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Acknowledge that there is something for you to learn in every event you encounter in your life. Every person, book and piece of paper that you find in front of you, and every crumbled, dusty leaf at your fingertips, offers you some spark of knowledge that makes up the whole.

Barbara Marciniak

We as humans are composed of both positive and negative energies. It’s impossible to completely eliminate all negative energy, for we are only human. However, we can choose which we project onto the rest of the world. We can choose which one we allow to drive our life. We have this decision. Sadly, we will never be void of all darkness, but we can choose how we let it effect us and our personal growth.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Yo guys what do ya reckon aliens would make of humans chattering their teeth? Like human jaws suddenly vibrate when it get below a certain temperature and the aliens are like

Alien: human steve are you ok?

Steve: yeah man its just kinda cold

Alien: should your jaw be doing that?

Steve: oh yeah that just happens when humans get cold


But like humans are adaptive to different climates so like one day theyre on some alright temperate plantet but a chilly wind blows in

Alien: human steve why are you not doing the teeth vibration?

Steve: huh? Nah man its not that cold just a little breeze

Alien: but human sara is teeth vibrating? Has it not gotten to cold for humans to refrain from vibrating?

Steve: nah you see sara is australian shes not to used to the cold. *whispers* its their only weakness

Alien: *shock*

FACT: There are more people in the world who desire peace than those who do not.

Humanity is far more loving than it has been made out to be. Don’t let the actions of a few poison your view of the many.

I wanted to correct some things and explain everything

Aries is of course full of heart, Mars rules the blood and desire and passion, the Aries is lead by the instincts of heart, purely innocent and childlike, unashamedly devoted and loyal, the heart of a child 

And Venus is ruled by Taurus, the heart could only be overflowing, to full, because everything is pure, sensual love reflected back at Taurus

And Gemini is full of love because there are two in there, two people full of love, double the heart 

Compassion, motherly love, and devotion guides Cancer, they have romantic and sensitive hearts, they see soul and innocence in everybody, they want to repair everyone’s heart 

And Leo rules the heart, the Sun rules Leo, everything orbits the sun, which is the heart of the solar system, the Leo vibration is the pure, creative love of God

Virgo’s soul ruler is the moon, the motherly love that transcends all space and time, Virgo operates on behalf of others, devoting themselves to larger-than personal causes, their labour is that of pure love

Libra is of course, the pearl of Venus, the radiance of love, acceptance, kindness, and relationship. Libra is the channel of heavenly love, a romance with angels

There is nothing Scorpio approaches without heart, its so powerful and intense it consumes and devours anything tempting, love, passion, people, the heart’s desire expands infinity 

Sagittarius exhibits the heart of the universe, God’s secret lover, they fall in love with everything, they make love with sunrises and salt water and culture and music 

Capricorn exhibits the noble heart, devoted to larger-than personal causes, a motherly heart that is programmed to beat o behalf of others, brave and big, innocent 

Aquarius is the heart of humanity, the lover of the natural kingdom, mystical life, and the collective, there is so much love in Aquarius that it must be bottled, preserved and scattered across humanity 

Pisces is the vibration of pure love. Neptune is the spiritual sun so Neptune is the beat of the heart drum that echoes through the whole universe, Pisces finds true love, pure true love, with anything and everything, love surrounds Pisces when they truly cherish those soul eyes…

Christ taught this.
Confucius taught this.
Socrates taught this.
Dr. Martin Luther King taught this.
Rosa Parks taught this.
Bruce Lee taught this.
Nelson Mandela taught this.
Kahlil Gibran taught this.
Mother Theresa taught this.
Dali Lama teaches this.
Wayne Dyer taught this.
Life teaches this.
Spirituality teaches this.
Water teaches this.
Nature teaches this.
Physics teaches this.
Alchemy teaches this.
Qigong/ Tai Chi teaches this.
Meditation teaches this.
Creativity teaches this.
Times of chaos and confusion teaches us this.
Healing teaches us this.
The neurons and cells teach this.
The digestive track teaches this.
The heart teaches this.
The muscles, lymphatic and nervous system teaches this.
The emotional body teaches this.
The mind teaches this.
The electro-magnetic energy/field teaches this.
Your journey and your higher-self is teaching you this (continually).

》'C A L M’ is a super power and the ultimate STRENGTH.

DO NOT let the small amount of true evil in this world take away your joy!

Lower vibrations cannot exist in a world of joy, which is why they seek to steal it from you! The more joy, love, peace, and light you fill yourself with, the less these evils are able to prevail. And then one day, believe it or not, they will be gone forever.

