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I’ve been wanting to doodle this out for a while now, it’s been circling my thoughts. Some sort of Police AU where Twilight’s an officer of the law (as well as a part of the K9 force; to be decided if her hound should be Ember [for the sake of being a bigger dog as a part of the force] or Spike), and Sunset’s some rebel punk who gets into a lot of fights, mischief, trouble and such. She never really does anything that warrants her actual jail/prison time longer than a few days in a localized police station, which usually just ends in a fine, or something.And of course they fall in love.
Eventually, after some time, Twilight expects to find Sunset at whatever location she’s called to for minor misdemeanors. And because of this, at some point or another, she finds herself wanting to see Sunset in those locations…not because she likes seeing the crimes happen, of course, but rather Sunny herself. Just to be able to see her, maybe get a conversation or two out of her while that exchange happens. Sunset is such a flirt with her, too. Trying to win her over with that smug, cocky grin that could melt hearts… but, Twilight manages to keep her composure due to her training and being too focused on her job, and upholding said job, through Sunset’s flirting. Though, she can’t help but think about it when she’s off duty
Sunset’s really cocky and egotistical, but that’s just because her actual esteem is super low (ANGST) and she doesn’t really know any better. Twilight hates it, it annoys her greatly because it’s just unnecessary and rude, but she knows this and still tries to look beyond it. She’s certain that Sunset’s probably struggling with a lot of internal battles which is why she’s such a “bad” person to begin with. This doesn’t excuse, however, her behavior and choices; such as drinking, (possibly) smoking, fighting, and revving her motorcycle down quiet streets in the middle of the night…etc. Twilight wants to do all she can to help Sunset and be there for her despite it all, because she’s just that type of person.
and she loves her, shh

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That’s all I have going on right now. Well, there’s probably a bit more I could add but I’ll save it for another time.
I kinda slopped together Sunset’s outfit in the meantime to some punk-looking get-up, which I will probably change later on to something a lot… better than just her old jacket, skinny jeans and a tank-top. But…yeah! That’s a thing!
Hopefully I get better at hum– …Hopefully I get better at all anatomy, so I can do more fun things like these. I don’t want to just stick to my OCs, but I don’t want to make canon characters look bad. Bleh. 
Anyway. Police AU!
Umbra Amethyst~
Things of Note in Monday Blues

Awesome song.

Sunset waking up, putting on the first clothes she can get her hands on, looking at extremely messy hair in the mirror, and deciding it’s perfectly acceptable. Me #1.

Seeing rain even in a negative context makes me miss my hometown. 

Twilight missing the bus, losing umbrella, and pulling out backup umbrella. Me #2.

A three second scene of a random guy helping Sunset up after accidentally tripping her carries way more impact than it has any right to.

Sunset stopping to pet a stray kitten even though she’s running late is ridiculously adorable.

Cute moment between Sunset and Twilight.

Rarity’s bad hair day and a locker that will be very hard to clean at the end of the year.

Fluttershy with a bird’s nest as a hat. Adorable, and a subtle call back to Suited for Success.


How even do you burn your shoes like that? Never mind, it’s Rainbow Dash.

Applejack showing up to school normal and happy carrying a perfectly dry book (HOW?!) and you wonder how that’s possible… then you see her shoes. Me #3.

Adorable group photo because it’s EG.

This is very optimistic for a short literally titled “Monday Blues”. I love it.

Sci-Twi’s Role in Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

I basically like to say that Sci-Twi (the human counterpart of Twilight Sparkle from Equestria) is basically one of my fav characters of the Equestria Girls series.

Now there are people who are sometimes talking about her role in Friendship Games, some saying that she is an antagonist of the film, or even a character who becomes the main antagonist, all this due to her becoming Midnight Sparkle, and I basically don’t like those suggestions (and besides the role of primary antagonist is already taken by Principle Cinch).

So, before Legend of Everfree is released, here is my discursive thoughts about her role in the 3rd film.

As we know in the 1st Equestria Girls film, Pony Twilight was the protagonist with Sunset as the Main Antagonist, then in the 2nd film Pony Twilight was again the main Protagonist while Sunset became the secondary Protagonist.

Now with Friendship Games, Sunset took over as main Protagonist, and for Sci-Twi, she became the main Duetragonsit and secondary Protagonist.

For those who know what Duetragonist means, it is a character who would stands with or against the main protagonist, or that the character works with the protagonist then turns against him/her to work with the antagonist, or vice versa.

So I’m going for the first option, as Sci-Twi basically competes against the Wondercolts, but also then befriends the human mane 6, and I also stated that she is also a secondary protagonist, as she, like Sunset, is trying to sort out her own problems during the events of the film.

When she went around to Canterlot High to compete in the games, she also went there to learn and examine the strange readings that were happening at the school, taking with her a special pendant.

The pendant, unaware to her, would become an antagonistic item, while it’s purpose was to detect and contain anomalies.

it would then back fire on her as it then begin to absorb the Equestrian magic from Sunset, her friends and the portal, completely by accident, and even open up rifts to Equestria.

Then came the final round of the games, as Principle Cinch decides to fight back by having her pupils use magic to win the games, and she, along with the Shadowbolts (who were an antagonistic group who, with the exception of Sci-Twi of course, are the secondary antagonists), pressure Sci-Twi into unleashing the magic.

Through the course of the song sequence, Sci-Twi does what she is told, but is shown worried and uncertain about what would happen if she did release the magic.

Upon releasing the magic, Sci-Twi gets caught in the vacuum of the growing orb of magic and is sucked in, which then transforms her into her super form, Midnight Sparkle.

This is the part that I’m coming to now about her role.

Midnight Sparkle may look like an evil antagonist, but she really isn’t, and I believe in the good in Twilight’s heart and thus never believe she would intentionally hurt anyone. Also Midnight really isn’t Twilight, but is basically a mind parasite, and for those who remember the Nightmare Rarity comic arc, she is basically like that, which is also why Sci-Twi is still basically the secondary Protagonist, but currently doing her Duetragonist role during the climax.

Midnight also takes on a Hyde role to Sci-Twi’s Jekyll, for while Sci-Twi is shy and kind, Midnight is Assertive and power-crazy (not evil, let me remind you!), and both sides of the coin have the same thirst for knowledge, however Midnight would take extreme measures to gain it, as shown when she began opening rifts to Equestria, causing so much damage to the Human World.

Plus you would also notice Midnight’s glowing eyes, which shows that the mind parasite/hyde side is in control, while Sci-Twi’s normal eyes show that she is back in control of her actions and body.

As mentioned before, Sci-Twi was still there, just inside her mind, trying to fight back control of her body and actions as Midnight went out of control and was fighting Daydream Shimmer (Sunset’s super form), and would be thanks to Spike (Sci-Twi’s pet dog) who helped her as he called out to her in worry in what was happening to her, which helped Sci-Twi win back control for enough time for Daydream to save Sci-Twi and defeat the mind parasite.

Thus then, it results Sci-Twi, still in her Midnight form but back in control of herself, encounters Sunset, also in her Daydream form, and while scared at first about what was happening, tearfully and happily accepts Sunset’s hand in friendship.

So that’s basically how I see Sci-Twi’s role in Friendship Games, as a secondary protagonist and duetragonist.

And with learning about what will be happening with Sci-Twi in Legend of Everfree, I cannot wait to see what would happen.

Maybe she might transform back into Midnight Sparkle again, but this time she would be in complete control of her actions.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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