human subspecies

I will now relate events that took place in the 94th Olympiad, in the city of Athens. I am Hipparchos, son of Nicomakos, of the deme Euonymos, and though I am now old, I will never forget that day.

I was strolling with friends near the Acropolis when we heard the sky tear apart. An object of shining silver came out of the rent clouds and landed near us. Before our astonished eyes, a door opened, and someone, or something, came out.

“Your headman to take I toward,” said the little green man. We stared at him. Barbarians are, truly, getting stranger by the day.

He hit a box hanging around his neck.

“Take me to your leader,” he said, and now his tones were the purest Attic Greek.

“To Alexias?” I whispered to Pythodoros.

“No,” he replied, “better not bother him. Take him to Socrates.”

“Will he believe that Socrates is our leader?”

“He’s a barbarian,” Pythodoros said. “He won’t know any better.”

So we escorted the little green man to Socrates. All along the way there, he looked around curiously and scanned things with his little box, nodding excitedly as he did so.

Socrates was holding court before his little crowd.

“This is your leader?” the little green man said dubiously.

“He is preeminent among us for his mind,” said Pythodoros, laughing.

The little green man indicated agreement.

“Tell me,” said Socrates, “who are you among men?”

“I am not a man,” said the little green man.

Socrates nodded. “What is a man?” he asked.

Homo sapiens sapiens. Homo is the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species of hominid; H. sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo. Modern humans are the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens, which differentiates them from what has been argued to be their direct ancestor, Homo sapiens idaltu. The ingenuity and adaptability of Homo sapiens has led to its becoming the most influential species on Earth. Homo sapiens sapiens inhabits the planet Terra, in the system Sol, in the Milky Way.”

Many of us were astonished at this speech, but Socrates only nodded again.

“And you are?” he said?

“I am an inhabitant of Xraxas 9, in the Andromeda Galaxy. I am krax kraxis! We laugh at homo sapiens’ feeble knowledge.”

Socrates nodded once more.

“What makes a man a man?” he said.

“Homo sapiens sapiens is distinguished by a lighter skeleton and a smaller brow ridge than homo sapiens neanderthalensis….” Krax continued in this vein for some time.

“Perhaps,” said Socrates. “But is it not behavior that makes a man, rather than his external appearance? Do you have cities on, ah, Xraxas 9?”

“Certainly, Socrates,” he said.

“And do we have cities here, on Terra?”

“Certainly, Socrates.”

“And is this city so different from your cities?”

“It is inferior!”

“What is inferiority?”

At this point Pythodoros sneaked away.

“You do not have the technology that we have. With a single finger, I could destroy your entire city.”

“But you are not doing so,” Socrates said mildly. “It is because first, you are acquainted with the nature of virtue, and second, you are disinclined to destroy your fellow humans.”

“I am not human.”

“What is humanity? It is not simply the form of this - ” his tongue stumbled over the unfamiliar syllables “ - homo sapiens sapiens. Is it not also, O man of Xraxas 9, in a shared language, and in shared spirit?”

“I do not speak your language.”

“But I can understand you,” replied Socrates. “What are you speaking, if not my language?”

“It is only through my superior technology that I can understand you.”

“But you acknowledge that we are not beasts? For beasts have no language.”

“I…do, Socrates.”

“And what distinguishes us from you, besides your size and color?”

“I….” The little green man trailed off. He pressed a button on his box and spoke in a guttural language. We heard the screaming in the sky again, and the silver object appeared.  The little green man went to join his fellows.

“We will be back!” he said, as they took off into the sky. “Perhaps not in your lifetime, and definitely not in his.” He pointed to Socrates. “But we will return!”

“Ah, Hipparchos,” Socrates said, turning to me. “I find this very instructive.”

I quickly made my excuses.

