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How Was Your Night?

Another Loki x Valkyrie I wrote out. I’ve got a few other short drabbles planned out for them. I hope I can get them written. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

How Was Your Night?

It’s nearing midnight when Valkyrie returns to her room. She’s not nearly as drunk as she could be, but she does wobble a bit when taking her shoes off. Everything else stays on, she doesn’t feel like fighting with her buckles and belts and clasps. She just wants to sleep.

She all but falls face first into the rumpled bed. The blankets are twisted, lumped together and Val lazily fights with them until she’s under them. When she’s finally comfortable, her eyes drop shut and she settles. Sleep is only a few moments—

Someone is watching her.

Val tenses, her body going rigid and her jaw clenching. It takes her a moment because she keeps her eyes closed but eventually she hears a huff of breath.

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice me before.” He’s not whispering, but his voice doesn’t disturb the quiet of the room. “A little too much ale?”

“Not nearly enough,” Val replies. “You just got here, I heard you…materialize.”

He’s silent for a moment and Val slowly opens her eyes, setting them upon him instantly. He’s in the corner, dressed in black shadows and eyes glinting. Val raises an eyebrow at him.


Loki smirks at her and shrugs. “Did you have a good time with Thor?”

Val narrows her gaze at him. Trying to decide whether or not his question is double-sided. “A drink is a drink. No matter who’s buying.”

He blinks at her answer. Val shifts in the bed and rubs her eyes. “Is there something you wanted or did you just drop by to make sure I wasn’t screwing your brother?”

Loki snarls at her, his lip curled up. “He’s not my brother.”

Val rolls her eyes and pulls a pillow to her chest. She burrows into the pillow. “So you’re confirming that’s the reason you’re here?” She drawls out, closing her eyes.

Loki sputters a bit, glaring at her from across the room. “Are you always like this?”

Val shrugs. “Usually.”

He gets to his feet and begins pacing at the foot of her bed. “I don’t understand you.” He said more to himself than her.

Val looks at him. “What’s there to understand?”

“My brother adores you, he’s always up under you working to hold your attention,” Loki grumbled. “It’s nauseating.”

Val laughs loudly, picking up to her head to fully look at Loki. “And here I thought the God of Mischief would be way better at hiding his jealousy.”

Loki glares. “I’m not jealous.”

“Clearly.” She deadpans.

He keeps on pacing and she returns her head to the pillow. “If you’ve got nothing else to say—“

“What are you going to do once we get to Midgard?” He interrupts her. Green eyes watching her intently.

Val shrugs slowly, she hasn’t really considered it. She knows that humans look like Asgardians, just weaker but Bruce is the first “human” she’s ever seen. And he doesn’t even really count.

“Dunno.” She says finally. “Guess we’ll see what I do when we get there.”

Loki looks at her from the corner of his eye. “You will follow Thor.” He states. “Fight at his side, until the end.”

Val closes her eyes. “Probably, to be fair though.” She pulls the blanket up over her shoulder. “You’ve kinda already beat me to that.”

His footsteps hesitate for a moment as if what she’s said has caught him off guard. Val breaths deeply, nearly ignoring him in favor of the sleep that’s starting to cling to her.

“I do not follow him.” He sounds offended. It makes her lips twitch up.

“Look,” she sighed dramatically. “Either get in or get out.” She held up the blanket behind her.

The silence stretches to the point that her arm hurts from where it hands in the air. Val rolls her eyes open and squints at him.

The god is standing at the foot of her bed. He’s frowning at her, confusion clear on his face. Val notes that he shifts nervously and meets her eyes.

“Well?” She cocks her eyebrow at him.

Loki hesitates. “You’re sure?”

Val looks at him blankly. “I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t.” She lets her arm drop and rolls fully back to her side. The pillow pulled close to her chest. “Get in the bed Loki, I’m tired.”

She settles into the pillow, ready to hopefully sleep until noon the next day. For a long moment, the room is completely silent; Val wonders if Loki’s disappeared and she missed it.

Then the floorboard creaks and the foot of her bed dips down. He’s slow in his movements, removing his shoes and pulling off his shirt. The bed dips more and closer to her, the covers lift and a heavy weight settles behind her.

Val counts out her breaths slowly, waiting for Loki to relax.

“I do not understand you.”

Loki presses his chest to Val’s back, her armor digging into his skin. Under the blanket, long fingers trace her covered back.

“Maybe I’m not for you to understand,” Val says lightly. “You can’t know everything.”

He taps a finger against the bottom buckle of her vest. “Take this off.”

Val smirks, her hand reaching down to guide his to the front easier clasps. “You take it off me.” She says simply.

Loki keeps his movements slow. His hand taking its time with each one. Bowing his head forward, the god pressed a kiss to the back of her neck. He freezes after he pulls back, he’s just now realizing what he’s done.

Val bites her lip and rolls back against him, she’s tucked closed and stares up at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asks pointedly.

Loki shakes his head. He’s only got two more claps to go before she’ll be able to slip the garment over her head.

“This is not how I expecting this to go.”

Val snorted, closing her eyes and gripping his forearm. “Right, you thought I’d be screwing Thor.”

Loki growled in his throat. “I knew you wouldn’t be.” He snipped, leaning down close. “He’s not your type.”

“So you came to my room and asked about him why?” She ignores the second half of what he said. Whether or not Thor is her type is irrelevant.

His shoulders jerk a shrug and cranes his neck to bite her ear. “Was curious to hear your response.” He whispered.

Val shivers a bit, pressing her shoulder closer to him. He’s working purposely slow on the last clasp. “You were looking for a fight.”

Loki grins, pinching her earlobe between his teeth. “Possibly.”

