Humans Are Weird

Another “humans are strange and confusing creatures” idea came to me. Our smell. “What about our smell, Sab?” I hear you ask, “Are you saying we would smell bad?” Allow me to answer your question with another question. What of the aliens who don’t rely on sight? (And, why? Do you think you smell bad?).

Imagine, if you please, a species of aliens, who, not unlike the Earth bat or mole, has very poor eyesight. One way they could get around is through superior hearing; another way they could recognize one another is through smell. But what do humans have to do with this? Perfume. How confused would those aliens be, to be walking around the ship when all of a sudden they smell someone unfamiliar.

“Who are you?” asked Draxonis, in his gruff Thelonian voice (Thelonians, from Thelonis, have remarkable senses; sight isn’t one of them, unfortunately). Human Steve stopped in the hallway and glanced around; was he talking to him? “It’s me, Drax.” Human Steve replied. “It sounds like Human Steve, Draxonis said defensively, but Human Steve has never smelled so… musky.” Human Steve sniffed his collar and chuckled. “New perfume, buddy, sorry.” He patted Draxonis’ shoulder playfully and continued on his merry way. Draxonis had heard of “perfume”, humans and Delfini used it to artificially alter their odour. However, the Delfini only seemed to use it during important rituals or traditional ceremonies; flowery smells were only used at Pelona, for example (the annual Shedding Of The Skin, a very joyous time of year for young Delfini). But there were no Delfini on board. Humans seemed to use it daily, without much regard as to what the smell was. It only served to confuse and disorient poor Thelonian crew members like Draxonis.

Perfumed soaps, laundry detergent, deodorant, perfume, fabric softener, diet, shampoo, conditioner… changing but one of these can drastically alter a person’s smell. The possibilities are endless.

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Israel never dehumanized anyone. The "Palestinians", on the other hand, dehumanize Jews from the womb, teaching hate in schools, making Jewish blood cheaper than water. Talk to me when Hamas or Fatah decriminalize marijuana or homosexuality.

Israel never dehumanized anyone? Ok then let’s take a look at some statements made by Israel’s leaders and founders. 

  • Palestinians are beasts, they are not human.” - Deputy Minister of Defense, Eli Ben-Dahan
  • The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you give them meat, they want more.” - Ehud Barak, when he was Prime Minister of Israel
  • The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs.” - Menahim Begin, Former Prime Minister of Israel 
  • When we have settled the land, all the Palestinians will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle.“ - Rafael Eitan, Former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces
  • We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel… Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.“ - Rafael Eitan, Former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces 
  • There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed.” -Golda Maier, Former Israeli Prime Minister 
  • “We shall reduce the [Palestinian] Arab population to a community of woodcutters and waiters.” - Uri Lubrani, Former Israeli Prime Minister’s special adviser
  • We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” - Shlomo Lahat, former mayor of Tel Aviv
Fic: Bruises and Blush

Title: Bruises and Blush

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: T for fluff, insinuating flirtations, and swearing.

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder

Summary: Jaal observes the crew and finds a comforting commonality.

Author’s notes: Just a fun little drabble to explore Jaal’s curiosity and growing affection for Sierra and the crew. Plus, the start of some inviting flirtation. Takes place when the Tempest first goes to Voeld. Huge thanks to @intergalactix for looking this over and letting me borrow the evolution line she suggested for Vetra.

“Fuck, that was cold. I can’t even feel my face anymore.”

Jaal chuckles at Liam’s words as the cargo bay doors close behind them. He’d had no idea the humans would be so…sensitive to Voeld’s climate, bundling their bodies almost beyond recognition to combat the elements. But even the other aliens—the Turian, Vetra, and the Krogan, Drack—had complained when they had ventured out into the snow. Perhaps the Milky Way was a much warmer galaxy than he had originally considered.

“My balls are frozen solid,” Drack says with a shake of his armor, sloughing off the ice stuck between the metal joints.

Vetra laughs over her shoulder. “It’s not like you need them anymore.”

Drack grumbles, but he’s grinning. “You always need a quad.”

Jaal’s lips quirk up as he sets down his rifle and begins to unfasten his armor. This new crew is bemusing, their comfortable manner with one another surprising him time and time again. At first, he hadn’t known what to make of them, all different in looks and demeanor. But the more he has observed, the more he sees the crafted workings underneath—the ties and relationships that allow them to function as a team. They are still strange and their customs foreign, but he thinks he’s beginning to understand.

There’s a muffled hiss, and his eyes slide to his left. The Pathfinder is unbuckling her suit, a pained scowl on her face.

“Are you injured?” He asks her in concern.

She shakes her head and smiles. “Nothing serious. Just a stray shot to the ribs.” Her smile turns quickly into a grimace as she peels away the underlining of her armor.

Jaal’s eyes widen.

The newly exposed skin on her abdomen is a sheer explosion of color—mottled blues and purples and a deep slash of green—that spreads halfway down to her hip.

“Ouch,” Vetra says, coming closer and bending down to inspect the Pathfinder’s side. Jaal blinks in surprise as the Turian pokes the skin with a sharp talon and laughs at Ryder’s flinch. “Human evolution could’ve used a few more armored plates, eh, Pathfinder?”

Ryder brushes Vetra’s hands away with a scoffing breath. “We make up for it in other ways,” she says, her brows raising.

Drack’s voice booms in amusement. “You wouldn’t survive otherwise! Humans are so…squishy.”

“Only compared to your thick skull,” Liam chimes in from across the way, leaning on a crate and crossing his arms.

Affectionate laughter soon fills the space. They are…teasing each other, Jaal realizes with a smile. It is something he can grasp, a…commonality between them so recognizable that he finds it infinitely pleasing. This form of bonding, so much like his sisters pulling at his fringe and comparing him, unflatteringly, to a kaerkyn, is finally something he can understand.

Ryder turns to him with a grin, and, emboldened, he finds his eyes drawn once more to her skin.

“Do humans often change color?” he asks, lifting a hand toward a deeply-shaded spot of purple.

“Only if you’re doing it right!” Peebee calls down as she passes by from above.

Jaal frowns, confused, but he notices Liam roll his eyes and Ryder chuckle.

Ah, another joke to figure out.

“It’s just a bruise,” Ryder says, turning to her locker, but she looks at him from the corner of her eye. “Do angara not get bruises when they get injured?”

Now he understands. The discoloration is a result of trauma.

“No,” he says. “When we are hurt, our skin hardens, protecting the vulnerability beneath.”

Her brows raise. “Really?” She eyes him speculatively, as if searching for proof of his words, and he shifts his feet, suddenly wanting to blush beneath her gaze.

Clearing his throat, he nods. “I take it humans have no such defense.”

“Unfortunately not.” She slides a thin shirt over her head, covering the bruise and the rest of her unblemished skin.

