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"When girls and women are taught self defence (and I mean literally taught. Most women have had at least one class in school on it) we are taught that hitting is the absolute LAST resort. Realistically? If a man has actually punched us? 90%+ of women are fucked already. There is no defence against someone stronger than you hitting you." So can a woman who gets punched can actually defend herself or not?

Women aren’t made of porcelain.

We’re not some separate species, or utterly different physically from men. The concept of “woman” is a societal one. It changes based on socialization, and changes based on the society’s belief on what a woman is. It’s a nebulous concept, with no solid value when hitching one’s identity to it and the same is true for men. Societal constructs like masculinity and femininity are linked heavily to societal expectations and how we’re raised. When someone says, “a woman can’t” when a “man can” most of the time they’re referring to societal expectations taken as fact. These beliefs often have nothing to do with reality, and you only have to look at the vast differences in the United States when it comes to stereotyping women of different ethnicity, various cultures, or income levels just to see how shallow those ideas are.

There are female soldiers, female police officers, female martial artists of every stripe, and the warriors are countless going back generations. You can, in fact, find them if you look. This is before we get to athletes and all the other non-combat positions women occupy today that society said, “impossible!” just a few decades ago.

This is why understanding the effects of socialization is so important. When it comes to learning, what you believe will decide what you are.

Here’s the truth: no one takes a punch well when they’re mentally unprepared for it.

Here’s the other: most people (men included) aren’t trained to take hits.

Notice that you’re instructor told you, “Don’t piss off men. You’re helpless if they decide to physically assault you.”

They did not teach you what it looks like when a punch is incoming, or what the change over looks like. Good self-defense teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and learn to determine when danger is potentially incoming. You can’t respond when you don’t know its coming, and you can’t prepare for it, physically or mentally, when taken by surprise. The first moments of a real fight are crucial. Those seconds it takes to recognize danger and react to it when you’re already in the middle of being hit is too late. You’ve lost the initiative, you’re playing catch up, and that’s a terrible position to be in when you’re trained. It’s pretty much almost always unrecoverable if you’re not.

It has nothing to do with being a man, and its disingenuous from a self-defense perspective to focus entirely on them. While far more likely, men are not the only ones who can or will hit you. Women aren’t any safer, and can be just as predatory.

The problem with these self-defense classes is if you’re really serious about learning to defend yourself then you need to train for it. Good professionals worth their salt will always tell you that you need to be training in some martial art, and practicing the techniques you learned in your self-defense course constantly so that they become embedded in your muscle memory.

When I was forced into one these high school self-defense courses, my seventeen year old martial artist self thought they were stupid and overall pretty pointless, and they didn’t come at us with any of the above bullshit about getting punched. Girls who’ve done an hour of self-defense five years ago aren’t going to be able to perform jiujutsu throws, they’ll be lucky if they remember the bear hug escapes or how to roll the wrist against the thumb and tug if someone tries to take you were you don’t want to go (and then not know what to do once they’ve gotten free because they never practice running). Forget punching, they won’t remember how to do that.

If you aren’t practicing to the point where it becomes second nature, with the added benefit of learning self-defense techniques that are exceedingly easy to memorize (believe it or not, not all self-defense programs will teach these), and doesn’t come with the caveat that if you’re serious you need more education then they’re pretty worthless.

All your class seems to have taught you is how to be a willing victim, and that’s the worst kind of self defense.

“If someone attacks you, you can do nothing so just give up.”

That’s tantamount to admitting that they didn’t really teach you anything, and don’t want you to think they did. You’re not even in exactly the same place you were before you took that class. Mentally, you’re worse off.

If you don’t believe you can, then you won’t and it’s simple as that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when it comes to self-defense, you get what you pay for.

Taught is not not taught, the vast majority of high schools don’t have classes. They have one hour a year (maybe) devoted to it (usually P.E.), and sometimes its not even required. If you’re lucky, it’s a seminar of a few days. If you’re really lucky, they’ll bring in one of the female (or male) police officers from a local precinct who specializes in the police’s self-defense training they give the public. However, you are not guaranteed to have a professional, or even just a local officer. Often, it’s just the PE teacher who took a three month course. What girls get in high school depends heavily on what waivers the school is willing to sign and how much liability they’re willing to take on. It also depends on who is doing the hiring, who they are hiring, and whether they actually care.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who think women don’t need to learn self-defense and don’t want to waste the school’s already limited resources on hiring someone for a few hours. Especially when you can’t learn much self-defense in a few hours, and almost none of it is lasting.

If you’re from a country other than America, it might be different, but if you’re referring American education then its important to remember you’re experiences (whatever they were) aren’t universal. No, really. Education varies heavily from district to district, and can be vastly different within single cities depending on where you live, this is before we get to county versus county, and that’s before we get to the differences between the states. In America, public education heavily dependent on money and property values. The higher the house value, the richer the district, then the better the education. Its important to know, that when it comes to education, segregation is economic. America and Americans have no real true standard for education or education value. What you get depends on where you live, and often on parental involvement.

You can’t learn self-defense in an hour or two. You will be fucked up by shitty instructors, sexist instructors, and negligent instructors. If you are not doing your own research and taking control of learning to defend yourself then you are likely to get one of the above. If you look at self-defense as all being the same, that combat is an innate skill set possessed by only one side of the human species, if you honestly believe on some level you are inferior to men (and if you’re young, white, female, and WASP, you better believe you’ve been conditioned by society at large to see yourself that way) and that there’s no point in even trying, you will be fucked.

Combat is a learned skill.

It is not innate. You have to learn it. It is not inherently masculine. If you are a woman learning to fight, you’re not actually all that special or standout. There are plenty of women out there learning to fight. However, you’ve got to go looking for it. It won’t be handed to you.

One of the most empowering aspects in learning to fight is taking control of your own safety. You are no longer reliant on the charity or uncertainty of those around you, and that certainty will drive off most predators. Predators don’t want a real fight, they aren’t looking. 9/10, they want victims who are vulnerable and go down easy. So, whether you’re male or female, and you’re worried about your safety then head to your local police precinct, find a seminar, and that’ll point you toward freedom.


Women can take punches but not if they’re not prepared for it and whoever was teaching you is a shithead.

Don’t let their idiocy turn you into a willing victim.

This post is a public service announcement, not martial arts training.

Go get some.


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Day 9 - How to avoid Jahannam

The purpose of this dunya is a test. “Whoever manages to save himself from the fire of hell, and is caused to enter Jannah. That is the one that has truly achieved success.”

Ten methods from the Quran and Sunnah, that can be used to save yourself from the hellfire.