When the last clasp on her vest comes undone, Loki slides his hand back down her torso. He grips the hem of it and rugs up. Val pushes herself up, sitting so that she’s balanced and can lift her arms. Loki pulls the vest over her head, pausing halfway through to gather her hair and move in out of the way of the buckles.

Once she’s free of it, Val takes the vest from Loki and tosses onto the floor. They meet eyes as she settles back into the bed.

“You didn’t have to try to start a fight you know.” Val reaches up and tucks some of his long hair behind his ear. “Coulda just asked to come to bed.”

Loki rolled his eyes and leaned down. “I’ll have to remember that for next time.” He grins and kisses the corner of her mouth.

“Next time.” She muses. He moves to kiss her chin and Val ducks her head down. Pressing her lips to his roughly and sloppily.

Loki brings his hand up to cup her cheek and tilt her head. Guiding her closer to him and deepening the kiss.

Soon it turns heated, as she arches up against his bare chest. Their skin warm and soft against each other. Val fists one hand in his hair, pulling him back from her a bit.

“This doesn’t change anything.”

He’s laughing before she’s even finished her sentence. Loki cranes his neck against the grip she’s got on his hair. He kisses a line across her collarbone.

“Of course it doesn’t.” He agreed, skimming his fingers over her right nipple. “It can never be anything. And we know that.”

The End


Snow Day Surprises.

Characters - Sam x Reader, Dean.
Word Count - 2140
Warnings -  Swearing, fluff, other warnings in the tags. 
A/N -  Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes ’ 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Prompt - Snowball Fight.

Rolling over in bed you were surprised to roll into Sam’s chest, usually, when you woke up Sam was on a run.

Feeling his arms tighten around your waist you looked up at him, his eyes were just closing again when you kissed his cheek.

“Why are you here?” You whispered.

“Love you too.”

“You know what I mean.”

“It’s snowing.”


“Yeah.” Sam leaned back and opened the curtain slightly, sitting up you watched the snow cover baby and the parking lot. “So I thought we could stay here for a while.”

“Would you two shut up it is 5am!” Dean groaned.

“Sorry.” You spoke before kissing Sam again.

“Stop that shit too.” Dean snapped.

“Dean shut up and sleep.” You sighed pulling away from Sam’s lips, resting your head on his clothed chest you smiled as you listened to him slowly fall asleep.

A 5-hour rest was what you and Sam needed.

“You two look cosy.” Dean smirked as he snapped a photo of the two of you cuddled up in bed.

“I’ve slept longer than usual but I’m so tired.” You groaned.

“Story of my life.” Dean mumbled. “Now get your butts up we have things to do.”

“No.” Sam protested as he pulled you closer to him nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Dean, can we stay here?” You asked.

“Fine.” Dean huffed. You heard him leave the motel room yet you didn’t hear him return he must’ve left the door open. Seconds later you felt something ice cold hit your face, jumping up and away from Sam you screamed when you realised what had happened. Dean had dumped snow on both you and Sam.

“You bastard, you absolute dick!” You screamed at Dean launching yourself at him, Sam grabbed your arm pulling you back towards him before you could attack Dean. Sam’s arms wrapped around you holding you to his warm chest.

“You best get us coffee before she kills you.”

“It’s just snow.”

“Dean, I’m in pyjamas, not okay snow attire, so leave and get me something hot to drink.”

“Sam, you have a grouchy one here.”

“If I had a gun under my pillow I would have shot you,” Sam warned.

“Well shit, you two can’t take a joke.”

“Sam.” You hissed, closing your eyes. Peeling yourself from Sam’s chest you walked to the bathroom, you were more than happy to feel the warmth from the shower on your skin.

You felt more human after your shower and much less likely to kill Dean. Buttoning up your blouse you fixed your skirt before putting on your jacket, Sam walked in as you finished making yourself look human, taking of his shirt he turned on the shower.

“When he’s in the car we’ll get him back.”


“God yes, he deserves it,” Sam smirked, kissing you before stripping off and getting into the shower.

Walking back into the room you dropped your clothes and bag onto the bed. Dean was sat at the table scrolling through his laptop. “What no hot drink after what you did?”

“No, because you’ve been so picky lately and I didn’t want to piss you off further by getting you the wrong thing.”

“Shouldn’t have dropped snow on my head then you dick.”

“Dropped it on Sam too.”

“Doesn’t make it any better Dean.”

“We’ll get a drink on the way to the morgue, I’ll be in the car.” Dean rolled his eyes, getting up and leaving you alone.


The motel room was getting colder by the second, kicking off your heels you slipped back into bed trying to find some of Sam’s remaining body heat, pulling your knees up to your chest you settled under the blankets and closed your eyes.



“You okay?” Sam questioned kneeling down next to you, his hand cupping your face his thumb slowly rubbing your cheek.

“Just tired and cold, I thought the bed would help.”

“Want to stay here? I can get more blankets from reception.”

“I don’t know.”

“Give me a few minutes okay?”


You listened to Sam shut the motel room door, his footsteps fading as he crossed the parking lot towards baby, her engine stopped before 2 car doors slammed, two sets of footsteps walked back to the room before you heard the door again.

“Babe, you awake?” Sam questioned as he sat on the bed beside you.

“Yeah.” You opened your eyes with a few slow blinks.

“We don’t have a lot to do today so you can stay here but I want you to be able to pick up when I call or you can come with for a few hours, baby is nice and warm.”

“She is,”Dean added looking slightly guilty behind Sam.

“We have the morgue and then a few families to interview.”

“I’ll come with but not to the morgue.” You smiled at Sam, slowly pulling away the sheet and blanket.

“Dean go warm baby up some more.” Sam instructed as he helped you from the bed. “You sure you’re okay? You’re freezing, your legs, you’re so cold.” Sam’s hand rested on your knee.