He leans closer, his voice lowering for her ears alone. “Peebee’s words. What do they mean? What must I ‘do right’ to see you change more?”

He meant it innocently enough, but he watches, fascinated, as her skin turns a brilliant shade of pink before his eyes. She is blushing, he decides, her cheeks a particularly dark red.

A small laugh escapes her mouth, and even though he thinks she is embarrassed, Ryder meets his gaze with a smirk.

“Now, Jaal,” she says, her voice quiet and teasing. “You’re just going to have to figure that one out for yourself.”

He leans back, delightfully surprised. He is almost sure she is flirting with him, and curiously, he finds his body’s natural current responding, charging higher at the very idea.

“Are you…” He pauses, trying to find the right words to express his interest. “…permitting me to do so?”

She simply smiles at him, coy—a frustratingly unclear indication of her desires. But then he considers that perhaps she is not free to show herself more plainly, not in her current role as their leader.

Stashing her pistol into her locker, Ryder steps back and gives him a slight nod. “See you around, Jaal.”

And then she is gone, climbing the ladder toward the helm of the ship. He stares after her, long after she has disappeared from sight. It is Liam settling next to him that draws him back to the present.

“Hey, man, you wanna work on a project with me?”

His words are so open and hopeful that Jaal feels himself instantly at peace. Yes, out of all of them, Liam reminds him the most of home.

Nodding, Jaal clasps him on the shoulder and, for now, pushes his burning curiosity at Ryder’s flirtations to the back of his thoughts. “Of course, my friend! What do you have in mind?”

So I’ve found this space Australia thing and I’ve decided I love it and I’m going to run with it. I don’t know if this had been done before, but like human clumsiness.

Like, an alien down the hall just hears this mass shreaking and thinking its a security breach runs fully armed to help. All they find in a human yelling at a bit of wall or a stair, or a chair or something. All of the other humans don’t even bat an eye, the aliens are so confused. 

They are amazed at how defensive humans are about this.

*human trips over own feet and falls very dramatically*

“"Human Mary! Are you all right? You seem to have fallen!”

“ What are you talking about! I didn’t fall, I was picking something up.”




“"Just shut up.”

Enchanted // Moon Bin


the prompt: may I please request the mermaid/enchanted voice au with Moonbin of Astro??
(from this au) “I’m a mermaid/merman, and you’ve fallen in love with my voice. How do I break it to you that you don’t actually love me, you’re just enchanted?”

words: 3922

category: fluff + angst

author note: have you guys heard the new astro songs yet? the aroha song is so sweet! for this scenario i decided to make moonbin the mermaid rather than the reader, which i feel like was the best decision bc now i’m in love with this mermaid au. also, i might do a spin-off of this for eunwoo?? or a sequel for bin?? probably both?? anyway, pls enjoy merman bin~

- destinee

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Date a girl who will take care of you while you’re sick. Date a girl with rows of sharp teeth. Date a girl who works long hours at the hospital. Date a girl who prefers to feed on fish, shrimp, and squid, but can crush shellfish and coral with her strong jaws. Date a girl who is a talented medical professional. Date a girl who is mostly harmless to humans, but will bite defensively if stepped on or bothered by divers. Date a nurse shark.

In this fandom we really have to stop mistaking acknowledgement for approval or fondness, and defense of humanity for stanning.

I don’t have an interest in Kendall Jenner’s life or career. However, I acknowledge that she is present in Harry ’s life, to the extent that he, as an adult by 5 years now, hangs out with her around his mother. I don’t have to like or dislike her for that to be true; my liking her would not make her any more present than she is, and my disliking of her would not make her any less present than she is.

My acknowledgement that she is in Harry’s life is not an endorsement of her in any way; my endorsement of her would be. If you don’t like her, fine; if you don’t like that she is a part of Harry ’s life, fine; but the solution to that would be to remove yourself from the position to observe, not the erasure of her from his life. He’s a big boy, and he already has a mother.

I Don’t Need You Anymore Part 2 (Justin Foley)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: Swearing, rushed ending??

It’s been a week since you’ve been to school, trying to get over everything.

But today you promised yourself you’ll be okay. You walk to school and try to seem normal, you know, like your heart didn’t break into pieces? Yeah. You walked with Clay and you guys just talked and you were looking around for Justin, yeah sure you said no, and that you didn’t need him but nonetheless you still loved him. Not seeing him you frowned in disappointment. “If you still love him, then why’d you say that you didn’t?” Clay asked noticing the disappointment etched on my face. “I didn’t want to get hurt again” You shrugged. “But you still live with him being your muse y/n” He says stopping.

“What are you talking about? I do not” you exclaim opening your locker. “y/n/n, dude, you still have him as your home screen. You still have pictures of him beside your bed. For fuck’s sake y/n. Just admit it” Clay says folding his arms. “So what, i still do, what’s your problem?” you say slamming your locker shut and begin walking to class with your twin. “I’m just saying, I know I wanted you guys broken up but you’re miserable without him” Clay explains softly. “I know but, it doesn’t make up for what he did Clay. He really broke my heart” You reply trying to stop yourself from crying. “I know y/n, I know. But maybe you need each other to mend that heart” he replies sighing.

You sit in class and try not to think of Justin and but God knows you couldn’t. Thoughts ran around your head. ‘Is he okay?’ or ‘how is he?’ most importantly ‘WHERE is he?’ and sooner or later, class is over. You walk to the cafeteria sitting by Clay and his best friend Tony.

“y/n, how you doing so far?” Tony asks reaching to hold your hand. “I’m good no worries” You say shooting him a smile. “She’s not fine” Clay grumbles. “I didn’t believe it either clay” Tony says looking at you. “Guys I’m fine” You exclaim picking at your food. “I’m telling you y/n/n, Justin is miserable without you” Tony tells you sincerely.

“Really? Then where is he? Out having fun with his friends? None of them are here. Not even Zach. Must be some party or something” You reply close to yelling. “Calm down y/n” Clay says holding you. “I’m missing him and it sucks that he’s okay” you say tearing up. “Why don’t we just skip today?” Clay says walking you out. “Mom will kill you” You reply walking out anyway. “Eh she knows you aren’t okay” Clay replies taking you to Tony’s car.

Tony walks over and all of you guys go to Rosie’s to get some milkshakes. After your milkshake you go back to school because you refused to skip communications class. “There you are y/n, have you seen Dempsey, Standall, Walker, Foley and Montgomery?” Your teacher asks as you hand her a late slip. “No why?” You ask sitting down. “They never went to school and since you were close to them I just thought-“ You cut her off “well i don’t know where they are”

You listen to the lecture and much to your dismay, its about heartbreak. “What does heartbreak feel like?” Your teacher asks. “It’s when someone sees how much you love and admire them then they play with your feelings then stomp on your heart” you reply. “Yeah but its also when you reject someone because you are scared to be with them thus you break their heart before they break yours” Pratters continues. “So it’s a defense mechanism? But for humans right?” Skye asks suddenly taking interest. “Yes actually” Pratters replies. “So Miss, is it wrong for humans to have that defense mechanism?” You ask your teacher. “Wow you’re all chattery today. But yes, it can be because sometimes you cancel out the probability of you being happy because of a traumatizing incident or a mistake someone did” she replies. “So-“ you were cut off by the bell.

