Signs as Horror Anime

Aries: Elfen Lied

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Taurus: Deadman Wonderland

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Gemini: Hellsing

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Cancer: Highschool of the Dead

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Leo: Parasyte: The Maxim

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Virgo: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (OVA)

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Libra: Mirai Nikki

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Scorpio: Ajin: Demi-Human

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Sagittarius: Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

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Aquarius: Tokyo Ghoul

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Capricorn: Akame ga Kill!

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Pisces: Blue Exorcist

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I though that Corpse Party: Tortured Souls” scared me, but then I finished “Elfen Lied”…. Wow.

I see what you did there!

So I am the DM a 5E group of five. The party includes a silver dragonborn who is proud to the point of vain of her heritage, but has a weakness for anything that pretty and shiny.

The party just killed a hill giant and found a human corpse with a gold necklace not his pouch.

Dragonborn “ooo shiny! I need it!”
*immediately puts on the necklace*

Me (DM) “as you clasp the necklace, it immediately tightens to that of a snug choker, and embeds itself into your scales”

Bard (seen this) “and that’s why we don’t put things on before checking…”*casts detect magic and finds it is indeed magical with a transmutation property*

Dragonborn “what can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure”

After making sure the item wasn’t killing her, they continue on their journey. Two weeks later they party notice that the dragonborn ’s neck is slowly turning gold

Bard casts identify

Me “as you finish your incantation, the name of the item leaps out at you, the necklace of gilded pleasure”

The party groans in disgust at my beautiful pun

This is the product made when you put a human corpse through a garbage compactor. Scientists have done this to discover our pure essence. The result is startling pure and clean, all traces of the human’s organs compacted into this stark off-white block.

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Tokyo Ghoul Characters in a Nutshell
  • Touka: Cute/pretty/clever/EVIL TSUNDERE/hard worker/family oriented
  • Juuzou: Cute cinnamon roll that could kill you
  • Hinami: *adorably eats human corpse*
  • Ayato: Father complex
  • Hide: refer to Kaneki
  • Takizawa: refer to Hide
  • Tsukiyama: *has orgasm in French*

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What happened to kon, BTW?😂😆😅

When his fuzzy little cotton stuffing couldn’t compute how nee-sama and Ichigo could’ve possibly not gotten together, he packed up his shit and left for good

Okay, but real talk: I nominate Kon and his storyline for the biggest WASTED POTENTIAL of this whole damn series.  No joke.  At least Kubo sort of tried with other chars even if he didn’t do so well, but Kon?  One shining moment of wonderful storytelling in chapter 16… and that was it.

Y’all remember this?



*sits down and takes a deep, calming breath, massaging temples*

At the very least, the anime writers tried to do something with that storyline.

Personal headcanon?  After discussing it with Rukia at some point, they (as in she and Ichigo) come up with the idea to capitalize on Kisuke’s lingering guilt over the whole Hōgyoku deal.  I say they, but this is all Rukia, master grifter:  

Basically, since Kisuke got away with little more than an apology, Rukia was also given a lifetime free pass on whatever the hell she wants from the shōten, no charge, so she asks Kisuke for a gigai made especially for Kon.

It’s all state of the art, too: undetectable, durable… the works.  Kisuke even offers to use the tech that would eventually turn him into a human, if that’s what Kon wants.

And so Kon is given what he was once so cruelly denied: a life of his own.  He’s free to stick around Karakura and it’s implied that he’s always welcome in the Kurosaki household, but Kon chooses to travel (and yes, every now and then return to Karakura to visit).

They also present Kon with legit (that is, legitimately forged) paperwork.  The first name on the documents? Kai.

We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 8

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: There’s someone. Someone I kinda forgot about. Someone I need to try to save. But am I strong enough?

Word count: 3223

It didn’t take much time before the police and the paramedics arrived at school. That wasn’t surprising considering the damage the class had and the injured students, it was only natural that the 911 was called. And especially the sheriff’s son that was also in the classroom near me. I was still sitting on the same chair and Stiles hadn’t left me since he had protected me from the crows, something I didn’t quite understand. Why take the risk of saving someone he didn’t know? Then I remembered how heroic Stiles could be at some times.

He didn’t want to leave me alone so he was still standing next to me, asking me every 5 minutes if I was fine. Questions I didn’t reply. I tried to understand the meaning of the voice’s words. I tried to understand why I had done that. Why did I feel the need to save everyone? The adrenaline had come down a while and I was beginning to feel the pain on my body that was slowly appearing. I also felt a disgusting pain in my heart going up in my throat as my eyes scrutinized the crows’ corpses that littered the ground and student desks. Then I couldn’t hold back the little breakfast I had eaten this morning.

“Oh … oh no …. Please… don’t … ooooh … ” Stiles muttered beside me, seeing me being sick on live.

“Sorry …” I replied, trying to get up to get away from my little damage. That was a lot for me. I didn’t think it was so hard to live, all the events that happened in the life of the characters in the show. They seemed to bear it well, but it was honestly intolerable. The stress they had to live every day was heavy, my legs were still trembling so Stiles had to help me get up and we walked away a bit before being intercepted by none other than Jennifer. Her hair was unfurled and she had feathers on her head.

“No one should leave before the police come and the paramedics check you…” She told us in a tone that wanted to be authoritarian but gentle.