“I know.”

“We have a blanket or two in baby.”



“Have you had sex on one or more of those?”

“No why?”

“Then Dean has, they’re being burnt.”

“Sure, you sure you’re okay though?”

“Positive, I’m just cold so store for a blanket then I can sit in the warmth while you two look at dead people.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Sam smiled helping you to your feet, slipping your heels back on you grabbed your handbag and put on your long grey coat.

Walking out to baby you and Sam took it steady, your heels not mixing with the snow. Slipping into the backseat you snapped your head to the other side of the car as Sam slid in next to you, leaving the passenger seat empty. Sam’s arms wrapped around you pulling you close to his chest.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” Dean spoke looking at you in the mirror.

“It wasn’t you, you’re fine.”

“Still I’m sorry.”

“Hey pull in at the next store you see, one most likely to sell a blanket.” Sam instructed Dean.

“There are blankets in the trunk.”

“If you can pick one that you haven’t had sex on I’ll accept it.” You looked at him with a raised brow.


“Yeah, they’re getting burnt.”

Dean pulled into a store and walked out a few minutes later with a dark grey fluffy blanket. Handing it back to you he smiled seeing you curled up against Sam.

“Good?” He asked as he watched you cocoon yourself.

“So good.” You mumbled trying to avoid getting your makeup on Sam.

Dean pulled into the car park of the small hospital, looking back at you and Sam, Dean shifted in his seat. “She asleep?”

“I don’t know, maybe,” Sam mumbled.

“You think we should get her checked out?”

“Dean she’s okay, it’s winter, it’s snowing, she’s just cold and exhausted.”

“Exactly shouldn’t we check her in?”

“Dean it’s not a hotel, stop freaking out over your snow stunt this morning.”

“I can’t.”

“Well stop, we have stuff to do.”

“Y/N?” Dean raised his voice making you jolt up with a groan.  “We’re heading inside so we’re giving you the keys, you have a gun and angel blade under the seat if you need it.”


“So nap your ass off for 30 minutes.” Dean spoke handing you the keys.

“Yes, sir.” You smiled at Dean, Sam kissed your forehead before leaving you alone in the car. Curling up you relished in the warmth of baby and the blanket, your nap felt no longer than 30 seconds, yet when the boys returned to the car you shot up gun raised.

“It’s us.” Sam announced as he slid in the seat next to you.

“So we have the Smiths and the someone elses to talk to.”

“What the fuck is going on with you?” Dean questioned.

“Fuck knows.” You yawned settling back against Sam.

“Sammy, I love her I do but her ass needs to stay in the car or go back to the motel.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

“If she interviews anyone we’re done, she’s not with it.”

“Right here Dean.” You waved at him.

“I know you are.”

“Let’s get coffee then we can head to interview the vics families.” You suggested.

“Fine but you slip up once.” Dean warned.


Interviewing the families didn’t take too long, they were both oblivious to any wrongdoing or strange events. You were more than happy to curl up against Sam with the blanket over you as Dean drove you all back to the motel.

Dean pulled baby into a space near your room, following Sam out of the car you looked at him, a devilish grin on his face told you he was planning something. He shut the back door before ducking down and scooping up some snow, after making 2 snowballs he stood back up and handed you one.

“Dean!” Sam called over the car.

“Yeah?” Dean turned around to face you both as he shut the car door.

Launching your snowball at his face you grinned as it hit him square in the face, Sam’s snowball soon followed snacking Dean with much more force than yours had.

“Oh it’s on!” Dean smirked disappearing behind baby to scoop up snow, you and Sam followed suit making a few more.

The snowball fight was short lived and you stayed well protected behind Sam, he blocked each hit as they flew at you both.

“Okay I’m too cold out here.” You announced holding your hands up in surrender, the words had barely left your mouth before a snowball hit you in the face. “AHHH! You dick!” You squealed. “All I wanted was my blanket from the car.”

“Sorry!” Dean shouted as he was hit with a snowball full force in the face making him stumble backwards.

Grabbing the blanket from the backseat you pulled the motel key from your pocket and unlocked the door. The snow running down your neck was freezing you.

“I’m taking a hot shower, no more snow, I call a truce.”

“Yes, no more snow.” Dean rubbed his nose, his cheeks and nose red from the cold and multiple snowball hits.

“Good, I’m showering and then sleeping.”

“Enjoy!” Dean shouted as you closed the bathroom door. “You sure she’s okay?”

“She’s fine.”

A few minutes later when you emerged from the bathroom in Sam’s plaid and a pair of pyjama shorts. Crawling into bed you noticed both of them watching you.


“Nothing.” Dean shrugged taking a swig from the bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“Seriously what’s up?” You asked Dean.

“Well, I’m worried about you.” Dean admitted.

Rolling over you searched your bag for the Christmas card for Dean, handing it to him you settled against Sam.

“What’s this?” He raised a brow, looking down at the card in his hand.

“Early Christmas present I guess.” You shrugged. “From both of us.”

You and Sam watched Dean open the envelope.

“Happy Christmas Uncle… You’re pregnant?” Dean sat up putting the alcohol on the side table. “I’m going to be an Uncle?” He got up and awkwardly hugged you and Sam.

“That’s why you’ve been on research and on interview duty.”

“Yeah.” Sam smiled down at you kissing your temple.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry I wouldn’t have pulled that shit this morning if I knew.”

“It’s fine.”

“Sure?” He asked perching on the bed next to you.

“Yes, so sure.” You smiled at Dean watching him reread the card as you rested your head on Sam’s chest.

“I love you.” Sam whispered kissing your hair.

“Y/N?” Dean asked.


“How far along are you?”

“13 weeks why?”

