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Bill, stop. Please. 

Edit : I noticed that some people find it offensive that I made Candela and Blanche look white. I’m sorry, that was my mistake. My explanation to that is in this post 

Edit2 : I fixed the skin color!! Hope i get it right this time. >:3

The Dragon Angus Theory

I don’t know how many people know about this particular TAZ Theory but I discovered it last night in the TAZ Subreddit. There are thread discussions about this here and here. There could be more but these were the two I found.

In summary, the theory in general pertains to the fact that Angus might not be all that he seems, and that he might be a dragon in disguise. Specifically a Silver Dragon. Under the cut because this came out really long! (Don’t worry there’s a tldr at the bottom)

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The Man In Black

After many questions and a few requests, I think it’s time to make a longer post about this. 
An enigmatic figure has floated around in witch lore for a very long time. A particular spike in his appearance comes into place during the Early Modern Period. A tall man, comely and swathed in black, adorned with either the horns of a goat or that of a buck, approaches men and women alike to offer them a new life. If they decline, they will go about their life as if it was an illusion. If they accept, they will be granted gifts and wealth (of all kinds) in exchange for loyalty to him. 
Throughout the centuries, he’s acquired many different names. He’s been called Old Nick, Old Scratch, The Black Goat, Akerbeltz, Black Donald, The Dark Man, and countless other names. Of course, they’ve all been summed up rather quickly with the word ‘Devil’. And is he? 
Yes and no. 
The Man in Black is not to be separated from the Christian Devil, but that is not his sum total. He represents much more than that and is an extraordinarily complex figure; so complex that his nature cannot be completely known (a trait that I’ll see to in a bit). He is Lucifer, the Usurper, the Light Bringer, the Torch Bearer, and the Opener of Eyes. 

The Man in Black is intimately connected to the topics of the dead, the underworld, fertility, sexuality, and magic. Though the intermingling of life and death might seem befuddling at first, it is important to understand that this is the truest representation of the wilderness. Thus, in total, the Dark Man is, above all, a spirit/deity that represents the Wilderness found both inside humans and outside of them. 
He also represents ‘The Great Other’. Where there is order, he is Chaos. This too can be said for all things natural. In a world where we live between giant, rectangular towers, he is the storm that makes them shiver. He is the flaw in the bricks. He is the tree that crashes into them. 
Beyond that, he is the concepts that have been shunned by polite society. Most importantly, sexuality and aggression. These primal instincts are intertwined and deeply misunderstood. Sexuality does not always mean lewdness. Aggression does not always mean butchery. Sexuality is the force through which life is animated. It is the conjoining and drinking of souls. Aggression is competitiveness. It is a will to survive and thrive. 
In these, we find the origin of him being Satan. Satan is the Lord of Sin, the Liar, and the Roisterer. The Man in Black drinks deeply of Earthly pleasures. He cannot be predictable, for that would make him orderly, where he is chaos. He excites primal passions, of both lust and fury. 
His Chthonic associations don’t help with this. Beasts that are usually thought to be messengers and walkers-between-worlds are his symbols, like crows, flies, snakes, toads, foxes, deer, and most importantly, goats. This Underworld association also deals with his link to primal emotions and concepts we tend to ‘push deep down’ for the lack of a better term. Death is one of them. This too deals much with his associations with Chaos. Hell is simply the Underworld. Where the Underworld is Chaos, the Heavens are Order. Earth is the marriage of the two. Where there is civilization, there is also wilderness. 

He could be considered a trickster, but more appropriately, he is the Trickster. He isn’t an other, he is the Other. Where in Christian mythos, God created Order, the Dark Man usurps control and creates Chaos

His title as the ‘Witch-father” denotes his fondness for, and interest given to, witches. Witches, even separated from the Devil, always have represented the wilderness, or the most wild, primal, and beastly parts of mankind. Naturally, they would be joined with the very spirit/deity that is the embodiment of these qualities. The Man in Black is the embodiment of the thing that witches hold precious, and when they are joined, he teaches and guides them to be the best witches they can be. Many view this as servitude, and while it is true that many witches hold allegiance to the one who pulled them onto the path, it isn’t necessarily true that they are his unwilling servants. The ones who do favors for him are also the ones who are quite affectionate towards him. He isn’t a slave-driver with a whip. Instead, he represents the man who steals the whip from his master’s hand and gains freedom. 
Similarly, witches are often people in folklore who have gained powers not intended by God to override His own Divine Will. They are selfish and they change the world to suit their means, and for some, that meant bringing kings and queens to their knees. As Lucifer coveted the Throne of Heaven, so these witches would no longer be subservient. 