“I think Y / N doesn’t feel very good, she should take some air.”

Jennifer was about to answer when the Sheriff entered the classroom, followed by paramedics with first aid kits.

“Stiles, can you explain me what happened?” The sheriff asked before he noticed me. “Well … first day of classes and already we see each other again, Y / N. ”

“You know her?“ Stiles asked and I already felt Scott’s lie saying I was his half-sister gone in the wind.

“More or less,” The sheriff answered by putting his hand on his belt while staring at me. “You still don’t remember anything?”

I shook my head negatively while looking at the floor.

“Well, it’s unfortunate,” he added, placing his hand gently on my head, which made me jump. He was very understanding all of a sudden. Surely because he was in front of his son.

Then the sheriff left us to talk with other students, and I listened.

“Mr. Argent. You wouldn’t have any insight into this would you? ”

I had neither heard nor seen Allison’s father enter the classroom. I had to be too absorbed by the events to notice.


“Yeah, it’s all this bizarre animal behavior, it’s uh… You must have seen something like this before, right?”

"Not sure why I would or would you think I would.”

He remained cautious and polite at the same time. A real hunter in the soul. After all, lying was part of his profession.

“Y / N?” Stiles called to me, wondering surely why I wasn’t moving anymore.

"I’m sorry. I could have sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter. ”

Uh oh. Stiles immediately turned to the conversation and I saw him quickly turn his head away seeing the black glare that Chris had thrown at him.

“Uh, right. Well not anymore. ”

And the discussion between the two fathers ended. The sheriff asked Allison if everything was okay and she replied in the affirmative.

“Let’s go …” I whispered as I walked away from the classroom. Stiles came out of his thoughts and came back to me and quickly put my arm around his shoulder to help me walk. If I hadn’t had my heart beat so fast in my chest caused by the shock of what had just happened, I would surely have blushed and my heart would have beat that strong because of the proximity we had.

We were finally out of the class, out of the smell of death and corpses. I could finally breathe a little when someone called us.

“You weren’t examined by the paramedics yet, it would be better that you come back to class,” Jennifer told us.

I hated her even more.

In the end the paramedics examined us outside the classroom. Stiles had a scrap on his forehead and a few scratches in the back and for my part, apart from my broken wrist and my tight ankle, nothing had changed except a few scratches here and there. Because my crutches were damaged an ambulance driver gave me news. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing because now I no longer needed Stiles’ help to walk and I didn’t hate the proximity we had. At least my breathing had begun to regain a more normal rhythm.

“I’ll take you home,” Stiles told me while consulting his phone. We were in the corridor near the lockers and I could see Lydia and Allison in front of us chatting. “I have to call Scott before … he must know what happened. He’s your brother after all. ”

If one day I thought that becoming Scott’s little sister would be so … comforting. Hearing his name comforted me because I knew he would find a way to fix everything. I had only one desire, snuggle in his arms. Even though he was going to find it strange. I don’t know why I needed it so much.

“We got a serious problem at school. Miss Blake’s class was hit- ”

“Well can you tell me about it later?”

“Uh, nope, pretty sure this qualifies for immediate discussion.”

“Okay then … wait, is Y / N fine?”

“Yeah, she’s there with me, Scott where-”

“Meet me at Derek’s.”

“Derek’s house? What’s the hell you doing at Derek’s house? ”

“Just meet us here okay? And bring Y / N with you. ”

Stiles hung up and stared at his cell phone.

“It’s not like I have a choice,” he grumbled, glancing at me quickly as I avoided his eyes by looking away.

“Where’s Scott?” A voice made before us, and automatically I raised my head to look in front of me. I remembered this scene too well.

“He had to leave. He’s supposed to be back in class- "Allison began in response to Braeden who seemed more panicked than ever.

"Is he coming back?” Braeden asked as she grabbed Allison’s wrist abruptly.

"Hey! Easy with the physicality, Sweetheart-” Lydia raised the tone to be authoritative, but got her wrist caught as well in a small cry of pain. Then Braeden seemed to look in our direction with horrified eyes, but I knew we weren’t the cause of it. I turned around just in time to see the twins leave in another corridor.

They were going to kill her, or at least they were going to try. When I turned to Braeden again, she was gone.

“Well she bruised me.” Lydia muttered, looking at her wrist.

"Huh. Me too.” Allison replied, and at the same moment her father came to them.

"Come on. Let’s get the two of you girls outta here. School may wait another day. Sweetheart.” His father began, but I wasn’t listening to them. I walked where Braeden was without thinking. I knew where and I knew what was going to happen. But the question was; could I save her? Did I have the strength? Physical strength, fighting against alphas I didn’t have. But mental strength? The only thing I had succeeded was thrown up in front of everyone because of some crow’s corpse, what was I supposed to do when it’ll be a human corpse?

"Y / N! Hey, where are you going! We’re supposed to meet Scott! ”

Stiles followed me, but I didn’t slow down. I wasn’t walking fast anyway. At the end of the corridor I felt lost. I wasn’t familiar enough with the school. But I didn’t want to spend my time being afraid, trembling like a leaf. If I wanted to accomplish my mission and save everyone, I would never succeed by whining like a kid. And as long as I didn’t know how, why, and how long I was stuck in this world, I promised myself not to throw up again. Especially not in front of Stiles.