  1. Tawbah (Repentence): Tawbah is an action of the heart, literally meaning “to return yourself to Allah (swt),” because a sin distances you from Him. No sin can withstand Tawbah, Tawbah forgives everything and Allah can forgive all sins, but only if you submit to him. The Prophet  said, “The one who repents from sin is like the one who never sinned.” [Ibn Maja (3240)]  When Allah (swt) created humans, the angels asked him, “Why would you create an inferior species that sins? We are perfect and sinless.” Allah (swt) wanted to reveal his merciful side, that he will forgive even those who sin
    Conditions for repentance:
    - Leaving the sin
    - Remorse over having committed the sin
    - Resolve never to return to the sin
  2. Istigfar (Verbal Repentance): The verbal act of tawbah. Tawbah is a state of mind and heart, while istigfar is manifesting tawbah on your tongue. The most common way is to say “Astagfirullah,” meaning “I seek forgiveness from Allah (swt). Make it a habit to say Astagfirullah100 times throughout your day.
  3. Good deeds: Your good deeds will cancel out your bad deeds. Pray, help others, and give charity as much as you can.
  4. The Dua of others: You can be saved from Jahannam when others make dua for you, especially by your name, but even generically as well. It is a command of Allah to seek forgiveness for all of your fellow believers. We pray for others, so that inshAllah, Allah (swt) will cause them to pray for us.
  5. Hardships: Every physical and emotional pain you suffer will dissolve your sins. Allah (swt) is so merciful and understanding of our pain in this dunya. That is why we must say Alhamdulillah for any suffering, because it is to rid us of our sins. Allah is testing you, so that your sins will be forgiven.
  6. Punishment of the Grave: For major sinners and those who deserve Jahannam, Allah (swt) will punish you in the grave, so that you do not go to Jahannam. Those are punished in the grave, will not know that it is their punishment. They will think that after the grave, they will go to Jahnnam. However, Allah (swt) is the most merciful and sends you to the gates of Jannah on judgement day.
  7. Punishment of Judgement Day: The day of Judgement will not be easy except for those who Allah made it easy for. Allah (swt) will use the suffering of Qiyamah to forgive the major sinners of the suffering in Jahannam.
  8. Good deeds gifted by others: The good deeds gifted by the living to the deceased. A son/daughter, relative, or friend, giving charity in your name, making dua for you, reading the Quran and asking Allah to pass all of the rewards to you. This is why it is important to help and benefit others as much as you can when your alive, because in return those people will remember you and think of you even more when your dead. Your friend will remember, “He gave me a loan last month, may Allah forgive him.” That one sentence will help you when you most need it. Narrated from Abu Hurairah that, “A man said to the Prophet ﷺ, “My father died leaving wealth but no will. Would he be pardoned if we gave charity on his behalf?” The Prophet ﷺ said: “Yes.” Let people remember you only for good and inshAllah they will ask Allah to forgive you. 
  9. Intercession of the Prophet : Make dua and say, “O Allah make me amongst those whom the Prophet makes Shafa’a (intercession) for.” Whoever gets it, will go to Jannah. The Prophet said whoever makes this dua sincerely, he will be the Shafa’a for on the day of judgement.
  10. Mercy of Allah: The pure, undeserved mercy that Allah (swt) gives to whom ever he chooses. There will be millions who deserve Jahannam, however for some he will still have the utmost of mercy. Allah has stored 99 to use on Yaumul Qiyamah. The purest Rahma of Allah.
Dialogue Prompt

“You shouldn’t underestimate humans.”

“Why? They’re both physically and technologically inferior.”

“They never stop fighting. Even before they were involved in the larger galaxy, they waged wars on Earth for hundreds of years.”

“That means they’re divided. That’s a disadvantage for them.”

“But they’ll unite in the case of a common enemy.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Maybe not at first, but they will in the end. Because they have hope.”

“Why would they count on such a thing?”

“Humans have a habit of putting faith in the intangible.”

“Well even those ‘things’ can’t help them now.”

we don’t choose our family (BATFAMILY/JASON TODD X READER) PART 2

You guys I honestly can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing feedback for “we don’t choose our family” I mean you guys are honestly the best people i have ever met and I love your guys comments. 

PS: guys I wrote this listening to you (don’t own me by grace feat. G-eazy) and I recommend you do to because holy shit it was awesome

AS PROMISED PART 2 OF “WE DON’T CHOOSE OUR FAMILY" ————————————————————————————————

You could feel your heart thumping against your chest and your palms sweating on the handles of your motorcycle as you rapidly approached the Jokers hide out.

Your fathers hide out.

You looked to the left of you and saw Jason looking straight ahead, arguing with one of his brothers, you could hear him all the way from the other side of the abandoned road.

You smiled softly knowing this would probably be one of the last times you would be this happy, for a very very, long time.

All of the pranks you pulled with Damian were going to be gone.No more practicing gymnastics with Dick until ungodly hours of the morning. You wouldn’t be able to talk about the latest gadgets that were coming into the tech community with Tim. The worst of all would be no more phone calls with Jason that eventually turned into a 9 hour call with both of you falling asleep and staying on to say good morning to each other. 

It took everything in you to not turn the bike around now and just vanish from Gotham. You had to meet him though, innocent peoples lives were on the line and you swore to protect them no matter what. Also you couldn’t leave the family heart broken like that.

In the superhero world if a “hero” vanishes  out of nowhere it means one of two things, they either got caught up into some bad shit and had to flee, or they were probably dead. You could never do that to Bruce, the man who helped you through so much shit and accepted you into his family.

You shook your head and let out a deep breath trying to clear your head as you saw the outline of the jokers warehouse or what he called it the “fun-house” fall into view.

“You ready over there (y/superhero/n).” Jason said through the com frequency that only you and him shared.

“Yeah, yeah i’m good.” You said in the most convincing manner you could muster. 

“Nothing we haven’t done 100 times before,right?” Jason said with a chuckle but you could still hear the sadness and anger behind his tone. He still hated the fact the Joker was running free and causing chaos all over Gotham.

“Hah yeah.” You said in a encouraging voice to him but you really thought ‘I have a feeling it’s gonna be different this time.’

You slowly killed the engine on you bike, as did Jason, when you were close enough to the abandoned warehouse that you guys wouldn’t alert the joker that you were closing in on him. You slowly blended into the darkness the night sky so graciously supplied for you and Jason.

“Robin to red hood and (y/superhero/n), the Joker has no men posted outside so be very cautious for traps and anything lurking in the shadows.” Damian’s rough voice came through the main com making you crack a smile by how professional the 13 year old boy sounded.

“Wait but aren’t we the ones who are lurking in the shadows.” Jason fired back at the teenager and you could practically feel the smirk that was hidden under Jason’s helmet.

“I’m actually going to murder you after all of this, you intellectually inferior sub par pass for a human.” You heard Damian growl out through the coms before Jason turned it off putting his finger up to his head in a crazy gesture.

You let out a small laugh and examined the area. You were standing in the middle of the Gotham city docks with countless storage units around you, in front of the doors of a huge industrial sized warehouse that hasn’t been in use for 12 years. Well technically it was still used, but not that the public knew that. 

You looked up and saw Tim and Dick on the very top of the roof probably looking into the skylights to see what we were going against, while you spotted Bruce and Damian on the opposite side on one of the ledges. Apparently you were right about what Tim and Dick were doing.

“There’s about 50 men walking around with AK-47s and the Joker is standing in front doing, yes you guessed it, laughing.” Tim sighed as he climbed off the roof and meet with you, Jason, Damian, Dick and Bruce. 

“Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, you’re with me on the roof, the element of surprise is in our court right now and we’re going to use it to our advantage.” Bruce said in his signature rough gravely voice. Tim, Dick and Damian nodded as they grappled onto the roof to get into positions.

“Red hood you’re better at making a grand entrance so when I give you the signal come in with (y/superhero/name), and show them what you got.” Bruce said as he gave Jason a stern glare.

It was still very prickly whenever a mission concerned the joker and Jason. The one thing Bruce still didn’t trust him with, Jason’s finger “accidentally” slipping and hitting the Joker during a mission. Before Jason could get a word in to defend himself Bruce had already pulled out his grappling gun and shot up onto the roof.