You walk to your compliment bag and see that there were exactly a weeks worth of notes. 7 to be exact. You read the first one

“Hey I know you’re not here, i have no idea why and I know. I promised to leave you alone but I love you - Justin”

you opened the second one

“Watching clouds is pretty. But it was prettier when i watched them with you - guess who”


“My arms been missing you, who’s been kissing you since you went away? No one I hope”


“Come back. Your smile is everything to me”


“you’re the voice I hear inside my head… The reason that….. i’m alive”


“Words will never express how sorry I am. I miss everything about you”


“You transferred schools didn’t you? Anyway, when you collect this know that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and I’m shit for breaking your heart. More than once. I love you with all my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I hope you smile today because even if i don’t see it, It’ll make the people around you happy and you are just… everything to me. I love you y/n”

You start to cry seeing all these notes. You walk home and keep them in a cute box under your bed which holds all your letters with Justin and everything from your relationship. You tear up missing him. And fall asleep holding the teddy bear he bought you once which he named little Justin.

The next day you woke up bright and early hearing knocking on your door. You open your door and see Zach with Alex. Both tired and hair messy. “What happened to you two?” You ask them gesturing to their whole being. “Have you seen Justin?” Alex asks looking around your house. “No? I haven’t seen him since I-“ you were cut off “rejected him. Yeah okay” Zach replies walking out. “What’s wrong?” You ask walking out with them. “Justin is missing. We saw blood in the room he was staying with Bryce and we don’t know what to think” Zach says shaking his head.

Your eyes widen in shock. “He’s missing?” You ask stupidly. “Yeah and that’s why we’re not sleeping and we skip class” Alex says taking a chug of a starbucks cup he’s been holding. “Follow me” You run to your favorite spot expecting him there. “Nada. We checked here y/n” Zach says as you stare at the tree. You think about all the places you’ve been together. You check them all out and he’s no where to be found. You break down crying and Zach and Alex try to comfort you. “I can’t believe I- It’s all my fault I’m-“ you kept cutting yourself off as you blamed yourself for what is happening. “Y/n It’s okay” Alex says rubbing your back. “No! It’s not. I broke the heart of someone I loved just so I can prevent myself from getting hurt and now we can’t find him” You sob into Zach.

You think of Justin and everything.

“y/n. I love the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” I find it romantic” Justin says stroking your hair. “When was Justin Foley a softy” you teased.

You remember what Justin said a week after he asked you out. You sing the song in your head until you hear it

“Cause if one day you wake up and find that your missing me

and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be

And maybe you’ll go down in the place that we’d meet”

Your head snapped up, “I THINK I KNOW WHERE HE IS” You shout wiping your tears and taking off. The two boys run after you as you rush to starbucks. And sure enough you see Justin sitting in the corner table, where you sat when you first met, looking outside as tears fall down his face. “Justin” you whisper walking up to him. His face snaps up hearing your voice as he turns to you more tears begin to fall. “I’ve missed you” he whispers standing up to hug you, “You came. I can’t believe you came. I was sure you didn’t love me anymore.” Justin whispers crying into your shoulder. “Baby I never stopped. I was scared that you’d hurt me” You replied holding him tighter.

“Baby the day I chose Jess over you my life became a living hell. I know it took me long to appreciate the things you do for me but I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much. Darling please be mine again” Justin says hugging you like if he let go, even for a second, you’d disappear.

“Yes Justin. I will be yours. I’ve missed you and everything sucks when you’re not around” You reply hugging him. You stay like that for a few hours until you notice his knuckles. “Justin what did you do?” You say bringing a hand to touch his wounds on his knuckles. He flinches and replies “I punched the wall every time I thought about how stupid I’ve been”

You kiss him on the lips. Longing for this familiar feeling. “Don’t…  leave….. me…. again…” he says in between kisses. “as long as you don’t break my heart again” you reply pulling away.

“Come on. Let’s go home” You say holding out your hand. He takes it and replies “I’m already home” then he hugs you from the side as you both walk out Starbucks.


“There you are!” Alex says catching his breath. “YOU FOUND HIM” Zach says tackling you both for a hug. “Yeah. She did” Justin replies staring at you lovingly. “And we’re both happy again” You say lacing your fingers with his.

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Hi! I'm on anon bc I mainly worry about that sort of thing, heh. Besides this, I'm asking about, specifically, Sterek - in the sense that I don't really ship it myself, and I wanted to say that regardless of this, and that you do - your blog is brilliant. In general, your posts on the TW fandom and the various ships within are perfect and I agree 100%. Mainly, I'm asking about the sterek, or more specifically Stiles/Derek from actual canon tw, because I could never see anything other than (1/?)

Derek being physically aggressive towards the younger and weaker (in the sense of physical strength) human - a person in a position of power over another abusing that power. In a sense. Since, whenever I watch the show I can’t help but see that, I was hoping you could either explain in that great way you usually do that makes things make sense, or at least point me in the direction of posts that have already done so, how exactly their friendship developed(because, yes, I don’t think I could(2/?)

ever ship it romantically). Mainly I’d just like to see another’s less biased point of view/take on their dynamic, so as not to alienate a serious amount of my fanfic readers despite the fact that it’s probably gonna end up as Stalia(oh the horror, that gets like 0 reads ever)I don’t want to sideline any characters that are important, such as Derek, and when I watch the show I can never get his character and his dynamic with Stiles down in my head because it’s screaming at me not to like him 3/?

And I hate that, because I never like to despise a character without good reason to; I don’t want to misrepresent the dynamic, I have to repeat, when I get to later seasons. It’ll also help me understand him more, I think, and I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long anon ask, oops. I’m on anon mainly bc of a worry of this being received negatively, as I’ve seen this sort of query being done in the past for related topics. Ehrm, that’s it, thanks for reading this even if you don’t answer.4/4

Derek is pretty violent with everyone, including Stiles, in the first two seasons. Fandom has taken this violence and projected sexual tension onto it to justify the ship, but if we’re going to count every instance of violence as belligerent sexual tension, then everyone on this show has foe-yay with everyone else.

The thing is, Derek was trying to do the right thing - he just didn’t really consider things like collateral damage or value of life in the process. When Scott was Bitten, Derek did try to help Scott learn to control his wolf…it’s just that he also lied to Scott about a potential cure for lycanthropy in order to manipulate Scott into helping him. Neither of these somehow negate or undermine the other.

