petesass  asked:

hey! i'm an Aspiring Artist and i've got troubles. I was wondering if you have/could make a tutorial on how to make wider/bigger noses? I've been trying so hard but I only come out with a white people nose when i'm trying hard to draw someone who isn't white. Thanks!

Hey there! 

  • This  is an amazing, comprehensive resource on drawing different types of facial features and the way they vary across ethnicities. 
  • I also suggest looking up stock photos, pics of your favorite celebrities with different nose structures and drawing them. 

  • What I found when I analyzed a few photos is that the proportions are similar, yet the bridge is slightly wider, the nostrils flare slightly, and the end is a bit wider. 

  • I will draw out a tutorial for you in the near future! I got a bit of school work to do right now, but when I have time, I will make a more visual tutorial explaining what I mean. 

Hope this helps!


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Mini tutorial on “Drawing Eyes”

This tutorial focuses more on ‘drawing’ both eyes, instead of just one and have the other one ugly or too distorted. This is not about painting eyes, though I have small tips about it at the end of the video. 

Female vs. Male - Anatomy Comparison

Unfortunately, this was one of the older references saved onto my hard drive and I have since lost the author information. I would like to credit the artist and I believe I found this one somewhere on DeviantArt. I have tried to search for it on there, but I couldn’t get it to appear in the results. If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know!