y’all i’ve got a theory

okay so

 since the creators have revealed s3 is about meta-human trafficking, do you think the reason that characters like m’gann, kaldur, zatanna, rocket, and others who weren’t shown at SDCC are maybe captured??? and that’s why the rest of the original team is dressed like ninjas??? because they have to SAVE them???

idk this is just probably a bad theory but it kind of made sense in my head

someone please tell me their opinions

sixpenceee went from kind of annoying scammer/art thief to COMPLICIT IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING in 24 hours lmao what’s up Internet

my house my rules = I know you have nowhere else to go, so forfeit all your human rights and give all control to me if you want to keep living, having a house now gives me the right to treat you like my property

Former Trump campaign official in Kentucky charged with child human trafficking

  • Timothy Nolan — a retired judge who chaired Trump’s campaign in Campbell County, Kentucky — will appear in court Friday on charges of human trafficking and unlawful transaction with a minor, per reports.
  • Nolan, 70, allegedly forced a minor to perform commercial sex in August and was arrested last month, Reuters reported. 
  • Rape, human trafficking and giving alcohol to a minor are among the nine felonies and two misdemeanors Nolan has been charged with.
  • Nolan has denied all charges. He was assigned an ankle-monitor at his arraignment in April and forbidden from any contact with his alleged victims. Read more (5/5/17)

Young Justice: Outsiders roster revealed!

Greg Weisman said “We have 12 scripts final and another 10 or so in the works. We’ve recorded all or part of 10 episodes with our amazing cast of returning and new actors”

That is 26 episodes total, though they did add “The last four we haven’t started yet. We know where we’re going with them.”

The good news is that this is not a truncated season, giving the team ample time to deal with the ramifications of season 2’s big finale, where the team lost one of their own. That’s not to mention the overall arc involving Darkseid working with the other villains, though that depends on if there is a significant time jump or not at the beginning of the season.

The description for the season is given below:

“In “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. In the highly anticipated new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy." 

  • Oda: So my pitch is an adventure Shounen manga with pirates as the main protagonists. There will be cool fighting with weird exciting powers and everything.
  • Editor: Cool.
  • Oda: And like, also, corrupt constitution, conspiracy theories, racial prejudices, mass genocide, slavery and human trafficking, CHILD slavery and trafficking, cannibalism, illegal lab experiments, war tension that could break any moment, basically grey morality all around.
  • Editor:
  • Oda:
  • Editor:
  • Oda: ...and big boobs?
  • Editor: Welcome to the company.
Mikasa meets the cruel world: Attack on Titan in a nutshell

More intelligent people than me have probably pointed this out long before me, but it still amazes me how much Mikasa’s upbringing truly is a metaphor for the entire series.

We start of with this carefree, peaceful family living in this isolated cabin in the woods, distanced from the outside. A comfortable existence, but their family is well aware that beyond their warm home lie problems: the Ackerman clan is still thought to be prosecuted, and Asians are sought by traffickers for their rare appearance and blood–they’re a different race, and this is useful to some.

And then one peace is interrupted: three men break in, destroying comfort and killing innocent people, and they’re there solemnly because of the physical aspects of the family, their rare appearance. Through this experience, Mikasa lost her hope and will to live, and also got to understand the cruel nature of the world she lived in. 

And then, a sudden event that changed the course of that day. The young Eren Jaeger barges in, takes out the oppressive intruders, and most importantly, restores hope to her. Just like the kidnappers, Eren came from outside of her world…but instead of bringing her more cruelty, Eren brought Mikasa a way to go against said cruelty–to fight back. The world is cruel and brutal and it crushes the weak–thus, the only way to survive is to fight back against the oppression–and that’s what Mikasa proceeds to do.

This precise event can be translated with total accuracy into the entirety of the story–it’s the exact same thing the walled world went through. The walldians lived in peace and comfort (more or less), isolated from the rest of the world, because the outside meant danger for them. We’ve always known this danger to be the titans–the basement taught us the reality though. The entire outside world has a pre-determined relationship with the walldians–not because of who, but because of what they are. Some see them as danger and want them extinct for safety measures, some see them as useful tools for their own purposes. 

Does this sound familiar? Ackermans are prosecuted because they’re a danger to the kings rule, and Asians are sought after because their origin makes them different. Mikasa’s family is a metaphor for all walldians, for all those wanted dead by the world or used as weapons in Marley’s titan army. Their situation is identical too: they live excluded from the outside world, in a pseudo-peace, which is one day interrupted by the arrival of three outsiders (kidnappers, RBA). Through their actions, those outsiders remind the inhabitants of the cruel, oppressive world they find themselves in (a grim reminder). And then, another outsider appears, restoring hope and teaching the oppressed how to free themselves: to fight. This is Eren when he barges into the cabin, and Grisha, originally from beyond the walls. when he entrusts the founding and attack titans to Eren, who would later become humanities hope and, in some way, inspires them to fight back. Both of these stories are perfect parallels.

It’s also definitely not a coincidence that the Eren-saves-Mikasa flashback was included in Isayama’s first draft of chapter 1, in flashback format. All the dialogue about Mikasa being part of a nearly extinct, different race, and Eren telling her to fight back, were there from day one. In the present time she even says that she believes Eren has the strength to overcome the world’s issues and bring hope to mankind–an even stronger parallel between her situation and all of walldia. 

Heck, it certainly isn’t a coincidence either that, during ch 14, primordial desire, aka humanities first ever victory against oppression and the first climax of the story, Eren flashes back to that very moment

On one hand it sets up other humans, aka Marley as antagonists, who’re oppressing Paradis due to the blood flowing through its inhabitants. At the same time, it redraws all the parallels mentioned beforehand by straight up comparing humanities struggle to that struggle in the woods. 