“Well I’m trying to timeline everything and you don’t look pregnant.”



“For a hunter, I can’t believe you haven’t noticed this, I know I’ve been covering up but…” You lifted up Sam’s plaid to show him your growing bump.

“Wow.” Dean glanced at Sam. “You two are so sneaky.”

“Yeah, we love you but I didn’t want to tell anyone until we were in the all clear.”

“I get it.”

“At least in a few years, you’ll have someone else to have snowball fights with.” You pulled down Sam’s shirt and rested a palm on your bump.

“I actually can’t wait, God I’m going to be the best Uncle ever.” Dean smiled to himself.

“I’ve nearly told him so many times today.” Sam admitted


“Yeah.” Sam’s hand rested next to yours. “I honestly didn’t think I’d end my day telling him.”

“I didn’t think I’d start the day with snow getting dumped on my head.” You smirked at Dean.

“I said I’m sorry!” Dean whined.

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The Faithful of the Underground

This fanfiction is set within the Undertale AU, The Caretaker of the Ruins. 

Chapter 1: Blind Patience Act 1

Chara stood over the bed. The child lay on it, sleeping, but not breathing. Chara breathing intesified. 

‘I cannot risk you recovering…’ Chara said, getting angrier by the second. They carefully stood beside the bed, and slowly brought one hand closer to the child’s neck.

‘So please….die.’

The hand came closer to the neck. And closer. 

This is it, Chara thought, this is it…..if I pull this off….if I do this….then-

But before they could finish their thought, one of the child’s hands suddenly shot up and caught Chara by the lower arm, taking them by surprise. The child sat up, and screamed, ‘MAMA!!’ 

Chara jumped back with a yelp. The child nearly fell over from the bed, shivering. They pulled back on to the bed, and stared ahead. Chara thought they were staring at them, but realized they were actually staring at the wall behind them. He looked closer.

The child, indeed, was looking at the wall behind them. 

Chara slowly stood up, observing the human. The child put a hand on their bed sheets, and then the other. A look of confusion came over their face. She looked around, saying, ‘Mama?’

Not sure what to do, our prince quickly made up their mind, and said, ‘Your mother isn’t here.’

The child looked at Chara’s direction, but not at Chara themself. They said, ‘What? But…where am I?’ 

Chara was quickly running out of ideas and time, and said, ‘That’s not important.’

The child again asked, ‘Where am I?’

‘I said…that’s not important. What is important… why are you looking at the wall? I’m here!’ Chara waved their hands while angrily saying this. Not only had their plan failed due to the human in front of them waking up, but they weren’t even looking at them. And it seemed like they were doing it on purpose. 

The child blinked, and looked around in their general direction. ‘Where?’ 

‘Right he-’

‘I can’t see you.’

Chara stopped. What?

‘What did you just say?’

‘I….can’t….see you.’ The panic in their voice grew, ‘I….I can’t see!’ They started fidgeting, but then slumped back on their pillow. Chara was flabbergasted. They were quick to collect their wits, though. 

So I have a blind human here…that was unexpected….but they’re not dead. They would matter more like that. 

Chara slowly made their way to the child, putting their hands up (Which was a useless thing to do, considering the scared kid was blind), saying soothingly, ‘Now, calm down, ok? Calm down…’

The child looked in their direction again, and said, in a panicked tone, ‘But…but…I can’t see….how do I know where you are?’

Chara moved closer. Their eyes were on the kid’s throat. If I can just…do it quickly….

‘Don’t worry….I’ll take good care of you….’ 

Chapter 1: End 

Caretaker of the Ruins belongs to @caretaker-au

This story belongs to me

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" you make me feel so damn gushy" and Bakugou?

Akaasljaajs first update after what’s felt like 1,000 years!! I’m planning on doing a sort of fantasy series (it’s more of a crossover between bnha and an old video game that I love) that’s going to be featuring Bakugou and the reader!! I hope I can post the first chapters this week (and hopefully get my Ao3 account so I can move some stuff over there along with my new series. ,,,,

Anyways here’s a little drabble for the prompt!! :0

It was grossly early in the morning. Like, super grossly early. The sun was barely rising, kind of early. You happened to have the audacity to get up with a sudden urge to take a shower, wiggling out of your boyfriend’s grasp and trudging over to the bathrooms down the hall and trying for a quick shower. There was nothing going through your mind except how tired you were. A longing sigh escaped your lips as the warm water cascaded down over you, the grime and dirt from yesterday washing away.

In hindsight, you probably shouldn’t have agreed to train with your boyfriend after already having trained with both Kirishima and a few others. Now you just felt like mush, happy you were finally on the weekend. There was plenty of time to relax now, and with the way your… everything really, was aching, you’d definitely need it. You lazily squeezed out some liquid soap, not bothering with the shampoo. You only needed to be clean, and you didn’t care how you got there. You only really knew that just using soap to wash everything like this would get you there sooner.

As you sleepily washed the soap off of your body you thought back to the sleeping face of the dumb, ash haired boy that you loved. It was weird but, he had the softest looking sleeping face. A small, sleepy smile crept on your face, your hands rubbing lazily at your eyes. It was futile, trying to rub the sleep from your eyes like this. You were only going to flop back onto the bed and snuggle back into your human pillow as soon as you were done here.

The shower stopped and you stumbled out, grabbed a towel and towed yourself off just enough for you to not feel gross as you put on your clothes. A towel was draped over your head as you wandered back to your boyfriend. He was still asleep, but it looked like he’d kicked off the covers out of frustration again. You chuckled and flopped back into the bed, dragging yourself over to the sleeping heap. A gentle kiss was placed on his forehead, after you moved his spiky hair out of the way mind you. He mumbled something, before an eye cracked open and you tried to snuggle back into the bit of covers that were still on the bed.