Since ancient times, people have looked to find the wilderness in horned male spirits and deities. They pray to them when they hunt, they pray to them when they wish to have children, they pray to them when they want connection to the wild. Magic practitioners and religious priests wore horns atop their heads as symbols of spiritual importance. Horns were thought to bestow the ability to see, hear, and interact with the spirits. They were, in essence, both crown and key. They were thought to bestow strength and a will to survive, but also a sensitivity to things beyond the perception of most. We find these qualities in the Man in Black.  

Commonly, he is portrayed with a flame between his two horns. This flame is called the Cunning Fire. Those witches who he has created and initiated are lit by his own flame. He passes the Fire Between the Horns to his witches, and they too have power over the world as he does. How does he do this? 
He is known as the one who swallows what is and spits out what will be. He eats away the parts of a person that stops them from traversing the witch path. This common theme, even outside of witchcraft, is found in folklore of him, especially in the American South. He puts them through a test of sorts, where they are made to suffer internal and external turmoil. If they pass, they leave changed, new, and somehow improved. For witches, he gives them fire, and in doing so, gives them power. If they don’t pass, they either try to walk away as unscathed as they can, or they leave broken.
In some witch myths, he has drawn his initiates to the woods and attacked them. If they survived, he rewarded them. Still, this happens spectrally when some fly. Some account for being attacked, torn apart, and put back together. 
He didn’t always create the witches, either. Some of them were waiting to have latent skills awoken, and during his testing phase, he spurred them. Those witches who were said to have power asleep inside them would go through this to awaken their talents. 

Witches of the past, and even many in the present, initiate under him. During this process, many people believe that a witch is selling her soul for powers and a new life. While it is true that a ‘witch’s sixpence’ is required when asking, it is not the soul that is bargained off (though I’m sure he wouldn’t refuse it if offered). Instead, the witch is bound to the path and the spirits of that path. They become a part of one another. Their soul, though their own, is part of a larger whole then. The witches before then and the spirits who guide the tradition, in this case the Dark Man, become a part of the initiate and vice versa. 

He is to be considered the Master of the Hidden Art. Some people interpret this as widely magic in general, while others feel that it is specific to witchcraft. He is often called the First Sorcerer, the Shapeshifter, the Wanderer, the Trickster, and the Horned One. He stole the Fire (the hidden knowledge), the light, from Heaven and gave it to humankind. This theme has repeated throughout history, of a wild God stealing fire and giving it to the world. In this case, that fire is magic and forbidden knowledge. He is the Light-bringer and is called Lucifer. The fallen angels, too, known in some mythos as faeries and in others as gods, impart their Divine Spark to humans as well. 

He appears as many things. He does not have one form. He is the great buck, standing tall with a full set of antlers. He is the black wolf that eats it. He is the goat with great horns. He is the fox that enters the peaceful henhouse and eats to his content. He is both hunter and prey, for the two are sometimes one and the same. He is the man wearing a black suit, handsome and tall.

The wild places are his domain. Not just in the woods does he dwell, but back alleys and bus stops late at night. Crossroads lit by moonlight but shaded by fog are his home too. He walks among beasts and humans. He walks the woods quietly and slyly. He walks among the people at midnight in the city. 

The Man in Black is an enigma, even to those who know him. He is Chaos, and therefore is eternally shifting shapes. As nature changes over the span of 100 years, so does he change with the world. His nature is to never fully be known, but truly be felt. He is, perhaps above all, feeling. Fear, aggression, lust, excitement, bliss, etc. These are his calling cards. 

Working with him isn’t something that someone else usually teaches. Someone might teach you how to call him, but they can’t tell you how to work with him. Like I said, he ever changes. His way of working with each is different. 

How would you call him? 
How was the Devil called in folklore? 
Almost always at a crossroads or in the woods, but as I stated before, these are not his only domains. 
Alcohol, money, black hen feathers, antlers and horns, bones, poisonous plants, etc are all things that will draw him close. 
But the most important ingredient is feeling. Whatever feeling you have while calling him has to be felt fully. Envelop yourself in it. Fear, bliss, or whatever it is, must be sat in. The reek of it will call him. 