Similarly, in Season 2, Derek felt responsible for the kanima, and thus wanted to kill it before it could kill anyone else. The problem is that he wasn’t considering the life of the human who was the kanima without knowing, and he was jumping to conclusions and nearly killed the wrong person (Lydia) because she might be the kanima. Derek wanted to build a pack, and ended up dragging three new teenagers into the mess, two of whom would still be alive if he hadn’t. But, they were also extremely isolated before they were in a pack, and never seemed to resent Derek for turning them, even when (in the case of Boyd, at least) it got them killed.

Derek tries all the time, and tries really damn hard. He also fails all the time, and fails really damn hard. Most of that failure all traces back to tunnel vision - he gets so focused on one problem or factor, he never really thought about anything else. Isaac called him out on this in Season 3A - Derek was wallowing about Cora’s life and Jennifer’s betrayal, which meant he was forgetting about all the other stuff going on that needed to be dealt with.

Derek also tended to presume to know best in the first two seasons and diving head first into problems. A lot of his development in Seasons 3 and 4 was taking a step back to think through the circumstances, and/or taking guidance from those around him. Whether he was the alpha and taking guidance from his betas (i.e. following Boyd’s plan against the alpha pack, listening to Isaac calling him out, etc.), or when he was a beta again but following others’ leads (following Scott as an alpha, taking proverbial marching orders from Allison in 3B, following the Sheriff’s lead and Braeden’s lead in Season 4, etc.), Derek always did better working with someone else instead of trying to lead on his own.

To put it another way: Derek really sucks at being King Arthur, but he makes for a fantastic Merlin.

Derek was a wonderfully supportive and empathic individual. Because he struggled with being an alpha, he was a confidante for Scott when he struggled to be a (true) alpha. Derek went from tunnel vision, brooding, and wallowing in the first few seasons, to learning how to use “human” self-defense mechanisms in Season 4 when he realized he wasn’t healing and seemed to be losing his lycanthropy (and his strength and senses with it). IIRC, he never just sat down and listened to someone pour their heart out on him in the first two seasons, yet Season 3 opens with him doing exactly that, and this is something he continues to do throughout the rest of his time on the show.

I’ve said before that “quiet” =/= shy or introverted. Derek is never the kind to talk a lot in the show. In the first two seasons, this manifested as him doing things without really telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. Later, this manifested as him listening to people. He didn’t have to change this part of who he is, he just learned to be more empathetic and productive about it.

Derek’s story also plays into one of the central themes of the show. The werewolf symbol of revenge is the spiral, but here’s the thing about spirals: if they aren’t stopped, then they’ll go on forever. Derek could’ve kept pursuing vengeance for his family, but chose not to, and came out better for it. This is highlighted by the nogitsune in 3B, when Derek is infected by one of the flies. Yes, Kate was already dead, but Kate was one person and his family was way more than that. He could’ve kept going, he could’ve murdered Allison and Chris just because they were Kate’s family (the same way his family died just for being werewolves/in a werewolf pack), and the nogitsune nearly pushed him to do that. But instead, Derek ended the spiral of vengeance, recognizing that Allison and Chris had nothing to do with Kate’s murder, and how different they were from Kate (regretting their own participation in Hunter psychosis, trying to change the family motto and M.O., etc.)

Derek’s story is very much one of someone grieving tremendously and suffering from horrific trauma. But, it’s also one that shows that one’s own trauma can end up hurting those around them (the fact that Derek was traumatized and suffering for the first two seasons doesn’t change the fact he engaged in a lot of manipulative and abusive behavior at the time). And, Derek’s story is the process of recovering from grief and trauma, and learning to let go of anger in pursuit of one’s own well-being.

How this relates to Sterek in particular, I’ve written about here and here, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions on it. :)

And here are some fics which capture Derek’s character really well:

See You on the Other Side - Derek doesn’t swoop in and save the day - but he does help Stiles, and he learns to share with Stiles and take help from others.

The Nightmare of My Choice - Long-distance relationship FTW.

Starts with “F”, Ends With “U” - Fantastic way of Derek using his own experiences to help Stiles with his current abuse, and a great exploration of Derek’s trauma that doesn’t tokenize it or reduce his abuse to stereoptyes of what abuse actually entails.

How White Blood Cells Become Serial Killers

To develop vaccines against microbial infections and immunotherapy against cancer, researchers are looking for ways to enhance white blood cells called CD8+ T lymphocytes. Specifically, they want to bump up how well they work and how long they live.

Naïve T lymphocytes patrol the front lines of the human body’s defense against infection, circulating in blood and tissues, searching for invasive microbes and other foreign antigens. They’re called “naïve” because they have not yet encountered an invader. When they do, these T lymphocytes activate and divide, giving rise to at least two types of specialized cells: 1) effector lymphocytes or “serial killers” responsible for immediate killing of infected host cells; and 2) memory lymphocytes that provide long-term protection from similar infections. Researchers have been trying for a very long time to understand how activated naïve T cells give rise to effector and memory cells during an infection.

Taking advantage of technological advances in single-cell gene expression profiling and computational modeling that trace the destiny of individual cells, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers, led by John T. Chang, MD, associate professor in the Department of Medicine, and Gene W. Yeo, PhD, professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Institute for Genomic Medicine, constructed a roadmap with detailed instructions that tell CD8+ T lymphocytes how to become serial killers or long-lived memory cells.

The findings are published in the February 20 online issue of Nature Immunology.

According to Chang, the primary purpose of vaccines is to produce strong and durable immune protection, which depends heavily on memory lymphocytes.  

“Our work suggests that early instructions that T lymphocytes receive during a microbial infection seem to be critical to whether or not they give rise to long-lived memory cells,” Chang said. “Strategies that exploit this process could potentially enhance durable immunity and help us to design more effective, longer-lasting vaccines against microbial pathogens and develop better approaches to boost the anti-cancer activity of white blood cells.

Pictured: a graphical representation of T cells attacking a cancer cell.

the Predator fails as a villain
most the time we’re cheering for it
hell in Predator 2 it’s cleaning up the town killing criminals that we just saw are too much for the cops
AvP they made the Predators look heroic because we’s cheer for them over the Alien
AvPR despite the Predator killing a few humans, most of them were either self defense or humans in the way, hell a cutscene has the Predator save a mother and child from a guy with a gun
even the super Predators can be seen as good guys, we only see them as bad because they are hunting humans, but all the humans they hunt are bad people with body counts, the Predators even take them off world in a strange way protecting us from them

Anon on 4chan

I’m finding it hard to find a flaw in this logic

The Hero we deserve…..

Making Memories- A Doctor Strange FanFic (Chapter 1)

Previous Chapters: Intro

Imagine being in the midst of your training at Kamar-Taj when Doctor Stephen Strange shows up. The Ancient One asks you to take him under your wing. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to someone as tragically flawed and arrogant as him, and yet by some sick twist of fate, you seem to be perfect for one another. How long can you really resist the attention he gives you?