These two panels really affirm everything I mentioned above–Mikasa’s “origin story” is it’s own microcosm that foretells the entire core struggle of the series: Eldians seeking freedom from oppression. And the fact that such an early scene remains a total metaphor to the story even 90 chapters and a ton of plot twists and revelations later, just goes to show how much of a thought out story attack on titan has been for the longest time. 

Let’s be real here. Bioware and Ubisoft are both shitty companies but the main difference is that Bioware refuses to listen to fans and hides social issues behind fantastically boring aliens, whitewashed elves, and bad animations.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft is just really fucking dumb. For fuck’s sake their logo is a blue butthole. They see diversity as a marketing tool: the main leads of their triple A action games are Jewish, Native American, Black and Asian women, bisexual men, Arabic assassins etc. There’s trans and autistic characters as part of the main cast and they’re not afraid to talk about racial profiling, human trafficking, abuse, depression, and how characters RECOVER from those things. All their recent games of late since their infamous profit threatening “women are hard to animate” quote have playable women and you can be one with all the customizable glory you want in Siege, For Honor, and Far Cry 5.

Don’t get me wrong. Ubisoft is still Ubisoft and Ubisoft is Ubisoft with their recent queer baiting mess in Watch Dogs 2, but it’s almost as if… listening to critique…  and putting a genuine attempt into diverse characters… instead of catering to cishet white men… while ignoring nazis…… even if it’s all a marketing ploy…. means people buy and play your games…….. hrmrmrmm….
Where are they? Outrage over perceived increase in missing black, Latina girls in D.C.
Black lawmakers are calling on the FBI to investigate whether there is an increase in cases of missing black children and teens in the nation's capital.

Unfortunately there isn’t an increase in missing girls of color (which means this is NORMAL!) And missing black girls are usually classified as runaways which means no Amber Alert! Anyone else seeing an issue here???
Donald Trump dropped out of Saudi Arabia event because he was 'exhausted'
Ivanka Trump subs in for him twice in a week.

Donald Trump was “exhausted” during his first trip overseas as President and asked his daughter to attend a scheduled event in his place.

Ivanka Trump spoke at the “tweeps” youth forum in Riyadh, an event to discuss combating extremism on social media, instead of her father after a long day for the President of meetings, conferences and speeches.

Mr Trump abruptly skipped the event on the second day of his trip in Saudi Arabia and the day before he was due to meet with Israeli leaders to negotiate a peace process with Palestine.

A White House official was asked by reporters why Mr Trump had deviated from his prepared speech earlier that day to Muslim leaders about fighting Islamist terrorism.

“Just an exhausted guy,” she replied.

On the stage of the youth forum in the evening, Fox News anchor Bret Baier announced that the President would not attend the event, but there would be a “surprise guest” - his daughter.

Ms Trump gave a three-minute speech in his place, thanking the Saudi royals for their hospitality.

“Social media is an incredibly powerful tool which empowers the people,” she said.

It was the second time in a week that the 35-year-old had stepped in to replace the President, after leading a White House meeting on human trafficking with members of Congress while her father was giving a commencement address for the US Coast Guard Academy.

Over the weekend, Mr Trump received the highest civilian honour in Saudi Arabia and bowed while he received it. His daughter and wife, Ivanka and Melania Trump, did not wear headscarves during the trip. He previously attacked former President Barack Obama for similar displays.

He also attacked his former rival for the White House, Hillary Clinton, for her “lack of stamina” when footage captured her being assisted into a car after a lengthy 9/11 memorial ceremony during a hot day in New York.

Are you shitting me right now?  His first international trip, what, 3 days in?  His people are trying to push him as a “foreign affairs” President to emphasize his deal-making, intelligence, and to distract from domestic issues where he’s been flopping around, failing, and self-incriminating for months now.

And 3 days into his very first international trip he just cancels meetings and events because he’s too tired?  Whatever happened to the “healthiest man in the world” or whatever bullshit was on that doctor’s note?

Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, a dangerous man who even in early youth engaged in criminality, orchestrated a notorious and feared name for himself in the early-1900s when he became the first official Mafia boss of what is now known as the Genovese crime family.

Throughout his career as a mobster, he was heavily involved in illegal activities such as forced prostitution and drug trafficking. He had a very powerful influence in the world of Mafiosi, but that did not make him invincible or untouchable; in the year of 1936, he was sentenced to thirty to fifty years imprisonment for the actions he committed throughout his involvement with the Italian-American mafia. His luck had seemingly run out. However, World War Two brought forth an unexpected but simultaneously perfect opportunity for Luciano; he volunteered to assist the Allied government by using the connections he had to infamous Italian criminals and crime organisations in order to further the cause of the Allies. At the end of the war, Luciano was released from prison on parole, and eventually died of a heart attack in 1969.

"So I can't 'Mage Hand' them?"

Our party had just come across a wide ravine, while leading 17 small children (victims of human trafficking) into the wilderness towards a safe haven. The ravine -30 feet wide and 45 feet deep- created a challenge for the adventurers, who might be able to cross it on their own but not with children.

Bard (OOC): Hey, DM, how much do these children weigh on average?
DM: Well, all children weigh differently. But somewhere between forty and sixty pounds probably.
Bard (OOC): Oh… So I can’t just ‘Mage Hand’ them across?

PSA if you got something like this in the mail it’s a scam. Do not call back for an interview. A simple google search will tell you they’ve been involved with human trafficking and preying on teens and young adults who don’t know any better. When you call they will tell you you’re “lucky you called so soon” because they’re on a “first come first serve basis” for “these” jobs, promising $15 or more an hour. Glad I found all this out before my interview in the morning.