Your boyfriend shifted so he was facing you, looking groggily at you, a small pout on his face. You assumed it was supposed to look like the usual glare that he’d always give, but it looked like the face of a child who was robbed of their candy. The candy being you.

“Where the fuck did you go?” He grumbled, pinching one of your cheeks. You closed your eyes and let out a hoarse whine. He was such a turd. You jutted your tongue out at him to let him know that you were not amused by the cheek pinching.

“I wanted to take a shower since we came back and passed out on the bed after training.” You almost slurred, a yawn making the last bit of the sentence almost incomprehensible.

Your boyfriend only pinched your cheeks harder. Puffing out your cheeks you tried your best to shrink away from him. You whined his name and swatted his hand away, keeping your cheeks puffed out like a child. He scoffed at you, but he wasn’t about to give up yet. He sat up and reached over, taking both of his hands and squishing your cheeks. Your squeezed your eyes shut and attempted to pout through the squishing, a whine leaking out as you squirmed.

“Katsuki!” You protested, wiggling out of his grasp. He only let out a dry laugh.

The dodging you were trying to perform was not, well, fruitful to say the least and Katsuki only reached over to squish your face again, a cackle rippling through his chest. He seemed to be enjoying himself at least?? You contorted your face trying wiggle away again but found that your poor self was stuck. There was a look of pure delight on his face; a look that you very rarely saw. Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Out nowhere, though, you saw him try to bite back a smile, and he let go of your face, his hands just clenching in front of him.

Now that you looked at him, a shade of blush was lit across his cheeks, and he was looking away. Even the tips of his ears were red as he practically crashed back down into the plush bed. Pulling you closer he placed a forceful kiss against your lips, a sigh exiting through his nostrils rapidly. You kissed back eagerly, but since the two of you were still practically asleep, it soon molded into a sloppy and tired exchange. He pulled away just enough to move and bury his face in your hair. You felt him breathe in your scent, still fresh from the shower.

Goddamnit…” He groaned, “You make me feel so damn gushy.”

You almost laughed, but only snuggled closer into him. If only you had caught that on tape… And if only you had the energy to pepper his dumb face with kisses for being absolutely adorable at a time like this.

Goddamnit Katsuki…. You’d have to wait until the two of you to wake up in a couple of hours. Until then, you were content letting his last lingering words replay in your mind over and over again like a fleeting tune you couldn’t get out of your head.

You’re The Reason

A/N: It is currently 11:54 pm on a Sunday night and I have work in exactly 6 hours and 6 minutes. I started writing a Seb imagine but this just sorta came to me while I was in the shower. It’s going to be short but I like stuff like this so bare with me here. Thank you for reading! Update: This may or may not be a series. I’m not sure yet. Lemme know what you think:)

Warnings: Uhmmmmm, none I think. Slight angst?

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

It’s been 10 months since Bucky left. You didn’t know where he went or why he left, but it pained you every second of every day. 

You loved him more than anyone and after a year of being together, you were sure you were sure you were going to marry him. Unfortunately, one day after coming home from work he was gone. 

Now it was time to move on with your life. You were leaving Bucharest after seven years of over sea living, and you were moving back to America. As you packed away each room, you continued to find things that reminded you of Bucky, causing a tear to slip from your eye. 

His sweater fell from the top of the closet, his scent still masking the fabric and you felt you were being punished for thinking about him. You slipped the sweater over your head, inhaling the lovely smell and wiping your tears. 

You knew he was involved in things, he never told you because he didn’t want you hurt. “If you knew anything, I don’t know what they’d do to you, Darlin’.”

You were sure he didn’t want to leave, but he had that back pack always ready. He disappeared without a trace. 

As you packed away the closet in your room, you noticed an envelope slip from between boxes of shoes. 

Curious, you turned it over and your name was written in big letters. 

“Oh my god…” 

All your emotions began to bubble up. It was Bucky’s handwriting. 

You took a deep breath and opened the letter. 

Hey Dollface,

By now I’m long gone. Hopefully you won’t find this any sooner, but I want you to find it soon enough. 

I’ve done some bad things. 

I’ve killed people- no, I didn’t. I was forced to. Tortured. You always wanted to know how I got my arm, and this is why. The people who made me kill gave me this arm so I could be unstoppable. 

It was some sort of mind control, I’m still trying to understand how they did it.

I wasn’t in the right state of mind and deep down I didn’t want to be doing these things. I have difficulty remembering who I was before all of this, but you helped me become who I think I used to be. 

You’ve done so much for me, and I don’t know how I could ever repay you. 

It saddens me that it has to end like this. I never got to tell you how I really feel. 

You kept me human, instead of this shell of a man that was left after I escaped. 

I’ll miss everything about you. Including the way your hair would spread across the pillow at night, and how you so easily molded to my body. You’re perfect for me, and I don’t want this over at all. I wish I could stay here- with you- forever. I feel so at home with you, you are my home. 

Do you remember when you made me try Sarmale for the first time? I still have the video of you laughing at my reaction, and it’s something I will keep with me forever. 

You will never leave my heart, (Y/N). 

Somehow, we’ll meet again. Whether it be in the distant future, or in another life, we will be together again. 

Promise me you will keep yourself safe, okay? I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. 

I want you to move on, enjoy life and live it to the fullest like you’ve always dreamed of. I don’t want you holding back on doing things you love because I’m gone. 

Move back to America, go deep sea diving, start up painting. Create beautiful things. One day I’d love to see your paintings in a museum.

I love you, Darlin’. So much. I’m so sorry.


A sob fell from your mouth while your tears wet the paper. Everything about this letter answered most of your questions, and you couldn’t help but feel like you needed more answers. 