Doctor Strange X Reader Romance

As The Ancient Once departs, you turn your attention to the newest addition of Kamar-Taj. If the implications made by The Sorcerer Supreme were any indication, he must have a difficult personality. Keeping him at arm’s length seems like the best approach.  

“Strange,” you address him in a calm, detached tone. And before he can even open his mouth to reply, you firmly add- “I’m not calling you ‘Doctor’.” And then you promptly turn on your heels and begin walking away. “Follow me,” you call out behind you.

Stephen furrows his brow, a bit dumbstruck by your attitude. “Nice to meet you too,” he remarks derisively. His voice is much deeper than expected. In fact, you’d never heard anything quite like it before.

“So where are we going?” he asks, striding up alongside you almost immediately. Your haste is no match for his long legs. So much for feeling authoritative…

“To the training grounds,” you reply simply, and from there the two of you make your way across the compound in silence.

You stop off at the linen closet. It’s a small room, lined floor to ceiling with shelves of traditional clothing in various colors and sizes. You turn and look at him to gauge his measurements and Stephen cocks his head in confusion.

“I thought we were going to train.”

“We are. But first, we need to get you into appropriate attire.”

You pull a set of generic white robes from the top shelf.

“Put these on,” you order, holding the items out in front of him.

Stephen hesitates, his eyes meeting yours as if asking “do I have to?”

“It’s the standard uniform of Kamar-Taj,” you explain. “There’s a changing stall down the hall past the laundry facilities. I’ll be waiting outside.”

When Stephen rejoins you in full attire, his discomfort is apparent. However, you can’t help but admire the way the fabric hugs and elongates his lean, muscular form. You didn’t have to like this guy, but he certainly had one of the nicest bodies you’d seen in awhile. Not that you’d ever admit it out loud.

“Much better,” you state matter-of-factly. “Now we can begin.”

The training grounds were just around the corner, beyond a small set of stairs. It was a large exterior space, littered with a handful of students practicing various kinds martial arts.

You lead Stephen to a quiet space in the corner of the courtyard, tying up your hair in preparation for what was to come.

“Alright Strange, you may be a doctor, but I’m assuming you don’t know the first thing about hand to hand combat.”

“There’s not much use for it in a medical setting,” Stephen responds snarkily.

“Well that’s about to change.”

You throw a sudden and unexpected punch, making contact with one of his very prominent cheekbones.

Strange recoils, more out of surprise than pain. After all, you hadn’t hit him terribly hard. 

“What the hell was that for?!” 

“One of the most basic human instincts is self-defense,” you reply ambiguously. “You wanna tap in to your true spirit? Defend yourself Strange.”

You begin circling him as a panther would its prey. Stephen keeps his eyes locked on you, anticipating your next move. And yet, he makes almost no effort to dodge the blow when you side kick him in the stomach.

“Ahh,” Stephen grunts in frustration.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, your voice laced with teasing amusement. “Afraid to hit a woman?”

Your words irritate him enough to make him swing at you in annoyance.

You block his ill-conceived punch with little effort, dancing around him light on your feet.

“You know, most people think fighting is all about strength and power,” you explain breathlessly. “But they’re wrong. All you need is precision. I’m sure that’s something you can relate to in your line of work.”

Stephen swings at you again, and this time, you duck down to avoid contact, spinning around with the intention of kicking his legs out from under him. However Strange catches you off-guard as he grabs you by your ponytail, winding your hair around his hand and pulling you into a choke hold with his other arm. 

“Ah, so you’re a strategist,” you note aloud as he holds your body firmly against his own. “Maybe that brain of yours will come in handy after all, Strange.” 

He laughs, a deep rumbling snicker. “You know, there’s a certain irony to complementing the mind of a neurosurgeon.”

You elbow him in the stomach forcefully, escaping his grasp.   

Neurosurgeon? Your body goes momentarily rigid. Is this some kind of sick joke?

Strange capitalizes on your hesitation, landing a satisfied punch to your jaw. You retaliate in kind, using your signature roundhouse kick and knocking him straight to the ground.  

You rub the side of your face, regaining your composure and without a word, you walk over and offer your opponent a hand. Reluctantly, he accepts it and you help him to his feet. Stephen’s fingers shake beneath your grasp, and you resist the urge to study his multitude of scars as you let go. 

“That’s enough for today,” you declare. ”Come on, I’ll show you around.”

“So how was his first day of training?” The Ancient One inquires with curiosity later that evening.

“It was fine,” you reply vaguely, suppressing your irritation.

She looks at you with persistent eyes, coaxing an elaboration without so much as a word.

“Okay, why me?” you finally ask with an earnest sigh. “You could’ve asked anybody to look after Strange. Why did it have to be me?”

The Ancient One smiles lightly. “Balance,” she responds, as if it were obvious. “Certain personalities- certain energies- counter one another more productively than others. I thought you would be an appropriate match for his boundless intellect. And to be perfectly honest, I think his stubbornness and persistence will ultimately aid you in your own journey towards self-healing.”

“Really?” you retort, unconvinced. “So it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a neurosurgeon?”

The Ancient One remains perfectly collected. “As I said, I think the two of you can learn from one another.”

“There is nothing to be learned from that man,” you remark all-too-quickly.

Your master’s eyes widen in disappointment. “That’s an incredibly closed-minded attitude, Y/N. Every life has value that can be passed from one to another. Strange is no more broken than you were when you first arrived at Kamar-Taj. Have you forgotten everything I’ve taught you?”

You exhale deeply, regaining your composure. “No, I haven’t,” you admit in respectful defeat.

Altean Lance - Langst

- Lance is Allura’s brother and also the original blue paladin

- Lance was captured by the Galra during the first war and that’s how he survived 10000 years 

- The reason Lance does not remember his life as an Atlean, is cause when he escaped the Galra (3 years before Shiro), he flew to Earth and has a pretty rough landing, causing him amnesia

- Lance spent 3 years under the McClain’s wing and there learned again what family meant

- His body shifted to look human as a defense mechanism as soon as the McClains found him

- He is really really smart and good at linguistics, which makes it much easier for him to learn Spanish and English

 - Allura remembers her brother, but although Lance looks like him, she knows it would be too good to be true

- When everyone finds out that Lance is Altean, people freak out at first then:

  • Shiro smiles and tells Lance that it doesn’t change anything 
  • Keith says something about bonding over alien genes 
  • Pidge has a lot of questions, but Lance does not have a lot of answers 
  •  Hunk shrugs and tells Lance that of course he was an alien, no human could be that awesome 
  • Coran cries and hugs Lance all the time, wanting to know about his years on Earth and trying to make up for lost time 
  •  Allura is really distant at first, not really believing it, but then she cries and talks about how much she missed him and how it was her fault that he ended up in Galran hands for so long