I turned back to him and looked him in the eyes, determined. I didn’t want to be weak anymore.

“Where are the locker rooms?” I asked him eagerly. Time was counting; I was running out of time. I had to act quickly, before Deucalion arrives and slits her throat. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was going to save her. I could never save Allison if I couldn’t do anything now.

"Uh,” Stiles began without understanding. Then his eyes became more harsh and suspicious. “Why’d you ask?”

I didn’t have time to play the detective with him, although I knew Stiles had good reason to suspect me. I knew things that I shouldn’t know, and especially I had landed in Scott’s life overnight without warning. And Stiles was known not to give the benefit of the doubt very easily. He had doubts for everyone, had been right for Matt, for Peter, for Theo. And although I only wanted to help, I knew he was right in being hesitant with me. I even bet that as soon as he had time he would do all the research of the world about me to arrive at nothing, no information about me as I didn’t exist in this world.

“I don’t have time to explain,” I began slowly, choosing my words carefully. “But you have to trust me … I know you don’t trust people easily, but …”

“Trusting you when I don’t even know you would be the same as leaving the wheel to a blind man,” he mumbled, raising his eyebrows and making one of his facial expressions with his hands before looking into my eyes. “But with what happened in class … you’ll have to explain how you knew what was going to happen.”

I felt a little light of hope and went to speak when he raised a finger to interrupt me.

“That doesn’t mean I trust you. I do this because you’re Scott’s sister and I have to stay with you or hell he’ll want to tear my head off if anything happens to you. ”

“Great!” I say too quickly. It couldn’t be that easy.

"The locker rooms are this way, follow me.”

He began to move towards the locker room when obviously someone faced us. Stiles’ father.

“Where are you going kids?”

Uh oh.

“Y / N must go to the toilet,” Stiles replied quickly.

“There are toilets there,” the sheriff pointed behind us.

“But you see, Dad, Y / N was sick a little while ago in class and she doesn’t want to be sick again in a place where a lot of students go, so I said to myself, hey, I’ll take her to a toilet where there’s no one… what about the locker room?” Stiles gesticulated quickly and without taking a breath. Sometimes I forgot that lying to his father had become too easy for him.

His father seemed to think for a moment before speaking.

"Very well, I’ll take her myself,” he answered and my eyes widened. He couldn’t come. If he came he was going to shoot at the alphas and would become their target afterwards. And he would inevitably end up wounded. He absolutely had to stay out of it.

“I …” I started, feeling the fear taking possession of my body. I no longer controlled the situation. “I …” I tried again, trying to find something to say, anything! Go Y / N! Say something!

But anxiety paralyzed me, and fear too. I was afraid of what would happen if there was a confrontation between the sheriff and the alpha pack. If it were to happen, if I changed the future too much, I wouldn’t be aware of the events to come, I would lose control and I wouldn’t be able to save Allison and the others. And this thought alone succeeded in putting me in all my most panicked states. And that, Stiles noticed it well because he came to my rescue.

“Dad … you don’t see that she’s still in shock? And with her amnesia … Scott who’s not there … she must feel alone and panicked,” he confided softly to his father in a low, hoarse voice. His voice that I loved and I loved it even more now.

“Okay kids. But be careful, okay?” He finished, passing by us while tapping Stiles’ shoulder.

"Yes Dad.” Stiles answered before turning to me, worried. He was right to be. I had panicked again, and for what? Because I was unable to find an excuse, a lie. I didn’t want to be weak, so why was I unable to do anything?

"Let’s go …” I mumbled in a broken voice before starting to walk again with my crutches under my arms. I didn’t want to explain myself at the moment, I already had too much difficulty to stay focused in my mission with him so close to me.

“The locker rooms are here,” Stiles ended up telling me by pointing two doors, separated from each other by a wall. There were several meters between them.

My heart began to beat faster. Now that I was in front of the doors, so close to my goal, all my confidence had gone. But I couldn’t stop now. I had to go in.

“And now?” Stiles asked me.

"Stay here …” I whispered as I walked along. I didn’t know if Braeden was in the girls ‘or boys’ locker room, so I decided at random and took the left one.

“No way,” Stiles answered, following me.

“Stiles …” I whispered, casting a heavy look. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

“I know you’re trying to stay calm, but I can see how frightened you are. So no matter what you wanted that much to come here, I’m coming with you. I lied to my father and I followed you, so it better worth it. ”

I had to capitulate because I knew he wouldn’t let go. He had the face, the one he takes when he’s convinced and stoic. And time was upon us. I swallowed and entered the locker room.

There was debris strewn on the ground, a sign I had chosen just right. Some lockers were broken, and others had werewolf scratches on the broken metal doors. Blood was also on the ground.

“Oh shit … it was worth it finally …” Stiles whispered close to me, my heart beat so loudly that I could hear it in my ears.

Then, before us, I saw her. She was sitting against the wall covered in blood, her throat torn apart. I had arrived too late.

I rushed to Braeden, dropping my crutches behind me and walked on my wounded ankle without feeling the pain because the adrenaline that ran through my veins was too strong. I quickly pulled off my hoodie and put her on her throat to stop the blood, knowing without needing to take her pulse that she was alive.