He is known to appeal to feelings and senses when he arrives. He is not only drawn by them, but he is an embodiment them. He is inside the fear and the bliss. Through that, a connection can come. That connection can be so vivid and profound that it is often found to be either extraordinarily comforting or deeply unsettling. It is to touch the other half. 

If no other spirit or deity will remind you that working with him is a relationship, he will. Everything has a price on it, and that goes for his end too. Whatever favor or task performed, he will grant favors in kind. It is always important to remember that he is a trickster, however. His favors are always repaid, but not always in the way you’d expect them to be. 

Witches who walk a traditional path will run into him, be it through the pages of a book, a fleeting thought, or a full-blown ritual. It is impossible to avoid him when practicing folkloric craft. He is not, however, required to be worked with. He is beloved by many witches, and will welcome more into his fold, but it is not required that a witch becomes one of his. Instead, it is always important to remember what he stands for as a champion of witches and what kind of qualities he puts forth as a sorcerous spirit. He is a reminder that, in the traditional and folkloric ways, a witch is a wild being; truly, both hunter and hunted, both crown and key, both king and usurper, both natural and supernatural. 

Sightseeing in Rome and Stiles and Derek visit the Bocca della Verità, Stiles is messing around and really enjoying freaking out because it just so happens the mask does have some actual supernatural connections and Derek doesn’t know that Stiles knows, but all Stiles really ends up doing is placing his hand in the mouth - which is actually a harmless thing, humans don’t know shit (and no Stiles is not just a mere human, he’s a human with a spark) - and telling Derek “ask me if I love you”

Derek stares at him confused, touched by the gesture in a weird way and feeling his cheeks flush. “What are you doing?”

“Ask me if I love you and I can only tell you the truth”

Derek is about to argue because he knows Stiles loves him because Stiles has let it slip out, in many moments, more of a casual thing like when Derek had made him homemade curly fries after a long day, and his heart beat had been true and steady. Derek isn’t used to these kind of cheesy, romantic gestures, he’d never been in a relationship like this one with Stiles, and come on, this is pretty overdone, being half way across the world in an old city, using a ridiculous old myth, and is he really worth that much?

But before he had figured out how to react, Stiles’ affection had burrowed through his walls and straight to his heart and he found himself smiling despite himself. Derek takes his own hand to place it on top of Stiles’ in the mask’s mouth and intertwines their fingers and he watches Stiles’ eyes start shining as he grins, as if he knows just what Derek is about to say, as if he knows Derek’s finally stopped blaming himself and being afraid that he would just bring terrible things with him

And for the first time Derek says it out loud, “I love you.”

FrostIron Fairy!Au

Photographer! Tony retreating from the spotlight after getting involved with drugs/ partying/ scandals with models and basically ruining his career. 

He ends up at renting a cabin deep in the woods, far away from the bright lights and temptations of his former life, and tries to deal with his depression.

Thor owns the cabin, and tells Tony that if he is still enough, sometimes the forest fairies will come and keep him company and Tony tells him “Only time I see fairies is when I’m high.” 

Lonely weeks go by and Tony finds himself reaching for the bottle less, and taking walks through the woods more, enjoying the silence and the chance to think. 

And then one day, he catches something out of the corner of his eye, the barest hint of light and maybe a laugh, but he isnt sure. 

So he grabs his camera and goes out again, and again and again and now he has the feeling that he’s being watched, maybe followed, and one day he simply sits and waits for whatever has been laughing in the trees to make an appearance. 

The fairy or sprite or whatever it is, is beautiful. Skin so pale it nearly glows, long black hair that he barest breeze lifts and tugs at. Wings so delicate Tony isnt even sure he is actually seeing them. 

“Hello.” the thing says quietly, and his voice sounds like its coming from far away, an odd echo to it. But its deeper than Tony thought it would be, smooth enough to make him shiver, and thats– thats an odd reaction to a fairy, he thinks. 

“My names Tony.” he offers. “You are– well Im not sure you’re real. But if you are, you are beautiful.” 

