((I tried my kanye best. The wings are based off Kanaya’s lusii and I switched the skirt pattern into pants because.. I seriously can’t draw males in dresses without laughing and ending up not finishing it. And I’m allowed to edit the tier outfit because yEAH, hopefully this looks fun too? hm? Oh well. Coloured this as human and then later edited to troll. :3c So I’m taking this in for humanstuck answer. Man, it makes me happy when people enjoy my art ´w` Anon you make me happy and dandy~))

GA: Anyways. If You Excuse Me I’m Going To Work On This Outfi—-

GA: Fuck You. 

(( note;; ill get to some srs business ask and then 2 other asks that i really want to do during the humanstuck au before  continuing derping. And to everyone who send me a “✪”, I’ll be answering them after humanstuck is over. ))

(( Time to start up humanstuck AU for the celebration of +666 followers~ u v u;; I’ll answer exactly 16 questions. And by then I’ll be done with the AU, Feel free to give me asks delicated to it; otherwise, I’ll be answering asks that have been rotting around my ask box because I had no idea what to reply to them around the time I actually got them. So yeah, humanstuck until 16 questions has been replied to! Ask anything~))


All I Can Say Is That Society Is A Horrible Place, No One Ever Considers The Damange They Do Until It Is Too Late… 

((im srry, also if your gonna say “this is not bullying” then ur wrong because there excists several ways of bullying and psychically being beaten up is just the most known-one i guess?? uhm. Yeah, that’s it.))