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☞ The Transporter Refueled Movie Storyline
The fast-paced action movie is again set in the criminal underworld in France, where Frank Martin (Skrein) is known as The Transporter, because he is the best driver and mercenary money can buy. In this installment, he meets Anna (Chabanol) and they attempt to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers who also have kidnapped Frank’s father.

➵ The Transporter Refueled Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-09-04
Casts : Gabriella Wright, Ray Stevenson, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Radivoje Bukvić, Loan Chabanol, Ed Skrein
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 4.4


The Transporter Refueled 2015

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The Transporter Refueled Movie Storyline:
❝ The fast-paced action movie is again set in the criminal underworld in France, where Frank Martin (Skrein) is known as The Transporter, because he is the best driver and mercenary money can buy. In this installment, he meets Anna (Chabanol) and they attempt to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers who also have kidnapped Frank’s father. ❞

Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-09-04
▪ Casts : Ed Skrein, Ray Stevenson, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Gabriella Wright, Radivoje Bukvić, Loan Chabanol
▪ Runtime : 0 minutes

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The Transporter Refueled Movie Storyline:
❝ The fast-paced action movie is again set in the criminal underworld in France, where Frank Martin (Skrein) is known as The Transporter, because he is the best driver and mercenary money can buy. In this installment, he meets Anna (Chabanol) and they attempt to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers who also have kidnapped Frank’s father. ❞

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Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-09-04
▪ Casts : Ed Skrein, Gabriella Wright, Radivoje Bukvić, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol

The System

by smileytommo

by smileytommo

The one where Harry has never believed in dom superiority and creates a business buying submissives out of the human trafficking system along with his best pal’s Liam and Zayn.

Words: 2482, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
This shows Mexico’s hypocrisy!

As Townhall and the Free Beacon reported, President Barack Obama is helping Mexico build a wall… on the Southern end of Mexico. Outrageous!

Obama administration and Mexican government officials recently discussed creating a three-tier security system designed to protect Mexico’s southern border from drug and human traffickers, according to U.S. officials.

The border control plan calls for U.S. funding and technical support of three security lines extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The border security system would use sensors and intelligence-gathering to counter human trafficking and drug running from the region, a major source of illegal immigration into the United States.

According to the officials who discussed the U.S.-Mexican talks on condition of anonymity, the Mexican government proposed setting up three security cordons using electronic sensors and other security measures along the southern Mexican border, along a line some 20 miles from the southern border, and along a third security line about 140 miles from the southern Mexican territorial line.

The plan would be funded in part through the Merida Initiative, a U.S.-led anti-drug trafficking program that has involved nearly $2 billion in U.S. funds.

If only America had a President who cared about America’s security. It is time to impeach Obama, don’t you agree?

The System

by smileytommo

The one where Harry has never believed in dom superiority and creates a business buying submissives out of the human trafficking system along with his best pal’s Liam and Zayn.

Words: 2482, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

There was a quiet crackle on the other end of the earpiece, but Diana’s voice was crystal clear as she relayed the briefing. 

“We have a rather unusual mission for you in mainland China, if you’re interested.”

This particular case was tricky to say the least, and would require a great deal of tact. 

“One of our wealthier clients has had his daughter kidnapped for a hefty ransom. Unfortunately, the client’s refusal to pay the ransom has led to his daughter being moved overseas to Shanghai, so he has just now come to us for assistance.

“We have confirmed that the kidnapper is a Mr Shen Jia Hao, a ringleader of the Lǎohǔ gang – they mostly deal in extortion and human trafficking. Within their circles, it is likely that the girl could become more profitable than any ransom they could expect. 

“Our client wishes to have Hao eliminated, and his daughter returned to him. However, it is very unlikely that the girl is still with Hao at this point. Before you take him out, you must extract the girl’s location from him. She is most likely being held in one of the gang’s Shanghainese brothels.     

“47, I repeat, you must discover the location of the brothel before you eliminate Hao. If you’re happy to take this on, I’ll forward your travel details and Hao’s current location.”