“Im very real.” the thing assures him, and jumps from the tree branch down to the ground, eyeing Tony with an amused look in its green eyes. “My name is Loki.” 

“Loki.” Tony repeats. “Have you been following me?” 

“You have been trying to capture me with that.” Loki motions to the camera around Tonys neck. “Why?”

“I wasn’t trying to capture you.” Tony denies, and then tilts his head. “Well sort of, but just a picture of you. It wouldn’t hurt.” 

“Hmm.” A low hum that seems to ripple through the air before reaching Tony’s ear. “A picture? Because you want to look at me?” 

“Yes.” Tony nods. “I was curious about you. Are you curious about me?” 

“Perhaps.” Loki smiles curiously, flashing sharp fangs, and Tony is suddenly very aware that the creature is wearing only the barest amount of clothing, that there is just lots of flawless skin standing close enough to touch, and that he very badly wants to touch and maybe taste and hear that low voice rise into something of a scream. 

“Oh.” the creature raises a delicate eyebrow. “You want me.”

Tony stammers and turns bright red and shifts his position so its not as obvious how uncomfortable his pants are at that exact moment. “Uh sorry. You’re not wearing a whole lot and um–”

“Interesting.” the creature crouches, crawls towards Tony with sinuous movements that are entirely too fluid to be human. “I have never had a human before.” green eyes spark and Tony swears they shift to red for the barest second. “Will you be gentle with me?” 


Sorry guys, I couldnt get this idea out of my head. Lets do some world building with it. Hit me up with questions/ideas in my ask box and lets write a story together. Ill turn on anon asks again for it!

Also, bad news about my grandma this morning, believe me when I say Id enjoy the distraction today, so please talk to me about anything and everything about this idea. All your questions, your ideas, let me have them. 

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Need someone to numb the pain - Sherlock x reader

Originally posted by gold20

AN: I thought this up and it’s pretty short but I don’t know

Summary: Sherlock is drugged up and alone. You find him and take him home.

Word count: 1, 047

Warnings: Strong language, drugged up Sherlock, not much really

“Where’s the girl?!” Sherlock asks as he bolts up right in his bed. Bill had been sat in Sherlock’s room in fear that Sherlock might choke on his own vomit during the night, and at the request of Mrs Hudson. 

“What girl?” Bill asks, 

“The girl! The girl who brought me home last night!” Sherlock swings his legs over the side of the bed and holds his throbbing head in his hands. He needs another fix.

“Oh, that girl. She left a few hours ago.” Bill tells Sherlock. Sherlock gets up and moves over to the window, searching the street. 

“I need to talk to her…” Sherlock mutters, Bill cocks his eyebrows at the detective. 

“Somebody in love?” Bill teases however Sherlock takes no notice. He was too busy trying to remember the night before. 

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polkadottedeyes  asked:

Hi Wil! You recently answered an ask by saying that 'everyone is the hero of their own story, including the villains, so it’s fun to figure out why this person is justified (from his point of view) doing all these lousy things.' How do you think trump justifies the vile things he's doing? To me he seems like an empty cartoon villain without the spark of humanity a good actor could give him.

I believe that Trump is a clinical narcissist, and is likely in the early stages of dementia.

There is something terribly wrong with the Miss Me video

Marry sends two videos: one to Sherlock (Miss Me) and one to John (Miss you). The Miss Me video is played twice, once in TST and one last time in TLD.

But quickly, when you put these moments side by side you quickly start noticing contradictions.

“When I’m gone, if I’m gone, I need you to do something for me. Save John Watson. Save him, Sherlock. Save him.

The same words are said and yet…

Mary doesn’t say these lines the same way. The tone is vastly different.

  • TST: you can hear Mary’s pain, her voice is broken. There is a sense of urgency.
  • TLD: she is calm, there is no outburst

Everything else is identical, even the go to hell part but this? This is the proof that they made another version of the exact same lines. TLD version, the ‘genuine’ version removes any sense of urgency and makes Mary far more collected.

There was no reason to do this, no reason to create one version that does not exist in the CD. The emotions we hear? The only thing to make sense of it is to admit Sherlock is imagining Mary is upset, his memory of this video shows a Mary that is not real.

Another thing that bothers me is this:

Mrs Hudson knew what the CD really was.

