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One criticism I think there is to be made regarding ‘World Enough and Time’ is that Bill remains passive and accepting throughout her time in the Hospital. It’s arguably a reach to suggest that, after however many years of camping out withThe Master, she wouldn’t be incredibly angry with The Doctor for making her wait so long, (although it’s also just as arguable that a mixture of rationality - she knows that she can’t leave the hospital without dying/ genuine naievity/ total faith in and admiration for The Doctor/ that constant CCTV live-feed/ even some form of Stockholm Syndrome, renders this believable), however, calling this fridging, or ‘killing off the black lesbian’ or the bury your gays trope is simply prematurely nonsensical seeing as Bill. Is. Literally. Not. Dead. 

history is fucked up and it sucks because all the people in it who had great viable werewolf names weren’t werewolves. like what the shit. if you knew nothing about history or literature i guess or whatever you’d see names like “virginia woolf” and “oscar wilde” and be like. ah yes. these are definitely some prime secret werewolf poorly masquerading as human intellectual situations? but neither of those people were real live werewolves, factually speaking? they did not take advantage of that opportunity. and i think we are all worse off for it actually 


“You know, you don’t have to do this right now. It can wait, if you’re not ready.”

“It’s ok… Thanks for coming with me.”

Docks: Holding Area - in which many feels were had. These two tho, amirite??

Rose sets up two accounts on an alien conspiracy forum. On one, she writes a bunch of posts about the unlikelihood of alien lifeforms existing, complete with citations from articles she cherrypicked off scihub. On the other, she does nothing but repeatedly claim ‘Aliens are real and I’m dating one’ while attaching blurry photos of Kanaya modeling various outfits.

Terezi also has an account that she occasionally uses to start flame wars with Rose 1 and Rose 2. 


So the Humans are Weird tag keeps popping up and I absolutely love it, so I’m going to add!

So everyone talks about pack bonding and how humans are super friendly but imagine the aliens trying to find out why and discovering the humans actually have the ability to tap into empathetic fields. To feel a small bit of what another person if feeling.

Like they don’t have to be looking at someone to tell if they’re upset. They just ‘feel’ it. Like 'so I just got a call from Jenny and she seems sad’. And the alien is like 'she sounded fine to me?’ but the humans like 'no, no, I know Jenny, something is wrong’ and guess what something is.

Or how in really tense situations humans sort of just MOVE together. Shift and cover each other’s blind spots without even talking or looking. How they just seem to know when someone is upset and the aliens are like cool low level hive mind.

And then they find out about mob mentality and that freaks them out, that someone can get so caught up in the emotions of a group they basically become one person in 100 bodies. About how when humans go to conserts and dance the music just enhances Thier emotions and they all get in sync and that’s why humans like music so much, it strengthens that empathetic connection!

And then they realize that yes, when the John-human winces because Mizan smashed his finger TS because he somehow 'felt’ that and they’re all like wait no and the realize yeah, Humans can tap into us too.

Tavik is going threw a rough patch with Thier mate but doesn’t tell anyone and acts the exact same so HOW DOES THIS HUMAN KNOW IM UPSET? And all the aliens are like forget telepathy, humans just freaking FEEL this stuff.

A Dance...

[Context: We’re a party of 5, who’ve stumbled into an underground lair full of pretty nasty enemies. We’ve been playing for a while, and have finally managed to find somewhere quiet to pause to take stock of our situation. We’re stood near a door, deciding what to do next. One of our party is a human warrior, who is known for asking to do slightly wacky things in dangerous situations.]

Human Warrior: (tries to peek through a keyhole to see inside a room, and rolls a natural 1.) ‘Whoops!’

DM: ‘You lean on the door, and it swings open! You stumble into the room, stopping only when you hit a table, and you hear the door slam shut behind you, trapping you alone in the room with four bandits! They aren’t pleased to see an intruder, and draw some rather nasty looking weapons’.

Human Warrior, immediately after DM stops talking: 'Can I do a provocative dance on the table to distract them?’