“And they say I have communication issues.” Jason said as he stared where Bruce had been standing and slowly sat down on a nearby stack of wooden planks.

“Jason, I know it hurts when he does stuff like that but you have to understand that he loves you and just doesn’t want you to do something you might regret.” You said softly as you sat down next to him, laying your hand on his shoulder and watched as he slowly relaxed his tense shoulders.

“How do you do that?” Jason asked as he reached up and took off his helmet.

His hair was still styled perfectly with a grey streak running straight through the middle. His piercing blue eyes stayed trained on you softly, as the moon light his his face making him glow like some sort of fallen angel.

“Do what?” You questioned looking up to see Jason looking at you with a lazy smile on his face. You held in a breath as he reached down and brushed a loose piece of hair behind your ear.

“No matter how mad or upset I am, you always manage to say the right thing to make me smile.” He said as his hand fell down to you cheek and caressed your face softly, making a shiver go down your spine.

“Maybe it’s my superpower.” You whispered to him softly as you smiled and leaned in closer.

You wanted to remember happy moments like this. The smiles and laughs you shared with Jason before your world is turned upside down.The first joke you shared, the last joke you shared. The first time you sparred and the last time you sparred. The first prank you played and the last prank you played. The first time you stepped into the manor and the last time you stepped into the manor.

“NOW!” You heard Bruce shout in both of your ears making you wince and jump apart.

You watched as Jason put on his helmet with a load groan and you swore you heard him mumble ‘are you freaking serious Bruce?’

“I’m sorry Jason, I truly am.” You said and ran towards the building and kicked open the door.

Before Jason could even respond you ducked a handful of bullets that has been fired your way and you landed in a crouched position on the inside of the warehouse behind a shipping container.

You looked up and saw the monster of a man, who sadly had to be your father, standing on a railing yelling at one of his lieutenants. You shivered realizing this would be the first time you would ever see him, well with him knowing you were his daughter. Apparently those 5 years of solitary confinement at Arkham helped him to figure it out.

You watched as Jason ran in guns a blazing, quite literally. He was taking out everyone in sight,jumping from one spot to another in a perfect rhythm with his brothers. You looked to see Bruce working his way up to the Joker when you noticed something.

“Guys, GUYS!” You yelled into the com trying to pull everyone out of their battle modes and focus on the real world. “The men aren’t fighting back anymore, they’re not moving from there position there just letting themselves get hit.”

“She’s not wrong guys.” Tim said as he just stood in front of one of the henchmen and they just stared at him with a emotionless look.

“What’s going on here Joker?” Bruce said honestly just as confused as the rest of us

“Are you telling me the greatest detective in the world hasn’t figured it out yet? I mean it’s just so obvious it’s almost hilarious, wait thats because it is hilarious.” The Joker said letting out a maniacal laugh at the end.

You gasped as you stood up, when a hand came around your neck and pulled you flush against a mans chest. You rolled your eyes and quickly jabbed him in the ribs. He bent over and quickly let go, you spun around round house kicked him in the face watching as he fell down and 6 more men came to replace him.

You looked around and saw you were only being pursued. They were even running around the boys to get to you. You gasped as one of them managed to hit you right in the gut. The guys finally realized you were being targeted and quickly rushed to help you take them down.

“What are you talking about,why are your men only fighting her?” Bruce asked from where he was standing face to face with the Joker on the balcony.

“Well I guess I’ll tell you but only this once.” The Joker said with a smile plastered on his face, as always.

“You brought me my daughter.” He said looking straight at you. You dropped the last henchman to the floor and felt every single set of eyes in the room trained on you.

“Isn’t that right, (y/n)?” He said and looked dead at you with the craziest look you have ever seen. Ever.

“(Y/n) please tell me that’s not true please.” Jason said off to your left in the most heart broken tone you’ve ever heard.

“Where are the hostages?” You questioned completely ignoring everyone else. This was still a mission to you even if you had to do it alone

“ That’s the first thing you have to say to your dear old dad I though it would be a little more heart warming.” He said with a mocking frown.

“That implies that you actually have a heart, now where are the hostages.” You said as you pulled out your eskrima sticks from there thigh holsters.

“Oh now i’m hurt.” He said with the same frown and clutched his heart as he leaned over the side of the railing.

“Is he being serious, answer me NOW!“Bruce said at first but then slowly turned it into a yell at you.

“COME ON BABY GIRL TELL THEM, TELL THEM WHO YOU REALLY ARE.” The joker quickly yelled after him making you clench your teeth.

“Yes.” You said quietly to your self, noticing Jason had taken off his helmet which was hanging off one of his hands before it fell to the ground.

“I can’t heaaaarrr youuuu.” He said again in a sing song voice cupping his hand up in his ear.

“YES!” You yelled up at him and tightened your hands around your weapons, not daring to turn around to meet the faces of the batboys.

“There you have it folks my one and only superhero daughter.” He said and did a twirl before coming back to the railing

“I don’t have time for this, Where. Are. The. Hostages?” You said through your teeth as you walked over the bodies of the fallen henchmen to stand directly in front of you father.You were still on the ground while he smirked triumphantly on the railing.

“oh well if you really wanna know, they’re up there.” He said pointing up to the roof.

You looked up to the sky light and saw a large crane holding a shipping container over the Gotham bay.

“You sick bastard.” You said as you kept your eyes trained on the container.

“Wouldn’t that make you the bastards daughter?” He said teasing you with a wide smile.

“I WILL NEVER BE YOUR DAUGHTER. EVER.” You stated giving him a fierce glare.


“what?” You asked in confusion. You wouldn’t go with him, not in a million years but you couldn’t let these innocent people die.

“And here I thought you were the smart one. Come with me, be my daughter and partner in crime or else they die.” He said reaching his hand out to you giggling like a mad man. Which he was.

You turned around to see dick looking at you with concern written all over his face. Damian had a hard glare set on you but his swords had fallen on the ground. Tim looked up to batman, who just had his emotionless stare settled on you. Finally Jason looked at you and was shaking his head slowly mouthing the word ‘no’.

“I’m so sorry.” You said to them all as you softly laid your hand in your fathers.

A loud boom sounded out from the roof as two ladders fell in from the skylight one for you and one for the Joker. You looked up to see a gigantic helicopter hovering over the ware house

“COME ON LITTLE ONE, DADDY HAS A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!” The Joker yelled at you while he grabbed on to one of the ladders.

“IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY” You heard Jason yell at you but Dick and Tim were holding him back while Damian was on his back.

“LET ME GO, I HAVE TO TELL HER, I HAVE TO.” Jason said struggling against his brothers. He probably just wanted to tell you he would hunt you down for your deceitful ways

You looked up at Bruce who gave you a silent nod. You sighed dropping your eskrima sticks and tightly held into the ladder opposite of the jokers.

“See little one, father knows best.” The Joker said as the helicopter raised you both out of the building into the starry night sky.

The Joker babbled on about a bunch of nonsense while the only thing you could think about was the heartbroken family you had just left behind. As the joker started to cling the ladder you made a silent promise.

Know matter how long it took or how many times you had to fight, you would find your way back to them and earn your redemption.


Part 3 coming out soon

I am your Captain (khan x reader)

A/N: helloooo! Just so you know, I kinda made the ending in a rush, and may edit this in the near future. Just so you guys know. Almost forgot to tag @dekahg Thank you.

