supposedly he made contact with a tribe that practiced ritual cannibalism and wanted to join in, but was refused because it was regarded as inappropriate to let some random novelty-seeking sensationalist writer in on private spiritual traditions

so this fucker Seabrook called up a friend who worked at a hospital and convinced him to snag some human flesh from a corpse there, which he prepared and ate himself, in front of an audience, so that he could write about it in his travel book

what the fuck

Listen,.,, I know Sir Gawain of The Round Table wasn’t like…, the best knight ever.. bUT HE WAS THE TRUEST FRIEND AND HE DESERVED THE WORLD

anonymous asked:

What happened to kon, BTW?😂😆😅

When his fuzzy little cotton stuffing couldn’t compute how nee-sama and Ichigo could’ve possibly not gotten together, he packed up his shit and left for good

Okay, but real talk: I nominate Kon and his storyline for the biggest WASTED POTENTIAL of this whole damn series.  No joke.  At least Kubo sort of tried with other chars even if he didn’t do so well, but Kon?  One shining moment of wonderful storytelling in chapter 16… and that was it.

Y’all remember this?



*sits down and takes a deep, calming breath, massaging temples*

At the very least, the anime writers tried to do something with that storyline.

Personal headcanon?  After discussing it with Rukia at some point, they (as in she and Ichigo) come up with the idea to capitalize on Kisuke’s lingering guilt over the whole Hōgyoku deal.  I say they, but this is all Rukia, master grifter:  

Basically, since Kisuke got away with little more than an apology, Rukia was also given a lifetime free pass on whatever the hell she wants from the shōten, no charge, so she asks Kisuke for a gigai made especially for Kon.

It’s all state of the art, too: undetectable, durable… the works.  Kisuke even offers to use the tech that would eventually turn him into a human, if that’s what Kon wants.

And so Kon is given what he was once so cruelly denied: a life of his own.  He’s free to stick around Karakura and it’s implied that he’s always welcome in the Kurosaki household, but Kon chooses to travel (and yes, every now and then return to Karakura to visit).

They also present Kon with legit (that is, legitimately forged) paperwork.  The first name on the documents? Kai.


You’ve been so many things, Bonnie. A witch, a human, a ghost, a corpse, an anchor to the afterlife, and now the woman who’s gonna kill me. And every time, you come back stronger. Do you know how incredible that is, Bonnie? Do you know much I envy you? […] And if you kill me right now, it’s not your fault. I did this to us. But please, forgive me….before you do what you have to.


In 1942, the British government set up a project to test the effects and uses of Anthrax on living creatures. It was decided that for a number of years, researchers would occupy the small Scottish island of Gruinard, where they would experiment on sheep. The tests concluded what we all know today: Anthrax is one of the deadliest substances known to man. All of the sheep died slowly and painfully. The researchers went back to their lives in the lab and the island was left as a disheveled nuclear waste ground.

The strangest part of this story involves reports of human corpses washing up on Scottish beaches, years after the experiments were halted. It was determined that all of the people had died from Anthrax poisoning, but the government gave no explanation as to why. This disturbing case remains a generally unknown conspiracy theory and really makes you wonder how much power our governments truly hold.

“And you, young engineer, you who dream of improving the lot of the workers by the application of science to industry — what a sad disappointment, what terrible disillusions await you! You devote the useful energy of your mind to working out the scheme of a railway which, running along the brink of precipices and burrowing into the very heart of mountains of granite, will bind together two countries which nature has separated. But once at work, you see whole regiments of workers decimated by privations and sickness in this dark tunnel — you see others of them returning home carrying with them, maybe, a few pence, and the undoubted seeds of consumption; you see human corpses — the results of a groveling greed — as landmarks along each yard of your road; and, when the railroad is finished, you see, lastly, that it becomes the highway for the artillery of an invading army…”
- Peter Kropotkin, An appeal to the young (1880)

Circle Tower Body Count

So for shits and giggles (or just tears really) I decided to count every single body or human shaped corpse I could find in the Circle Tower to try and get an idea of how many people actually died there. I included Abominations, Arcane Horrors, and Walking Corpses because those are all bodies possessed by a demon and I guarantee that the Circle didn’t just have dead bodies lying around.



Found Dead: 15
Killed: 11
Bodies wearing non-templar armor Im going to assume are templars: 37
Templar Dead Total: 63


Found Dead: 20
Killed: 6
Abominations: 35
Arcane Horror:  1
Mages Dead Total: 62

Miscellaneous Dead:

Ambiguously Charred or Eviscerated Bodies: 46
Walking Corpses: 21
Miscellaneous Dead Total: 67

Dead Total: 192


Templars: 7 (Gregoir, Cullen, Carrol, The Quartermaster, 3 Unnamed) 
Mages: 12 (Irving, Wynne, Petra, Kinnon, Kelli, Godwin, 3 Children, 3 Unnamed in Apprentice Quarters)
Tranquil: 4 (Owain, 3 Unnamed Tranquil on 3rd Floor [assuming you move fast enough])

Living Total: 23

Twenty.Three. That’s almost 1/10th the total number of bodies I found. 

Who knows how many were absorbed into those flesh sacks or completely torn apart?

What happened at the Circle was absolutely horrifying just based on the sheer number of dead, Im not sure how any of them could have come out of that not mentally scarred. Also, of the dead 35 of them were in the room Cullen was trapped in. Im not surprised in the slightest he took the views on mages he did for DA2. 