Fool’s Gold: Ch. 20 - Weight of the World

Read on 1DFF // AO3 // Wattpad

Rating: R

Pairings: Mikayla Beaumont x Harry Styles, Niall Horan x Gemma Styles (minor), other minor pairings undecided

Escapism (noun): the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Mikayla never intended to do this for a living, but desperate times call for desperate measures, a phrase that Harry is all too familiar with. After three years in a one-sided marriage, Harry needed an escape. He found his way to the Bliss club where he hoped to unwind, but he never intended for this to be a long-term fix. Soon enough, paid encounters turn into much more and things become complicated.

Disclaimer: This story contains mature themes, including but not limited to stripping, abuse, drug use, infidelity/cheating, and talk of cancer and human trafficking. If these subjects are in any way triggering for you, I would not recommend reading any further.

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Urgent housing for 25 Mumbai red-light area girls
This project will build Kranti's dream home, to house 25 girls from Mumbai's red-light area for three years.

Imagine that you are an inspiration to millions of people. That you give TEDx talks all over the world. That you’ve performed theater in front of 100K+ people. That you’ve won awards from Newsweek - and from the United Nations. And can you imagine…that despite all of this, your hometown does not welcome you? That your neighbors are ashamed of you? That every year you move to a new apartment, and every year you are kicked out? Why? Because you are from a red-light area.

How will this project solve this problem?

Hi, we are the Krantikaris - we were born and raised in Kamathipura, Asia’s most infamous red-light area. We are survivors of trafficking. We are daughters of sex workers. We are young women, ages 13-19, with big plans and big dreams. But in the last 4 years, we’ve changed homes 4 times! Luckily, we just found a place where we can stay for 3 years. Unluckily, it’s an old factory…no kitchen, no bathrooms, no beds. These funds will help us turn an old factory into a home fit for Krantikaris!

Potential Long Term Impact

The last 4 years we have lived in some very interesting places, but none of those spaces have been HOME. We want to build this space into the perfect Kranti home for all our needs - a classroom for yoga, theater and dance; quiet spaces for therapy or to cry alone; bathrooms with 3 sinks so we can get ready for school; and bunk beds where we can talk late into the night without the staff knowing! :) We’ll be here for 3 years, with space for 25 girls. Will you help us build Kranti’s dream home? Please click the link to our fundraiser and share with your friends!

[drake openly supports a human trafficker]
U guys for half a second: FUCK drake I can’t believe this that dick!!!
U guys now: LOOK HOW CUTE DRAKE IS and how much he loves nicki fuck meek honestly when is Nicki gonna give good guy drake a chance

Not seeing many people talking about the Established Men leaks. Which the leakers say they targeted because it’s a “prostitution/human trafficking website”. 

Frankly, if you’re celebrating the Ashley Madison leaks because ‘boo cheaters!’, yet ignoring the Established Men leaks and ignoring that SWs / SBs have ALSO had potentially identifying information about them leaked, then don’t dare consider yourself an ally to people who trade sex. I mean jesus fucking christ, who’s most at risk here? Rich powerful men? People are just going around cheering this group for potentially outing sex workers, imo. Like wtf? Will that embolden ppl like these leakers to target even more “prostitution sites”? I mean, hey, anything is worth it if it teaches some evil cheater a lesson, right? 


And I also love the way the leakers say it’s a “human trafficking website” but then they apparently are OK with leaking the would-be trafficking victims information and threatening to leak their nude pics. Where’s the anti’s who you’d think wouldn’t want such things to happen to ‘trafficking’ victims? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re busy celebrating that some cheaters mighta got caught.  


I’m publishing it in the hope that people decide to watch it — even though I know how difficult it is for non-US news to spread on this website (this is not an attack - just an observation). 

Someone asked me on anon what’s happening in Sicily, so I found out this documentary from VICE that gives an overall idea of what is going on with the migrants and the war refugees coming from Africa and the Middle East. This is just a(n extra) scene from the 15 minutes long documentary, People Smuggling in Sicily: Europe or Die, which you can find here, showing the largest migrant reception center (which I pass by every time I visit my relatives), whereas most of the documentary was filmed in my hometown, Catania. 

