manganimae  asked:

1.) Which do you prefer, making gifs or making graphics? 2.) Do you have any character that you hate with all your being? Who? 3) What do you do when inspiration is low?

For the message me 3 things you want to know prompt…

Thanks for the ask <3333.

1) Definitely deeeeeeeeeefinitely GIFs…they each have their own frustrations, but to me graphics is much harder in many ways and it takes a lot more refined skill and taste (sense of colors, spacial balance, etc.) to make good graphics.

2) I don’t really, though Ramsay Bolton came close from Game of Thrones…I tend to find one-dimensional villains less interesting but multi-dimensional ones usually have some sympathetic/humanizing elements that make me not hate them 100%.

3) Sleep LOL…um I had set a goal of 1000 edits in 2016 before, so that kept me making posts for a long time.  Eventually, with too much going on in my real life, it was hurting my mental health more than motivating me in a positive way so I have dropped it to 900 (much more doable for me).  So I suppose that helps motivate me still.  Seeing great GIFs and graphics from others inspires me, of course.  And other forms of art or just cool things around me in nature can be inspiring as well.


*NEW* Pearl Jam Mind Your Manners (by William Swisher)

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS it’s a different version of the MYM video and different recording. It’s RAW.

We’ve announced that Human Element will be hitting consoles and PC in 2015, taking place 35 Years AFTER the zombie apocalypse. Your response, GIS ME IT NOW!

Which is why we’re excited to announce that a series of episodic content, allowing you to experience the world of Human Element a week, a month, a year; after the ‘event’, will be coming to the brand new video game console OUYA as it’s first exclusive 1st party title!


“There needs to be a human element in making these things.”

Don’t Take It Easy

“ To me this award means a lot because it shows that the human element of music is what’s important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the most important thing for people to do. It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about sounding absolutely correct, it’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here [your heart] and what goes on in here [your head].”

Dave Grohl



Places that don’t exist when they exist. Being fascinated by these places is mixed with the feeling of estrangement: urban familiar places that, however, contain disturbing elements in this series by Francesco Margaroli.

Margaroli (b. 1982) is a self-taught photographer who currently works between Genoa and Milan in various fields. His work focuses on environment and architecture, trying to analyze juxtapositions and contradictions and not forgetting the human element. 

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Bryan Fuller on the answer to THAT QUESTION

‘Those conversations between Will and Bedelia where he is asking, “Is he in love with me?” and she’s saying, “Yes, but are you in love with him?” He doesn’t know how to answer that question, because when we feel a connection to another human being who seems to understand us in a way that we are not often understood, it’s such a beautiful expression of connection. As broad as some of the human elements of the film avatar were, what really resonated with me was that the term of affection for them is, “I see you.” And there’s no greater expression of affection. That’s how Will felt with Hannibal — he felt seen. He felt naked and vulnerable, and yet understood in that. It’s a very addictive feeling to be in a relationship with somebody — whether it’s a friendship or a romance — where the dysmorphia of how you feel on the inside finally connects with someone else’s perception of you from the outside. It’s dizzying.’

Lots of positive hints but not exactly a straight answer! Until this…

‘We get to see Reba, post all of this, and have a quiet moment between the two people who were in love with serial killers.’

And this…

'Bedelia says, “You can’t live with him, you can’t live without him.” That’s exactly what this is about. Will can’t live without Hannibal, and he knows that in that moment, once they’d experienced a murder together.’

As well as…

'And I feel like in that ending, if that is the ending for these characters, it feels like it is a great final expression of their love for each other.’

He also makes a rather revealing comment when discussing Will-as-Clarice…

Clarice never, until the end of Hannibal, submitted to that romance, whereas Will seemed to be on a slippery slope right from the beginning, so there’s a contrast to be drawn between them.’

And then there’s this mouthwatering tidbit…

There is love between these two men, and confusion between these two men. We had to articulate it, and the idea for a Season 4 was an interesting continuation of that, as well as a subversion of it at the same time.’

So that would be a YES then! (Don’t look so happy about it, Will!)

The Verge: Human Element on OUYA - New Studio. New Franchise. New Console.

Delving into bringing Human Element to OUYA, our prequel release strategy, and the future. 

“We’re not limited to genre. We’re not limited to anything,” Bowling said. “We can be as creative as we want. Maybe episode one is focused on the fortification element of survival. We focus on finding a place, stocking it up, defending it, resource management, stuff like that. The next one might be much more focused on the human element of conversation, bartering with other players, assigning quests, going out and foraging for supplies, dealing with elements outside your safe zone — while having those elements from episode one of having your safe zone already fortified.”


Machinima LIVE E3 coverage: Going in depth on our new game Human Element from Robotoki. 

Explore the artwork of Human Element.

Robotoki announces Human Element hitting consoles and PC in 2015. Prequel coming exclusively to hard to pronounce Android console OUYA

Robotoki’s Human Element, a game that focuses on human survival 35 years after a massive zombie apocalypse is set to hit next-gen consoles and PC in 2015. Interestingly enough is the announcement of a prequel coming to the newly revealed and Kickstarted Android powered console OUYA

Did you miss the 4-page feature on Human Element from last month’s Game Informer? Good news! It’s now been posted online in its entirety! 

Game Informer: Taking on the Human Element:

The universe is set on this whole premise of, “What is the greatest threat in a zombie apocalypse?” If you’re conditioned with the entire zombie culture it’s the infection, it’s the zombies. But in reality, they’re the walking dead. They’re dumb, slow, weak. They’re really not a physical threat to you in a lot of ways. Their greatest strength is the fear that they instill in us, the survivors. They lead us to do unreasonable things to survive. By that logic, the greatest strength in a zombie apocalypse is the human element. The other survivors who are smart enough, and strong enough to kill you and take what they want by force.