“Call an ambulance!” I shouted to Stiles behind me and immediately he pulled out his phone to dial the emergency number.

It didn’t take long to get help because there were already ambulances at the school, so they were with Braeden in just a few minutes. Stiles helped me get away from the inert body and I learned that she was still alive. But it didn’t change the fact that I had arrived too late. In the show, time seemed to pass so much more slowly, in reality it took only a moment for everything to happen and to get her throat snatched from a werewolf claws. And the blood, the blood everywhere, the blood on my hands and the smell that didn’t leave my nose made me want to throw up again, but I had nothing left in my stomach.

“I’m going to faint …” Stiles muttered, raising his eyes to the skies, still holding my arm to help me stand.

“I was about to say the same thing,” I answered in a trembling voice, looking at my blood-covered hands. “Actually I think I’m really gonna faint,” I murmured before feeling the world turning around me.

“Wow, wow easy …” Stiles held me more firmly to stabilize me and prevent me from falling to the ground, and led us out of the locker rooms. On the way out we met the sheriff again.

“I leave you alone two seconds and …”

“Dad,” Stiles began in a serious voice, a rare thing. His father looked back with understanding and nodded. He let us pass but I had the strength to say one last thing before Stiles led me further.

“Don’t leave her alone … she’s in danger …”

And without further interaction, we left the place that was like a horror film.

Without the help of Stiles, I would never have managed to leave alone since my legs were so weak.

“Where are we going …” I mumbled as Stiles left me in front of a sink and opened the taps before putting my hands under the cold water.

“You have to clean it up,” he replied, still having his serious voice. We were in the other locker room.

He withdrew my sticky splint and slowly began to clean each part of my dirty skin, each finger one at a time that was soaked by blood. His hands were incredibly soft.

Once my hands were clean and no more blood was visible, I fell to the ground throwing my splint off. It was covered with blood and for the moment I didn’t tolerate seeing more. And the smell that didn’t want to leave my nose…

Stiles went to take it back and crouched down at my height. I did everything to avoid his gaze.

“Too late …” I whispered looking at the void.


“I arrived too late …”

I had failed.

“What are you talking about? I saw you rushing to save her, Y / N. You saved her. If you hadn’t found her there… ”

He didn’t continue his sentence so I had to raise my eyes to him to understand the reason for his sudden muteness.

“How … did you know she was there…”

Oh shit.

In the next chapter: Derek’s house, lots of question. I think the end of the day is like the end of episode one. But who knows how much times there’s before episode 2?

Cannibalism suspect faces 11 charges of murder; Jeffrey Dahmer
  • The Times (July 25, 1991)
  • For almost a year, neighbours in the run-down Milwaukee tenement block had complained of the rancid smell emanating from apartment 214. Sometimes, they heard scuffling, screams and what sounded like an electric saw in the middle of the night.
  • The occupant, a chocolate factory worker, tried to deflect their questions by explaining that his refrigerator had broken and the meat inside had gone rotten. The building manager let things be. Although a loner, his tenant ``never caused any problems. He worked every day. He always paid his rent on time.''
  • That uneasy routine was shattered late on Monday night, when a teenager in handcuffs, running for his life, flagged down a police car. The man said he had met the tenant, Jeffrey Dahmer , aged 31, in a bar near by and had been invited back to his apartment for a drink. Once there, he claimed, Dahmer suddenly handcuffed him and set about him with a butcher's knife.
  • On entering the fly-infested flat, the police found a scene more nauseating than anything in last year's hit horror movie, Silence of the Lambs. Just like the film's serial killer protagonist Hannibal ``The Cannibal'' Lecter, the occupant seemed to have dismembered human corpses and even eaten them.
  • Today, Dahmer will be charged with the murders of at least 11 men for a year-long frenzy of dismemberment and possible cannibalism, drugging and decapitating his victims and boiling the flesh from their skulls. He apologised after his arrest, saying: ``I'm sorry I murdered so many people.'' The gruesome revelations have reminded old-timers of the infamous local murder on which the film was based, Ed Gein's reign of terror in rural Wisconsin more than 30 years ago when he killed 15 farm girls and used their body parts to make lampshades and jewellery.
  • The refrigerator that was supposed to have broken contained three severed human heads. Skulls and headless torsos in boxes and plastic rubbish bags littered the floor. At one side stood a steel barrel full of acid and bones and the dresser overflowed with drawings and snapshots of mutilated bodies and homosexual encounters. A video camera was mounted on the wall. ``You think you have seen it all out here, and then something like this happens,'' said patrolman Rolf Mueller, one of the first policemen to enter the flat. In all, there were remains of 11 corpses.
  • Police said yesterday they were investigating the possibility that other people were involved and that body parts might be located at other sites.
  • Dahmer, originally from Medina, Ohio, had been in Milwaukee for several years, working at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory near by. He was reported to police in 1982 for indecent exposure at the Wisconsin State Fair. He also has a conviction for sexual assault after offering a 13-year-old boy $50 to pose for nude photos in 1988. He was released on probation from jail last year after serving about 12 months.
  • At the time, his father wrote to the judge asking that the court ensure his son ``get some kind of treatment'' on his release. ``I have tremendous reservations about Jeff's chances when he hits the streets,'' he wrote.
  • Shari Dahmer, the suspect's stepmother, said that two years ago Dahmer had lured a man into his room and put a sleeping pill in his coffee, but the man had woken up and escaped. She added: ``Since then we have been on the edge. Obviously he has taken a turn for the worse.''
  • Families with missing relatives have been flooding police with requests for informaion. Relatives of the 13-year-old boy Dahmer was jailed for molesting said they feared that his 14-year-old brother, missing since May 26, may be among the victims.
  • After his conviction for the sexual assault, Dahmer had written to the judge: ``What I did was deplorable. The world had enough misery in it without my adding more to it. Sir, I can assure you that it will never happen again.''
  • Copyright (C) The Times, 1991
Tiny excerpt from my own Elsewhere doodles