DM, slightly incredulously : 'I mean… I guess? Roll me a 20 and you can do that.’

Human Warrior: (rolls his first 20 of the entire campaign)

DM: (pauses for a good ten seconds, then sighs loudly) You climb on the table, and begin to dance. The bandits, rather out of character (pointed look at the instigator of the whole thing) put away their weapons and watch you dance.’

Human Warrior : 'If I roll another 20, can they all pass out at the brilliance of my dance?’

DM: (stares, then says) 'Sure. Chances of that happening are slim’

Seconds later, the DM is sat with his head in his hand, four unconscious bandits, as our human warrior celebrated his second natural 20 in 2 rolls. Everyone else round the table is in hysterics. Our warrior now introduces himself to NPC’s as a 'Legendary Dancer’. Our DM has outlawed anything dance-related.

Tips and Ideas for Writing Post-Apocolypse

Writing post-apocalypse/dystopian future can actually open a large range of possibilities and original ideas but there are some things we should try to keep in mind. The problem with this genre is that is a heavily research-based genre, it requires a lot of information so a lot of things can slip up or be forgotten.

Limits of the Body - This is something that seems to be largely forgotten unless in extreme situations. Yes, humans are tough, but they are also weak. We have that balance of nature within us. People can keep going whilst in a lot of pain, but something like a headache could knock them senseless. I knew someone who got shot in the leg and ran three miles because he thought he had been hit by the brick. The second he realised he had actually been shot and was safe to do so, he collapsed in pain. Quickly establish what your characters can and cannot do.

Children - Children are more robust than so many people give them credit for, they wouldn’t make it to adulthood otherwise. Children are emotionally stronger than they are physically but many children have a lot more endurance for their size than adults because they have to keep up with adults. Two good examples are The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Hygiene - Namely with periods and stuff. It is hard work keeping the body clean, so personal hygiene will be poor but people tend to stop caring at a point when they realise how hard it is to maintain. A lot of people would revert to old fashioned methods of vagina health as well, so people would use reusable cloth or diva cups. The only book I know of that covers this is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

Simple Killers - More people died of the Spanish flu than in the First World War (source). It is surprising how often it is “little things” that kill people off. An emotional death does not have to be all that dramatic, no bloody death or major killer. Something as simple as a small cut that festered will kill someone if not treated correctly. An asthma attack, diabetes, things we see as treatable would make quick work of us without medical aid. Also most deaths are really simple and sudden.

World Limitations - What is this obsession with guns and everything happening in the summer and unlimited cans of food? No, let’s be honest, none of these are realistic. Guns will not last, can goods will be snatched up by the shop loads, most natural disasters will happen in spring or autumn. Remember to do the key thing, make your world real and people are more likely to believe it.

Take a Page - Who are most renowned for their post-apocalyptic stories? British pre-1950s authors. Why? Their worlds are real, the possibilities of what could happen in those worlds are real. Some where and still are scarily accurate, they looked at the current and possible state of things, creating a world too similar to our own. Great examples like 1984 by George Orwell, The Death of Grass by John Christopher, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, Soylent Green and the Mad Max Series.

Mildly Human-Looking Aliens though??????

Okay but with all this humans are the weird ones, space australia and humans are space orcs stuff i’ve been reading on here, imagine a race out there that looks mildly human-like. Like, maybe they only have abnormal eye colours (like liquid gold or sunset pink) or different skin colours or tails or wings or something but other than that, they look almost exactly the same. just imagine

Their entire race is now completely used to being mistaken for a human and the once weak race is has now merged into one of power and respect. The humans have no clue because they haven’t actually reached that part of the universe yet but every other alien race thinks they have and are now terrified because holy lexim the humans got there, made a home on a new planet and have somehow not been wiped out in only ‘X amount of’ Human years it took us like 10 Brilkaks how did they do this so fast w h a t

The other aliens don’t even question the wings/tails/ears etc because most of them are actually used to a rather respected human thing called ‘cosplay’. (Most of the universe actually got a very good idea of it when one of the Telk Uuns transformed into a human called ‘Harry Potter’ and was enthusiastically congratulated on ‘such a realistic cosplay it’s like you’re actually him!’. The humans, when they learned that it wasn’t a cosplay at all but merely a simple transformation, had flipped and excitedly made a large commotion in the Telk Uun’s Hall of Ushvaac, scaring the Telk Uuns out of their disguises.)