“Everybody out, now. All of you. This is my house, this is my friend and that’s his departed wife. Anyone who stays here a minute longer is admitting to me personally they do not have a single spark of human decency.”

She knew and yet she let John play the video anyway. It’s only at the ‘probably dead’ that she starts saying that what everyone else is seeing is private and they shouldn’t be there.

We also have no reason to suspect she left at any time during the TST’s watching and that means that she knew about the “go to hell part”.

Right then, Martha Hudson knew everything, she knew, watched Sherlock destroying himself, she knew that Culverton Smith was how Sherlock has decided to go to hell.

She knew all of that and yet decided to let Mary’s plan work. Everything she did go in that direction: let Sherlock go to hell and John will save him. She brings Sherlock to John, she shows John the video… John watching the video finally understand Sherlock is in grave danger but Mrs Hudson knew from the beginning.

Ultimately, that video is what saves Sherlock but Mrs Hudson has a some explaining to do.


└ My thoughts: Mao-chan was a lovely, courageous lady.  Thank you for your kind words Sho-kun.

Cr: NEWS every 23.06.2017

Clown ownership is something to be passionate about as there are many breeds and the history of clown rearing and husbandry is long and involved. My family has kept clowns for years and the chief thing to remember that clowns evolved with man and every day that I look into the eyes of my prized clown I see a spark of humanity there, of understanding deeper than words can articulate, then he sprays me with a comically large bottle of seltzer.  

Some fun clown history facts and misc clown rearing ! 

-Wild clown domestication and the true point of where breeds began to spec into trees of offshoots can be traced back to the roman empire, Romulus and Remus of Rome foundry fame are depicted suckling on a mime bitch for sustenance. 

-The throwback breeds of Sannios and Stupidus were re-bred out of extinction by dedicated genealogists from heirloom jester populations!  

- In the keep of jesters it important to supply a large amount of bells, these are used in mating rituals where the dominate jesters will entertain for pack dominance, and prize bells are fought over for gifts for the weaker in the group. An attractive jester can sport anywhere from 10-40 bells at its peak.

- clowns are incredibly pack minded and thrive in groups, when adopting clowns its always important to house them together. When I adopted my current prized breeding pair they had been found in a camping tent in an apartment complex in upstate new york. ANY TENT IS NOT A WAY TO KEEP YOUR CLOWNS. IF YOU CANT AFFORD AT THE VERY LEAST A MEDIUM SIZED BIG TOP YOUR “OWNERSHIP” RE: ABUSE OF YOUR CLOWNS IS PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE. 

-to keep your clowns hirsute and glossy I feed them a mix of whipped cream, banana peels, and popcorn butter, they love going at it when I put a dollop on their normal roughage! 

- It’s considered normal to clip buffoon’s heels in order to curb their honking feet as it’s considered “annoying”, this is also terrible uninformed behavior as the buffoon communicates with honks to other clowns in it’s breed as well to issue challenges to rival fools.

 -Any clown with the exceptions of the formal Auguste take to prop play with a heavy interest but it’s important to note that dollar store streamers and other cheap props are generally discouraged from clowning as clowns can choke on un-tested toys easily! If you want clowns to stop nesting behaviors like stealing your car keys, the overtaking of many dessert items in your home, and other evidences of horseplay like overt spraying (flower or seltzer bottle) props are a needed addition in any home!

- Slapstick is funny and should be encouraged in clown behavior but if your clown is engaging in rough slapstick with guests or family members it might be time to talk with your ringleader on the options of getting it fixed. 

-A proper family unit of clowns’ nest can be anywhere from 6-15 feet wide. I have heard stories of the assumption because clowns enjoy piling in small vehicles for amusement a space as small as a closet is enough to have them bed in and let me say that talk like that, unlike the clowns, isn’t very funny.

-Pierrot shouldn’t be kept with american short noses, the Pierrot are often given to weeping farces in which the play behavior of the short nose isn’t taken well.

My harlequin, goofus, will take popcorn right off my hand, gotta remember to hold your palm flat and not to suddenly dart at him, he’s a trusting boy!  

Xeno - 4

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: Do you even read these? Probably not lmao. This chapter was supposed to be something else but then it turned into this. Kill me. The damn storyboard said fluff, but it turned into angst. ARGH. 2.2k Words

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Originally posted by bangtannoonas

It was finally back to work – which meant finding out more about the cyborg. You figured that some background information would help you get his feelings back; memories were always the root of all human emotion, after all. 