Only in 2015, more than 2000 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya or Egypt to Sicily, as the boats smugglers board them on are so unsafe they often sink in the middle of the sea, or they die suffocated because they keep tens of them inside the hold — even though migrants can pay up to 2000 euros for a ticket. The ones that arrive to Sicily - saved by the navy - are stuck in Sicily or in other parts of Italy because they have no ID or because they don’t have the money to travel elsewhere; at this point, smugglers take advantage of them again. Or, some migrants get roped in into the local mob. Many become homeless, some prostitutes or pickpockets, or local criminals. (”Italians refuse to help us. It messes with your head. We end up taking people’s phones, wallets, handbags, because we have nothing.”) What the head of the center says is true — Italy is going through a serious employment crisis, and it’s difficult for migrants to integrate into Italian society. Sicily, one of the poorest areas of Europe, currently risks “permanent underdevelopment.”

The largest shipwreck, this April, killed 900 people, with only 27 survivors. I couldn’t find the exact number of people who died since 2000. Some even say more than 20 000. There are a few exact numbers: around 2500 in 2015, almost 4000 in 2014. In 2013, more than 300 people died just in one shipwreck (which is remembered as “the tragedy of Lampedusa”), with about 150 survivors only; 41 of them were children, but only one was with his parents. 

The cemetery of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, doesn’t have any more places for the bodies of the dead migrants. A person my mother knows found a human finger inside of an octupus while she was cutting it for lunch. The Mediterranean, right now, is a tomb

This is a poster made by C.E.A.R, a Spanish nonprofit organisation, for its sensitization campaign #UErfanos to raise awareness about shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. The stars of the flag of Europe are replaced by 12 dead bodies.

I don’t understand why every time I tell people “I stopped watching Game of Thrones because I got tired of all the rape” people, like, try to argue with me.

“Well what did you expect?”

I never said I expected the show to be different – I only said I got tired of watching it.

“Well that’s just how it was back then”

In the imaginary land of Westeros that doesn’t exist? If you’re trying to argue that the world was a more sexist place in medieval times, I’ll remind you that human trafficking is at an all time high in the real world right now in the year of our lord 2015. Somehow we still manage to make modern-day tv shows that are not wall-to-wall rape-fests.

“Well that’s just the kind of show it is.”

If you’re trying to tell me all medieval fantasy is like this, you’re making a lot of wrong assumptions about a genre you clearly only have a glancing familiarity with. I’ve been consuming all manner of medieval fantasy media – novels, films, television shows, comic books – since I was a small child and I assure you the vast majority of it is not like this.

If you’re not talking about the genre, and you’re just saying that Game of Thrones is “the kind of show” that shows women being sexually objectified, abused, humiliated and mutilated then yes, it is ‘just that kind of show.’

And I’m not interested in watching that kind of show.

I thought I was pretty clear on that fact when I said “I stopped watching [show] because [description of show]” way back at the beginning of this bullshit conversation.


So I lied a bit. I actually do understand why people are arguing with me.

I said I find the show morally objectionable. This makes people who still watch and the show defensive, because they feel as though I am calling their decision to watch the show morally questionable. I’ve made them uncomfortable.

You know what makes me uncomfortable? Gratuitous rape scenes.

You know what makes me even more uncomfortable? The fact that I can’t say “gratuitous rape scenes make me uncomfortable” without people immediately jumping to their defense.

Honestly, I wasn’t judging you for watching the show but I’m sure as hell judging you for defending it.

Australian 7/11 stores severely underpay employees

They don’t pay minimum wage or penalties, even though the shifts are long and sometimes are robbed one store was robbed twice in one day. The workers are often foreign and aren’t told their rights or what the wage is supposed to be.

This isn’t the first time 7/11 has been caught exploiting people American 7/11 has been caught using Pakistani people who were human trafficked and kept working at the stores under threat of deportation by the franchise owners.

I am sick of how the cruel murder of refugees in Austria in the back of a truck is used as a cautionary tale for refugees and for victim blaming. *If you give yourself to human trafficking gangs, this is where you’ll end!* People end up in the trucks of greedy and criminal gangs because this is literally THE ONLY OPTION they are left with to enter Europe. Human trafficking cartels benefit from the lethal European border regimes. The easiest and most efficient way to fight them - all major European politicians proclaimed this - is to just open the borders and let people travel legally and thus safe. Migration is not a crime.