Had he forgotten you? Did whoever was after him capture him again? 

Fear ran up your spine and you swallowed back another sob. 

You had to find him. 

Without thinking, you began filling up boxes. You didn’t know where to start or how to do it, but you were going to find Bucky Barnes. The man you love is in danger, and you didn’t want him to be anymore. 

You picked up the picture frame on your nightstand, staring at Bucky’s bright and smiling features. “I’ll find you…” You whispered, turning the picture over and hastily packing your belongings.

jerseydevious  asked:

i trust you to do something fun with #15

So, this gave me a chance to do some Bruce & Alfred angsty-ish hurt/comfort instead of just whining at you that there isn’t enough of it for me to read. I sort of cheated a little with the prompt and I hope you don’t mind.


The sun was coming up by the time Bruce limped into the gallery and stopped by a white marble sculpture, streaked with faint veins of gray. Being on his feet was agony to the sutures across his lower ribs, the mangled lacerations bandaged over his legs.

But here, surrounded by things his mother had collected and loved and admired, he at least wouldn’t irritate wounds by throwing things. Memories stayed him where his temper might fail.

Thirty more seconds was all he had in him and as the edges of his vision went black he sank to the floor and leaned against the pillar the statue sat on. He just barely kept himself conscious, and the throbbing radiating from a half dozen points on his scarred body was preferable to sleeping quite yet.

Closing his eyes would mean seeing it again. Three lives, gone just like that, and one of them a good detective. Some days it was easy to believe Gotham was getting better, but nights like this one— mornings, he supposed— made it clear that if anything, the entire time he’d spent in the cowl was only to watch it decay further.

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what I’d pay for every day to start like today

“Stop it.”

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything.”

“Stop purring.”

There’s a brief second of tug-o-war before Bruce lets Clark reclaim another inch of covering. He does it purely out of the goodness his kids joke he doesn’t have in his heart. Clark doesn’t feel the cold, he doesn’t actually need the blankets.

“I’m not purring,” Clark says.

“I can feel it.”

“How? You’re on the other side of the bed.”

“It’s his bat senses,” Diana says. She pokes both of them with her elbows shifting around and it’s definitely intentional. Her arm settles, warm and heavy, across Bruce’s waist. Clark’s fingers tickle his side as they worm their way over as well.

Bruce cranes his head to look for the source of the purring. “Blasted cat,” he mutters. Alfred is curled up on top of Diana’s feet; she doesn’t seem to mind. “Who left the door open?”

“You came in last.”

“No, I didn’t. Diana got up to get water after we were in bed.”

“I closed the door when I came back.”

Bruce huffs. “Alfred.”

“Yes,” Diana says. “Do you think he somehow turned the knob? That would be a very intelligent cat.” She lifts her head, hair brushing across Bruce’s neck. “I could ask him.”

Clark chuckles. “I think he meant human Alfred.” He frowns. “You did, didn’t you, Bruce?”

“The cat misses Damian when he’s away with the Teen Titans. Alfred must have gotten sick of him getting under his feet and let him in here.”

“Hmm.” The rumble of Diana’s hum feels almost like purring through Bruce’s chest. He grumbles half-heartedly and pushes his face back into the pillow.

“It’s too early.”

“Then go back to sleep.”

“You go back to sleep.”

“Hush,” Diana says, amusement colouring her tone. “We will all go back to sleep.”

It doesn’t matter that sunlight is already glowing behind the curtains. Bruce is warm and content. He dozes off, waking hours later to find Ace and Titus have been let in and onto the bed as well. He grumbles at Diana and Clark, but it’s just for show. His chest feels light and bubbly, fuzzy where his partners’ hands rest over his heart.

The Case of the Missing Identity No. 1

Title: The Case of the Missing Identity

Pairing: Sherlock x reader (eventually)

Word Count: 1,040

Warnings: Uhh…smoking cigarettes. That’s all…I think.

A/N: So…I’m branching out from Supernatural. I love a lot of different fandoms and so…yeah. Smooches, boo! (Gif is clearly not mine)

Originally posted by silent-micka

Your rapidly beating heart faltered slightly as you walked at nearly the pace of a jog, your eyes scanning the numbers on the street. You looked back at the sweat smeared address on your hand and repeated it over and over as you approached what looked to be a cafe. The scents wafting out made you feel a sense of calm. Walking past, you found your destination and rang the bell. You shivered lightly the drizzle of the outside world causing little wet beads to set upon your hair. Your breathing began to return to normal as you were greeted by a chipper lady with hooded eyes and a rather short haircut. She looked you up and down and shouted, “Sherlock! A client for you!”

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Request fill for exactly zero people. I requested this from myself.

Pairing: Victoria x MC (Ataliah)

Word Count: 921

Summary: “I can see right through you, Victoria.” Victoria frowned, she inclined her head, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Ataliah smiled sadly, “It means, I love you too.”


In which Ataliah makes Victoria feel gooey inside, and boy is that terrifying fun.

Notes: There might be a part two to this. I don’t know. Enjoy. Also, I was listening to Gooey by Glass Animals while reading this (hence the title) I recommend you do the same.

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Neko!Lance x Shiro—-(SHANCE)[UNFINISHED]

Lance was have a relaxing day with his owner at home, but currently they were lazing around. Lance then wanted to tease his owner ,so he got up and moved the laptop his owner was using and sat on his lap. Lance then put on his begging face to give a sign he wanted attention.

Shiro glanced down at his neko, sighing softly. “Lance, what have I told you?” He sighed. He picked him up and set him on the floor, grabbing his laptop. “I’m working, I can play later.”

Lance started to whine as he looked up at him. “B-But…I want attention. Please…at least one kiss.” Lance says as his ears flop down in sadness and looks up at Shiro with his famous begging eyes.