I really wish there had been options for Amell or Surana coming close to falling apart being back there as it was. Whether they liked the circle or not, it had been their home for well more than a decade. 

Creature profile: ahuizotl
First described by the Aztecs, it is said to be dog like in appearance with smooth skin or short dense fur, but much longer, clumpier fur on its back that looks like spikes when wet. It has monkey like paws and a fifth “hand” on the end of its tail, as the legend goes.
In fact, the beast is neither canine, simian, nor even a type of otter, but a sort of semiaquatic raccoon, whose long tail fur clumps in such a way resembling fingers. It can be very aggressive, and has been known to attack fishermen in small boats, as well as scavenge on human corpses, leading to the belief that it kills and eats humans regularly. Like conventional North American raccoons, they are opportunistic omnivores and have very sensitive paws

I think the end result came out a bit too dark but…
Alas. Perhaps only pic in which these three will coexist, and only pic that guy appeared at so far. not that he had many other chances anyway.

Serious part aside, to the important part.
“see that kids? That is a human corpse” “woaaahhh”
“that’s what happens when you dont have titanium plates” *corpse inflames itself due to extreme heat* “woaaahhhh”

(… this was definitely not part of any rp session but hillarious anyway)


GERMANY. Nordhausen. April 1945. Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. A series of posts for all the Nazi apologists and Holocaust revisionists/negationists. [Part 1 of 5]

(1) (2) (3) Hundreds of bodies clad in grey and white striped prison uniforms are laid out in rows at Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. This is what US troops found after they took control of the camp.

(4) Dying prisoners.

(5) A Polish boy and his father bury the corpse of the boy’s grandmother who died at Nordhausen.

(6) National Archives description: “These two staring, emaciated men are liberated inmates of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. The camp had from 3,000 to 4,000 inmates. All were maltreated, beaten and starved”. April 12, 1945.  

(7) (8) (9) Supervised by American soldiers, German civilians from the town of Nordhausen bury the corpses of prisoners found at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp in mass graves. The Allies insisted that the male citizens of Nordhausen bury the dead. Although the German civilians denied knowledge of the conditions in the camps, the Allies suspected they were fully aware of the situation. The camps and tunnels were less than two miles from the town of Nordhausen.

Photographs: United States Army Signal Corps/Library of Congress/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Mittelbau-Dora (aka Dora-Mittelbau, Nordhausen and Nordhausen-Dora) was a German Nazi concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Germany. It was established in late summer 1943 as a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp, supplying labour for extending the nearby tunnels in the Kohnstein and for manufacturing the V-2 rocket and the V-1 flying bomb. In the summer of 1944, Mittelbau became an independent concentration camp with numerous subcamps of its own.

There were no sanitary facilities except for barrels that served as latrines. Inmates (the majority of them from the Soviet Union, Poland or France) died from hunger, thirst, cold and overwork. The prisoners were subject to extreme cruelty. As a result they often suffered injuries, including permanent disability and disfigurement, and death. Severe beatings were routine, as was deliberate starvation, torture and summary executions. Common causes of death also included tuberculosis, pneumonia, starvation, dysentery, and trauma.

In early April 1945, as US troops were advancing, the SS decided to evacuate most of the Mittelbau camps. In great haste and with considerable brutality, the inmates were forced to board box cars. Several trains, each with thousands of prisoners, left the area through 6 April for Bergen-Belsen, Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück (other concentration camps). Others were forced to walk through the Harz hills towards the northeast. Those unable to keep up with these death marches were summarily shot by the guards. The worst atrocity occurred at Gardelegen, known as the Gardelegen massacre. More than 1,000 prisoners from Mittelbau and Neuengamme subcamps were murdered in a barn that was set on fire. Those who were not burned alive were shot by SS, Wehrmacht and men of the Volkssturm.

Overall, although no reliable statistics on the number of deaths on these transports exist, estimates put the number of prisoners killed at up to 8,000.

As most of the camps of the Mittelbau system were completely evacuated, there were not many prisoners left alive to be liberated by the Allies. Only some small subcamps, mostly containing Italian POWs were not evacuated. The SS also left several hundred sick prisoners at Dora and in the Boelcke-Kaserne. They were freed when US troops reached Nordhausen on 11 April 1945. There were also around 1,300 dead prisoners at the barracks.

War correspondents took pictures and made films of the dead and dying prisoners at Dora. Like the documentation of Nazi atrocities at Bergen-Belsen, these were published around the globe and became some of the best-known testimonies of Nazi crimes.

The protective-custody camp leader, SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hans Karl Moeser, was sentenced to death by hanging. In his trial statement he said:

“The same way, with the same pleasure, as you shoot deer, I shoot a human being. When I came to the SS and had to shoot the first three persons, my food didn’t taste good for three days, but today it is a pleasure. It is a joy for me.”

In total, even conservative estimates put the number of people who did not survive being sent to Mittelbau-Dora at over 20,000. Thus, around one in three of those confined here did not survive.

Today, the site hosts a memorial and museum.


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Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, is a tiny church - and the main attraction - in Urbania, a lively medieval town located in central Italy. In the cemetery, eighteen mummies are standing in individual glass cases that have been on display behind the altar since 1833. These corpses have been naturally mummified by the presence of a special mold that sucked all of the moisture out of the bodies