- Lance is really happy to see his team supporting him, but at the same time he is really confused, cause he doesn’t remember his previously life and family/home to him means Earth, not Altea 

- Lotor was the one to capture Lance the first time, so when they face each other again chaos ensues. Lotor wants Lance to be his again and Lance gets his memories back, along with all the pain he suffered under the Galra

- Eventually, Lance goes back to Lotor’s hands, because it was either him or Keith and there was no way he would ever let Keith go

- Lotor is pissed that Lance was able to run away and makes sure his tortures are 10 times worse this time.


doegred-main replied to your post “Interesting how this website is so eager to defend science as an…”

Maybe we are talking about different things, but it seems to me that a lot of tumblr suffers from a distinct kind of anti-intellectualism which is rather widespread in a kind of USA leftism; creating pretty much the opposite environment. Then again it is true that so few people talk about epistemology in a serious and informed way, which is a thing I hate from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not sure what specifically you’re referring to, but agreed in general about tumblr’s anti-intellectualism. What I’m talking about is the recent rise in the defense of science in the American political sphere as a response to the threats to science funding, conservative distrust of science, etc. Which I’m glad is happening, but I’m a little disgruntled at the way the importance of the humanities is being ignored. 

(Like, for example, that “if you want to recognize fake news, think like a scientist” headline - as though those of us in the humanities aren’t literally trained to evaluate texts and rhetorical statements for veracity and bias.)


1.    The feel of cool marble under bare feet.
2.    How to live in a small room with five strangers for six months.
3.    With the same strangers in a lifeboat for one week.
4.    The modulus of rupture.
5.    The distance a shout carries in the city.
6.    The distance of a whisper.
7.    Everything possible about Hatshepsut’s temple (try not to see it as ‘modernist’ avant la lettre).
8.    The number of people with rent subsidies in New York City.
9.    In your town (include the rich).
10.    The flowering season for azaleas.
11.    The insulating properties of glass.
12.    The history of its production and use.
13.    And of its meaning.
14.    How to lay bricks.
15.    What Victor Hugo really meant by ‘this will kill that.’
16.    The rate at which the seas are rising.
17.    Building information modeling (BIM).
18.    How to unclog a rapidograph.
19.    The Gini coefficient.
20.    A comfortable tread-to-riser ratio for a six-year-old.
21.    In a wheelchair.
22.    The energy embodied in aluminum.
23.    How to turn a corner.
24.    How to design a corner.
25.    How to sit in a corner.
26.    How Antoni Gaudí modeled the Sagrada Família and calculated its structure.
27.    The proportioning system for the Villa Rotonda.
28.    The rate at which that carpet you specified off-gasses.
29.    The relevant sections of the Code of Hammurabi.
30.    The migratory patterns of warblers and other seasonal travellers.
31.    The basics of mud construction.
32.    The direction of prevailing winds.
33.    Hydrology is destiny.
34.    Jane Jacobs in and out.
35.    Something about feng shui.
36.    Something about Vastu Shilpa.
37.    Elementary ergonomics.
38.    The color wheel.
39.    What the client wants.
40.    What the client thinks it wants.
41.    What the client needs.
42.    What the client can afford.
43.    What the planet can afford.
44.    The theoretical bases for modernity and a great deal about its factions and inflections.
45.    What post-Fordism means for the mode of production of building.
46.    Another language.
47.    What the brick really wants.
48.    The difference between Winchester Cathedral and a bicycle shed.
49.    What went wrong in Fatehpur Sikri.
50.    What went wrong in Pruitt-Igoe.
51.    What went wrong with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
52.    Where the CCTV cameras are.
53.    Why Mies really left Germany.
54.    How people lived in Çatal Hüyük.
55.    The structural properties of tufa.
56.    How to calculate the dimensions of brise-soleil.
57.    The kilowatt costs of photovoltaic cells.
58.    Vitruvius.
59.    Walter Benjamin.
60.    Marshall Berman.
61.    The secrets of the success of Robert Moses.
62.    How the dome on the Duomo in Florence was built.
63.    The reciprocal influences of Chinese and Japanese building.
64.    The cycle of the Ise Shrine.
65.    Entasis.
66.    The history of Soweto.
67.    What it’s like to walk down the Ramblas.
68.    Back-up.
69.    The proper proportions of a gin martini.
70.    Shear and moment.
71.    Shakespeare, etc.
72.    How the crow flies.
73.    The difference between a ghetto and a neighborhood.
74.    How the pyramids were built.
75.    Why.
76.    The pleasures of the suburbs.
77.    The horrors.
78.    The quality of light passing through ice.
79.    The meaninglessness of borders.
80.    The reasons for their tenacity.
81.    The creativity of the ecotone.
82.    The need for freaks.
83.    Accidents must happen.
84.    It is possible to begin designing anywhere.
85.    The smell of concrete after rain.
86.    The angle of the sun at the equinox.
87.    How to ride a bicycle.
88.    The depth of the aquifer beneath you.
89.    The slope of a handicapped ramp.
90.    The wages of construction workers.
91.    Perspective by hand.
92.    Sentence structure.
93.    The pleasure of a spritz at sunset at a table by the Grand Canal.
94.    The thrill of the ride.
95.    Where materials come from.
96.    How to get lost.
97.    The pattern of artificial light at night, seen from space.
98.    What human differences are defensible in practice.
99.    Creation is a patient search.
100.    The debate between Otto Wagner and Camillo Sitte.
101.    The reasons for the split between architecture and engineering.
102.    Many ideas about what constitutes utopia.
103.    The social and formal organization of the villages of the Dogon.
104.    Brutalism, Bowellism, and the Baroque.
105.    How to derive.
106.    Woodshop safety.
107.    A great deal about the Gothic.
108.    The architectural impact of colonialism on the cities of North Africa.
109.    A distaste for imperialism.
110.    The history of Beijing.
111.    Dutch domestic architecture in the 17th century.
112.    Aristotle’s Politics.
113.    His Poetics.
114.    The basics of wattle and daub.
115.    The origins of the balloon frame.
116.    The rate at which copper acquires its patina.
117.    The levels of particulates in the air of Tianjin.
118.    The capacity of white pine trees to sequester carbon.
119.    Where else to sink it.
120.    The fire code.
121.    The seismic code.
122.    The health code.
123.    The Romantics, throughout the arts and philosophy.
124.    How to listen closely.
125.    That there is a big danger in working in a single medium. The logjam you don’t even know you’re stuck in will be broken by a shift in representation.
126.    The exquisite corpse.
127.    Scissors, stone, paper.
128.    Good Bordeaux.
129.    Good beer.
130.    How to escape a maze.
131.    QWERTY.
132.    Fear.
133.    Finding your way around Prague, Fez, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Kyoto, Rio, Mexico, Solo, Benares, Bangkok, Leningrad, Isfahan.
134.    The proper way to behave with interns.
135.    Maya, Revit, Catia, whatever.
136.    The history of big machines, including those that can fly.
137.    How to calculate ecological footprints.
138.    Three good lunch spots within walking distance.
139.    The value of human life.
140.    Who pays.
141.    Who profits.
142.    The Venturi effect.
143.    How people pee.
144.    What to refuse to do, even for the money.
145.    The fine print in the contract.
146.    A smattering of naval architecture.
147.    The idea of too far.
148.    The idea of too close.
149.    Burial practices in a wide range of cultures.
150.    The density needed to support a pharmacy.
151.    The density needed to support a subway.
152.    The effect of the design of your city on food miles for fresh produce.
153.    Lewis Mumford and Patrick Geddes.
154.    Capability Brown, André Le Nôtre, Frederick Law Olmsted, Muso Soseki, Ji Cheng, and Roberto Burle Marx.
155.    Constructivism, in and out.
156.    Sinan.
157.    Squatter settlements via visits and conversations with residents.
158.    The history and techniques of architectural representation across cultures.
159.    Several other artistic media.
160.    A bit of chemistry and physics.
161.    Geodesics.
162.    Geodetics.
163.    Geomorphology.
164.    Geography.
165.    The Law of the Andes.
166.    Cappadocia first-hand.
167.    The importance of the Amazon.
168.    How to patch leaks.
169.    What makes you happy.
170.    The components of a comfortable environment for sleep.
171.    The view from the Acropolis.
172.    The way to Santa Fe.
173.    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
174.    Where to eat in Brooklyn.
175.    Half as much as a London cabbie.
176.    The Nolli Plan.
177.    The Cerdà Plan.
178.    The Haussmann Plan.
179.    Slope analysis.
180.    Darkroom procedures and Photoshop.
181.    Dawn breaking after a bender.
182.    Styles of genealogy and taxonomy.
183.    Betty Friedan.
184.    Guy Debord.
185.    Ant Farm.
186.    Archigram.
187.    Club Med.
188.    Crepuscule in Dharamshala.
189.    Solid geometry.
190.    Strengths of materials (if only intuitively).
191.    Ha Long Bay.
192.    What’s been accomplished in Medellín.
193.    In Rio.
194.    In Calcutta.
195.    In Curitiba.
196.    In Mumbai.
197.    Who practices? (It is your duty to secure this space for all who want to.)
198.    Why you think architecture does any good.
199.    The depreciation cycle.
200.    What rusts.
201.    Good model-making techniques in wood and cardboard.
202.    How to play a musical instrument.
203.    Which way the wind blows.
204.    The acoustical properties of trees and shrubs.
205.    How to guard a house from floods.
206.    The connection between the Suprematists and Zaha.
207.    The connection between Oscar Niemeyer and Zaha.
208.    Where north (or south) is.
209.    How to give directions, efficiently and courteously.
210.    Stadtluft macht frei.
211.    Underneath the pavement the beach.
212.    Underneath the beach the pavement.
213.    The germ theory of disease.
214.    The importance of vitamin D.
215.    How close is too close.
216.    The capacity of a bioswale to recharge the aquifer.
217.    The draught of ferries.
218.    Bicycle safety and etiquette.
219.    The difference between gabions and riprap.
220.    The acoustic performance of Boston Symphony Hall.
221.    How to open the window.
222.    The diameter of the earth.
223.    The number of gallons of water used in a shower.
224.    The distance at which you can recognize faces.
225.    How and when to bribe public officials (for the greater good).
226.    Concrete finishes.
227.    Brick bonds.
228.    The Housing Question by Friedrich Engels.
229.    The prismatic charms of Greek island towns.
230.    The energy potential of the wind.
231.    The cooling potential of the wind, including the use of chimneys and the stack effect.
232.    Paestum.
233.    Straw-bale building technology.
234.    Rachel Carson.
235.    Freud.
236.    The excellence of Michel de Klerk.
237.    Of Alvar Aalto.
238.    Of Lina Bo Bardi.
239.    The non-pharmacological components of a good club.
240.    Mesa Verde National Park.
241.    Chichen Itza.
242.    Your neighbors.
243.    The dimensions and proper orientation of sports fields.
244.    The remediation capacity of wetlands.
245.    The capacity of wetlands to attenuate storm surges.
246.    How to cut a truly elegant section.
247.    The depths of desire.
248.    The heights of folly.
249.    Low tide.
250.    The Golden and other ratios.