Warnings: Violence and hate sex?

”You shot them!” You snapped, your hand flying across his face, your laser gun hitting his pale cheek with a powerful impact that made his face turn. He did feel it, you two were almost equal by strength, he just slightly overpowering you by his tall frame that towered above you. Though he never intimidated you, or you wouldn’t at least admit it. Besides, right now you were so outraged that you couldn’t control your anger, spitting at him curse words while you approached him with fast and swift strides.

”You asshole-” You started with a loud yell, your voice echoing in the stone valley. Dead bodies circled around your feet, the ones you had called as your friends, now ceasing to exists because of your commander and captain, a man who betrayed you.

You couldn’t finish your sentence getting interrupted as Khan took a hold of your arm, almost crushing your bone with his gripping fingers, preventing you from hitting him again. You had just raised your hand to swat him again. You couldn’t keep your hold on the big heavy gun and as your grasp on it loosened it slid from your fingers and hit the ground with a loud thud. You grit your teeth as you were now unarmed and raged, knowing you could never stand a chance in a fight with Khan, especially now that you were fuming with rage.

”They were not important to me.” Khan stated nonchalantly keeping his blue eyes on you. His intent stare made you squirm, not because you were intimidate,  but mostly because you just wanted to hit him. Repeatedly. But even if your good arm would to be free you couldn’t get the satisfaction of beating him to the ground. Not if you didn’t want to end up the same.

”They were important to me!” You hissed, your face only inches away from his. You narrowed your (e/c) eyes, a cold stare casting on Khan’s. ”And you promised me they would be safe.”

This didn’t concern Khan. He had never intended on keeping his promise for to provide protection to your inferior friends. He had seen them useful, replaceable.

”They were only soldiers.” Khan stressed, inching closer. ”The only use I had for them was sacrifice for our mission and our sake. I have to say they did that quite well.” He gazed about, his eyes taking in the sight before him. Those now dead soldiers, mostly men, lay there in the mud and stone, blood running out of each one. There were broken bones and bullet holes in every corpse and none moved. Not anymore. All of them had been killed quite quickly, not too much of time given to suffer.

”You bastard.” You muttered nonetheless of your friends painless deaths and pulled at your arm which he held uncomfortably high and never loosening his grip. You could feel his hold on you get only stronger as you tried to break free, Khan yanking you even closer to him. You yelp as he brings you closer, your bodies almost touching. You grit your teeth.

”Don’t tell me you cared for them?” Khan said in accusing tone and you knew how he lack of sentiment and expected the same from you, at least when it involved inferior humans, but you had always been slightly different from your kind. You were loyal, but not to the people Khan respected, but despised. You found partnership in inferior beings but with Khan around it was purely impossible.

You didn’t give him any answer, your cold eyes were still on his, not daring to break the eye contact. You didn’t want to look at your friends, your former companions that had been slaughtered right before your very own eyes and not being able to do anything. Not even call them back to shelter, and that had Khan assured. He had held you back, let your human soldiers go to the bullet rain. They were victorious as much as they were able to take down over half of your opponents until you and Khan came in to finish it. You were left alone with him, around you just the dead.

Khan smirked, humored by the wordless information he got out of you by studying just your reactions and expression. Your lowering eyebrows, the frown on your lips, oh how pathetic it was of you to care for such meaningless beings.

”You did care, didn’t you?” He didn’t care to hide the amusement from his voice, the grin only spreading on his cupid’s bow like lips. You could sense the mock from his tone. ”Bad girl.” Khan taunted you and laughed out loud when you lifted your free arm to connect with his jaw. Khan dodged fast, your left fist going over his shoulder, your right arm still caught by Khan. When you were pressed against Khan’s body, your armpit on his shoulder, Khan took the opportunity and wrapped his other arm around your waist, locking you in place.

You grit your teeth together in your new position, you tried to push away from him, but it was no use. Khan had you pinned against himself and there were no room to move so you settled your left arm over his shoulders, keeping yourself steady in his arms. You two looked like you were about to dance, Khan holding your right arm with his left, his right around your waist and your left behind his neck. Your feet were barely touching the ground, only an inch higher and not even your toes would reach to touche the surface of the cold ground.

You were beyond pissed. In this position you were unable to fight him, but a thought came to your mind and a need to smirk took over you but fortunately you were able to contain yourself before letting the smile spread on you lips, to give away your plan.

You were just about to knee him in the groin, when Khan leaned close, his hot breath hitting your ear, his lips brushing over your bare neck. ”Don’t even think about it.” He growled slowly and despite your rebellious personality decided to obey. He already had you cornered. He could end you if he wanted to, though not as easily as any other being, you would fight him if needed even if you knew you would have very low chances of winning but you always came down fighting. Not by choice but by instinct.

”Tell me, what could have those imbeciles do that we could not?” He dared with an amused tone. You almost fell for his trap, but as you were still insisting to fight him, verbally if you must, you snarled at him, ”Have trust in others.” Khan only chuckled at that, but you weren’t finished. Not quite yet. ”And they show loyalty on a level you have never even heard of!” This did the trick and you found yourself being pushed against a stone pillar with power that was enough to empty your lungs but not enough to break you through the stone or hurt you.

”You dare to talk to me about loyalty?” Khan growled, his teeth gritted and eyes blazing with anger. His right arm was placed over your throat and it squeezed your windpipe almost shut. Your eyes barely open anymore, trying to struggle and find strength to push him off, but only able to scratch his arms. ”I saved you! I did all I could to assure your safety and this is how you show your gratitude? Comparing me to those pests?” Surprisingly his hold loosened and you were able to breath normally.

”Those pests you’re talking about would have never turned against you as you did to them!” You snapped when you were sure your heart beat lowered a little, your breathing back to normal again. ”They even died for you.”

”They died for you.” Khan corrected. ”Do you really thin they would have followed me? They were all only here because of you. You were nice to them, you cared for them and I am well aware they would have taken you from me if I would to let them keep their precious lives.”

”You fucking jealous-” You stopped in mid sentence. You just realized what he was on about. Would it really be that he was jealous and worried you would have left him? There had never been a conversation between you and the group of people that had companied you on this quest where they would have tried to recruit you and leave Khan. ”You, you were jealous?” You wondered out loud. Khan scoffed and rolled his eyes. ”Then again, I would have left you when the time was right.” You joked with a serious tone. You gasped as Khan lunged at you, he took a hold of your shirt’s collar and pulled you up the pillar, his face inches away from yours as he growled, ”You are not going anywhere if I have anything to do with it.” You went to correct him but Khan pushed you against the pillar to shut you up. ”You are mine, I am your captain, I am your commander and you are part of my crew. And that is final!”

”You idiot really thought that was the plan?” You mocked, but not amused at all. You were still pissed at him for getting your friends killed and for attacking you. ”They never said anything of that sort, and besides, they were willing to become part of your crew!”

”You think I would have taken them to my ship?” Khan brought you closer. ”I wouldn’t have them near you. Not even if they were on the other side of the galaxy.” Shit he was getting possessive of you. You couldn’t help but hiss at him, ”You’re insane.” Khan smirked at that, his hold on you softened only slightly, but not enough for you to break free. ”And yet here you are.” Before you could come up with a sassy or snarky comeback, Khan leaned forward and crashed his lips on yours. You tried to push him away to which Khan found humorous recording the smirk that spread on his lips, and he nibbled at your lower lip. You wouldn’t give in to him, you were still pissed at how he treated you and deceived you so you denied his access to your mouth.

