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Prompt: This is the first of the AU stories im gonna do, I thought it would be fun to start off with the Halloween ones so here we go

Request: No, But they are open :)

Warning: none as all, it’s more fluffy than scary lmao

Boy: Calum

Words: 2k

A/N: Just in case it’s a bit confusing, Calum if a human voodoo doll. So that means that if he stabs himself or cuts his finger the person he is looking at/thinking of will feel the pain rather than him.

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Well summers now over, which means I have to go back to the hell hole that is school. At least I might end up making new friends, maybe the teachers have decided that school isn’t relevant anymore and we’ll just get sent home. However I was wrong, once I walked into class my teacher had decided it would be fun to have a new seating plan.

“New Year, new friends!” she said far too excitedly for a Monday morning, making all of us roll our eyes, and cause a few people to tut and moan about not being next to their best friend. She started placing people down, mainly the trouble making children at the front so she could keep an eye on them, and that they would actually do work.

“Calum, in the back corner please.” She said smiling at him, while everyone else grimaced and moved far out of his way. Calum was a strange boy, ever since he moved her last year people would start to feel pain in weird places. Everyone started to get freaked out by him, not even daring to sit near him. They were all convinced that Calum had mind powers and could attack people in his head, It couldn’t even have been Calum that was making them feel the pain, it always just got linked back to him for some reason.

“Y/n, next to Calum please.” She cut me out of my thoughts, everyone gasped. But to be honest I didn’t really mind, he’d never done anything bad to me before. He tensed up once I dropped my pencil case onto the table, which confused me.

“Don’t worry, im not gonna do anything.” I was gonna bring up that I should be the one that’s worried but he didn’t really deserve that; so I left it out. He didn’t speak to me for the rest of class, and I didn’t have anyone that I could talk to in close vicinity, so clearly these lessons are going to be silent and excruciatingly boring.

Finally the bell rang, and everyone rose from their seats shoving all of their books and pencil cases into their bags. Calum was particularly fast in packing everything away, making him the first one to leave the room; although when I looked down to put my book in my bag, I realised he’d left his book on the table. I sighed deeply knowing that he’d already be long gone, so I took his book with me. To be honest I didn’t mind, Calum deserved for someone to be nice to him for a change. I waited until we had a free period to take it over to his locker, because I knew that would be the time he’d he there.

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okay x-men-ish au where Harry’s superpower is that he’s like a human voodoo doll and he can make other people feel the things he does/feels on his own body, and he’s in a relationship with business man!Niall who he likes to tease while he’s in business meetings by jerking himself off and letting Niall feel it out of nowhere making him squirm and sweat and blush until he’s got to excuse himself out of meetings to call Harry while sneaking into bathrooms to quickly rub one out

Sexualized Vodounista And Human Voodoo Doll Powers

@dogdreamingboy​ asked: 

“One of my horror/scifi comic MCs is Latinx and an antihero with near instant healing factor and ‘human voodoo doll’ like abilities. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and most of her vigilante activity is aimed at abusers/rapists/traffickers/etc, she sometimes uses her attractiveness to lure and isolate criminals then kill them. She has a sibling relationship with her partner in crime/Co-MC (a Jewish man) and a complicated relationship their deceptive adoptive father/mentor (a black man).  I’m aware of how sexualized Latinx are and I’m worried I’m going to contribute to this trope no matter how much I will show the audience that she has agency and isn’t there to be the ‘sexy exotic femme fatale’. Most of the other cast members are PoC of varying races, genders and sexualities and she is not the only Latinx character.”

Re: The Latina Fatale

Since you already seem to have covered the standard “has agency, not the sole representative” bases, “how far can I go” appears to be the only base left to cover. I trust that you know better.  Consider your plot and character arcs privately. At what point considering her potential actions do you become uncomfortable? Dial that scene back a little.  Finding out if you were right is what Latino alpha and beta readers are for.  

I do want you to consider since you wrote “sexy erotic femme fatale,” that one does not have to actually be erotic to weaponize their sex appeal, so you can still do this without coming anywhere near “sexy erotic femme fatale” in the remotest sense. For example, asking someone to pick you up at 8 (and ambushing them when they show up alone and unarmed).  

Re: Human Voodoo Doll

When I read “human voodoo doll like abilities” it kind of reads to me like … “human magic wand abilities.”  “Human vooodoo doll” kind of casts its net on like, …. Everything.  Basically, she has nonspecific catalyzing or beacon-like powers that can be harnessed by other people who, well, USE her properly. She’s like, a literal tool. An OBJECT.  

That is, unless you’re talking Queenie in American Horror Story, which I admittedly only know about because Colette told me about it (I am an uncultured tramp).  Apparently Queenie can hurt other people by mutilating herself and it gets pretty graphic?

While voodoo is not what I’d call popular in comparison to Santería, Palo Monte, and Candomblé, those three very Latin American practices I named are prevalent enough in certain parts of the United States that when I needed a Santera I found one within like an hour.  

