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humanized some elements or whatever the heckie they are.

this was rly inspired by mysticbaconslice so uh ya because she humanized appliances B^I and ruined their lives 

I really wanna do a bunch of stuff with these guys tbh it would be fun ;;like ya know personalities and shit maybe? ok no..


Today, I went back to continue my quest to watch every episode for Fringe after about a 5 month hiatus, maybe even longer. After watching the mid season plot for S4, something hit me. The next episode was a typical fringe event episode but nothing was lost to me in terms of the teams dynamic. Peter’s current situation didn’t deter from what had interested me in the show in the first place.

The procedural element still held my interest even after the few plot twist that had developed. I held sympathy to the girl that died from using her gift/curse to save all those people. In Fringe, the human element was still there and you felt something for the characters, even ones that would never come back. Even the team itself has stuck together despite their problems with cooperating with their counterparts on the other side. Not once did the show up to this point treated their audience like they were idiots.

This is what POI has been missing for a while and even though J.J. Abrhams is the producer, it makes me question how much involvement he has had because it felt like it has been few and far between for a few seasons now. The same team dynamic that was in Fringe was presented to us through the original core four, John, Harold, Carter, and Lionel. These are the people that you’ve grown close through because of all the trials and tribulations they had to go through and everyone got along in their own strange way. No one was asking for anyone to be added, saying that even up until S2, they were still enjoying the structure. There was that human element. As much as Jonah doesn’t want it to be there, you have to give your audience something to relate to.

The numbers, which were a thing that people loved, have now been reduced to blending into the AI plot in some asinine way or another. No one is unique anymore and you cannot grow to care because of it. When you make a character like Root who is untouchable an omnipotent, she is going to put a lot of people off because she’s giving the impression that she’s better than anyone else on the team. We want vulnerable characters because it makes them more human and the audience will care if they are given enough motivation. When Shaw is posed at the beginning with a personality disorder then is constantly whining about working with Reese and Finch, it put people off because it’s a thing where people would have been telling her to just leave. That’s the first impression that was given once she joined the team.

POI felt it was in their best interest to add two people to the team when the core four were still a thing that people would want to watch and now almost two years later, look at the results. People that were praising the move are angered because Root and Shaw have basically ruined the team dynamic. There are some that want Carter back because as much as they didn’t like her, when she was around, everyone was happy with the dynamic because shippers of all kinds got their fill. Now it’s basically, get use to being John being a side character not knowing what is going on in the main plot, something that he was always involved in for the last 3 seasons and Harold being told how to hack by Root.

Awesome respect POI writers.


Shinra’s newspeople have finally found a way to spin the attacks on Junon and Costa del Sol in a positive light- they neglect to mention that the attacks were carried out at the command of a rogue SOLDIER operative, instead laying the blame at the feet of a nebulous “anti-Shinra organization”, and frame the whole thing as a great victory against their enemies. they’re not wrong, technically, but with the spectre of AVALANCHE looming on the horizon, it’s quite interesting to see how quickly the corporation realizes they can use their political opponents as scapegoats to cover their own missteps

they’ve also put out a revised budget report revealing that traditional security forces are being scaled back in favor of weaponized robots. it’s phrased in such a way that makes it seem like the robots are more efficient, but the truth is, Shinra is phasing out the human element of their armed forces because, as the SOLDIER insurrection has shown, human weapons are too unstable to be trusted- better to funnel their cash into machines that can be reliably programmed than to continue to take risks with scientists who may or may not know what they’re doing


*NEW* Pearl Jam Mind Your Manners (by William Swisher)

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS it’s a different version of the MYM video and different recording. It’s RAW.


“There needs to be a human element in making these things.”

Don’t Take It Easy

We’ve announced that Human Element will be hitting consoles and PC in 2015, taking place 35 Years AFTER the zombie apocalypse. Your response, GIS ME IT NOW!

Which is why we’re excited to announce that a series of episodic content, allowing you to experience the world of Human Element a week, a month, a year; after the ‘event’, will be coming to the brand new video game console OUYA as it’s first exclusive 1st party title!

“ To me this award means a lot because it shows that the human element of music is what’s important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the most important thing for people to do. It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about sounding absolutely correct, it’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here [your heart] and what goes on in here [your head].”

Dave Grohl


Why Travel: Top 3 Places I Want to Photograph

Planes are always a place that I reflect on what it is that makes me passionate about photographing the world. On Wednesday, travelling between the two busiest international airports in the world, Dubai and Heathrow respectively, I realised that although my work doesn’t often contain a human element, it is humanity itself and experiencing as much of it as possible. 

My passion is to capture places in a creative way that can hopefully inspire anyone and get people to move out of their own worlds. I have never wanted to photograph in a way that portrays the world as it is. I find that terribly boring and immediately removes any hope of imagining a story or allowing the viewer to create a before and after of the frozen piece of time I’m trying to share. With wishful thinking these are the next three places I want to capture

#1 Bolivia

Bolivia is a place of extremes, deserts, mountains, volcanoes and salt lake plains. The extreme beauty of the place is enticing enough and after travelling to the Himalayas and Mount Everest, the altitude always gives me a strange feeling of risk and adventure.

#2 India

I have only spent the briefest of time in India and as a country the human element, the people and culture, are something I want to experience properly. Kathmandu is probably one of the most interesting cities I have ever been to, to buzz and chaos made it such an exciting place to be, I’m sure India is not too dissimilar to its neighbour, but on a grander scale.

#3 Mongolia

I have been discussing this for years and have been putting off planing it, but the Mongol Rally is something I want to do in the next few years. What better way to experience the world and loads of different people in a short period, than to drive across the whole of Europe the Middle East and Asia. I’m not sure I’m that well versed in repairing a car however, you’re guaranteed to breakdown many times. 

I want to thank Transun Travel for inspiring me to write this post and will keep this bucket list in mind for the near future. Check out their Arctic Adventure packages here:

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Machinima LIVE E3 coverage: Going in depth on our new game Human Element from Robotoki. 

Explore the artwork of Human Element.

The Verge: Human Element on OUYA - New Studio. New Franchise. New Console.

Delving into bringing Human Element to OUYA, our prequel release strategy, and the future. 

“We’re not limited to genre. We’re not limited to anything,” Bowling said. “We can be as creative as we want. Maybe episode one is focused on the fortification element of survival. We focus on finding a place, stocking it up, defending it, resource management, stuff like that. The next one might be much more focused on the human element of conversation, bartering with other players, assigning quests, going out and foraging for supplies, dealing with elements outside your safe zone — while having those elements from episode one of having your safe zone already fortified.”

Robotoki announces Human Element hitting consoles and PC in 2015. Prequel coming exclusively to hard to pronounce Android console OUYA

Robotoki’s Human Element, a game that focuses on human survival 35 years after a massive zombie apocalypse is set to hit next-gen consoles and PC in 2015. Interestingly enough is the announcement of a prequel coming to the newly revealed and Kickstarted Android powered console OUYA