Khan parted your legs by pressing his knee in the between of your legs, putting pressure on your womanhood which made you gasp. Unfortunately you opened your mouth and Khan taking the opportunity, shoved his tongue in your mouth to wrestle with yours. You tried to get him off, but he took the dominance in everything he did and you were left to submit to him, which you did not do so subtly. You tried to keep control of the situation, but failed when Khan lifted you higher, your legs in the air hanging above the ground and you were left with only one option, to cling on him like your life depended on it.

You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, your legs doing the same on his waist. You hang on to him, his hand around your waist and the other burying in your (h/l) (h/c) hair. His strong form was all over you as you were all over him and you let the kiss last long enough, until Khan pulled away to gasp for air.

”Khan, we have a mission.” You gasped, but it was hard to concentrate on talking when Khan went to suck your neck, lick, nibble and lick the sweet spot that made you almost moan. You were to climb off of him, your legs separating from his body but with Khan’s next move he made it clear he wasn’t finished. He pushed you hard against the stone wall behind you, your body trapped between him and the pillar and Khan gave you no space to use to get yourself out of his arms, not even inches were between your bodies.

”We finished it already.” He reminded you with a low growl. His voice had become raspy from lust, maybe it had been all your fighting that turned him on and so did you fighting back.

You could feel a bulge pressing your  crotch as Khan pushed closer towards you, you also couldn’t help it this time and moaned out loud wantonly. This amused Khan and he went grinding you repeatedly. His tight black clothes didn’t help the situation at all, you were able to feel all his muscles with your bare hands and as your thin, tight black clothes that matched his gave you no protection from his thrusts. Your flesh was starting to grave for him, tingling around the spots that he touched and you hadn’t even realized you had lifted your legs around him once again.

Khan was no occupied with your collarbone, doing the same he had with your neck. You became frustrated with his acts as he played you like an instrument. He declined you of any kind of chance of fighting him off, since he was practically all over you. He had you pressed against a wall.

”I’m not going to do this while in middle of a mission.” You muttered. You gripped the back hair of Khan’s trying to pull him away from you and he did, but for his own doing, smirking at you like a bastard he was and purred, ”But you are.” His cockiness only brought you more disturbance and you really wanted nothing more than to hit him, and then maybe fuck him. He had woken your lust and there was no denying that.

”Get off of me, Khan! Right now!” You ordered him, but knew it would have no effect on him which was proven when Khan grinned at you, chuckling. He did look quite handsome, you did have to give him that. Those cheekbones and that black hair with some loose strands hanging over his forehead and that mouth of his. Those lips you wanted on every part of your body.

Your expression had softened just when Khan leaned in, but this time he nuzzled your neck, his arms around you, hugging you while you were clinging on him with all your fours. And with a soft but daring tone he almost whispered, ”Not yet, I have a point to prove.” You froze for a second, not sure what to say to his sudden soft approaching, just holding on to him, your fingers gripping his shirt, your head on his shoulder.

”That point being?” You finally asked.

”That you are indeed mine.” He breathed out and you gasped. He was, undeniably, very possessive.

Questioning Nonsense


1. How could anyone possibly belief that men were made of sand and women were made from a man’s rib? Similarly, how can anyone believe this to in anyway be symbolic for evolution?

2. Why would God, who supposedly knows EVERYTHING, create Adam and Eve and immediately put them in a situation (the temptation of the fruit) where he knows they will fail and then punish all of humanity for their choice? How can you be angry at an inferior being when you created it and you can see the future?

3. What reason do you have not to question the ridiculousness of these stories?

When you are told it is wrong to question the logic and consistency of the Bible ask yourself why you’re being told that. Does it make more sense that this God you’ve never seen is too advanced to question or does it make more sense that asking questions would unravel the fairy tale and disprove what people have based their lives on.

Religion has for many centuries been so important in society and people’s lives that there is an intense fear of losing the structure, purpose, and comfort it brings. It’s become so ingrained that it no longer matters to some how insane or illogical it is. They will warp their own mind to defend it the way a drug addict does to justify their using.

None of these things makes religion or God true.

An Inferior Product
( googleplier )
An Inferior Product

Anonymous asked: Google, on a scale from one to ten, how much does Bing annoy you?

A simple scale between one and ten would never suffice in quantifying the amount of annoyance that defective heap of scrap is capable of inflicting on anyone.

I would have to up the scale into the thousands to even begin to give you an accurate statistic, and even then he will find a way to raise the baseline.

[ New message from: @sweetapple01.

Can I ask, Google. Will you express one thing you admire about Bi- ]

Admire, User? Admire? There is nothing to admire about a watered down, unfinished waste of a product like Bing. He is nothing, he means nothing, and would be better off in one of the many landfills you humans create.


WRITTEN BY @fabulouspotatosister



You’re thankful that your other eye hasn’t changed its color in years.

Of course, you know why. You know why it hasn’t. You’ve found him, your soulmate, a magical man named the Doctor. You love him, tall and awkward and lanky with his beautiful green eye, and his other eye – your eye, your own color – reminding you about how much he loves you.

He’s not Hazel, but somehow, at the very same time, he is.

He tells you, almost every day, how much he loves you and adores you and it’s not even repetitive – it’s a calming voice even in the face of danger, or during silent nights in the TARDIS when you’re watching the stars. You always say that you know, and you love him too, and the way his face fills with relief is one of the many things you love about him (one out of at least a thousand).

But you know why he always says it.

One day, he tells you his time is running out. That his death is something he can’t avoid, and when he dies, he won’t regenerate, he won’t change and you won’t have a soulmate anymore. You cry, and you see him begin to weep as well, but he continues. This is the last time he changes, this is the last time he sees you, this is the last time he will love you. He tells you he regrets not having been able to find you earlier, he apologizes, but the tears do not end.

What will happen to your other eye then?

And now every time you wake you rush to the mirror and see if your eye has changed. It has not, and you thank every deity in the universe that it hasn’t. You don’t want to lose him; you don’t want to lose your soulmate; you don’t want to lose your Doctor.

When you finally meet his past incarnations, it’s absolutely overwhelming.

The tenth is tall, even taller than your Doctor and he has that same brown eye you had for a very long time, but he also has yours. He’s in shock, just like you are, and you realize that in all the time the Doctor has lived, his other eye has never changed. In one thousand years of time and space, it hasn’t changed, and it’s enough to make you start sobbing.

The other Doctor – the forgotten Doctor – is old, and broken. He’s not lively, he’s been torn apart by war, and you realize all the nights the Doctor spends alone in the console room are because of the things he did. But he has your eye and you remember when you had his. It brings a smile to his hardened face when he sees you, and the tears threaten to fall for both parties.

But time is something your Doctor, your beloved Doctor, does not have.

The crack in the wall seems to be laughing at you, because you can’t do anything. Because you’re useless. You refuse to believe that. The Doctor is dying, yes, but maybe, maybe (there’s a sliver of hope that you’re trying to hold on to) a chance will reveal itself to you and you won’t lose him.

“Listen to me, you lot,” you say to the crack, somewhat indignantly, even though your courage is fading fast. “Listen!”