Shiro didn’t look at him, sighing softly. “Later, okay sweetheart?” He said softly, trying to compromise. “I promise I’ll play with you all you want.”

Lance sighed and then got an idea to tease Shiro. Lance climbed back up on the couch and started to kiss Shiro’s neck as he saw him work.

Shiro groaned softly and whipped his head around to face him. “Off the couch! I said later, don’t make me say tommorow instead.”

Lance looked at him startled and then Lance looked down at the floor. Lance got up and went to the bedroom to lay down.

Shiro watched a little bit as Lance left feeling a little hurt of what he did to Lance, but Shiro continued to finish off his work, once he was done he went to go find Lance in the room. “Baby, come here.” He said softly, reaching for him.

Lance didn’t get up from his side of the bed. Lance just laid there, acting if he was asleep. Lance didn’t want to talk to Shiro.

Shiro went up to him, sighing softly as he ran his fingers through his hands. “I’m sorry honey.."Shiro cuddles up next to Lance.

Lance couldn’t take the separation from Shiro,so he turned to face Shiro. “You know I hate when you yell at me. Why do you do it, even though you know?” Lance asks as he looks at Shiro.

Shiro sighed lightly before responding. "I’m sorry, I was getting frustrated, that’s all…Work isn’t being very nice.” He said softly, pulling him into a hug, kissing him gently.

Lance humes before responding. “Mh…how so? You know you can talk to me.” Lance says in between kisses.

Shiro was a little hesitant to tell Lance the truth. “They aren’t trying enough to allow me to bring you with me on that two week trip.” He said softly, kissing him a bit more forcefully.

Lance pulls away and sits up. “Why?! They get to bring their lovers ;why can’t I be brought? I am semi-human too. I could disguise my ears and tail to look if I am like a teenager or just a regular person.” Lance argues as he looks down at Shiro.

“Exactly!” He huffed,leaning against his pillow. “I’m gonna bring you no matter what, I promise. I don’t wanna be without you.” He sighed

Lance leans near Shiro ,and starts to play with his hair bangs.“Don’t worry, I would never leave you too. I don’t wanna remember what happened the last time you left me here alone.” Lance says as he shivers at the memory of it.

Shiro gives a wonky smile as he remembers. “I’m sorry about that.” He said softly.


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Do you know of any NYC themed rooms? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Hi :)

There are a few things you can get for an NYC themed room:

1. Learn to do a DIY masking tape skyline like below from here.

2. Get a large NYC artwork/wallpaper to be a main focus in your room. Find some here and here.

3. Add NYC bedding/pillows. Buy some here.

4. You can buy NYC street-name decor with your name printed on it from here.

5. If you have a bookshelf fill it with some NYC themed books e.g. the Humans of New York book which you can buy here.

6. Lastly some industrial lighting is a must! It reminds me of NYC studio apartments and would look really cool in a bedroom. Buy here 30% off.

Hope that helped! xo

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Hey Shin! I got a cute plush of you that i always sleep with, but i also got TWO adorable pillows of you too! Can you see my devotion for you? But don't worry about your brother, shin! i bought a carla plushie and he's on the way here and i hope to love and care for him too. On christmas i might get another two pillows but with carla's cute little kingly face on them both! I love you both and i hope you two continue to be the coolest and amazing firstbloods ever!


Carla: … “cute”?

Shin: You humans sure are strange to buy plushies and pillows of us…

Shin: Oh right, the only thing I like about the woman there *points at MTK* is that she isn’t that devoted to even purchase those stuff…

Carla: *stares at MTK*

[MTK: Y-Yeah… I’m not… *sweating nervously*]

Shin: Anyway, would you really be that devoted with the real me, in the flesh, in front of you? I highly doubt it, you would beg to be freed, toy~!

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So I don't have an AO3 and thus I can't comment on it BUT I LOVE NICE TO SWEET YOU SO MUCH. It's almost 2 am here and I'm smiling into my pillow because of those two adorable dorks. I wasn't sure how you were going to have Markus start watching Connor based on the description, or even if they would meet, but I love the way you set it up! YouTube can show you decent videos on autoplay (sometimes) that you wouldn't otherwise watch. And I agree that Markus would tease Connor like that! 1/2 -C

And then I loved how you moved through their relationship instead of lingering on with the first few dates because while that can be good, I think your way showed how deep their relationship became more succinctly. If you ever get around to making a third chapter please post it! I’d love to see what happens next! Keep up the great work! 2/2 -C

Isn’t it possible to comment on AO3 even without an account? I thought it was…but comments on Tumblr are always welcome as well so, hi :D

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, that means a lot. It was fun to write the story so it always warms my heart to see people have as much fun reading as I had writing it ♥

Yeah, first dates can be cute and all but a lot of stories revolve around the getting together plus the early dating part so…I felt like skipping the middle and sum up how they are after the initial awkwardness has gone by.

I don’t know if there will ever be a third chapter but I will definitely write more about the ship, that much is sure! :D

Thank you very much for your kind words ♥♥

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On the off chance that youre taking requests, can you write Spock comforting Jim? OMS would be nice as well :)

written from Spock’s POV, right before the fateful mission happens in TWOK

The warm smile fades. “Where are you off to now?” you ask, with A Tale of Two Cities held to your chest.

“The Enterprise.” I incline my chin. “I must check in before your inspection.” One day remains before I will invite you on the ship that was our home for many years. Everything must be perfect. “And you?”

You exhale. Your eyes soften.

Your mouth twitches and your gaze falls from mine.

A small huff. “Home.”

The word, though spoken quietly, sounds like a curse. When you turn and walk off, I close my eyes.


You will not tell me. I know this much. But even when you say nothing, I hear you. Your silence is a shout that speaks louder than your lips ever could.