Humans are weird

This something I wrote a few years back 

Humanity is a strange species when it comes to their interactions with other space fairing races they are somewhat coltish and hard-nosed with their dealings with other galactic nations, there are only two races that humans are apparently comfortable dealing with the first of these is the Dorgoan Serenity they value humanities ability and willingness  to free trade for the Dorgoa and humanity there is no trade posts or trading enclaves there is just trade and not only interpersonal and barter trade but Trade between corporations and stock market exchanges it is not uncommon to find Dorgoan ships in human space and human ships in Drogoan space as well as human enclaves on board Drogoa trade platforms. 

The Humans value the Drogoan willingness to work with them on space piracy and Slavery both races work together on stamping out these two activities in their space as well as this the Humans value the actions of the  Drogoan trade Barge “Wind of the Galaxy”. During the first Xerti incursion into human space at the battle of the Blue ridge system  the “Wind of the Galaxy”  engaged the attacking Xerti ships in support of the human ships in the system, after this the humans extended a branch of friendship to the Dorgoa which they accepted the two species have exchanged ambassadors and look set to continue their close friendship 

The other species that the humans are comfortable with are are the Akari whereas most the species of the galaxy have evolved normally there are some that have been uplifted by another much more advanced race usually for slave labour and so the more advanced race can enjoy being worshiped as gods. The Xerti are one of these races the Akari though were uplifted by the Race know as the Forerunner, the precursors, the Sky fathers and much much more,  They were not uplifted to serve as Slaves or to worship but to be the heirs of the dying race while in their formative years as an uplifted race they were used as the muscle of the Skyfathers they were always seen as the heirs of the first race of the galaxy as the Akari grew and matured as a race they were seen acting as more as diplomats and ambassadors as a sky father has not been seen for millennia we can only assume that they have all died out leaving the Akari as their heir  and if there are any left the Akari are living up to their name which In the Language of the Sky fathers means “Favored Child”, where do the Humans and the Akari friendship come? They share the same Genetic stock in the most based term the Akari are not humans but genetically there are closely related or the Species that the Akari were before their uplifting were a Human subspecies, this apparently some what of a shock to both species. 

Super Hero Origin Zodiac Signs
  • Aries: You're descended from a subspecies of humanity, each member of your people have a different power
  • Taurus: You're a demigod, born with a portion of your divine parent's abilities
  • Gemini: No superpowers, though a tragic incident in your life caused you to train hard enough to be a superhero on your own
  • Cancer: A mysterious artifact embedded you with mythical powers
  • Leo: Exposure to a strange new type of radiation
  • Virgo: You've found or made a power suit
  • Libra: Genetic experimentation from a mysterious organization, though you escaped them with newfound abilities
  • Scorpio: A dying stranger had a secondary ability to give you their powers
  • Sagittarius: A freak accident gave you your abilities
  • Capricorn: A magical creature somehow gave you your new gifts
  • Aquarius: Like your ancestors before you, you have inherited your family's unique magical powers
  • Pisces: As a baby you were sent here from an alternate universe, the people of your home having the same powers that you have
Abe Portman, King of Sass

Yakob, I assume you want to hear about the Peculiar children again? No? Well too bad. Once upon a time there was a peregrine bird. Except she was not a bird. She was a human that could turn into a bird. She was part of a subspecies of human called peculiars. She could bend time and turn into a bird. She ran an orphanage with peculiar children There was a particular necromancer named Enoch and he was moody as hell. He came from a family of undertakers. The irony is strong. There was a dreamer named Horace, who had dreams of the future. And an invisible boy named Millard who was, well, invisible! And a girl called Emma who could make fire and hold it with her bare hands. And Emma was super hot. Like she was as hot as her fire hands.

Millard was a creep. He’d follow us around and he probably watched Emma and I make out a few times. Ew.

And this kid, Hugh, had bees living inside of him. He had a thing for this girl who could make plants grow and other shit. I think that that bitches name was Fiona? She never talked because I bet she thought she was better than the rest of us. Her hair was a damn rats nest. And Hugh loved her for some reason. I never got that boy. Him and his stupid goggles. He always wore this one pair of tacky ass goggles.

