I just want everyone to see what Prey (the “new IP” from Bethesda and Human Head Studios) could have and SHOULD HAVE been before they took this… Turn that isn’t going in a direction I would have chosesn.

Super awesome space badass bounty hunter kicking alien butt is way cooler than the same old science experiment on a human gone wrong bullshit trope that has been used fifty thousand times.


Tommy , Prey (2006)   //  Human Head Studios Videogame

Prey is a Sci-Fi FPS made by Human Head Studios, using id’s Doom 3 engine. The game features the traditional shooter banter, as well as some unique puzzles. To solve these puzzles, you need to walk on the ceiling, walls, and go through portals to complete.

The story focuses on Domasi Tawodi (also known as “Tommy”), a Cherokee garage mechanic and former United States Army soldier living on a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. At the beginning of the game, Tommy is in a bar owned by his girlfriend, Jen. After an unfortunate bar fight, the entire building is lifted up by a gravitational force into a green light above. Tommy, Jen, and Tommy’s grandfather, Enisi, are transported skyward to the massive alien starship called the Sphere.

Domasi (Tommy) Tawodi’s background was chosen due to the amount of mythology in Cherokee oral tradition. Tommy is voiced by Michael Greyeyes, and Jen is voiced by Crystle Lightning, who are both Plains Cree.

“I was impressed with the way [3D Realms] conceived of and wrote Tommy… Hollywood typically relegates our different indigenous cultures either into a single pan-Indian construct of some type — radical AIM protester type; slick, corporate, anglicized casino businessman type; etcetera — or, most commonly, as a historical figure, typically from a Plains culture. In fact, the overwhelming majority of roles written for native actors are in the Western genre. There are few opportunities for us to appear outside that paradigm, and when we do it is often equally narrow in focus… The writers [at 3D Realms] were always open to my comments — which I freely offered — and took my notes seriously, in nearly all instances changing dialogue or thematic content.” - Michael Greyeyes

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From the amazing animation house Blur Studio comes the E3 2011 teaser trailer for Bethesda and Human Head Studios’ Prey 2. In Prey 2 we find former U.S. Marshal turned bounty hunter Killian Samuels running down targets through the vast alien vistas and clustered alleyways of Exodus.

Featuring the song Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash. 


Prey feels a lot like Doom, in a good way, and if it was half as long it wouldn’t have felt boring either. The enemy designs are what give it that feel, Prey doesn’t even pretend to have enemy AI, all of the enemies follow obvious patterns but they’re still fun to fight just like the enemies in Doom. After a while though, it just becomes boring because there’s not enough variety to last the length of the game. The early parts of the game show off some cool concepts with a lot of promise, but they never get expanded upon which is disappointing because you can feel the wasted potential. After a few hours the game becomes pretty generic, only occasionally introducing new ideas which still are not expanded on much. The interesting parts are great, but there’s too much in between them that drags the game down.

Leaked E-mails Suggest Bethesda Misled Gamers About Prey 2

Well it appears that Prey 2 is in development and not going to be the freaking amazing project that Human Head was working on but instead be turned into a System Shock flavored game. Which isn’t a bad turn for the series I guess, but I’ll miss what Human Head could have delivered.

On a good note Human Head is working on another open world game, I’m hoping it incorporates a lot of what they were doing for Prey 2. 


Previews for an old build of Prey, from PC Gamer September 1997. It began life as a 3D Realms project, and late into its decade-long development cycle, they commissioned Human Head Studios to work on it.

Mostly notable to me because of how long it took me to realize that Prey’s release date had been a tad delayed.

Also included is a bit of Max Payne, the first installment of which wouldn’t come out until 2001.

can someone at bethesda please go over to whoever the idiot at zenimax was that thought it was a good idea to send a cease and desist to a 9 year old doom fangame one hour before a game awards show nominated a different doom fangame for best fan creation and fucking slap them

not content to have attempted to ruin human head studios and obsidian entertainment, zenimax turns it’s gaze to fangames


Prey 2

Cinematic trailer (secuel)

Prey 2 Still in Production, Not Coming Out Anytime Soon

Looks as if the rumors of Human Head’s sequel getting the axe were just that; rumors.  But the notion of cancellation does stem from the very real troubles the studio has faced with Prey 2s production.

Squashing whispers of cancellation (way after the rumors began making the rounds), publisher Bethesda confirmed in a statement that the game is officially delayed well past Prey 2 ever seeing a 2012 release.  Bethesda admits that
“the delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards."  Yowch.

Human Head Studios is no stranger to delay, of course, as the original Prey hurdled through multiple postponements.  Although, I should mention that Prey was hit with enough delays to its development cycle for it to hibernate through two entire console generations.  I don’t think we’ll be waiting years for Prey 2…But I wonder if that’s what people were saying when Prey was announced for the N64?

Prey 2 isn’t dead and there’s a glimmer of hope in that for sci-fi shooter fiends (even though I’m sure games like Aliens: Colonial Marines and Halo 4 will distract you space farers well enough this year).  I’ll keep you posted.


Prey 2