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If you're ever feeling discouraged about yourself and the way you think and your talents

Understand that your brain is SO UNIQUE. I can’t stress that enough. Do not shoot yourself down for not being able to do something or not being as good at something as someone else. You can do so many other cool things!!! It’s fucking insane.

Some people are really good at math, and others never made it past algebra 2 (I fucking didn’t). Well guess what? Those people that are math geniuses probably cannot do half the shit you can do!!

If you can cook, that’s FUCKING SICK. Some of us (me) can’t even follow simple directions on a box.

To the people that can’t cook, maybe you’re REALLY GOOD at memorizing poems or something?!? THAT’S AMAZING.

Artists?!?! How do you even send information from your brain to your hands?!?! How do you make the thing and bring it to life from an image in your head?!?

Maybe you THINK you don’t have a special talent or cool little quirk, but I SWEAR TO GOD you are fucking special. You’re so different. No one has a mind like yours. How sick is that. Own that shit.

space-star-spirit-deactivated20  asked:

I have recently started following and wanted to know who your characters are? (Sorry if that's too much to ask!)

Welcome and thanks for following : ) !


First crew:

  • Freddy
  • Foxy
  • Chica
  • Bonnie

  • Goldie (Golden Freddy)

Second crew:

  • Alfred (Toy Freddy)
  • Chick (Toy Chica)
  • BonBon (Toy Bonnie)
  • Foxanne (Mangle)

  • Puppet


  • Scott (Phone Guy):

  • Jeremy Fitzgerald:

  • Mike Schmidt:

  • Fritz Smith:

  • William Lavender (Purple Man):

  • Leon (Phone Dude):