Cadel’s been in all the science buildings. Out of all of them, the medsci wing is the one where the Gentry manages to sneak their way in the most. Cadel thinks it has something to do with the morgue downstairs, (one of the few places she’s fallen prey to actually losing time, but thankfully no one is trying to get her to eat while surrounded by human(?) corpses) but she’s not that type of scientist.

She’s no truthseeker. The medsci building will never have a grand chemistry-branded revolt because the medsci students simply don’t garner the attention of the Gentry (unless they find memorization interesting).

The building itself is one of the oldest buildings on campus because there are no funds to build a new one. It’s all bleached-white walls and ceilings, bones peering out of locked cases. The scalpels are all stainless steel and new, but they say if you go three corridors left and stop three levels and three doors away from the morgue, you’ll find old silver ones at your disposal.


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Rumors of German “Corpse Conversion” Factory Originate

“And don’t forget that your Kaiser will find a use for you – alive or dead.”  A cartoon from Punch, later in April, after the story had made its way to Britain.  

April 10 1917, Berlin–A brief news item in the April 10 issue of the Berlin Lokal Anzeiger mentioned the horrid smell of a “Kadaververwertungsanstalt” being run by one German Army Group.  The story was, later in the month, picked up by a Belgian newspaper, and then British ones, who translated the word as “Corpse Utilization Establishment.”  The story, combined with other rumors from German-occupied Belgium, soon grew a life of its own, alleging that the Germans were using the corpses of their own soldiers as inputs to industrial processes–rendering human fat into glycerine, and so forth.  

However, the use of the English word “corpse” for the German “Kadaver” was a mistranslation; although it can be used to refer to medical cadavers, it is primarily used to mean “carcass.”  The building in question was processing animal carcasses (at worst, the large number of horses that cycled through the German Army during the war) rather than human corpses.  Although this was pointed out at the time, the story continued to be widely believed in Allied countries for years after the war, and was used as an example of German barbarity.

Today in 1916: Starvation Rations at Kut
Today in 1915:  Russians Halt Carpathian Offensive

Sources include: Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War.

Creature profile: ahuizotl
First described by the Aztecs, it is said to be dog like in appearance with smooth skin or short dense fur, but much longer, clumpier fur on its back that looks like spikes when wet. It has monkey like paws and a fifth “hand” on the end of its tail, as the legend goes.
In fact, the beast is neither canine, simian, nor even a type of otter, but a sort of semiaquatic raccoon, whose long tail fur clumps in such a way resembling fingers. It can be very aggressive, and has been known to attack fishermen in small boats, as well as scavenge on human corpses, leading to the belief that it kills and eats humans regularly. Like conventional North American raccoons, they are opportunistic omnivores and have very sensitive paws

“The Dullahan (pronounced DOOL-a-HAN) is aheadless rider, usually on a black horse who carries his or her own head under one arm. Usually, the Dullahan is male, but there are some female versions. The head and the mouth is usually in a hideous grin that touches both sides of the head. Its eyes are constantly moving about and can see across the countryside even in the darkest nights. The flesh of the head is said to have the color and consistency of moldy cheese. The Dullahan uses the spine of a human corpse for a whip, and its wagon is adorned with funeral objects (e.g., candles in skulls to light the way, the spokes of the wheels are made from thigh bones, the wagon’s covering made from a worm-chewed pall or dried human skin). When the Dullahan stops riding, that is where a person is due to die. The Dullahan calls out the person’s name, at which point the person immediately perishes. There are also only 3 dullahans in the entire world.

There is no way to bar the road against a Dullahan—all locks and gates open to them when they approach. They do not appreciate being watched while on their errands, throwing a basin of blood on those who dare to do so (often a mark that they are among the next to die), or even lashing out the watchers’ eyes with their whips. They are frightened of gold, and even a single gold pin can drive a Dullahan away.”

I think the Dullahan would make a great addition to the celtic pantheon! Perhaps be a warrior :0

Cry Wolf - Part Six

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1470
Warnings: None really for this part… I don’t think.
AN: I am on a roll!!! Not sure how many parts are left for this series. I’ve got the next part partially written already, and about three parts planned after that… I already know how this series is going to end, it’s just a matter of getting there  XD

Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



“Sometimes, I freaking hate werewolves,” you growled, pulling your hair free of the style you’d been wearing it in all day as you slowly meandered back to the car. Gale and Connor chuckled as you approached, both leaning against the Jeep you’d arrived in just 20 minutes ago. “They’re rude, messy, and clearly have no respect for personal property!”