Giant European Catfish

(Not a cryptid, but possible larger than recorded specimens) 

The Wels Catfish, native throughout central and eastern Europe can grow to monstrous sizes, possibly even to man-eating proportions. They have been known to grow to lengths of ten feet, and could grow up to 16 feet or more in ideal conditions. They can live for more than fifty years and do not stop growing during their lifetime, so enormous specimens are becoming more common, especially in areas of warmer water, abundance of prey and few natural predators. 

There have been no substantiated reports of a Wels eating a human, though attacks in defense of their young are not uncommon. However, with a mouth large enough to swallow a child and a huge appetite, it is not impossible that, for the larger specimens, humans may be on the menu.


Requested by @badismyname and dedicated to everyone who feels alone at Christmastime.

The airport was busy. Christmas was in only a few days, after all, and people were coming and going as quickly as they could. The crowds pressed and surged against each other, inching their way like molasses. So many bodies in such a small space- whether you usually minded that sort of thing or not, this was so tight-packed that you had to stop your trek every few minutes just to catch your breath and remind yourself which way you were going.

There was so much noise. Grumbling and yelling and machinery and squeaky wheels and the pitchy wails of crying children and that nasally voice blaring over the intercom every two minutes. As much as the sounds grated on your ears, you really couldn’t blame the kids for crying. You almost wanted to cry yourself. You wouldn’t, of course, but if you were much younger, this would have been a nice moment for a tantrum. It was five in the bloody morning and you had been forced to leave your home at two in the bloody morning just so you could get here through all the traffic, and you were still late, and now you weren’t even sure if you were where you needed to be.

The intercom buzzed and crackled and you couldn’t hear what was said, but you did pick out the words ‘gate eight’.

“Oh, man!” you exclaimed. You were gonna be late. Well, later than you already were, that is.

There was no good reason for the Doctor to be in an airport, other than he couldn’t recall ever being in an airport. He remembered train stations and bus stops and landing pads and loading docks, but he couldn’t remember ever being in an airport. He had been in one, probably more, but he just couldn’t quite remember doing it, which was just as bad as having never done it at all. Not that an airport was anything special after he had been to plenty of much more impressive space stations, but the Doctor didn’t like to think that there was somewhere on Earth he hadn’t been, especially when it was a place as common as an airport. And, if he was spectacularly honest, he wanted to get this over with while he was alone so that he didn’t embarrass himself in front of a companion later by not knowing anything about airports.