Paleros and Santeros get to explain to outsiders that they are, in fact, not satanic or inherently evil or biting the heads off of babies or robbing graves. This isn’t just something they have to explain to their neighbors, it’s something they get to explain to police. At one point, I believe the 1980s, the Miami Police Department had to assign a specialized group of people to specifically handle calls relating to “cultural magic” and half of the time they had to go out and tell people “oh my god calm down,” because they found a nganga/prenda (a physical beacon/catalyst for spiritual effects, which, to be fair, can look really freaky).

So, pulling a Queenie with a Latina can definitely perpetuate that whole “crazy animal-slaughtering satan worshipper” rep.  If you intend to pull a Queenie, with a Latina, here’s a very well-directed video on how to do it respectfully.

- Rodríguez 

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I decided to do a post-analysis of the teasers we were given before the beginning of Coven, now that we’ve seen the whole season and can decipher what the clues really mean. I am in no way saying these are 100% accurate interpretations, so I want you all to let me know if you found different meanings!

Detention (0:00-0:10)

The girls on the wall remind me of Fiona tossing the girls agains the wall as a form of punishment (get it, detention… punishment?). Or more figuratively it could represent all the portraits of the past Supremes hanging in the main room.

Pins & Needles (0:10-0:26)

The girl most likely represents Queenie as a human voodoo doll. The turban also reminds me of the ones Marie wore.

Staircase (0:26-0:36)

The figure is dressed entirely in black and is in a free fall facing down the stairs, which leads me to believe she represents Fiona in her descent from the supremacy. The staircase also hints at the grand wing-like staircase in Miss Robichaux’s. The black also reminds me of funeral attire, and Fiona was responsible for four deaths within the coven (Anna Leigh, Madison, Myrtle, and Nan) and the woman is shown from four different angles.

Stakes (0:36-0:51)

This is pretty self-explanatory. We saw three burnings (Misty once and Myrtle twice), and the heads snapping show their resurrection afterwards (except for Myrtle’s second burning).

Coffin (0:51-1:05)

This could mean many things: Delphine trapped in the box; Marie Laveau’s army of the undead; Misty being entombed by Madison. Overall this just symbolizes the overly repeated use of resurrection.

Slither (1:05-1:21)

I immediately think of Delia and her snake sex. The snake is white, representing Cordelia’s purity (she also wore white prominently before being blinded). I also think of the main Coven poster, which symbolizes the threesome.

Initiation (1:21-1:47)

I always wondered why so many of the promos showed dozens of girls entering Robichaux’s, but now it makes sense after the finale. Zoe, Madison, Queenie, and Nan lead the girls as the first ones in the academy, followed by the new generation of witches coming to the school. And someone else pointed out that Zoe, Queenie, and Cordelia are wearing white, meaning they survive, and all the others wear black and are now dead. Kyle looks on from the window as he is now the butler. Fiona’s mask represents her supremacy, Marie’s symbolizes voodoo, and Delphine’s both represents her devilish nature and the Minotaur she created. Also, when we briefly see the plaque with the motto on the front step, we see “the leading… character”, possibly the earliest hint that Cordelia was the Supreme.

Laveau (1:47-1:57)

The older style of the film shows her immortality over the centuries. And her snake tail symbolizes both her use of snakes in her rituals and her cunning nature.

Voodoo (1:57-2:07)

Marie using her voodoo doll on Hank in 309 (the only time we actually did see that).

Study Hall (2:07-2:17)

Zoe, Madison, Queenie and Nan as students at the academy, or it could represent Zoe, Madison, Queenie, and Misty studying before the Seven Wonders.

Hair Don’t (2:17-2:24)

The pentagram on the girl’s wrist matches the one Madison drew on Kyle when they resurrected him. This teaser was a bit tricky to decipher, I think it’s just meant to represent the many rituals we saw the witches perform in general.

Writhing (2:24-2:30)

I think this girl is meant to represent Madison. She writhes around like someone manipulating a doll. We first see her wearing a white dress, like the one she wore as one of Spalding’s dolls. And then the dress turns red, similar to the one she wore when she revealed herself to Fiona in 308. The red and white dress could also be an allusion to when Fiona kills Madison.

The Stand (2:30-2:36)

Not much here, just the girls in a school setting. The stand could represent them standing up to Fiona during the Sacred Taking.

Black Hat (2:36-2:42)

Again, the mass crowd of witches is likely meant to represent the new generation of witches coming to Miss Robichaux’s. 

Bullhorn (2:42-2:47)

Easily this is meant to symbolize that unforgettable scene between Queenie and the Minotaur. Or maybe just Marie and Bastien’s love. This reminds me of Queenie in Delia’s vision, how she died by having a stake shoved down her throat.

Minotaur (2:47-2:59)

Again, either Queenie/Minotaur or Marie/Bastien. We pretty much see this exact scene with Queenie, where the Minotaur grabs her shoulder and we see his hoof-fingers.