And don’t even get me started on Olive. That little girl had no damn brain I fucking swear she was so stupid oh my bird. She was lighter than air because she had no damn brain.

AND ENOCH. THAT LITTLE MOODY SNITCH. He told the bird that Emma and I were a thing. I beat him up later that day but him and his stupid dolls would follow us around ALL THE TIME.

And Horace and his shitty nightmares. He’d wake up in the middle of the damn night and wake me to help calm his little ass down. Bitch, I ain’t your fucking slave. I never got a full night if sleep at that God forsaken home.

And Bronwyn was so damn sensitive. Her brother was no better. They were like human bulls! They were hella strong but holy shit. They were almost as bad as Olive! Bronwyn called the little girls “maudpie” and I wanted to tell her to shut it, but if I did her brother would beat me up and she’d cry.

I still can’t get over this girl Claire. SHE HAD A MOUTH ON THE BACK OF HER HEAD. WHAT THE HELL? One time she but me with it! Like listen here you Lil shit don’t fucking bite me with that damn it. That hurt like a fucker.

I loved the fuck out of Emma but damn was she angry. One time I went through her dresser and she got mad at me! I’m sorry, but I thought we were dating! God she was a bitch sometimes. That’s why I left her ass.

I’m happy that I left that hellhole. Everyone thought that I was leaving to fight. Bitch nah I hated everyone there.

Heat (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Prompt:  Could you do a Poe smut where he’s a werewolf and he goes into heat??



You walked briskly down the hall, anxious to get back to your quarters as soon as possible. You’d had a hellishly long day; your muscles were cramped from being on your feet for so long, and you just wanted a bath and a good night’s sleep. Turning down the hall your rooms were on, though, you immediately felt like something was off.

Stepping forward cautiously, you slowed your pace, trying to put your finger on what was wrong. After straining your ears, you heard the faint sound of what seemed to be growling coming from the end of the hall. Settling a hand on your blaster, you kept walking, the animalistic noises growing louder and louder. With a sense of dread, you realized that they were coming from your friend Poe’s room, and you walked up to his door quietly to press your ear against it.

Poe and you had been friends for about a year, ever since you’d begun to work on the Resistance’s secret base. If you were being honest with yourself, you’d always wanted something more with him; you’d grown to care for him deeply. Now, these feelings were what prompted you to raise your hand and knock on his door, panic welling up inside you. You didn’t know what was happening, but it didn’t sound good.

“Poe?” you called out, voice quivering. The growls and grunts ceased, and you pressed harder against the door to hear. “Poe-!”

With a yelp, you felt the door open swiftly, and a strong grip pulled you into Poe’s dark quarters, pressing you firmly up against the nearest wall with one hand whilst closing and locking the entrance you’d been forced through with the other.

“Get off!” you exclaimed, struggling against your captor’s hold. You looked up in the low light, and your eyes widened when they adjusted enough to make out the figure in front of you.

It’s face looked similar to Poe’s; his eyes were still there, the same as ever. But they were filled with an expression that was flooded with hunger, and his lips were pulled back to expose teeth that were unnaturally long and sharp. You watched as he leaned forward and inhaled deeply, taking in your scent, and you whimpered.


You looked down to where he gripped your arms, and your jaw dropped when you saw the claws protruding out of the places his fingernails should’ve been. His clothes were in tatters, claw marks ripping through them from where you assumed he’d pierced them with his sharp digits, and you could see his skin beneath the torn fabric glistening with sweat.

“What’s going on?” you demanded, and Poe snapped out of it, looking at you with pupils blown wide.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” he groaned, setting his forehead on your shoulder. “It’s not even full moon yet…”

Your heart lept into your throat when you heard him say those words. There was a rare subspecies of humans that resided on the planet that Poe was from, and rumors were constantly being circulated about them. People said that they were werewolves, creatures of legends and myths. You’d never really believed any of it, but the way Poe was acting made you question this belief.