You had no problem in leaving him alone at home. There was food for him to eat, clothes for him to wear, and the smart TV was there for entertainment. He could take care of himself, even if he went out. You figured he had some common sense.

“Y/N, I need you to help me with something.”

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anonymous asked:

Head canoning/au: what if stiles was bit instead of Scott? Or in addition? DOB playing accidental werewolf stiles. Does it cure his ADHD? Does he embrace it? If Scott still dates Allison, does that make the drama more interesting and less cliched, less Romeo and Juliet, more how can you choose her over me? Or what if Peter bites stiles later in first season, when he mentions it canonically to stiles. How does stiles take to being a were? How do you think Sterek would be affected?

Continued: I mean, don’t get me wrong, I looooove human stiles and wouldn’t change him, love that he’s sarcastic but fragile, love that he’s a spark, or whatever, but not bullet proof… But I think he would handle the wolf stuff so differently than Scott did…

Oh Stiles would have 1000% handled turning very differently than Scott did, and season one would have been a completely different show. I’m going to start off saying that I agree, I love human!Stiles (and also spark!Stiles) too much to ever really be into the idea of wolf!Stiles or him turning, but it would have been interesting to see how that would have played out.

I’m going to run with the idea of Stiles being turned instead of Scott in this ask, because him being bitten as well would be a whole different ramble. 

First off, I think Stiles would have embraced the hell out of having superpowers. Scott enjoyed the benefits of being a wolf to get on the lacrosse team and win over Allison, but otherwise he was pretty desperate to be normal and ignore any elements of the supernatural going on in his life. Scott wanted a normal (well, popular sports star, but normal) life, but Stiles –– the geeky, World of Warcraft playing, superhero and sci fi movie loving geek that he is –– would have embraced the new wolf identity whole-heartedly. Remember, he was the one who actually figured out Scott was a werewolf (even jokingly) and helped him through learning control and connecting with his anchor. So I see werewolf!Stiles taking to be a wolf much faster than Scott did, if only because he would want to embrace it, want to learn as much as he could about it, want to be the best goddamn superhero werewolf he could be, because having superpowers is freaking awesome! 

So I think that, while for Scott the journey was one of “ugh, why is this happening to me” with a touch of “cool I can get a girlfriend now”, toward accepting that this was a permanent part of his life, for Stiles the journey would have gone in somewhat the opposite direction: from wholeheartedly embracing this awesome gift to slowly realizing –– as bodies piled up and hunters appeared in the picture –– that it might not be all sunshine and superpowers after all. (But I honestly think he’d handle that better too. Stiles is used to adapting to hard times, is a realist bordering on a cynic, and when he realized it was time to get serious I think he would have been able to ground himself and grow up fast –– though not without some serious griping along the way.)

I think the arc of the season probably would have changed a lot too, with Stiles as the core character. Along with his own research, he probably would have gone to Derek for answers and struck up a relationship much earlier on, wanting to learn as much as possible about the world he was now a part of. The main reasons he kept more of a distance from Derek in canon were because he was A) following Scott’s lead, since Scott was the one this was most affecting, B) he was scared of Derek (and certain feelings Derek was bringing out in him) and C) he was jealous that Scott and Derek were in this werewolf club together and he wasn’t, so he kind of wanted to nudge Derek aside to hold onto Scott better. All of which would have been different if Stiles were the one at the center of all the werewolf issues, with his own werewolf strength to match Derek’s.

(And in fact, he did go to Derek for answers a bit even in canon, like the scene in the police car when Derek was arrested –– and in an especially bad mood, I mean don’t get a guy arrested for the murder of his sister and then decide it’s time to chat. Just… bad timing there, Stiles –– and I think that would have been much more the norm in a world where Stiles was the werewolf.)

Since Derek would see Stiles actually invested in what was happening, actually wanting to understand (even in his snarky and skeptical way), I think Derek would have felt a lot more settled and secure than he did throughout canon season one. Derek’s main goals that season were to protect the stupid teenagers, get the stupid teenagers to take this seriously, and to feel a little less alone after losing Laura, and Stiles actually coming to him, wanting to learn, would change so much of that and leave him a lot more settled.