EU grapples with human trafficking

Ever since the West-originated economic crisis loomed - impoverished Eastern societies have become “a paradise” for human traffickers.

That’s according to Brussels statistics, which estimate that as many as one-third of all sexually exploited females in the 27-nation European Union were recruited in Bulgaria and Romania alone.

According to latest data by the European Commission, some 120 000 women and underage girls from Central and Eastern Europe are smuggled each year to Western Europe - and forced into prostitution.

The UN calls this “modern-day slavery”.

[Source : Press TV Global News]

External image

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A federal judge says a North Dakota man convicted of operating a drug and prostitution ring on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation must serve 45 years in prison.

A jury in April found Dustin Morsette, of New Town, guilty on several charges, including sex trafficking, sexual abuse, drug trafficking and witness tampering.

[Source : San Francisco Chronicle]

Bulgaria Tops EU by Human Trafficking Victims

External image

Bulgaria is among the first five European countries by the number of people falling prey of human trafficking.

The data was announced Monday by Antoaneta Vasileva, Chief Secretary of the National Committee for the Fight against Human Trafficking, NCFHT.

Speaking for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, Vasileva said that 541 Bulgarians were victims of human trafficking in 2011, and 90 of them were men. The highest share and the largest increase are attributed to sexual exploitation while the men have been subjected mostly to work exploitation.

[Source : Sofia News Agency]

Home-grown human trafficking: Nurses on the frontlines help in identifying victims

External image

Ellen LoCascio, RN, BSN, CEN, knew something was amiss when a female patient said she was 24 years old and the middle-aged man accompanying her was her spouse. The girl looked about 15, and the pair lacked any signs of intimacy typical for married couples. The girl had come to an ED at a hospital in Southwest Florida four years ago because she was suffering from abdominal pain, but strangely, she was cheerful and chatty — as if she were playing a role, according to LoCascio. Then the couple disappeared before LoCascio could return to the room with the discharge papers.

In hindsight, LoCascio suspects the girl may have been a victim of human trafficking. At the time, it seemed hard to imagine this type of abuse was a problem in the U.S. But a second similar incident motivated LoCascio to start asking nurse and law enforcement experts about the issue.

[Source :]

Three charged for human trafficking in Grand Forks

External image
Two men and a woman face human trafficking charges in state district court in Grand Forks in what prosecutors say was an operation pimping out a 17-year-old girl to older johns.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

The case is unusual in that prostitution involving adults has been seen only a few times in more than 40 years in the community. A case of an underage prostitute is unknown.

“It’s the first one involving a minor I have ever seen,” said Jason McCarthy, assistant state’s attorney for Grand Forks County who has been working the case for some time. Meredith Larson, an assistant state’s attorney, also is working the case but was not in the office Monday.

[Source : Grand Forks Herald]

Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince and Akatsuki no Yona

I made this post a long time ago I just haven’t posted it until now

“The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli” is probably the strangest thing that I could compare a historical piece of writing to Akatsuki no Yona which is an anime/manga but I can. Reading it today during history class, I came to the conclusion that Soo-won is the ideal leader in the eyes of Michiavalli.

I say this because of what the Earth General said when describing the King, he called him a bunny that’s actually a falcon in disguise. In “The Prince”, Machiavelli says “A prince needs to be both a trickster like a fox to avoid traps and a lion to fight the wolves”. I don’t particularly like Soo-won’s character. What I hate even more so than his character is how he threw away Yona and Hak, people who are suppose to be important to him as if they were nothing.  You can tell that he regrets it but he knows at the same time that it was the best choice. He did it for the greater good. (At least in his opinion)

Another thing that Michiavelli said is that “the end justifies the means”. Meaning even though he killed the King, Yona’s father, causing the end of their relationship, his goal to revive the kingdom to it’s former glory and to get revenge  for his father’s murder. A person who was very important to him. In his mind is the ultimate goals he needs to achieve. So the method makes no difference to him as long as he achieves his goals which he is achieving.