“Poe…?” you asked tentatively. “A-are you a…”
“A werewolf?” he murmured. You shivered when you felt his lips move against your shoulder as he spoke. “Yes. But this shouldn’t be happening… I’m not even fully transformed.”

He leaned back, staring down at your face and dragging his claws softly against the fabric of your jacket, not hard enough to tear through, but enough to make you tremble.

“I should be a wolf by now…” he mumbled to himself. “But I’m caught halfway through the change…” He suddenly leaned in, pressing his lips to your ear. “And I’m so turned on by how you smell…” He chuckled, twirling some of your hair around his fingers, causing you to sigh brokenly as he kept speaking in a low tone. “I’ve never gone into heat before,” he mused. “But something about you…is just so intoxicating. I can’t help myself…”

Your breaths came in shallow gasps as he licked a long, slow stripe up your neck, from the corner of your collarbone to your earlobe.

“If you want me to stop,” he growled, pressing his hard length against your thigh, “you need to tell me now. Do you want this?”

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4 Animals on the Verge of Extinction

This weekend, the TED-Ed Animators spent a day creating animation with some high school students in Ottawa, Canada as part of the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Using stop-motion, we set out to animate four of the most critically endangered species on our planet. In the workshop, we led the students through the production process from start to finish: We researched the animals, designed and storyboarded visuals of their habitats and that which threatens them, and then used cut-out animation bring them to life. Check out their incredible results below.

1. Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The ivory-billed woodpecker is the most critically endangered species on this list. In fact, it may already be extinct. This beautiful bird, which was native to the Southeastern United States and Cuba, was considered extinct until 2004, when a few sightings were reported in Arkansas and Florida. If these birds are still out there, they are likely a very small population and incredibly vulnerable. The main reasons for their extinction are habitat loss (logging) and human hunting – these birds were killed for their feathers.

2. Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan rhinoceros is the most endangered of the world’s five rhinoceros species, with an estimated 40-60 rhinos remaining on the Island of Java (Indonesia) in Ujung Kulon National Park. The last member of another tiny population in Vietnam’s Cat Tien National Park was killed by poachers in 2011. While this rhino used to be at large in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, it has been hunted to near-extinction for its horn, which is used to make folk medicines.

3. The Tiger

Four subspecies of tiger—the Caspian, Javan, Balinese, and South China tigers—have already gone extinct due to habitat loss and relentless hunting by humans. Five subspecies are left: the Amur, or Siberian, tiger, the Bengal tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the Malayan tiger, and the Sumatran tiger. All of these tigers live in parts of Asia, with fewer than 3,000 remaining in total, and illegal hunting claiming more on a weekly basis. The main driver of this extinction is the market for tiger bones, skins, eyes, and other body parts in China and Vietnam, where tiger organs are used to make an array of traditional folk medicines.

4. Northern Right Whale

The most endangered of all the world’s whale species, the northern right whale (Eubalena glacialis) numbers around 350 individuals that travel the Atlantic coasts of Canada and the US. During the whaling days of the 19th century, this whale got its name because whalers considered it the “right” whale to kill, as it not only was full of valuable whale oil, but it floated after it was dead, which made it easy to handle and process. As a result, it was driven to near extinction. Although the right whale is now protected, its small remnant population continues to suffer losses due to entanglements in commercial fishing gear and global climate change, which can affect the availability of the tiny crustaceans on which right whales feed.

The facts on the endangered animals featured in this blog post were sourced from

Shout out to the 16 Ottawa high-schoolers that helped us bring this content to life including ghadahadil syrva hazelnut1313 and our fabulous student assistant, Bella!

A few years ago I read a book by Merlin Stone called When God Was a Woman, in which she wrote that ‘in the beginning, people prayed to the Creatress of Life, the Mistress of Heaven. At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman…the female deity in the Near and Middle East was revered as Goddess—much as people today think of God…the original status of the Goddess was as supreme deity…the Great Goddess was regarded as immortal, changeless, omnipotent; and the concept of fatherhood had not yet been introduced into religious thought.’

