Siren’s Treasure Opalite Pendant

Siren’s were mythical beings that were half fish and half human. These beautiful creatures often lured sailors and their ships into dangerous waters where they would eventually be taken below the waves and meet their watery grave. 

This pendant holds the secret to sirens songs and, if taken, the siren loses her magical powers. With this pendant, maybe you, too, could harness some of the siren magic!

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ancientxxangel asked:

My crush is my boyfriend. He makes me feel like the most beautiful human in the world. He's seen me at my worst, when I was broken, and still stayed. I fall in love with him more and more everyday. We made a pact when we first started talking that we would get an apartment in 2 years and I can't wait to be able to wake up/go to bed next to the love of my life everyday. I love being able to dance in my underwear with him and bake cookies and do random things etc. He's the light of my life.



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chrizokola asked:

About a month ago I was surfing trough vine, when I found an edit of some long haired boy who somehow reminded me of an angel, I'm not sure why. I thought 'oh man, I wonder how this kid looks now.' Then I found out that River is no longer with us.. I felt so heart broken, like I've just lost a dear friend of mine. He was a beautiful human being. Vegetarian, great actor, so talented. So gentle and earthy. His name suits him very well. So sad that angels like him often have the most tragic ends..

Hi, If anyone would qualify as an ‘Angel’ it would be him. It’s lovely you feel so strongly towards him. His end was tragic, but a sensitive soul such as River, struggle, a quote from Keanu Reeves shows how much he deeply cared..

“River felt differently about things than I do. He allowed the suffering in the world to get to him and he wanted everyone to be as free and happy as he was.”

Hopefully he’s finally found the peace he wanted. :)

L x


I mean, it’s definitely the beautiful human shaped oni. I think. All the plot indicators seem to be that this is the case. 

So are we getting the to culmination of the Outo plotline? Is this the final boss fight? 

I don’t want it to be over yet.


Girlfriend appreciation post bc I don’t say it enough. Things have been rather difficult lately, and yesterday it got out of hand. I’m sorry for being a grumpy moody boyfriend and sometimes shitty boyfriend. This wonderful girl, is my whole entire world. I take pride in knowing that my little girl is conquering something each day, even if its only for that day. I appreciate everything you do. I appreciate how you sneak around your family just to talk to me. I appreciate how you put up with my nonsense behaviour. I appreciate how even after things get out of hand, you still love me. I appreciate how you are willing to work through things with me. I appreciate your presence. I appreciate you letting me love you. How I ended up with such an amazing girlfriend, still astounds me. But I’m forever grateful that, this beautiful human being chose to date me. We will figure this out somehow, I don’t know how it’s going to be resolved but it will somehow bc I can’t stand to see you in so much pain. I know I lose my temper quickly and I panic so often that it sounds like I’m mad at you or pissed off or upset, and I know that once something is done, it can’t be undone, but I’ll be forever making it up to you in any way I can. You are the best girlfriend in the entire world. I strive to be the best Daddy for you each day even through my slip ups. I love you so much babygirl ❤ her-wing-man