“The human body resonates at the same frequency as Mother Earth. So instead of only focusing on trying to save the earth, which operates in congruence to our vibrations, I think it is more important to be one with each other. If you really want to remedy the earth, we have to mend mankind. And to unite mankind, we heal the Earth. That is the only way. Mother Earth will exist with or without us. Yet if she is sick, it is because mankind is sick and separated. And if our vibrations are bad, she reacts to it, as do all living creatures.”  
~ Suzy Kassem

~ Precious Animation Effects RedHawk ~ DarkAngelOne


Summary: Dan is worried that his social anxiety is going to mess up his job interview, but that becomes the least of his problems when he gets his vibrator stuck up his butt the night before.

Warnings: smut, unsafe anal practice, vomit, hospitals, puns

Word count: 10k

A/N: This is a weird little idea I had one morning about Dan getting a vibrator stuck up his bum, then I somehow managed to fill it with chicken/egg puns. Enjoy! (It was a hard decision whether to post this or another fic, but I decided you guys deserve the long one as I haven’t posted in over two weeks)

Dan was nervous for his job interview. He was as prepared as he could be: he’d thought about all the questions he might be asked and how he would answer them. He’d even made notes about the company in case he was expected to have any background knowledge.

Still, he couldn’t relax. Dan had tried a few things to help him relax: a warm bath, some relaxing music, a cup of tea and a good book… but nothing seemed to be doing the trick.

Dan only had one idea left, and laying back on his bed, he decided to give it a shot. He needed an orgasm, a moment of bliss, with the relaxed exhaustion that followed. He wasn’t just going to aim for a standard, hand job on the penis, kind of orgasm through. He’d been experimenting with anal play recently, having achieved a prostate orgasm a few times with his fingers, and more recently, with a new toy. He wasn’t an expert on the world of sex toys and vibrators, so he thought he’d start out small. He’d purchased this little egg shaped vibrator, not wanting to get anything he couldn’t cope with and so far, it had been amazing.

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Deep within that human vehicle there is a flame connected to the source of all creation.
That connection is calling..
We are being pushed into a shift that requires us to shed all aspects of our past. All parts of you that tell you the story of being ‘poor little me’
that have put limitations on your powers and beliefs.
The one that keeps telling you that God is far and that I’ve sinned too much for Her to love me or be there for me. But she never left.
Shed the belief that you are seperate from whatever God in which you believe. That God is you. There was never anything seperate.
That was the illusion.. that was the whole goal of this game. Realizing the truth of oneness, realizing your own divinity.

vibrations on point

one day i am thinking that i desperately need a new haircut.
second day a professional italian hairdresser with a saloon in soho (he is secretly a ninja) approaches me at work. he gave me his bussiness card while  saying “call me. i won’t charge you.”

in the afternoon i see a man crying in the park. i wanted to come to him and listen if he wanted to talk about it. i was too shy this time, but i was really tempted.
in the evening i find myself crying a bit in front of my workplace and a lovely british guy approached me. i thought he wants a cigarette or a lighter. but he said “are you okay? i am a native english speaker, if you want to talk about it.”

Masterpost: Book Recommendations

Hey! So one of the most frequently asked questions here is for what books I’d recommend to you all, so I’ve decided to compile a list of books that will help expand your view and raise your consciousness. Some of these books I haven’t read and were submitted by other members, so when you see “sb” it means submitted by. From now on, I’ll refer everyone to this post when they ask that question! I’ll add books to the list as I discover new ones or as you submit them. I put a * next to the titles I think you should really read, and I bolded those that you should really, really read. There are really good books here that don’t have a * because I haven’t read/finished them. Note: they’re alphabetized. 

Animal Farm by George Orwell (also 1984) (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Any book by OSHO (esp. The Book of Understanding)

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
 (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

Be Here Now by Ram Dass  (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Bhagavad Gita (try The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: Explained By Paramhansa Yogananda, As Remembered By His Disciple, Swami Kriyananda; it’s easier to understand)

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Tera Thomas

Cosmic Memory: The Story of Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Division of the Sexes by Rudolf Steiner, Paul Marshall Allen

Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (Crystal Trilogy, Vol. 1) by Katrina Raphaell (also volumes 2 & 3)

Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy by Panache Desai

*Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin Ph.D.