It echoes.

A vase filled with roses sits upon a mahogany table for two—our table, beside the kitchen. Another red petal falls on the runner to join the others that served as your company on the mornings and evenings of this week. Did you speak to them of your day? Did you tell them of your latest altercation with Admiral Nogura? Did you place a cup of tea before them and hope they would drink?

There is a Terran proverb that prompts these inquiries. Old habits die hard.

“Computer, spiced tea,” you say to the synthesizer, while I sit in the quiet of our condominium…a space I have not inhabited for seven Earth days.

The oldest petals that fell to the table have dried out. These roses were not for you. I know this.

“Here.” The scent of jasmine, orange, and cloves arrives before you even place the cup down. A half-smile pulls at your mouth and then you inhale, quickly look up and over to the large windows. The night is young, somewhere. “I think I’ll…” You purse your lips. “I’ll go sit outside.” …for a cigar and scotch on the balcony, you do not add.

I nod and remain seated, watching as you drift to the small bar—as your hand falls on the bottle of Romulan Ale Doctor McCoy presented to you earlier. You pause in contemplation before your fingers slip to a more familiar choice next to it: Glenfiddich, aged over decades. Two ice cubes are dropped in a glass, and leather-hued liquid spills over them. You pick up your new pair of glasses, your drink, and A Tale of Two Cities. Then, you leave without a word.

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Fairest Of Them All  ▏Bobby

►I got around to read Romeo and Juliet over again for the umpteenth time, and this scenario sort of played in my head as I read the balcony scene, and I thought I’d make it into an actual lil scenario with Bobby. Hope it’s coool :)

           It had to be close to midnight bynow.

           The party had started when the sunwas still hanging in the sky, and now it was so dark you could barelydistinguish the outlines of your feet when you looked down and took careful steps across the rooftop. Even from up there, the booming music from inside was picked up by your ears, as well as the shouting from the many teenagers in the house.

           This wasn’t particularly your “scene”, and you couldn’t lie to yourself and say otherwise, but a couple days ago the idea of coming to this party and trying to have a good time sounded interesting to you.

           But you grew tired of the dancing, and the yelling, and the house full of rowdy teenagers who shared no interests with you. So instead, you stepped out of the house and somehow made your way onto the rooftop, where you were able to find the perfect spot to sit and look up at the night sky.

           This was better than any party, for sure.

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

The miniscule sound called into Castiel’s ear. His mouth turned down into a scowl at its consistency. It was like a pestering fly buzzing by his ear and his hand instinctively swatted at it, hoping it would go away. He soon regretted the movement as a white hot pain shot through his arm. He instantly shot up from his place on the bed, his eyes popped open franticly.

His vision blurred, and all he could see was various shades of neutral color, mostly white and grey. He rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his hand. His temples throbbed madly with an awful headache, the pain felt like his head was about to split in two.

An ear-splitting ring sounded from beside him and he blindly reached toward the sound, feeling a small rectangular object press into his palm he brought it towards him. He squinted down at what he realized was his cell phone, a hand-me-down from Dean and Sam’s old collection, and your name appeared to flash on the screen. He sighed in relief and pressed accept.

“Cas! Where the hell have you been!?” You shrieked, causing the angel to quickly push the phone away from his ear. “Me, Dean, and Sam have been worried sick! We saw the angels fall and you weren’t picking up and I–”

“I’m fine, Y/N.” Castiel interjected, hoping that the comment would ease you, but he didn’t sound too convincing. His eyes closed as he tried to control the emotions bubbling up inside him. Upon hearing about his fallen brothers and sisters, he finally realized where he was. The hospital. He could vaguely remember the feel of a car’s heavy bumper pummeling his body off the road. The trip to the hospital came in flashes.

A pair of men in blue uniform strapped him to a gurney. A mask was placed upon his face, making his breathing easier on his lungs. Then, rows and rows of lights flashed above him, and masked faces wearing white and teal clothing. As soon as they shoved a needle into the crease of his arm, there was only blackness.

Castiel’s breathing becomes ragged and labored. Moisture trickled down his cheek and he wiped at it, marveling in its texture. He…he was crying, he realized.

“C-Cas?” Your voice softly buzzed on the other end, concern slipping into your once frantic tone. “What’s going on? Where are you?”

He sucked in a deep breath and blew it out slowly, his aching ribs protested against the action, but he pushed the pain aside. “Y/N. I have to tell you something…and I don’t know…I don’t want you to be…” He struggled to find words, anything to make what he had to say easier to bear.

“Castiel.” You sighed deeply. “It’s alright. I’m here. I’m listening. Just tell me where you are.”

“I-I’m at the hospital.” He clutched his cell tighter in his grasp, his nerves getting the best of him.

There is a long pause before you spoke again. “And why would you be at the hospital?” You asked.

“Because I was hit by a car.” He answered quickly. His blue eyes took solace in staring at the heart monitor that awoke him earlier. He watched as the green line bounced with every beat of his heart, steady, and rhythmic. He was in pain, he was aching, and caused by Metatron’s hand, he was human. And the thought truly frightened him.

Because of the endless questions about his future plaguing his mind, Castiel almost forgot that you were on the other end of the line. “…Y/N? Are you still there?” He swallowed thickly.

“Yes, I’m still here.” You replied, however your voice was short and clipped. “I don’t understand… I mean, obviously I’m furious that some douchebag just ran you over like a pile of train tracks, but…you’re an angel, Cas.” Castiel flinched at your use of the term. “Why would you be at a hospital if you can just heal yourself?”

He let his head fall back onto the pillows underneath him and stared at the ceiling before responding with a clenched jaw, “Because, I’m not an angel anymore. I’m human.”