The other two exchanged bemused expressions before Gale spoke up. “You know you’re included in that, right? Or have you forgotten how we picked your sorry ass up off the forest floor?” she said, standing up straight when you finally reached the car and slumped forward on the hood.

Rolling your eyes, you recalled clearly the events of that night. How they’d kept you on lockdown in one of the many cages they had for werewolves like you, until the full moon waned. How they’d then gone on to interrogate you about your past; how you turned, when you turned, how many people you’d killed… then they’d welcomed you into their pack. They weren’t about to turn away someone who had such an insight into what hunters look for when scouting for werewolves.

A lot had changed since that night. You’d changed a lot since that night.

You narrowed your eyes at her just as she tucked her dark hair behind her ear and stuck her tongue out at you playfully. “Yeah, yeah… whatever. It’s just that these guys are so…” you threw your hands up in the air with a frustrated groan, not even sure what word could best describe the intruders.

“Don’t stress, Y/N/N. We’ll catch them tomorrow” Connor said, opening his door and making to climb into the driver’s seat.

Huffing, you slid into the car, quickly followed by Gale. “Don’t even get me started on you, dumbass” you muttered, crossing your arms and staring out the window. “You don’t seem to have a grasp on how serious this whole situation is.”

Beside you, you saw him stiffen slightly before turning the ignition. Gale clearly did too, leaning forward from her position in the back to place a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “We get it, Y/N. But we can’t stress over it. We’ll catch them before they kill again, but right now we’ve got the pack to worry about” she soothed, giving you a stern look which you stubbornly ignored.

“We’ve got ages til moonrise” you muttered bitterly. “If we stay on this, then we won’t have to clean up anymore animal carcasses from the local farms, and I won’t have to keep covering up heartless human corpses.”

Neither of them replied as Connor drove down the country lane, away from the site of what could only be described as a massacre. Luckily, this time around, it was sheep, not people.

The culprits were a couple of twenty-something guys who’d taken an interest in Gale and Heather, another member of your pack, while you were having a girls’ night out at the local bar. Naturally, they were shot down, your pack had standards after all, but that had just pissed these wolves off. Over the last three weeks, four people had been killed, five farms had been raided, and one of your pack-mates had been attacked. It was just your luck that your pack had managed to piss off a couple of Purebloods.

You were practically gagging for their blood.

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ACOWAR Re-Read: Prologue

The buzzing flies and screaming survivors had long since replaced the beating war-drums.
The killing field was now a tangled sprawl of corpses, human and faerie alike, interrupted only by broken wings jutting toward the gray sky or the occasional bulk of a felled horse.

This is some really solid writing in this prologue. Like, I was in the zone with this.

- I wanted to know more about Ravennia. Who was she? I wish she’d been important.

- Loyalists. What were they loyal to? It’s a bit of an underwhelming term.

I now wondered if the lullaby of death was not a lovely song, but the droning of flies. If flies and maggots were all Death’s handmaidens.

THIS. IS. FREAKING. BEAUTIFUL. WRITING. Where was this the rest of the book?

- This prologue was so well-written. I caught feels when he was searching among the dead for Cassian. I just wish it’d had more relevance to the book as a whole … if some of these images had come up again. Otherwise, it feels kind of pointless.

D&D Horror Cooking w/Arella

I want to take you all on an adventure.

Yesterday in @dungeonsdonuts Curse of Strahd D&D game, my bard chef Prianna found herself inside Castle Ravenloft, tasked with making a delicious treat for a vampire queen now residing there. The vampire queen also happens to be the Queen of Hearts (yes Wonderlandy Queen of Hearts). High standards must be met.

I *actually* make recipes for Prianna. If I can’t come up with a recipe for it, using old-school cooking methods and DM-approved ingredients, then she doesn’t make it. I like the added challenge.

Boy was I given one.

I feel like I’m on the most extreme Master Chef episode ever.

Originally posted by randomweas

Join me on this journey as I attempt to craft a dish worthy of a queen with limited ingredients, body horror, and a lot of government eyes watching my google history.

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Six artistic cocktails

1. The scream. Ingredients: one large glass of vodka, one mime artist. Method: fill glass with vodka. Instruct mime artist to remain on the other side of the glass at all times. Any time you look into the glass, the mime artist makes that face. You know the one. Later on, the mime artist will trap you in an invisible, ever-shrinking box while she finishes off the vodka. You will regret that you ever ordered The Scream.

2. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Ingredients: 5% formaldehyde solution, shark. You may need to use a dwarf lantern shark or similar to get it to fit in the glass. Method: fill large glass with formaldehyde, add shark. Note: do not drink this, you will die.

3. Piss Christ. Ingredients: piss, Christ. One of the few cocktails that one may make whilst stranded at sea on a makeshift raft. Depending on religious sensibilities, availability and level of desire to blaspheme at the horror of your fate, Christ may be substituted by other objects to hand, such as bits of mainbraces, yardarms, etc. Serve in a conch shell whilst cursing the relentless sunlight.

4. Sunflowers. Ingredients: your favourite cocktail, sunflowers. Method: make your favourite cocktail. Place in large vase. Fill with sunflowers. No, you can’t have a straw. Is there a straw in the picture? No. Just put your face in there. This is art.