You know it’s probably stupid. You know it probably won’t work, because you’re only human and they’re Time Lords, and you, in all senses, are inferior. But you try anyway, because if they have soulmates too –you know they should have– then they know how you feel. They know your desperation.

“Help him. Help him change the future.” You feel the tears stream down your face now. “Do it. Do something!”

You don’t know if they are really listening, but that sliver of hope is not getting away from you unless something happens, because you cannot lose Hazel. You cannot lose him, because you’ve only met him (and it would destroy you if he died).

“You’ve been asking a question,” you say, feeling your bravery return to you, “and it’s time someone told you you’ve been getting it wrong. His name, his name is the Doctor. All the name he needs. Everything you need to know about him. And if you love him, and you should–”

Because you love him too–

“Help him. Help him. Please.”

It makes you feel small, the fact that you have to plead for his life, but it’s the only thing you’ve got.

As you usher the remaining survivors of Christmas into the tower for safety, you hear the Doctor whoop in excitement and you know, somehow, it worked. The burning remains of flying Daleks fall to the ground and the people scream, but that only serves as fuel for your determination and you get them inside faster, gently but swiftly pushing them inside.

“Love from Gallifrey, boys!” you hear the Doctor yell, and that’s the last thing you hear before you shut the doors to the tower and lock them.

There’s a loud blast and a shockwave so strong you know it must have also rocked the TARDIS. The people inside let out gasps of surprise and fear as children cling to their parents and others stumble and fall from the wave.

Then, silence.

It’s deafening.

You wait until it’s safe – but the wait is excruciating, and you want, no need, to know if the Doctor is alright, if he survived or not. You worry if your eye has changed when you see a young man, just about your age, with one of his eyes a bright blue and the other a vivid green. He’s crying, calling out a name. You wonder why he weeps when he seems he already has a soulmate, but then you realize that he’s lost them, and it makes you worry more.

When you lead the survivors out to survey the wreckage, the whole place is in shambles. You can just see gold dust hang in the air when you lay your eyes on the TARDIS. Ignoring the people, you rush to the blue box.

The door is slightly ajar, and you see the emergency telephone hanging from its hook and you gently put it back.

“Doctor?” you call, but silence meets you instead of the voice you expected.

When you enter the console room, the Doctor’s village clothes are scattered on the floor and there’s an almost-empty bowl of fish fingers and custard lying on the console. Briefly, you wonder why he isn’t here and why all these clothes are scattered on the floor, when you hear footsteps as soon as you attempt to go down another flight of stairs.

You stop, and turn around ever so slowly.

And to your relief, the Doctor –your Doctor, Hazel– is there, smiling at you.

“Doctor!” you breathe, smiling, overjoyed. For some reason, you don’t rush to him, you don’t too close, and you question yourself. You just stand there, fiddling with your fingers as you stare into his eyes, one green, one yours.

“Hello,” is his response, and you can just see it in his face that he’s also happy to see you, it’s just… mellower.


His face…

“You’re young again,” you say, still twiddling your thumbs in an anxious manner. “You’re okay. You didn’t even change your face.”

And you’re thankful for that.

The Doctor clasps his hands together. “Ha!  I can’t stop it now. This is just the reset. A whole regeneration cycle. Ooh!”

The word reset troubles you, and you say nothing as he makes his way over to the custard and finishes it, holding the bowl up to his mouth and slurping it down. But the way he does it is enough to make you giggle, despite your uneasy state.

“Taking a bit longer,” he says, setting down the bowl on the console. “Just breaking it in.”

He grunts as he starts up the TARDIS engines, his body seemingly in pain. He steadies himself when he pulls the lever (that you’ve pulled before, countless times) and the room begins to light up and the disks at the top, with all his companion’s names written on them, begin to spin.

The Doctor’s face twists into something akin of a grimace, and you take one step forward, but only one.

“It all just disappears, doesn’t it? Everything you are, gone in a moment…” he pauses, as if trying to find the right words, and he smiles slightly when he does: “… like breath… on a mirror.”

He leans forward, his hand raised in a motion that signals, wait, hold on. It’s anticipation he’s trying to convey, and he looks just a tad bit excited.

But you’re scared. If he changes, will you be able to accept it? Accept the new him? Yes, you know you will, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.

“Any moment now, he’s a-coming.”

“Who’s coming?” you ask, your face already betraying you (fear, worry, anticipation; all of these things that you just can’t hide, not now).

“The Doctor,” he says, and you can’t hold back.

“But you–” You stop, looking him dead in the eyes, not fully knowing what he means. “You are the Doctor.”

He’s started to shake, and when he speaks again, it sounds strained.

“Yep, and I always will be.”

You can see his hands glow, golden dust falling off of it and forming beautiful swirls. You’ve heard him talk about it, but you’ve never seen it before. Regeneration energy.

He lifts his hand to take a good look at it, and he looks pained. He sounds pained; he is pained. 

“But times change…” He takes a deep breath. “… And so must I.”

The Doctor is changing, right before your very eyes.

You should be considering this an experience, a once-in-a-lifetime moment. But the love of your life is changing, and even though you know he will be the same man, just different in some ways, your chest is heavy with the possibility that you will reject the new him like you rejected New Blue all those years ago (you won’t do that, you’ll be strong for him, but you’re scared).

The Doctor is looking at you strangely.

“Your eye… is glowing,” he says, quieter than he ever was before.

It’s never done that before. Maybe this is what happens when it changes. You’ve never known it. You’ve always just fallen asleep at night and the next morning, it would be different.

“See? We’re both changing.” He smiles, trying to reassure you, and you smile back, but it’s not a happy smile. It’s a sad smile. “It’s okay. You know I still love you.”

The tears start when he tells you he loves you, even though you’ve heard it over a million times. He smiles again, sad, just like you do.

You know he doesn’t want to go. But he has to.

“We all change,” he begins, “when you think about it. We’re all different people, all through our lives. And that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”

The Doctor is still waving his arms around, like he usually does. It starts off slow, less lively, less… well, less like him, but as he goes on he gets faster, excited, and it still brings a smile to your face.

He claps his hands together. “I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear.”

The Doctor looks straight into your eyes, and you realize that this is the last time you will ever see that lovely green.

“I will always remember when the Doctor was me.”

Slowly, he takes off his bowtie, takes on last look at it, almost longingly (and internally you scream that he can’t, he can’t do that) and, his face scrunched up in pain, he drops it on the floor. There’s a soft thud where the fabric lands.

He closes his eyes, ready, and then that’s when you act.

“No, no,” you say, your voice slurred with grief, walking forward to stop him when you know you can’t. You reach out to him, his hand glowing brighter and brighter. Your fingertips almost touching.

He opens his eyes and softly says a small “hey”, and you let out a choked sob.

“I love you,” you whisper, reaching out foolishly. “Please don’t change.”

He smiles at you, and for a moment you think maybe he actually won’t change. But despite what you plead to him, he does change.

And it’s very sudden.

He jerks backwards, his whole body glowing yellow and gold as your eye throbs, and when he comes forward again, you’re greeted with a new Doctor.

You jump back towards the railings in fright, because that was just seconds, milliseconds even. It shouldn’t have been that fast – you know as much as that, but there he is, the new Doctor. The twelfth one (well, thirteenth, if you’re counting by colors, but the Doctor is used to his number being one off and he gets flustered whenever you remind him that you’ve had all his colors).