Ok, what else… I do think being a wolf would have probably cured Stiles’ ADHD, since the bite cured Erica’s epilepsy. Or at least… held it at bay. There’s a possibility that being exposed to wolfsbane, or other things that stalled out his wolf healing, would cause a resurgence of symptoms the way it did with Erica. Which would make wolfsbane exposure even more dangerous for Stiles, because it could potentially make him weaker and make it harder for him to focus on how to escape the situation.

As for Scott… I can see this going one of either two ways. Scott was very woe is me and Scott-centric throughout season one, and I’ll say somewhat understandably. He was the one who got the bite, who had his life flipped upside-down, and so it makes sense that he would be thinking about his own drama over other people’s. I’m also going to suggest that Scott’s overwhelming obsession with Allison was partly due to his being a new wolf (stronger senses, stronger instincts) and her being his anchor (being hyper-focused on her settled him). So, while I think a lot of Scott’s behavior was just down to his general personality, it’s also possible that a human Scott would have just reacted a bit more… normally, to getting a girlfriend. It’s also possible that, considering Stiles would be the one who was in trouble, the one whose problems needed to be focused on, Scott would have stepped up and been more focused on supporting Stiles in general. It’s easy when you’ve got a broken thumb to go “oh I have a broken thumb, feel bad for me, I can’t focus on your problems right now friend, my thumb’s hurting.” But if your thumb’s perfectly fine and your friend’s is the one that’s broken, you might be there and focused and more inclined to put them first and help them out.

(And yes, I just compared being bitten by a werewolf to having a broken thumb. I have no idea why. I’m sleep deprived with too much coffee in my system; let’s move on.)

So yes, it’s totally possible that human!Scott would put more focus on a werewolf!Stiles than on Allison, even causing him to leave her once he finds out her family are werewolf hunters. (Because again, it’s easy to keep dating someone dangerous when they’re threatening you and the poor loner werewolf you just honestly don’t care about :/ but if they’re threatening your best friend, that might change your attitude a bit.)

Of course, it could go in the complete opposite direction as well. Since we know Scott just wanted a normal life, the fact that Stiles was suddenly so completely not normal might set a wedge between them, even unconsciously. If that happened early on, it would probably push Stiles closer to Derek, push Scott closer to Allison, and potentially even lead Scott to side with the hunters if Kate or Chris managed to convince him that the werewolves were the dangerous monsters who stole his best friend from him. (And honestly this would be such an interesting dynamic to play out –– Scott trying to do the right thing, convinced by his girlfriend’s family that werewolves were the wrong thing. Maybe even convinced that killing the Alpha or Derek would turn Stiles back to being human, and that he’d be saving him by doing so. Leading Stiles and Derek into a trap by pretending to want to make amends, and then realizing his mistake when Kate ends up trying to kill Stiles too. And… damn, I want to write this now.)

Anyway, there’s so much more to explore here but I’ve definitely rambled on long enough. Awesome question, anon, thank you!

^ werewolf Stiles with Derek as his anchor ;P

anonymous asked:

UGH I have a really fluffy idea,, a bunch of homeless human kids were victims of brutal experiments. They have some cool powers from it, and with combined efforts, they all escaped. Swindle hears about a gang of homeless kids, all camping out in an old abandoned hotel. The ages range from 7-18. They're all traumatized AF, constantly dodging and fighting the people sent to recapture them. Swindle finds one of the older kids, and tells them he'll help fighting the people after them. (Part 1)

(2) The kids are fucking ecstatic. Some cry. They don’t have to fight anymore, they don’t have to run any more, and they finally get enough food. Some of the kids are missing limbs, so they get high-tech prosthetics. One of them cries, because she can finally walk! They just,, finally have what they need. They finally get to be kids. When the time comes where Swindle tells them about the adoption thing, they go silent. One kid steps forward. “We’re all sort of a family already…”

(3) Swindle just smiles, and jokes, “alright, so I’ll just mark you all down as a package deal, then?” And that’s the story of how one(or two?? Or a whole ship crew *looks @ the LL) get like 27 children (sorry that was so long AaaAAH)

OMG!  It’s like Oliver Twist but with robots!!!  :D :D :D  I never knew how much I needed something like this in my life until now!
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“Hey, yeah, someone order the angst? I got a big ol’ tray of angst here. Angst, anyone?”