5. The Persistence of Memory. Ingredients: a dazzling and regrettable cornucopia of intoxicants, a clock. Method. Place the clock on the edge of a flat surface. Consume the intoxicants. When the clock flops over the edge, you will have successfully accomplished this cocktail. Put a tick in your artbook and pat yourself on the back of your curious doughnut-head.

6. The Garden of Earthly Delights. Ingredients: strawberry juice, cherry juice, buttocks, a bagpipe. Method: Mix ingredients. Serve in a giant bird-headed monster feasting on human corpses.

So canonically monsters in Undertale are made of magic and a little bit of physical mass and their souls hold it all together. They turn to dust when they die. They eat food different from human food and don’t seem to have bodily functions.

Beyond that we don’t know much about how the monsters in Undertale work and a lot of it you could just handwave away with “it’s magic” and move on. But, I have a bit of a thing for magical theory, so these past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming on how I like to believe Undertale monster bodies work. Note, these are all headcanons and don’t need to be taken as fact. It’s just how things work in my own head.

Monster Categories:

So from what I’ve seen of undertale monsters, they seem to fall into four-ish categories of of body types. Animalistic, Elemental, what I’m going to call Animated, which fall into two subcategories, Infused and Uninfused, and then Mixed.


There are a lot of animalistic type monsters in Undertale. We’ve seen bears, goats, lizards, fish, rabbits, lions and so many more types of monsters that resemble real world animals.

These are some of the more physical monsters, as in I feel they have more physical mass or dust in their bodies than some other monsters. I wouldn’t say they have the most, but it’s definitely on the high side. Animalistic monsters also tend to have lower magic levels with the exception of Boss Monsters, who while in this category, are also a breed of their own due to the properties of their souls and their high magic levels.

Animalistic monsters still definitely do use magic but it tends to be used to form something solid to use as a projectile, like Undyne’s spears or Froggit’s flies. It’s rare for animalistic monsters to use elemental magic (fire, ice, etc.). 

Animalistic monsters can reproduce in two ways, sexually and through soul-sharing (more on soul-sharing below). Sexual reproduction works almost exactly like it would in real world animals and animalistic monsters do have sexual dimorphism.

That said, I feel with such diversity in the monster race on a whole, almost all monsters allow their children to experiment with what feels right for their gender identity regardless of biological characteristics, using they/them pronouns until the child is able to decide what pronouns they prefer for themselves.


There’s also a plethora of element type, or elemental, monsters in Undertale, with examples like Grillby, Heats Flamesman, Ice Cap and many others. I also consider the Slime-type monsters to be in this category.

Elementals tend to be exactly what they sound like, taking on properties of certain elements. These monsters have the least amount of physical mass of any monster, save for Uninfused Animated monsters (more on them below), and keep this mass surrounding their form. This forms a sort of skin around their elemental magic. What this skin appears as is dependent on their element.

Due to this elemental monsters like fire monsters are not painful to the touch and can wear clothing and perform other tasks without doing damage. Think of them like gushers candy, semi-solid on the outside with a liquidy, elemental magic core. The “skin” will often shift with their magic, like Grillby’s head flames, but still form a protective layer around it.

Elemental monsters, due to this physiology, have a much higher magic level than animalistic monsters and tend to obviously specialize in elemental magic.

Some of these monsters are also masters at changing their forms, especially fire elementals. By adulthood, many fire and water elementals have settled on a form they prefer. Ice and earth elementals have a more difficulty changing their forms due to the rigidness of their magic.

Elementals can also reproduce in two ways, soul-sharing still being one option. Unlike animalistic monsters however, elementals can also reproduce asexually. When an elemental comes in contact with an influx of energy and magic of their element, it’s possible for the elemental’s soul to split off into another, smaller soul and sometimes the monster split into a smaller monster with that new soul depending on how high the exposure is.


Animated monsters are where things get a little more interesting. All animated monsters are descendants of ghost-type monsters or Uninfused Animated monsters. Uninfused animated monsters have no physical mass at all and are made of pure magic. As such, they can’t be killed because there is literally no solid mass to be able to destroy. Some lines of these monsters never become infused (more on infused monsters below) and those are the ghost-type monsters you see in the game.

However, uninfused monsters can possess inanimate objects, however they do not fully inhabit that object unless certain circumstances are met. Many ghost-type monsters do crave a physical form however.

Infused Animated monsters are what happens when those circumstances are met. A first generation infused monster is created when a ghost-type monster possess an object and undergoes an intense emotional experience while possessing that object, infusing their magic with that object. We see this happen in a Genocide route with the Mad Dummy when Dummy gets so angry that they fuse with the body they’re possessing. Once infused with a body, the monster cannot become uninfused.

This emotional trigger seems to be able to be bypassed through complex scientific processes, as seen with Mettaton, though it may just be possible that Mettaton is not infused with his body, just simply possessing it.

When a first-gen infused monsters reproduces, their magic mimics the physical form they currently have and passes it to their offspring, starting a line of monsters that have the form of that object. This is how monsters like Tsunderplane, Vegetoid, Knight Knight (who I believe to be a monster infused to a suit of armor since her eyes are on her chestplate) and yes, our favorite skelebros, can exist.

Animated monsters have one of the highest magic levels in the game, however their magical abilities tap almost directly into their emotional state. They can also create physical “ectoplasmic” forms around themselves for various purposes like eating, protection and sometimes just for fun.