In the manga, when Yona and Soo-won meet after the battle in Awe Port, he protects her from being spotted by his men but while covering her in his jacket, she sees his sword and she tries to reach for it but Soo-won stops her. He tells her,“ I understand if you hate me but I can’t die just yet. I still have plans”. His plan which he mentioned earlier in the story involves war. Something that Machiavelli thought the only thing a Prince should think about is “the art of war”. That’s what he is doing now. Gaining allies against his fight with enemy nations.

This is a big deal because Yona’s father, the previous King didn’t like war or weapons and rather than waging war, he let other countries take his land to satisfy them. However, most people weren’t happy with his methods. Furthermore, during his rein their developed many poor and diseased villages that were abandoned. Even though it looked like it was peaceful since no war was waging, the people of Kouka were still suffering. This resulted in people hating him because he was a push over.

The sky general who was originally on the side of the King joined forces with Soo-won. He knew what the consequences would be and how it would hurt the Princess but did it anyway because he believes in Soo-won. However, it’s hard to determine if the King was truly a cowardly man because he apparently killed his own brother which I speculate had to do with Yona’s mother. Maybe he discovered that the bandits that attacked her where actually hired by his brother to kill her. Hoping that his younger brother was so stricken with grief that he would not be able to rule.

Another theory that I have on why Il was made King may have had nothing to do with him but Yona. What if Yona’s grandfather suspected that she was the Red Dragon King reborn. That could also explain why she was forbidden to leave the castle. Even before her mother died it didn’t seam like the princess went out. This could explain lots of things.

A part of me feels their is more to Il’s character than meets the eye. Hak could see it so maybe we will get more information about what really happened from other characters that Yona and her gang meet. Maybe from Hak’s grandfather which i really hope so because i loved the Wind Tribe. This will also help the other dragons to understand Hak better and to see who he was before he and Yona had to run away.

What Machiavelli said made sense to me. Even though I think a leader should be kind, sometimes we have to do evil things for the greater good. Its a hard fact about life but its true. Soo - won portrays characteristics of both the fox and the lion because he is a trickster. He also pretends to be a bunny. This is because he pretends to looks harmless and an easy kill but when put in a situation where he has to fight, he wont back down. Him and Hak were on par and Hak was considered to be the strongest person in Kouka. He has great skill but he keeps those hidden which i think gives him an advantage because no one suspects it.

On the other hand when he was in the Earth kingdom he specifically did things that seemed like he was goofing off but the truth was he was helping the Earth kingdoms economy. Like introducing the earth general’s wife to a merchant of Kai and having both himself and the general wear gems during the mock battle. All these things boosted the economy.

Another example on the opposite side of this is Yona.  During the battle for Awe Port she killed the mastermind that was controlling it. She doesn’t regret it. Its surprising considering she was a sheltered child but she doesn’t regret murdering some one. That says a lot about her character because most people when they kill someone for the first time are traumatized. Also something completely unique to Yona is her facial expressions because when she is angry or determined the expression in her face literally makes grown men cower in fear and makes people feel loyal towards her. She isn’t a trickster like Soo-won but she has her own way of doing things. People think she is weak which she can use to her advantage. I think what I like the most about this part of her character is that Hak wants to keep her safe but when she becomes like that even the loyalty he has towards his king he disobeys. He doesn’t think of her as a weak person, he wants to see how she will grow. 

During the recent episode when Yona arrived to Awe Port she seemed kinda dense to everything at least appearance wise. The minute Hak got there however, he could tell that the place was filled with lifeless people. However, later in the episode Yona says the same thing.

For a person who has never experienced much of the outside world until now she see things that I think most people usually try to ignore. She does her best to fix the problems in all the lands of her kingdom. To her no one thing is greater then the other, all that matters is that her people are happy and well taken care off. While Soo-won wants land that was taken from Kouka back to his people, what his people really want is a  stable kingdom with no human trafficking, drug smuggling or poverty and famine. They want peace not war which is what Yona is offering but she isn’t afraid to fight if she has to unlike her father. This says a lot and in the end I think it will be Yona’s methods that truly save the Kingdom of Kouka and once the people learn that the girl with the red hair who had helped to take care of them is actually their princess well the once mythical princess will  be loved and admired by not just the dragons, Yoon and Hak but by her people as well. I want her people to know who she is, for her identity as a princess mean something rather then it just being a tittle.