Elizabeth: Ciel’s Morning Star

I get so irritated when people dismiss Lizzy as a character who’s “not deep” or hasn’t suffered enough torment to earn our sympathies. Have we become so desensitized as a society that someone has to undergo intense psychological torment in order for us to like them?? And for the record, Lizzy HAS suffered—she’s suffered emotionally and mentally and for a character whose entire being is rooted in love, this is suffering. She’s spent her entire life feeling both weak and brutish—feeling weak because she lacks the power to help Ciel and feeling brutish because she possesses phenomenal physical strength.

Think about it this way: a 14 year old girl whose entire life has been a masquerade—a theater show for the boy she loves best. Outwardly she is kind, sweet, and an unknowing angel—a true English rose; on the inside, however, she suffers from intense fear. Fear of losing the boy she loves; anguish at not knowing what’s happened to make him this way; deep sorrow and frustration that he refuses, outright, to tell her anything. Her mind is a myriad of contradictions and her heart bleeds because she is unable to offer any comfort to the one she wishes to protect. All this she endures silently, without the knowledge of others. All this she does while wearing a bright, beautiful smile and feigning ignorance of all the world’s troubles.

Yes, Elizabeth has not been kidnapped, tortured by a cult, and forced to sell her soul to a demon. Yes Elizabeth has not had to discover the murdered bodies of both her parents and yes, Elizabeth has not been forced to undertake responsibilities no child should ever have to endure. But does this make Lizzy any less of a compelling character? I’d say not. In fact, I’d say that if every character we met had a Greek tragedy background it’d get rather tiring and furthermore, Elizabeth is supposed to be the heart of Black Butler. That’s why her faults are so blatant, why she can provoke ire and indignation in some readers—Elizabeth is the most human character in all of Kuroshitsuji.  

She is the physical representation of humanity. Humans are selfish, self-righteous, prone to self-pity and possess traits that are the epitome of aggravating. But humans are also kind—capable of deep compassion and endless love; humans can be altruistic, understanding, and, while flawed, are capable of recognizing their faults and improving upon them.

I’m going to get analytical here and I want you to please set aside your ship biases and think clinically for a few minutes. Elizabeth, while possessing blatant physical strength (no one can dispute me on this), also possesses a quieter and more discreet emotional strength. She has been able to weather great losses, adhere to paradoxical teachings that require her to be both strong (the wife of the queen’s watchdog) and weak (an unknowing angel); has endured the deaths of her uncle, two aunts, and Ciel. Because the Ciel who rose from the dead is not the Ciel that Lizzy remembers—he is cold; he is changed; and he is cruel.

But does Lizzy disparage him for that? Does she hate and loathe the emotionless Macbeth that’s taken her cousin’s place? No. Lizzy continues to love Ciel unconditionally, she puts him before herself and this kind of emotional strength—the fact that Lizzy loves Ciel without being expected to be loved in return—is a strength that’s equal to any display of physical strength from either demon or reaper. Elizabeth is self-sacrificing and self-effacing—this is the girl (the 14 year old girl) who endures all of Ciel’s dismissals, secrecy, and callousness all the while wearing a loving smile and keeping an open heart.

And (because I know some people are going to cry foul and say that I’m only writing this because I’m a biased bitch), I’ll be the first to admit: Ciel can survive without Lizzy. He’s a survivor—selfish, shrewd, and ruthless—but because of Elizabeth’s presence, Ciel has not lost all connection with humanity. Elizabeth is the spark of light that’s keeping him tethered to earth—tethered to life—she’s the only thing keeping the bruised and battered scraps of his heart from decaying. She is the constant reminder that goodness, kindness, innocence, and love still exist. In my view, every citizen Ciel saves and protects is a reflection of the virtues Elizabeth represents—it’d be so easy for Ciel to despise all humans after what he went through but instead, Ciel still has a scrap of emotional decency left in him because of Elizabeth. She is the counterargument to all of Sebastian’s degradation (that humanity is evil, hateful, and unworthy of redemption) because Lizzy personifies light and integrity and unconditional love.

And that, I believe, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

(Further discussion is encouraged though I ask that you please refrain from utilizing derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and “proofs” from certain Tumblr posts that’s caused so much strife in the Black Butler fandom. Thank you.)