Anyway, when the humans actually do find out, they’re actually amused and make a peace treaty with their look-a-like friends. occasionally they’ll swap and a few of the Human B’s will visit Earth and a few Humans will visit Earth 2 (Krexar’un)

Back on Earth the Human B’s (also knowns as the Krexarns) make easy friends because most of the humans think the situation is hilarious. Eventually the human’s begin to make classes for the transfer Krexarns so they can learn about Human traditions and historical moments to be more convincing when interacting with other aliens. The Krexarns absolutely falling in love with some of the apparently not-pet-able animals ‘nO ILTAR THATS A SHARK DO NOT PET IT GET BACK HERE’ *cue hyperventilation* and their human friends inevitably becoming the mum friend regardless and constantly worrying that they might get attacked every time they visit the beach. (the poor already mum friends become Mum Friends 2.0.)

Over on Krexar’un, humans are treated with a great deal of respect however because they’re Very Curious, they often have to be surrounded by guards to make sure they don’t kill them selves by wandering into any native animals. Nevertheless, the humans will often escape their guards and many of the Krexarn children begin going to the Human transfers to get lessons on it. (ehhh, basically the same thing as on Earth but including lessons on how not to die on Krexar’un)

Eventually all the other aliens learn that the Krexarns aren’t human and are pissed but that soon melts away when they learn how close the Krexarns and the humans now are and oh mirtd do not cross them the humans will find out and you will make them mad

“Sir, there’s been an incident.” Immediately, the captain suspects two things: 1: That they are about to have a Very Long Day, and 2: That humans were, in some way, involved. They sigh questioningly, and their second-in-command shifts, clearing their vocal organ. 
“The on-leave crew members decided to tour the space station, sir. One of the humans came into contact with a life form they were unfamiliar with, and, ah…thought one of the other humans had set a prank for them.” The captain’s cranial-extremeties straighten sternly, and their second-in-command winces slightly in sympathy. They ask in a very flat voice,
“What happened.”
“Human-Rob decided to stick his arm in it, Captain.”
“….What lifeform were they?“ 
"A celestial species, sir. They weren’t too happy about it.” The Captain restrains themself from cursing out of long experience with humans. They enjoy their job, they really do, but they are very much looking forward to retirement and stepping down to allow someone else to deal with the messes humans generate in any situation.
“Are they going to press charges?”
“I don’t think so, sir. They seemed to think half his arm being burned off was punishment enough, what with human’s lack of regenerative properties.” It’s the Captain’s turn to wince.
“How is HumanRob?”
“He wasn’t very happy about it initially, but once the anesthetic took effect, HumanHugh informed him that he could now be a ‘cyborg’, whatever that is, which seemed to cheer him considerably.”

Stop trying to demonize lars for what happened in “I am my mom”

He did not save Sadie? He had a panic attack! he had been abducted, held captive for days, taken aboard a space ship, and was staring at a hulking super powered wall of mussel that he had only just got free off. Being scared of dangerous gems and their tech is rational and not knew or just Lars.

Remember in early parts of season 1 when Steven, back when he did not have much training or experience, had to be poofed home because a mission was to intense? or when he got so scared in that Gem maze that he blacked out and Garnet had to carry him? Well he was still barely more than a human kid and was in over his head. It was really scary and he reacted scared.

Remember when we first met Connie? she and Steven got stuck in one of Stevens bubbles. No monsters, no weapons being pointed at them, they are just stuck in a giant hamster toy. Yet still Connie spent the whole episode freaking out and crying how she thought she was going to die ad she all the things she will never get to do. Well she was just a girl and she was stuck in something. It was scary and she reacted scared

Remember Jamie in the episode? spent the whole time dramatically describing how he expected them all to be killed, caused the panic level to rise, pleaded with a fourteen year old kid to save him before getting to safety, had to be carried out by said child because he was paralyzed with fear. People call his reaction understandable, funny, and adorable; and I am glad they are so kind to him. He is a human in a scary situation, that he as no training for, and he reacted scared.