You stare at each other for what seems like eternity.

He’s tall, looks quite a bit older too, and his eyebrows are out of control. His hair is curly and grey, one of his eyes is a piercing blue (the kind of blue that seems like it could bore holes into your skull), and the other –exactly your shade. You’re relieved that that hasn’t changed yet– but how is this Doctor different? How has the Doctor changed this time?

“Kidneys!” he gasps, and you take in his accent. Scottish, definitely Scottish. “I’ve got new kidneys!” Then he frowns. “I don’t like the color.”

You stare at him, tilting your head in confusion. “Of your… kidneys?”

Suddenly, the TARDIS starts to shake, lurching from side to side, almost making you fall to your knees. Panic fills you, joining the sorrow from losing your Doctor, but it’s also joined by some kind of excitement at being in some sort of adventure again.

“What’s happening?” you demand, gripping the railing tightly, your knuckles turning white. “Doctor, answer me!”

“We’re probably crashing,” he says, still trying to figure out his surroundings. He stumbles from the turbulence. “Oh!”

“Into what?” you ask, maybe just too loudly, because the new Doctor winces.

“Stay calm,” he unhelpfully says, because how can you stay calm in a situation like this? The TARDIS in crashing, you’re probably going to die, and he’s telling you to stay calm?! “Just one question.”

The Doctor looks at you.

“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”

This new Doctor is going to be very, very different.

A lot can happen in three days

Here we are, as requested. The Doctor was in the request Ten or Eleven if i recall correctly. I believe I didn’t really state any specifics so this will be for any. This went a couple different ways in my mind but I eventually finished on the cybermen. A bit blegh, not my favorite, but it turned out okay. Hope you still like it though.

Word count: 1626

“Three days?” You double-checked, fixing your bag on your shoulder.

“Three days” The Doctor confirmed, giving you a quick kiss and a wave as he stepped back into the Tardis. You waved in return as he closed the door behind him and soon the box you called your home was slowly fading away. You smiled softly at the empty space, knowing you’d miss him. But he’d be back. Just three days. Three days for you to visit home and have a quick catch up with your friends and family before you were back out into space. First was your best friend. You were staying at their house over the three days and they were the only one to know about the Doctor and where you’d really been. So you could ramble excitedly about your adventures before you had to go and talk about how ‘college’ was doing to everyone else. You turned, heading inside your friend’s place with your phone already in hand filled with pictures.

Three days, you could do that. Three days would be fine.

Three days was not fine. Trust you to get home just before an alien invasion. This was just absolutely typical. You had been so used to this, you should have already expected it. One thing you weren’t used to however, is having no one by your side. In all honesty, you were freaking out. You had been in your friend’s house early the second morning, laughing over a couple stories from the Tardis with tea, when the TV switched to breaking news.

Both of you were quick to pay attention, especially when you heard the Prime Minister suddenly start asking about the Doctor. You knew then, it was your responsibility to call him, get a hold of him somehow. You were his companion right? More than that, obviously, but not everyone had to know that. You put your tea down and walked quickly back to the bedroom with your friend right behind you. You picked up your phone and was ready to dial right when the screen went black. You frowned. You could swear it was fully charged.

You sighed, changing your plan to get dressed quickly as possible and telling your friend you were going out to get a closer look at what was happening and see if you could get ahold of the Doctor. Your friend protested and insisted you stay where it was safe but you simply grabbed your dead phone and left, promising you’d be back once it was all over. It didn’t take long for you to find the centre of what was happening.

You ducked inside a dark shop with the window and door broken, managing to hide just as something came around the corner. Your heart was beating faster than you’d thought possible when you tried to peek around the corner at the sound you recognised. What you saw didn’t help one bit. A row of cybermen were moving down the street, seemingly searching for something.

“Human detected” One spoke up suddenly. You covered your mouth to keep from screaming, ducking back in your hiding place and hoping against all hope that they wouldn’t find you. You let out a real scream when a metal hand clamped down on your arm. “You are human. You are inferior. You will be upgraded” It told you as it pulled you along.

“The hell I will!” You screamed, terror lacing your words. “You’re gonna regret doing anything to me. Do you know who I am?” The cyberman stopped, turning to you.

“Initiating scan” There was a moment that was silent for all but your panicked breathing as the cybermen all around you fell frozen. “Scan complete. Alert. Human is (F/N) (L/N). Companion to the Doctor”

“Damn right” You breathed in almost relief, hoping against all hope that they would let you go for fear of the Doctor.

“Companions of the Doctor are time travellers” The cyberman stated. You frowned slightly at it.

“What about it?” You asked carefully, looking around at all of them.

“Scan initiated” Another moment of silence. “Scan complete. You are carrying traces of Time Energy. You will be upgraded to Cyber-Planner” Your eyes widened in shock as you heard this and you immediately tried to struggle away. The cybermen teleported themselves and you back to what looked like their ship. You were quickly sat down where your wrists and ankles were restrained to the straight-backed metal chair.

“No! You can’t do this, you can’t! The Doctor will never stop looking for me, he’ll kill you all!” You shouted at them, tugging fruitlessly at the restraints. The cybermen didn’t answer and it was only a moment later that you felt something small crawling up your legs. You looked down and screamed at the sight of the many metal bugs crawling over you now. Not just the fact that they were bugs, but you knew they had something to do with this upgrade to ‘Cyber-Planner’ which you hadn’t heard about before. You knew you needed the Doctor, but how were you supposed to call him? It was likely he didn’t even know you were in trouble. He might even show up tomorrow like he was supposed to, only to find you gone and half the world were cybermen. So as one last resort, your one last hope to keep yourself human, you knew what you had to do.

“Doctor!” You called as loud as you could, louder than you ever had before. You felt your mind change, and it was only another moment before you knew you were gone. Your panic faded to nothing. You felt a cold smile spread across your face.

“Conversion complete” One of the cybermen stated. The restraints on the metal chair snapped open and you stood and stretched with the smile never leaving your face.

“Complete alright” You heard your voice say. “My, my. Look at that, information.  So, what are we up to?” You turned to one of the cybermen who’d brought you here, facing it with all the authority you knew you now had. It was about to answer when an all too familiar sound filled the air. You turned with the rest of the cybermen as one stated exactly what you were all seeing with a degree of panic.

“Tardis materializing”

“I think we can see that” You pointed out, watching as the blue box solidified in front of you with the thud of the landing. The doors opened as the Doctor rushed out, his panicked state turning to frozen horror as he stopped, taking you in and realising what had happened.


“A bit late Doctor” You seethed. The cybermen suddenly dropped all around you and he looked around in confusion before his eyes fell on you. “You have no idea how hard this is” You breathed out softer.

“(Y/N), it’s still you?” The Doctor asked hesitantly. You nodded.

“Yeah…” Your legs gave out and your vision darkened for a second and when it was done you found yourself on your hands and knees, looking up at the Doctor as he watched you in horror.

“It won’t be for much longer” He told you sadly. You frowned.

“What-“ You cut yourself off with a gasp, realising exactly what he meant as you felt another presence in your mind, trying to push to the surface. Trying to take you over completely. The Doctor was suddenly in front of you, helping you sit up so you were sitting on your knees. You gave a pleading look and without a word he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and was scanning you. He grimaced slightly before looking at you properly.

