Weird thought *spoilers*

In the Unicron arc, we learned that Unicron is the very heart of Earth. Ratchet says at one point that the land, metals and minerals of the planet are extensions of the Chaos-bringer. 

Well, humans have about 65 trace elements in their bodies. These metals, like silicon (found in our skin), boron (brain, i think?) gold (toenails, says Google), and other metals are essential in human body functions. While only  traces of these elements are in human bodies (hence, trace elements), wouldn’t it be cool if that makes humans extensions of Unicron too?

Ok, so I don’t know how I ended up here and woah!

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*new ship* 

There’s even a granny!

It’s like


(there’s a guy who looks like Hulk btw)

and humans

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And Bethoveen


And there’s also this which made me laugh

I can’t! 


Dolly Setton - Human Body Ingredients, “The Cosmic Recipe for Earthlings”, 2013.

The Nitrogen in our DNA, the Calcium in our Teeth, the Iron in our Blood, were made in the interiors of Collapsing Stars. We are made of Star Stuff.” - Carl Sagan


I don’t think that identity is purely determined by race and if a story wants to focus on other things that are important to the narrative, that’s great. But it’s not harmful to say that ethnicity plays an important part in identity and that that part of the story matters. It’s not fodder for humor, it’s just another unique and beautiful element of humanity. Hopefully, we celebrate that. And we’re also a comedy! We want that comedy to be great and warm in our show, which Randall and I both found important.

We’ve announced that Human Element will be hitting consoles and PC in 2015, taking place 35 Years AFTER the zombie apocalypse. Your response, GIS ME IT NOW!

Which is why we’re excited to announce that a series of episodic content, allowing you to experience the world of Human Element a week, a month, a year; after the ‘event’, will be coming to the brand new video game console OUYA as it’s first exclusive 1st party title!

Sepharial - Levels of Self, "A Manual of Occultism", 1914.

Kabbalists divided Man into four principles: Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body.
They correspond to the four Elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Of these, the Spirit and Mind are Formless, while Soul and the Physical Body are Formative.

The Verge: Human Element on OUYA - New Studio. New Franchise. New Console.

Delving into bringing Human Element to OUYA, our prequel release strategy, and the future. 

“We’re not limited to genre. We’re not limited to anything,” Bowling said. “We can be as creative as we want. Maybe episode one is focused on the fortification element of survival. We focus on finding a place, stocking it up, defending it, resource management, stuff like that. The next one might be much more focused on the human element of conversation, bartering with other players, assigning quests, going out and foraging for supplies, dealing with elements outside your safe zone — while having those elements from episode one of having your safe zone already fortified.”


*NEW* Pearl Jam Mind Your Manners (by William Swisher)

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS it’s a different version of the MYM video and different recording. It’s RAW.