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Izana v. Dr Asshat in chapter 6 of SS

“I regret to inform you,” that rat of a physician says, in the distinct tone of a man who is not in the least sorry, “that I cannot work with the herbalist girl.”

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*50/100 days of productivity*

 7.3.16//  Goodbye Huck Finn, Welcome Modernism
- currently working on F.S. Fitzgerald “the great Gatsby” -
 Next stop in the “waste land”, afternoon tea with Sir T.S.Eliot ( desperately faking British origins)


“In this dimension, you chose ruin.”

Upsetting is one word for it, yeah. Thanks for the ask. -P

“It would be only fair to the reader to say frankly in advance that the attitude of any person toward this story will be distinctly influenced by his theories of the Negro race. If he believes that the Negro In America and in general is an average and ordinary human being, who under given environment develops like other human beings, then he will read this story and judge it by the facts adduced. If, however, he regards the Negro as a distinctly inferior creation, who can never successfully take part in modern civilization and whose emancipation and enfranchisement were gestures against nature, then he will need something more than the sort of facts that I have set down. But this latter person, I am not trying to convince. I am simply pointing out these two points of view, so obvious to Americans, and then without further ado, I am assuming the truth of the first. In fine, I am going to tell this story as though Negroes were ordinary human beings, realizing that this attitude will from the first seriously curtail my audience.”


from the introduction of “Black Reconstruction,” 

Atlanta, December, 1934

Racists got read.

And it’s still true today.

Reasons to Run

You’re super stressed out about… pretty much EVERYTHING you have to do, then you go for a run and suddenly you feel like an amazing, limitless human being. 

Your whole attitude changes from “everything sucks, I’ll never do all this” to “come the fuck at me”. 

(I mean there are obviously other good reasons to run, like it makes you healthy and shit… but the attitude adjustment is really why I do it most of the time.) 

people hate halsey for making human mistakes. as if you haven’t made a low dig at someone online? as if you havent gone off on someone who shit talked you? she’s just a girl in her early ‘20s, learning, growing, and expanding her art. the internet should stop idolizing people to the point that if they show imperfections they’re suddenly a horrible person that deserves hatred and people mocking their medical conditions that affect their fertility. no one deserves that.


 I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others. - Grace Kelly

I’m basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do. - Grace Kelly 

 I’ve worked with many fine actresses. But in my opinion, the best actress I ever worked with was Grace Kelly. Ingrid, Audrey, and Deborah Kerr were splendid, splendid actresses, but Grace was utterly relaxed - the most extraordinary actress ever. Her mind was razor-keen, but she was relaxed while she was doing it. I appreciated that. It’s not an easy profession, despite what most people think. - Cary Grant.

Grace Kelly’s apparent frigidity was like a mountain covered with snow, but that mountain was a volcano. - Alfred Hitchcock  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!  (November 12 1929 - September 14 1982)

Andalite creatures live in greater harmony than Earth animals. I thought of the kafit birds, the hoobers, and the djabalas. We practiced morphing these creatures, but caging them, killing them, eating them was unthinkable. We were creatures of the same world.

But as Marco, or perhaps Rachel, had once said: Earth is a tough neighborhood. The competition for survival on Earth is brutal. This is a planet filled with powerful, violent predators. Predators armed with huge teeth, impervious armor, claws that could open an Andalite’s body from end to end.

And yet it is Homo sapiens, with his weak jaw and purely symbolic claws, with his soft, unarmored flesh, who rules.

For millions of years we Andalites have not felt the pressure from other species. With our speed and our tails we are without physical peers on our home world. It is different for humans. There are parts of this planet where even today humans are prey to stronger animals.

Perhaps that explains the odd, disconnected human attitudes toward other Earth species. Some they cherish and pamper. Some they protect. Others they use. Still others are annihilated.

And yet would it not seem that they would eat the animals that threatened humans, and not the utterly inoffensive creatures like cows? We certainly didn’t choose such animals for battle morphs.
—  Ax, Book #28: The Experiment, pg. 70 (by K.A. Applegate)
While we teach knowledge, we are losing that teaching which is the most important one for human development: the teaching which can only be given by the simple presence of a mature, loving person. In previous epochs of our own culture, or in China and India, the person most highly valued was the person with outstanding spiritual qualities. Even the teacher was not only, or even primarily, a source of information, but their function was to convey certain human attitudes. In contemporary capitalistic society—and the same holds true for Russian Communism—the people suggested for admiration and emulation are everything but bearers of significant spiritual qualities.
—  Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

“Shuu has had the most development besides Kaneki!”

-looks at Touka and basically everybody else-