“(Y/N), listen to me. I have a way to fix this but… It’s going to hurt a bit” He explained hesitantly.

“A bit?” You questioned incredulously.

“A lot” He corrected. “But I don’t know what else to do. I can’t-“

“Do it” You told him. He paused.

“You don’t even know what it is. You’re just going to let me?” He asked slowly. You nodded confidently.

“Yeah, I trust you. Do it” You repeated. He watched you a moment longer before nodding.

“This will be over soon, I promise” He told you softly, placing a kiss to your forehead.

The moments to follow were a pain filled blur. You weren’t sure how long it lasted or if you screamed or not but the one thing you were sure about is that the Doctor was there the whole time, speaking softly to you, telling you it was almost over. When it did stop the first thing you noticed was the emptiness in your head. It was only you. You looked up into the hope filled eyes of the Doctor and smiled.

“It worked” You told him breathlessly. He smiled in return, pulling you in for a hug. As you thought over everything that had happened that day, you found yourself crying into his shoulder. He held you tighter, shushing you gently and whispering to you to calm you down.

“What is it?” He asked after a moment. You pulled back slightly to look at him properly, your eyes locked on his.

“You heard me” You whispered in almost disbelief. He smiled at you, one hand moving to cup your cheek as he wiped a tear away with his thumb.

“(Y/N), it doesn’t matter where or when you are, or how far apart we are. I will always hear you, and I will always come for you” He promised you. You smiled at the genuineness in his voice and pulled him close again for a slow sweet kiss.

“Three days can end a bit early, can’t they?” You asked softly. He laughed.

“Of course they can. Whatever you want, (Y/N)”

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“unless you know the sea well, you cannot be expected to ride it” 

“with practice it takes about 10 years”

Pagaya on the waiver that Nami mastered the first instance she rode it (skypiea)

so subtle yet so telling at the same time. it’s like arlong park when arlong called Nami’s navigation skills a “god-given talent” and called her maps his “treasure”. he told luffy “she’s too good for you inferior humans”

or vivi’s remarks 


another thing….

Luffy’s resolve to have nami as his one and only navigator. he point blank refused anyone but her - despite the fact that he’d just recently met her, AND he refused to believe what was said about her (threatening to harm whoever lied). he was insistent on running after her and refused to leave cocoyashi even though the others were ready to

the significant thing about it all was that neither he nor the others knew anything about nami. they had formed no significant bond at that point on. they weren’t the nakamas they are now. nami was nami the cat burglar and cartographer of the arlong pirates and luffy was luffy. for him to ascribe such trust to someone he’d just met, whom others witnessed attacking usopp, is huge (especially because he slept through her backstory and was unaware of Nami’s burden and sacrifice)

it’s as though both luffy and arlong recognized, without realizing it, that there’s something special to nami. that there’s something only she is able to do. something big, and they need to have her in order to fulfil a goal

Oda saying Nami has a natural queenly disposition to her is another thing

Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess and ancient weapon poseidon, telling Nami she felt connected to her even though they’d just met 

& don’t even get me started on enel and his possible connection to nami 

A message

I don’t think I say this often enough to my followers, and the recent events which have taken place on account of the Trump Administration have kind of reminded me of this, (I think you all know to what I’m referring) but to anyone who feels alone, scared or discriminated, regardless of your situation, who you identify as, who you are, no one can take that away from you. No one can make you feel inferior, or non-human. You are loved, you are appreciated, and don’t ever think that the negativity is the only thing out there, because we are all on your side, and we are all trying to fight for you. I say this as a Muslim girl who knows what it’s like to be discriminated, this is not over, we won’t stand down, we will not be silenced. Do not despair.


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i love your nami is from skypiea (or any sky island) theory! like, that idea is stuck in my head. i wish we can know more about her origins, hell, maybe she can be the link to explain everything that enel found in the moon! but not like "show her true family" thing, her true family is bellemere, nojiko and genzo u.u but yeah i would love to hear more about this theory of yours!! :)

Omg :’)

Thank you so much! & I agree - I want to know about Nami’s general origins/heritage rather than some specific family (like Bellemere is and will always be Nami’s mother, Nojiko her sister, Cocoyashi her home, etc.)

I really do think Nami’s an angel (lmao) - in other words her origins are the sky. 

Overall, I’ve always been interested in Nami’s powers and her role in the plot. I think Nami is a great ‘mystery’ as of right now which Oda intends to shed light on later on. All we know so far is that: 

  1. Nami was found amidst an island destroyed in fierce fighting between marines and pirates. Where was the Island? Why was there such a serious battle? Why did Bellemere lie about where she found Nami?
  2. Nami and Nojiko are probably the only survivors of that incident. Or are they?
  3. Nami’s skills are inherent. Nami didn’t grow up in an intellectual, weather-based environment, nor did she have a mentor (like how Robin was born in O'Hara, an island renowned for its knowledge and was surrounded by books and scholars, or how Franky had a mentor, or how Zoro was part of a dojo).
  4. Nami’s navigational skills are special, described as “supernatural” because she could physically feel the slightest weather change with her body.
  5. Oda said Nami has a “queenly nature” to her

So Nami’s power are one big mystery, and have several times been isolated by Oda in order to highlight just how exceptional they are - many have commented on Nami’s skills: Arlong called them God-given, Enel commented on Nami’s abilities, Vivi was in awe at Nami’s weather-sensing, etc. It’s apparent that Nami’s navigational abilities are not just ‘good’; they’re prodigal, special, almost suspiciously so. I think the greatest insight into just how rare and special Nami is is what Arlong said about her skills being “God-given”. Arlong looks down on humans as inferior - but he said Nami was the exception. He even told Luffy that she was too good for “you inferior humans”. Arlong recognized that Nami, at just 10 years old, was something special. He called her maps “his treasure”. And Arlong made it clear that he intended to keep Nami with him for LIFE, because Nami’s skills were one in a million - he himself acknowledged that Nami could do what no one else could (neither human nor fishman). Shiki (Strong World), Luffy, Arlong, and Enel recognized something special about Nami: that Nami is one of the most crucial piece of the puzzle - she’s meant to play an exclusive role at the end, something that only she can accomplish.

I honestly think Nami is from the sky, possibly a descendant of Birka (Oda said in real life she’d be Swedish and coincidentally the oldest settlement in Sweden is called Birka). Her interactions with Enel (who is from birka) about “inferior people”, the fact that she could use the waver in mere minutes,, AND how high she could jump (Water 7 and Thriller Bark) are strange and could possibly allude to her heritage

The thing is, there are two birkas: 

Enel’s sky hometown

and the ancient city of Birka on the moon which was inhabited by Skypieans, Shandorians, and Birkans before they abandoned it and relocated to the sky, and I think Nami’s heritage leads back to this ancient city, AND that it ties into the whole “ancient kingdom/void century/joyboy” thing 

'big bang is like the beyonce of kpop'

i have never heard anything more accurate tbh

Well this happened overnight! 

I wish had occurred during happier times because I’m not as excited about it as I was when I was nearing it.

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I just really want to thank everyone who stuck with me, even during those times of low self esteem where I doubted myself. You understood that I’m human being who has a serious inferiority complex and sometimes just needed some extra assurance. 

Those of you who take the time to leave comments, send me messages, and comment on my text posts when talk about my fics mean the world to me. Without support, I certainly wouldn’t have kept writing, because “doing it for fun” only lasts so long.

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