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Do you know of any NYC themed rooms? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Hi :)

There are a few things you can get for an NYC themed room:

1. Learn to do a DIY masking tape skyline like below from here.

2. Get a large NYC artwork/wallpaper to be a main focus in your room. Find some here and here.

3. Add NYC bedding/pillows. Buy some here.

4. You can buy NYC street-name decor with your name printed on it from here.

5. If you have a bookshelf fill it with some NYC themed books e.g. the Humans of New York book which you can buy here.

6. Lastly some industrial lighting is a must! It reminds me of NYC studio apartments and would look really cool in a bedroom. Buy here 30% off.

Hope that helped! xo

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On the off chance that youre taking requests, can you write Spock comforting Jim? OMS would be nice as well :)

written from Spock’s POV, right before the fateful mission happens in TWOK

The warm smile fades. “Where are you off to now?” you ask, with A Tale of Two Cities held to your chest.

“The Enterprise.” I incline my chin. “I must check in before your inspection.” One day remains before I will invite you on the ship that was our home for many years. Everything must be perfect. “And you?”

You exhale. Your eyes soften.

Your mouth twitches and your gaze falls from mine.

A small huff. “Home.”

The word, though spoken quietly, sounds like a curse. When you turn and walk off, I close my eyes.


You will not tell me. I know this much. But even when you say nothing, I hear you. Your silence is a shout that speaks louder than your lips ever could.

It echoes.

A vase filled with roses sits upon a mahogany table for two—our table, beside the kitchen. Another red petal falls on the runner to join the others that served as your company on the mornings and evenings of this week. Did you speak to them of your day? Did you tell them of your latest altercation with Admiral Nogura? Did you place a cup of tea before them and hope they would drink?

There is a Terran proverb that prompts these inquiries. Old habits die hard.

“Computer, spiced tea,” you say to the synthesizer, while I sit in the quiet of our condominium…a space I have not inhabited for seven Earth days.

The oldest petals that fell to the table have dried out. These roses were not for you. I know this.

“Here.” The scent of jasmine, orange, and cloves arrives before you even place the cup down. A half-smile pulls at your mouth and then you inhale, quickly look up and over to the large windows. The night is young, somewhere. “I think I’ll…” You purse your lips. “I’ll go sit outside.” …for a cigar and scotch on the balcony, you do not add.

I nod and remain seated, watching as you drift to the small bar—as your hand falls on the bottle of Romulan Ale Doctor McCoy presented to you earlier. You pause in contemplation before your fingers slip to a more familiar choice next to it: Glenfiddich, aged over decades. Two ice cubes are dropped in a glass, and leather-hued liquid spills over them. You pick up your new pair of glasses, your drink, and A Tale of Two Cities. Then, you leave without a word.

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Awkward Angel

Original request:

I was wondering if I can ask for a one shot where the reader gets tortured in front of Dean and Sam and almost dies but Cas manages to save them in time and there is a lot of fluff with Cas and the reader.


I do hope you enjoy it still! Thank you for requesting and I truly appreciate you reading!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

“Where is Castiel?!”

The angel clad in stereotypical business attire barked. Dean and Sam say across the way from you watching in pure rage and terror as the Angel took his time torturing you.   You raised your head slowly, spit out blood and smiled.


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Fairest Of Them All  ▏Bobby

►I got around to read Romeo and Juliet over again for the umpteenth time, and this scenario sort of played in my head as I read the balcony scene, and I thought I’d make it into an actual lil scenario with Bobby. Hope it’s coool :)

           It had to be close to midnight bynow.

           The party had started when the sunwas still hanging in the sky, and now it was so dark you could barelydistinguish the outlines of your feet when you looked down and took careful steps across the rooftop. Even from up there, the booming music from inside was picked up by your ears, as well as the shouting from the many teenagers in the house.

           This wasn’t particularly your “scene”, and you couldn’t lie to yourself and say otherwise, but a couple days ago the idea of coming to this party and trying to have a good time sounded interesting to you.

           But you grew tired of the dancing, and the yelling, and the house full of rowdy teenagers who shared no interests with you. So instead, you stepped out of the house and somehow made your way onto the rooftop, where you were able to find the perfect spot to sit and look up at the night sky.

           This was better than any party, for sure.

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

The miniscule sound called into Castiel’s ear. His mouth turned down into a scowl at its consistency. It was like a pestering fly buzzing by his ear and his hand instinctively swatted at it, hoping it would go away. He soon regretted the movement as a white hot pain shot through his arm. He instantly shot up from his place on the bed, his eyes popped open franticly.

His vision blurred, and all he could see was various shades of neutral color, mostly white and grey. He rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his hand. His temples throbbed madly with an awful headache, the pain felt like his head was about to split in two.

An ear-splitting ring sounded from beside him and he blindly reached toward the sound, feeling a small rectangular object press into his palm he brought it towards him. He squinted down at what he realized was his cell phone, a hand-me-down from Dean and Sam’s old collection, and your name appeared to flash on the screen. He sighed in relief and pressed accept.

“Cas! Where the hell have you been!?” You shrieked, causing the angel to quickly push the phone away from his ear. “Me, Dean, and Sam have been worried sick! We saw the angels fall and you weren’t picking up and I–”

“I’m fine, Y/N.” Castiel interjected, hoping that the comment would ease you, but he didn’t sound too convincing. His eyes closed as he tried to control the emotions bubbling up inside him. Upon hearing about his fallen brothers and sisters, he finally realized where he was. The hospital. He could vaguely remember the feel of a car’s heavy bumper pummeling his body off the road. The trip to the hospital came in flashes.

A pair of men in blue uniform strapped him to a gurney. A mask was placed upon his face, making his breathing easier on his lungs. Then, rows and rows of lights flashed above him, and masked faces wearing white and teal clothing. As soon as they shoved a needle into the crease of his arm, there was only blackness.

Castiel’s breathing becomes ragged and labored. Moisture trickled down his cheek and he wiped at it, marveling in its texture. He…he was crying, he realized.

“C-Cas?” Your voice softly buzzed on the other end, concern slipping into your once frantic tone. “What’s going on? Where are you?”

He sucked in a deep breath and blew it out slowly, his aching ribs protested against the action, but he pushed the pain aside. “Y/N. I have to tell you something…and I don’t know…I don’t want you to be…” He struggled to find words, anything to make what he had to say easier to bear.

“Castiel.” You sighed deeply. “It’s alright. I’m here. I’m listening. Just tell me where you are.”

“I-I’m at the hospital.” He clutched his cell tighter in his grasp, his nerves getting the best of him.

There is a long pause before you spoke again. “And why would you be at the hospital?” You asked.

“Because I was hit by a car.” He answered quickly. His blue eyes took solace in staring at the heart monitor that awoke him earlier. He watched as the green line bounced with every beat of his heart, steady, and rhythmic. He was in pain, he was aching, and caused by Metatron’s hand, he was human. And the thought truly frightened him.

Because of the endless questions about his future plaguing his mind, Castiel almost forgot that you were on the other end of the line. “…Y/N? Are you still there?” He swallowed thickly.

“Yes, I’m still here.” You replied, however your voice was short and clipped. “I don’t understand… I mean, obviously I’m furious that some douchebag just ran you over like a pile of train tracks, but…you’re an angel, Cas.” Castiel flinched at your use of the term. “Why would you be at a hospital if you can just heal yourself?”

He let his head fall back onto the pillows underneath him and stared at the ceiling before responding with a clenched jaw, “Because, I’m not an angel anymore. I’m human.”