When you are washing the dishes, washing the dishes must be the most important thing in your life. Just as when you are drinking tea, drinking tea must be the most important thing in your life. Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the whole world revolves—slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this actual moment is life.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
(Un)Natural Consequences - DP

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Within days of the accident, Danny knew something was wrong with him… more wrong than just the obvious ghost-thing. It took him weeks to understand what – and much longer to get to the why. Eventually he realized that super-gluing the instinctive knowledge of the dead into his living brain left some rather undesirable consequences.

The ghosts’ complete oral and written language competed in Danny’s head for dominance with English. Words danced around on the page as he tried to read, and his handwriting drifted awkwardly between English and ghost. Anything less than full concentration on his English assignments made them an exercise in frustration, but that sort of focus gave him severe migraines. And with the ghost world’s unique physical and mathematical properties imprinted into Danny’s mind, human-based math class quickly became a nearly impossible headache.

Danny’s grades had always hovered in the As and Bs. After the accident, they drifted to Cs, then to Ds. His math grade tumbled to an F and refused to move. No matter how much his teachers sighed, his parents’ harped, or how long he sat around and picked at his homework, Danny’s grades stayed low.

Too many distracting ghost attacks. Not enough time. And, after several months of trying his hardest – seriously! – Danny started to realize that all this work was somewhat hopeless. He’d literally fried his brain; it didn’t work right anymore. Only his continued ‘borrowing’ of Sam’s assignments (or Tucker’s when absolutely necessary) kept his grades in the passing column.

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Friluftsliv translates directly from Norwegian as “free air life,” which doesn’t quite do it justice. Coined relatively recently, in 1859, it is the concept that being outside is good for human beings’ mind and spirit. “It is a term in Norway that is used often to describe a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature,” Anna Stoltenberg, culture coordinator for Sons of Norway, a U.S.-based Norwegian heritage group, told MNN.

Check out 6 other cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S. — but maybe we should!

Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting

Gottfried Leibniz

The aesthetics of a musical composition have much in common with the best pieces of mathematics, where themes are established, then mutate and interweave until we find ourselves transformed at the end of the piece to a new place. Just as we listen to a piece of music over and over, finding resonances we missed on first listening, mathematicians often get the same pleasure in rereading proofs, noticing the subtle nuances that make the piece hang together so effortlessly.

hunterxjojho replied to your photoHuman Frost au, now colored and he finally has an…

but that my name TELL ME OF THIS ONE PLEASE

Oh yea… it is >-> sorry… he’s a ice demon I made up for this blog actually. His name is Frost, he’s all about Satan, he hates the heat/sun, has a zombie gf,has a naga child/bff living with him and gf Mocha, his past is a whole bunch of heart ache, he gave up everything for his bro’s happiness and now all he wants is to be happy, and he really just wants to conjure the human realm.

That drawing was just a human au, which I barely gave him an actual name today, were he’s still a huge nerd that goes to cons and makes fun of religious protesters who harass cosplayers and con goers.

“Ya know Satan speaks to me, he says you wife is a lousy lay and you need to reevaluate your life.” -Frost/Jordan

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How to go from “reporting a burglary” to “being arrested for wasting police time” in one easy step.

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Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.
—  King Whitney Jr.
Eduard the Eldritch Abomination - Monstertalia ficlet (gen, Estonia and Lithuania)

“He could remove all of existence with a single thought. Or, he could help out a mortal man with his anxiety issues. The latter was much more appealing.”

I’ve always loved the concept of compassionate and friendly monsters, and it’s an idea I’ve explored with monsters of mythology and classic Hollywood horror, but something compelled me to tackle another type of monster. The type that is essentially a god, the type that can drive a mortal mind to insanity just by hearings its true name. Good ol’ Lovecraftian horror, full of monsters the human mind cannot comprehend and the names of which cannot be spoken. Can I make a monster like that into a sympathetic character, or a character that feels sympathy? I sure as heck tried, and this little ficlet is the result of being awake too late and waking up too early, brought about by the frustrations of stress dreams and stomach aches. And as always, Hetalia is my favorite series to explore AUs with, and Monstertalia is my favorite AU to explore. And why Estonia? Well, aside from the fact that “Eduard the Eldtritch Abomination” just has a nice ring to it, he’s been on my mind a lot lately considering I’ll be studying there by the end of this month, and, really, I feel like if he had all cosmic power and knowledge, he’d do some nice things with it.

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Five States of the Human Mind.

It’s all in the Mind. We interact with the Universe with our Thoughts. Even when we are asleep, our Mind is operating – the continuous flow of Thoughts lead to two states of Minds i.e. Peace or Chaos.  In Yoga, the human ,Mind is known as “Markata”. Yoga classifies the Mind into five states, according to Nyaya Bhasya:

 1) Kshipta (Restless Wandering) It is a state of mind where the mind is like a pendulum. It is unable to reach to a conclusion. The attention is constantly shifting or fluctuating. Mind is not steady. One experiences this state of mind because of collision of thoughts. In this condition, one should try to avoid several chains of thoughts in the mind and wait for the matter to come on the surface on its own. It is the lowest state of the mind to be in.

2) Mudha (Infatuated, Forgetful) One goes through this condition when one is extremely angry or is experiencing series of emotions. It’s a kind of distraction that takes birth because of attachment, hatred or greediness. The flow of energy in the mind is blocked. The mind is dull and forgetful. One has to work on de-cluttering and rebooting oneself. Know your mind.

3) Vikshipta (Distracted Mind) In this state, the mind is distracted, and one is dealing with a compromised sense of self. The mind is experiencing parallel and conflicting chain of thoughts. The Vikshipta mind can be easily influenced and manipulated. A person faces self-doubt, agony and fear in this state where the internal and external worlds are constantly clashing. One needs to take essential steps to purify this state of mind. Introspection and knowledge of self are two sole factors that help the mind in the cleansing process.

4) Ekagra (Focus, Knowledge) Ekagra means that the mind has achieved one-pointed concentration and the person is fully present in the moment, unaffected by any external factors. In this state of mind, one can connect with their higher spiritual self, as the mind is deeply focused and is able to choose the peaceful path. In this condition, one has thorough knowledge of reality and has control over the mind and its’ string of thoughts. The mind is peaceful and full of energy. It is on its desired spiritual path.

5) Niruddha (Final Epiphany) The Niruddha mind is in complete stillness and goes through series of epiphanies. One learns to rise above the self and becomes spiritually intelligent. It is the most desired state of mind. This state of mind is generally achieved through meditation and deep contemplation. To achieve the Niruddha state of mind, one must master the ability to control the flow of thoughts and overcome all the obstacles. Awareness of the state of mind can help to lead your way out of chaos. It’s in the stillness that you can feel your mind and knowing that you are completely alive through self-knowledge.