Animated monsters reproduce solely through soul-sharing and should they be the ones to carry their offspring, their magic will provide a safe space for their offspring to develop should their bodies not have one.

When the soul is ready, the magical membrane surrounding the offspring will split at its weakest point to allow the offspring out. Sometimes, if there are complications, the monster can slough off the membrane and the remaining physical mass created for the pregnancy with the offspring, however this causes a massive loss of magic as the monster can’t reabsorb the magic put into holding the form together.

This might bring up some questions regarding the skeletons. If they’re infused animated monsters, where did their ancestors get the skeletons to infuse? My answer is the human-monster war. Uninfused animated monsters (ghost-type) were employed as war machines, possessing massive suits of armor to fight the humans. 

Some became infused with their armor through the emotional traumas of war resulting in monsters like Knight Knight. Others took a darker turn. Their armor destroyed but desperate to keep fighting for their people, some ghost-type monsters possessed human corpses to keep fighting. Some became infused with these new bodies and soon, unable to maintain bodily function, their flesh began to rot away until they were left with nothing but bone to be infused to. These were our first-gen skeleton monsters.


Mixed-type monsters are monsters who are created in a union between monsters from different categories. Pyrope and Woshua are good examples of an Animate-Elemental mix, containing both elemental magic and inanimate objects in their physiology. Snowdrake appears to be a Elemental-Animal mix (a little further up the generational line as Snowdrake’s parents are both the same species) with ice and bird(dragon?)-like features, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Madjick is an Animated-Animal mix.

Many monsters who appear to be a cross of two different types of animalistic monster would still be considered an animalistic monster. Same can be said for animated and elemental. For example, a child of Papyrus and Mettaton would still be considered an animated monster and a child of Alphys and Undyne would still be considered an animalistic monster. Meanwhile a child of Sans and Toriel would be considered mixed.


Soul-Sharing is an romantic, intimate act that all adult monsters can participate in. It is the main form of reproduction for animated monsters and while animalistic and elemental monsters have other methods, soul-sharing bridges the gap between the categories.

When two (or more) consenting monsters wish to soul-share, they manifest their own souls into a visible form. All monsters can do this and all monsters can have their souls separate from their bodies as long as they maintain a magical link. The monsters involved will then bring their souls together and let them merge.

This merging allows for feelings to be shared and an innate sense of existing together as one being for a single moment. It creates a rush of energy, sensation and warmth and is considered to be the most intimate thing monsters can do with each other. Once the monsters allow their souls to separate, the souls will return to their owners.

If the conditions are right (healthy magic level and a healthy emotional connection between the monsters involved), a new soul will be created during the merging and when the souls are pulled apart, the new souling will retreat with the soul that has the highest magic level to be housed and grow into a new monster until they’re ready to be born. Gender generally does not factor into who carries the new soul when reproduction occurs through soul-sharing.

Monsters with similar magic levels can fluctuate on who carries the offspring per pregnancy, but monsters where there is a drastic magical difference, the monster with the highest magic will always carry the pregnancy without intervention. If Papyrus and Grillby were in a relationship, it wouldn’t be surprising if Papyrus ended up pregnant one time, and Grillby the next, but in a relationship between Toriel and Sans, Sans would always be the pregnant one due to his astronomical magic levels.

Various charms can be worn to prevent this from happening or to insure the new souling houses itself in a particular monster involved.

Magic Levels:

Magic levels are independent of Hit Points, Damage, Level of Violence or Execution Points, however it can affect these stats. Magic levels are generally dependent on monster type.

As stated above, animated monsters generally have the highest magic levels, however their magical ability is based on their emotions. While animalistic monsters generally can get stronger through physical training and honing their use of their own projectiles and elementals generally rely on the effects of their element, animated monsters are required to hone their emotional state into something intense in order to fully unlock their magical potential.

The difference between Papyrus’s and Sans’s personalities and their respective fights seem to be a good example of this. Papyrus is upbeat, outgoing and optimistic and in his fight, while he’s strong and makes it fun and challenging, he’s not actually able to kill you, capturing you every time instead. He likely has just as much magical potential as his brother, able to even write words with his magic bones, but his unwillingness to actually hurt anybody lowers his magic levels and reflects in his damage output and stats.

Sans on the other hand, under his “lazy” and comedic mask has a lot of emotional hang-ups and is obviously trying to cope with depression as he is aware that his entire existence could be reset at any moment. He only fights you when you’ve murdered literally everyone you can and I feel that his is in part because it’s then that he’s able to hone all that emotional energy and loss and struggle he hides under the mask into that fight. He’s held so much in and that fight is when he finally snaps and lets that whirlwind of rage and sadness out into killing you.

Magic level isn’t static for any monster despite being biologically based, however it can be difficult to control your magic level. It’s like controlling your heart rate but on the larger scale. It can be done with practice but not many people devote themselves to that kind of training.

Creating physical projectiles takes less magic than using elemental magic or creating beams of magical energy. So while Undyne might be a physically one of the strongest monsters, her spear creation takes relatively little magic to make. Sans using the gaster blasters however, likely takes a phenomenal amount of energy and magic, indicating that his magic levels are through the roof (though using them does obviously still exhaust him in his fight).

This is all I have for the moment, but I might add more things eventually.