human ten come to me i love you

I seriously need to love you in the right way.
—  Because there’s emptiness inside of my wordiness. I’ve known many ways to love someone, but not how I plan to treat you. You shall be different. It has to be. If not, I might never love again. And I’ve said it plenty of times before, but someone love manages to capture me. Am I cursed? Or am I human? Is this pain something we all must come to terms with? I know you’ve only loved me for a few months, but these cracks and scars, you’ve made them your home. You’ve made them yours. You took every poem and decided to love them, even if they weren’t written for you. I believe that’s why I love you. And love this and love that, what a simple word with many meanings. I love the way you are. I love the way you think. I love that you’re accepting of my flaws and I love that you always plan to understand, that I’m just a poet. Is this enough for you to stay?
waves of blue fill your eyes
with honest sunshine in your smile
the way your hands dance along my body
making me feel like this is how it is to fly 
I’ll go even further with the magic of your lips 
and how they seem to revive me each time 
For they taste like a mixture of happy dewdrops with a hint of sweet love
the perfect recipe to fall for you
You are no perfect human, ill tell you this
but you come quite close to what the idea of perfection could be
—  overall you (238 out of 365)