help

Stockholm syndrome is when hostages develop an emotional bond with the hostage-takers to the extent that they not only identified with the hostage-takers, but often side with them.

Researchers that investigated the syndrome argued that bonding between an abuser and a victim occurred when four pre-cursors were co-existent. Victims of sex trafficking – those who have become involved in the sex trade voluntarily and those who have been tricked or coerced – are subjected to these very same conditions. These conditions are: 

Perceived Threat to Survival

Perception of Kindness


Perceived Inability to Escape

‘Subject: Woman’ Project

Goal: $1,000

Gillian works closely with @childreachinternational, especially their “Taught Not Trafficked” campaign. Aiming to educate the public on sex trafficking and slavery, Childreach International hopes that, with the help and donations from individuals across the world, they can stop the awful practice of sex trafficking and slavery by promoting education in at-risk communities where children are more likely to be trafficked. With education, the doors of opportunity open for many young girls, changing future generations for the better. 

Earlier this year, Gillian spoke with the United Nations on the subject of human trafficking during the release of her film “Sold,” which tells the story of a young girl sold into sexual slavery. 

(After the convention, many people asked about the creation of this shirt, and whether or not I would be open to making more and selling them. I am.)

Click here to support Childreach International and purchase the shirt that @chewiesgirlfriend wore to Wizard World Chicago.

“Subject: Woman” not only references to her work on BBC’s “The Fall”, but also pays credit her work as a humanitarian and (brilliantly unapologetic) feminist.

ALL proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit Childreach International’s “Taught Not Trafficked” campaign. 

Branded pt 2

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Chapter two:

Branding was the new form of art.
It was beautiful in their eyes.
And it easily distinguished which beauty belonged to whom with the right serial code.
This was the new artistic mind set of the world.
To have each other bought and sold at the whim of the highest bidder.
Because what could money not buy these days and who, out of those who could afford the price, disputed this beautiful trade.
This wasn’t human trafficking, oh no, don’t get it mistaken. This was perfectly legal, a new form of trade, and completely authorized by the new government itself.
So once again, don’t get it wrong, this isn’t chaos insinuated by the elite, this was branding, a form of art.

Chaos was the Cathartics, those who raged the streets in rueful vengeance… 

…there was a fine line between the elite and the cathartics, and and that line was the branded girls….

* *

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