Jack: “I’m innocent, I swear–Bunnymund persuaded me”
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Art trade with snowshoe-rabbit​ 

Hope you’ll be safe, Bunny. No one escape the wrath of Tooth Fairy :>

even MORE practice with lineless art!! (yes MORE rainbow snowcone shhh you love it) i think i’m beginning to get the hang of it, while still remaining faithful to my own art style, which makes me very happy u vu


Bunny: Jack……? (||| =д=)…
Jack: ……..don’t ask.
Tooth: E. Aster Bunnymund! I’m not finished! ヽ(#o`Д´o )ノ

At first I just remember how small Tooth is compared to others, so her human form must be kind of short too. Then this random thing appears.

For snowshoe-rabbit who has competition tomorrow. I’ve made you a boosting up here, so you better be high and win (・`ω´・)

‘But how rude of me, I should introduce myself: I am Loneliness, and sometimes, I kill people.’

Another fanart based-fanfic again! This time is from the awesome saturnxk/baozisareexolicious’s fanfic: Two Hours Till Midnight. Ever since the first time I read it, I was dragged to the conflicted, dark but enchanting Stella Morta, especially the people within. (Geez now I’m talking like Loneliness! xD)

Not to mention the way she writes is just uuugh I totally fall in love over and over! ヾ(*T▽T*)ノ So if you love quite dark themed and slow Jelsa fanfic, also craving for street gang AU, definitely HAVE TO READ IT! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Bunnymund & Toothiana

Because my friend in dA thought Toothiana was a random boy in the Chapter 1 of Mr & Mrs Frost comic, so I draw her full design along with Bunny. Not sure whether to make their hair color normal or no, but then since Jack’s hair is white, might as well give them exotic color xD

For me, I never can imagine them the same age as Jack Frost, as in the movie they’re 1000 years older or so and sometimes appear as parents figure. That’s why I ended up always drawing them older or slightly older than him, including in my Mr & Mr Frost comic :)