The most sexual video that I may see my whole life… Congrats on the 2M subs, baby Joey :)

Sweet Tooth Slave//Fennic & Caroline Summary

With Viola’s permission, and Fennic’s consent, Caroline heads to his room for her request- to be his slave for the evening. Fennic isn’t keen on the whole idea of having a slave, but to keep up with the request, when she arrives, he orders her to strip, and turn him into a human sundae, while he does the same to her. With whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries, strawberries, nuts and sprinkles all over their bodies, Caroline breaks her gluten-free diet to eat the sundae off Fennic, while he does the same to her. Hoping to entertain the host, Caroline spends more time sucking Fennic than is actually required. Eventually they finish, and Fennic sends Caroline off with the leftover tub of icecream as a treat.


TCGS returns to South by Southwest for the third time this year, and to be honest I’m feeling some pressure. Our first year we did a show on the tech trade room floor that ended with The Human Fish leading a parade of people throughout the whole facility while everyone sang “The Human Fish Loves Cock”. Our second year, we played a horrific game of pin the tail on the donkey that ended with me blindfolde on Sixth Street while strangers screamed in my face and threatened me.

Luckily, I think we’ve come up with an idea that might just top them all.

On the evening of Wednesday, March 12th at 6PM, I, Chris Gethard will host a live edition of TCGS at Esther’s Follies right on 6th Street. During that show, we will celebrate Texas in our own unique way. On that evening, we will Remember the A La Mode. On that evening, I will be turned into a human sundae.

I will host the show while in my underwear and sitting in a child sized swimming pool. Throughout the evening, the other core cast members of TCGS will get opinions from you, the audience, on what ingredients should be added to this human/ice cream mixture. At the end of the evening, everyone in the audience will be given a spoon and encouraged to come sample the Human Sundae as we Remember the A La Mode.

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