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution by Terence McKenna  (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce

How Consciousness Became the Universe by Deepak Chopra, Roger Penrose, Brandon Carter

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Emotional tears are composed of different chemicals than are tears from eye irritants. Emotional tears are more protein-based hormones, such as prolactin, adrenocorticotropic, and leucine enkephalin (a natural pain killer!), which is suggested to be the mechanism behind the experience of crying from emotion making an individual feel better. Study by Dr. William H. Frey, bio chemist at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center.
—  Lalah Delia
“Post coitum omne...

animalium triste est,” I remarked, with my eyes closed.

There was no response from the warm, heavy weight on my chest, save the gentle sigh of his breathing. After a moment, though, I felt a sort of subterranean vibration, which I interpreted as amusement.

“That’s a verra peculiar sentiment, Sassenach,” Jamie said, his voice blurred with drowsiness. “Not your own, I hope?”

“No.” I stroked the damp bright hair back from his forehead, and he turned his face into the curve of my shoulder, with a small contented snuffle.

The private rooms at Moubray’s left a bit to be desired in the way of amorous accommodation. Still, the sofa at least offered a padded horizontal surface, which, if you came right down to it, was all that was necessary. While I had decided that I was not past wanting to commit passionate acts after all, I was still too old to want to commit them on the bare floorboards.

“I don’t know who said it—some ancient philosopher or other. It was quoted in one of my medical textbooks; in the chapter on the human reproductive system.”

The vibration made itself audible as a small chuckle.

“Ye’d seem to have applied yourself to your lessons to good purpose, Sassenach,” he said. His hand passed down my side and wormed its way slowly underneath to cup my bottom. He sighed with contentment, squeezing slightly.

“I canna think when I have felt less triste,” he said.

“Me either,” I said, tracing the whorl of the small cowlick that lifted the hair from the center of his forehead. “That’s what made me think of it—I rather wondered what led the ancient philosopher to that conclusion.”

“I suppose it depends on the sorts of animaliae he’d been fornicating with,” Jamie observed. “Maybe it was just that none o’ them took to him, but he must ha’ tried a fair number, to make such a sweeping statement.”

He held tighter to his anchor as the tide of my laughter bounced him gently up and down.

“Mind ye, dogs sometimes do look a trifle sheepish when they’ve done wi’ mating,” he said.

“Mm. And how do sheep look, then?”

“Aye, well, female sheep just go on lookin’ like sheep—not havin’ a great deal of choice in the matter, ye ken.”

“Oh? And what do the male sheep look like?”

“Oh, they look fair depraved. Let their tongues hang out, drooling, and their eyes roll back, while they make disgusting noises. Like most male animals, aye?” I could feel the curve of his grin against my shoulder. He squeezed again, and I pulled gently on the ear closest to hand.

“I didn’t notice your tongue hanging out.”

“Ye werena noticing; your eyes were closed.”

“I didn’t hear any disgusting noises, either.”

“Well, I couldna just think of any on the spur of the moment,” he admitted. “Perhaps I’ll do better next time.”

We laughed softly together, and then were quiet, listening to each other breathe.

“Jamie,” I said softly at last, smoothing the back of his head, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.”

He rolled to one side, shifting his weight carefully so as not to squash me, and lifted himself to lie face-to-face with me.

“Nor me, my Sassenach,” he said, and kissed me, very lightly, but lingering, so that I had time just to close my lips in a tiny bite on the fullness of his lower lip.

“It’s no just the bedding, ye ken,” he said, drawing back a little at last. His eyes looked down at me, a soft deep blue like the warm tropic sea.

“No,” I said, touching his cheek. “It isn’t.”

“To have ye with me again—to talk wi’ you—to know I can say anything, not guard my words or hide my thoughts—God, Sassenach,” he said, “the Lord knows I am lust-crazed as a lad, and I canna keep my hands from you—or anything else—” he added, wryly, “but I would count that all well lost, had I no more than the pleasure of havin’ ye by me, and to tell ye all my heart.”

“It was lonely without you,” I whispered. “So lonely.”

“And me,” he said. He looked down, long lashes hiding his eyes, and hesitated for a moment.

“I willna say that I have lived a monk,” he said quietly. “When I had to—when I felt that I must or go mad—”

I laid my fingers against his lips, to stop him.

“Neither did I,” I said. “Frank—”

His own hand pressed gently against my mouth. Both dumb, we looked at each other, and I could feel the smile growing behind my hand, and my own under his, to match it. I took my hand away.

“It doesna signify,” he said. He took his hand off my mouth.

“No,” I said. “It doesn’t matter.” I traced the line of his lips with my finger.

“So tell me all your heart,” I said. “If there’s time.”