Saw this bullshit on twitter tonight.

“Spiritually adopted”

uh… what? “Spiritually adopted”?

Why don’t you ACTUALLY pay for the pregnancy and child rearing expenses if you’re so “pro life”?

Oh, I see the problem. “Spiritually adopting” a fetus instead is an easy thing you can do from the comfort of your own house while you take to twitter to strip people of their human rights.

Good fucking job, anti-choicers.

I do stand by what I said: I will accept whoever wins the presidency and comfort those affected by it one way or another. I will respect differences of opinion and I will protect the moral integrity of humanity by defending basic rights and freedoms.

However, do not let this election tear you down now. The fight is not over.

I urge my followers and anyone reading this to truly and deeply educate yourself on the Electoral College voting system. We do have a chance, despite it being small.

No matter what, do not let your hope die. Whether it be granted relief after January or after four years, hold on to your hope and continue to fill yourself with knowledge, happiness, and peace.

Oh so I had a thought. If there was an episode where the lions turned humanoid (they’d probably still have the ears and tails tbqh) but it’s not just them becoming a bunch of hot ladies (but that would be awesome). What if they became a very close representation of someone that the paladin loves. For example, green would probably look like Matt tbh cause Pidge misses him so much. Lance’s would be his mom tbh cause that boy is sad (or Allura lmao). But oh good lord black would look almost exactly like Keith (except as a girl?). Could you imagine the lions transforming and black just drops down with a shitty asian mullet and purple freakin eyes. She’s even got the cropped jacket and Shiro is just standing there like “haha what?”

I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 

“We have no other path than struggle.” This was the most common slogan on Friday, March 4th, by organizations gathered outside the Honduran embassy in El Salvador, to demand justice for the murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres. The human rights defender was killed in the early hours of March 3rd, while sleeping in her home in La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras. She was the 2015 Goldman Prize winner for her tenacious struggle in defense of the environment. She received constant threats for her opposition to the construction of the Agua Zarca dam on Gualarque River, a pillar in the life of many indigenous communities.

“No nos queda otro camino más que luchar”. Esta fue la consigna más coreada este viernes 4 de marzo por las organizaciones que se congregaron frente a la Embajada de Honduras en El Salvador, en la colonia Escalón de la capital, para exigir justicia por el asesinato de la activista hondureña Berta Cáceres. La defensora de los derechos humanos fue asesinada en la madrugada del 3 de marzo, cuando descansaba en su vivienda en el pueblo La Esperanza, del departamento de Intibucá (Honduras). Berta Cáceres había sido galardonada por el Premio Goldman 2015, por su tenaz lucha en la defensa del medio ambiente. La activista había recibido amenazas constantes por su oposición a la construcción de la represa Agua Zarca, en el río Gualcarque, un pilar en la vida de distintas comunidades indígenas. 

The very sight of a child brings joy to our heart and a smile on our face. #praytoEndAbortion #prolife


People Are Mad About What A Respected News Agency Called Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin, is a human rights lawyer who has defended big names like Julian Assange and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, as well as Al Jazeera English journalist Mohamed Fahmy. She’s been an appointee to numerous U.N. panels, including one that investigated America’s use of drones as counter-terrorism tools. She clerked for Justice Sonia Sotomayor in the U.S. Court of Appeals. She’s also co-authored four legal books. It’s quite a resumé.

But to the Associated Press, she’s just Mrs. George Clooney. The venerable news source sent out a tweet on Saturday in the very early morning, promoting a link to a story on the latest development in her case with Fahmy, in which they refer to her as “actor’s wife.”