As a critical thinker, I know that sometimes a lie is told when the truth is declared halfway or haphazardly. Stone, who happens to be a White female artist and college professor, never mentioned the racial make-up of the female divinities of the world’s earliest civilizations she wrote about. I don’t know understand how Stone could write a book about When God Was a Woman and then later write a book on Three Thousand Years of Racism, which focuses on uncovering evidence of racism imposed by Indo-Europeans after they conquered most of the same regions discussed in When God Was a Woman, and fail to connect the probability that the Goddesses she first wrote about were originally depicted as Black women. How can she admit that ‘historical, mythological and archaeological evidence suggests that it was these northern people who brought with them the concepts of light as good and dark as evil (very possibly the symbolism of their racial attitudes toward the darker people of the southern areas) and of a supreme male deity;’ but not admit that the Goddess of theses Black people was also Black before they and She were conquered by White people (i.e., Indo-Europeans). 

Whether this failing was accidental or intentional is irrelevant, yet one could assume that the Goddesses would originally resemble the people who worship them. According to Albert Churchward, ‘the earliest members of the human race appeared in the interior of the African continent about two million years ago, then from the region of the Great Lakes they spread over the entire continent. Groups of these early men wandered down the Nile Valley, settled in Egypt, and then later dispersed themselves to all parts of the world…As these early Africans wandered over the world, they differentiated into the various human subspecies that now inhabit our planet. The men who remained in the tropical and equatorial regions retained their dark complexions, whereas those that settled in the temperate zones lost a portion of their dusky pigmentation and developed a fairer skin.’ Provided that the original racial profile of the Nile, Indus, and Tigris-Euphrates River Valley as well as the Aegean civilizations has been clandestinely confirmed as Black/African, then the female divinities worshipped in these civilizations should also logically be Black/African. Accordingly, in the beginning, to revise Stone, God was a Black woman.”


Spanish Dancer - High-energy and rather fast by Gastrodon standards, these elegant variants move through the water with graceful, spiraling movements…although their finesse suffers somewhat on land.  Visually, however, they are gorgeous no matter where they are located, and love to dance with other Pokemon of a musical nature.

Blue Dragon Mollusk - These beautiful, cold-weather variants are found in an astonishing array of blues.  Though rather small, comparatively speaking, they are hardy and determined.  Many of them are stubborn when it comes to being trained, and it takes a truly dedicated companion to actually break through that fierce independent streak.

Cinderella Sea Slug - Extremely shy, Cinderella Sea Slug Gastrodons are widely considered one of the plainer variants, but the difficulty involved in finding them makes them subject to poaching all the same.  They live almost exclusively in tropical Hoenn, which has recently adopted a rather aggressive anti-poaching policy:  Sharpedo patrol teams.

Splendid Chromadoris -  These chubby, good-natured Gastrodons are widely considered one of the greatest human-bred subspecies in existence.  Though their attention span leaves something to be desired, they make wonderful pets, and have a particular fondness for children.

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How To Train Your Omega

Hiccup sighed for the hundredth time, the young man resisting the urge to roll his eyes as Astrid tugged at his hand, pulling him along the streets of their town.  The streets had been closed off for their annual market day, and there were plenty of vendors selling home goods and art and all sorts of knick-knacks, but today was also the biggest day in their town for pets on the market.  They weren’t the dogs and cats type of pet, these instead were Halflings consisting of Alphas, Betas and Omegas.  They were a subspecies of human, but were more connected with their animal side and more in tune with their instincts, hints the name, Halflings.  Hiccup had never really cared about the marketing of halflings, he had never had a pet himself other than his cat, Toothless, but Astrid had dragged him here and seemed very insistent.

Halflings were used for working, cheap labor and were bred and sold for several different functions.  It was better to own a Beta, Hiccup was told, because Alphas and Omega’s that weren’t fixed were a bit of a handful when it came to their instincts.  Hiccup had absolutely no intention of buying a halfling, but Astrid wouldn’t shut up about it.  