Now lets look at Sadie. Everybody is saying how she should hate him, and if it were reversed she would have saved him, but is that true? Anyone who watches the show objectively will notice that Sadie pulls, or stands by watching, a lot of bad crap, at the same time Lars does. The characters make an interesting couple because they are very similar in habits and flaws. Unlike Lars though half this fandom gives Sadie a free pass on her crap because she is female, and because they are so happy to see a short, chunky girl on T.V. (note I am not trying to insult either representation. I happen to be extremely short myself.). In that house of horror episode she did nothing to stop Ronaldo from saying this was all Lars fault, and trying to sacrifice him to the house; she just watched scared and tried to get out herself. Yes she saved them in the island episode, but that was after Steven threw her a stick and reminded her that she was a good hunter, before that she was running in blind fear just like the other two. Why did she act like this? Because she is a human who was over her head, in a scary situation, and reacted scared.

In all of this I have only described human characters, and Steven before he learned to use his gem powers. How many times have Gems lost it and reacted bad. Hey lets talk about real people. I could say I would fight if someone cam after me and my friends, But the truth is that unless I was grabbled I would lose my mind and flee. Any of you who are criticizing Lars can say that you would stay and fight a attacker/kidnapper, but honestly unless you have like military or police training it is safe to bet you would lose your minds and run. The first lesson you are taught in self defense classes “scream as loud as you can, and run at first chance”.

Fear is a natural and human emotion. It can at times prevent you from doing what you  want to, especially when it comes in a force strong enough to cause panic attacks. It is wrong to call someone a bad guy or weak person because they got scare

“Come on, big guy, you have to come out sooner or later,” Stiles was begging at this point. Was it ironic that the human in this situation was the one begging for attention? Probably. Will Stiles mention that to Derek? No, because he values keeping his face intact.

For all his placation and begging, all he gets is a solid huff from the wolf currently hogging all of his bedding.

He had come home like any other day, dropping his backpack with a much too heavy thud when he had found the wolf sized lump curled on his bed. He had to admit, the first few times this had happened - he cooed and ‘ahh’ed at the werewolf who had taken to finding comfort in the ode de Stilinski. Now? Not so much. 

Sure, Stiles’ heart melted every time he witnessed Derek’s in full shift and tried not to break the magic of how much more tactile the man became when less hindered by his human shape. But this was the third time this week Stiles would be remaking his bed for non-jizz related reasons and that shit took effort. Not even being chased by monsters winded him quite as much as getting a fitted sheet on his mattress did.

“Der, you can’t just hide in my covers forever.”

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I really hope the show explores the hurt Magnus feels towards Alec. Because yes logically he probably knows that Alec was doing his job and that Alec was right to assume that Valentine was fucking with him, however Magnus is still illogically hurt that Alec didn’t believe it was actually him and deep down somewhere he hoped Alec would just know and now Magnus has to deal with those feelings of being let down and betrayal. Something that will affect his relationships at least for a lil bit

Okay so this is from today’s HWS (17/2/2017) and I’m kinda excited because I think it’s the first time we have canon evidence that cat nations and human nations exist in the same universe? (Japan was in the last chapter too but it’s hard to tell if it’s really him. America’s cowlick here leaves very little room for doubt).

But something still doesn’t add up since human countries are supposed to live in their respective countries (they have a quick and supernatural transport method iirc, but England has taken the plane to America before, and Italy had to pass through Switzerland to get to Germany), but these kitties seem to live in the same area/community and gather at the “Euro square” which is probably just a public park/lawn somewhere. So they physically live very close to one another.

My theory is that… since the kitties already represent the countries, the humans are… actual humans. That means we now have canon HUMAN ameripan (or Alfred x Kiku?) interaction. :D