So far he had discovered that he didn’t like them. At all.

“Excuse me, sorry, sorry, excuse me, watch your toes, oh, I’m so sorry, could you, right, thank you, sorry, excuse me…”

The Doctor felt a nudge at the small of his back, gently prodding at his spine. He turned to find you, looking a bit bedraggled and out of breath. He took in the shadows under your eyes and the haphazard way you were dressed. You obviously hadn’t looked at your clothes before you put them on, and the jacket you were wearing was far too thin for how cold it was outside. Oh, you were just a little ragamuffin, weren’t you? Well, that was fine. He liked ragamuffins.

“I’m sorry,” you said, “but could I get by you real quick? I need to get to Gate Eight by, uh” -you checked a slip of paper cradled in your palm- “by half an hour ago, really, so-”

“For the flight comin’ in, you mean?” the Doctor said. You blinked at his thick accent but otherwise didn’t react. He has a nice voice, you thought. "It’s been canceled. Intercom just said so.“


Uh-oh. Upset human. The Doctor grimaced, waiting for some sort of break-down that he would undoubtedly bear the brunt of. Oh, why him? He came here for a quick look-see and self-education, not to be an angry girl’s squishy stress ball.

“Erm, yes. Plane’s grounded.” The Doctor pointed straight up and made a little twirling motion with his finger. “Blizzard.”

“I can’t believe…" You smacked a palm to your forehead and heaved a sigh, letting your whole body wilt. You had imagined this going wrong, like losing a bag or not being on time, but you hadn’t imagined that the flight would be canceled. "She’s gonna be so disappointed.”

“What?” This wasn’t the reaction the Doctor had expected. You weren’t getting hostile (although he would be wrong if he thought you didn’t seem at least a little angry), and you weren’t crying, and you weren’t having a tantrum. You were just upset. And on someone else’s behalf, if he interpreted your words correctly. “Who will be?”

“My friend,” you said. Could this be any worse? “She moved away awhile ago and she doesn’t have any friends or family where she is, so we decided to have her come spend Christmas with me. But if the flight’s canceled, then she’s stuck. She’ll be spending Christmas alone.” Something in your chest ached at the idea. Alone… alone was a hurtful thing. You knew that. "She loves Christmas.“

The Doctor blinked down at you, not quite sure how to react. He wasn’t used to meeting humans who were so… so… whatever this was. He liked it.

His telepathy wasn’t strong enough to read your mind, but he stuck his hand out for you to shake and you reluctantly returned the gesture, he got a sense of your emotions through the skin-to-skin contact. You were exhausted, disappointed, cold, concerned for your friend, hungry because you hadn’t eaten today, lonely. So, so lonely, even when there were people all around you.

The Doctor’s insides melted a little bit, and he was almost offended with the un-Doctor-y feeling. It was so mushy. He wasn’t supposed to feel mushy. But you were familiar to him. Not in the Clara way of being familiar, but in the way that most companions were. Oh. Oh, good. The Doctor had to hide his smile. You would do just perfectly, he decided, if he could convince you to come along. And if the mushiness would stop. Or maybe not. Maybe some mush would do him good, like vegetables (not pleasant, but beneficial).

"I’m the Doctor,” he introduced himself. No more mush.

“Doctor who?”

His lips twitched to resist a smile. “Exactly.” He looked you up and down, a frown taking over his face. “When did you last eat?”

“Yesterday,” you admitted, “but it’s only five o'clock. Not even breakfast time yet.”

“Breakfast time is whenever you wake up to start the day,” he corrected sternly, furrowing those caterpillar eyebrows at you. “You’re just a little human. You need that.”

You took a step back, defensive. Little human? What? "Excuse me?“

"Don’t be lasagna. C'mon.”

Don’t be lasagna? What does that even mean?

“No, I don’t just follow strangers around,” you said, stepping back from him. “That’s not safe.”

“I’m not… for goodness sakes, stop looking so,” he made a meaningless gesture at your face, “sad. With your eyes and your mouth and your face. You’re making me mushy. And you’re a ragamuffin. Stop that.”

“I’m a what? A ragamuffin?” Was that something you should take offense to?

“Yes, tattered little thing,” he said, giving your worn jacket a quick tug. You looked down at it. It was threadbare and unimpressive, but you hadn’t been able to find a good coat this morning while you were stumbling around half-asleep in the dark. “Stoppit. It’s sad.”

“Of course I’m sad. My friend’s gonna be alone on Christmas,” you said. Why were you even still talking to this Doctor guy? You were tired and hungry. You could just turn around, get take-out for breakfast, and then go home. So why didn’t you?

The Doctor raised a grey brow at you. “And so are you.”

Now that, for some reason, seemed worth feeling offended over. “I will not be alone on Christmas! I have… people.”

“But you’ll feel alone. You’ll be alone inside.” The Doctor poked you right under your collarbone.

The words rang true. Unbearably true.

You tilted your head. The Doctor wasn’t anything special to look at. He was an older gentleman, his hair grey and messy, his clothes looking like they had come from a thrift shop (which was no bad thing, really, but he was dressed like a magician). Nothing about this suggested that he knew anything about you, but he obviously did, if he knew… about Christmas. Either the guy was secretly a mind-reader, or… something. Seriously, there was no plausible, non-fictional way he could have known that.

“How do you know that?” You should have just denied it, but you honestly wanted to know how he was seeing straight through you.

“Those eyes,” he said, giving you a small smile that almost seemed like an apology. “And I’m just clever.”

“Mm-hm.” You relaxed, if only slightly. “So.”

There was a beat of silence that roared with the noise of the crowd surging all around you.

“I can get your friend home for Christmas,” the Doctor blurted out.

You blinked rapidly, not sure if you had heard him correctly. “What? But there’s a storm. Plane’s grounded, remember?”

“Oh, I have a way,” the Doctor said. “Trust me.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“But I know you, if only a little bit. And no one should be alone on Christmas.” The Doctor stared down at you, examining. “You know, you’re quite pretty. For a ragamuffin.”

You swallowed. “Is calling me a ragamuffin gonna be a regular thing with you?”

The Doctor grinned. “Might be.”

He held out his hand to you. This was stupid. He could be a kidnapper. Granted, you were in the middle of an airport so crowded that you couldn’t take two steps without bumping into someone and there were security guards everywhere, so it would be a little bit difficult to be kidnapped, but the point still stood. And, as you said before, you didn’t know him. He was some strange old man who didn’t even have a real name.

But you looked at him, and all you saw in his eyes was honesty, and… hope. And he had looked at you. He had seen that you were alone. Nobody else saw that, ever. And, if he wasn’t just a crazy old man, then that meant that he could get your friend home for Christmas.

Maybe it was a bad idea. But, if it wasn’t, it could be the most brilliant thing ever.

You put your hand in his.