“They had some really nice looking Alpha’s here last year, but they can be a bit hard to control if they aren’t trained well, so its always a gamble buying one.” She explained as they weeding their way through the crowd.  Astrid’s own family had bred and raised halflings for several years when she was younger, so she knew a thing or two about pedigree and good breeding.  “Betas are the safest bet, unless you plan to breed them, then Omega’s are the best for that.  Betas can gave litters but they don’t breed so well as omegas do.”  She said and Hiccup sighed again.  

“Jesus, Astrid, I’m not going to start a breeding mill, I don’t plan to get a halfling!” He expressed and she smiled, patting his shoulder.  “I know, I’m not saying you have to get a pet, but just have a look around, I think getting one could be good for you.” She smiled.  Hiccup rolled his eyes and looked around at all the vendors.  His eyes widened then however and he paused, slowing to stare at a certain halfling.  It was collared and leashed, tied to a tying hook on the side of one of the old brick buildings and was seating beside a vendor’s stand.  The small, pale omega hands were tied and his feet were bound to his genitals as well, preventing the omega from much movement.  The omega looked thin and pale and malnourished, and he had a number tattoo over his right collar bone and a label tag pierced on his right ear.  What made Hiccup stare however, was that the small, sickly looking omega was heavy with kits, uncomfortably so.  Hiccup stopped, staring at the little halfling before noticing the poorly written sign hanging beside the creature.  “OMEGA 4 SALE, CHEAP! NEED GONE.”    




Zoo Academy is an in the works webcomic based around the students of Animali Academy, a school for rejects and the inhuman and more specifically, Biferas- an animal/human subspecies that face constant harassment and discrimination.

The Bifera students represent all kinds of oppressed communities and are used to act as positive representation while the over the top discrimination they face is a satirical way of outing real life troubles people face.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of gender representation in this lineup! The girls are just too important to spoil for now.

Feel free to ask any questions that you have about my comic! I’ll be happy to answer.


Some of THE BOYS




A bird-like non-human species. Like birds, they lay eggs and have poor night vision.  They dislike scarecrows planted in fields and CDs hung from balconies.
Harpies can be omnivores or carnivores. They have evolved to fly, and even adults have small, child-like frames. Like lamias, their species consists only of females, and they require human males to reproduce.

Land Animal
A subspecies of harpy adapted for terrestrial life, like ostriches and emus.
Their wings are small, but their bodies have evolved to be larger than humans.
Using their thick, powerful legs, they can run at incredibly high speeds.
Despite their large bodies and sharp claws, they are generally easygoing.

A harpy subspecies adapted for laying eggs. They cannot fly and are unable to run at high speeds like land animal harpies. However, they produce far more eggs than other subspecies, and they continuously lay eggs nearly every day.
Poultry harpies have a red crest on top of their heads. Unlike chickens, their appearance is natural, not selectively bred. They are very cowardly (chicken).

A large eagle- or hawk-like harpy subspecies. Their bodies are very similar to human bodies. Though other subspecies are omnivorous, raptor harpies are carnivores. They are proud and difficult to please, an unusual trait among the generally amicable harpies.

anonymous asked:

Society has formed from three subspecies of humans--the snobby Elite, who are superior in health, mental, physical abilities, and is the only race that can harness magic. The Middlings, born from eggs, a lower class for menial labor, and the Denizens, an venomous-teethed, animal-like type that live on the fringes of society, etc. Sherlock and Mycroft, half-Mid and Denizen--outcasts even amongst the outcasts, are hired by you--an Elite, as servants.

She adjusted her simple but clean dark emerald green  hood. As she and Ralf rode on their horses along the road. They we’re going to inspect those willing and ready to work down town. As well as doing her rounds round the lower income houses and like to tend to the poor Middlings and others whom couldn’t get treatment any other way. 

Little did they know they we’re being watched.