human signless

Alright, so maybe I shouldn’t care about this so much, but-

The fuck you mean, “human Signless is a homophobic fire and brimstone preacher?”

The Signless’s movement was one of revolutionary kindness and acceptance in the most intolerant possible world, don’t tell me he’d be a part of that same hate.

Human Signless is a young man of color protesting police brutality on the streets and getting arrested once or twice a month

Human Signless comes to visit people on death row and won’t leave until he’s made their wardens sit down with them and talk, and learn about them, and feel disgusting for upholding this system

Human Signless steps between a mugger and their victim and talks the conflict out, and hands the mugger a $20 bill because it’s all he has

He doesn’t have time to spread hate because he’s too busy smuggling victims out of abusive homes, and going on loudly publicized hunger strikes until wrongly-incarcerated protesters are released from prison, and empowering people who’d have every right to be hateful to instead help make things right.

There is only ONE acceptable excuse for making him an angry, jaded asshat, and that is if he’s undergone some trauma so intense that he’s already the Sufferer.

“You swallow a bit and just sit tensely. Okay. Maybe you should have stayed home. You were glad to see Kankri, sure, but the idea of being killed wasn’t exactly what you would consider the ideal vacation. You stay silent and just anxiously keep your gaze out the window. To say you felt uncomfortable was a gross understatement.”

this is swedish kankri’s pop pop. he’s a hard core over-protective father who works as a pastor. he’s been attacked by mobs before, kankri says he’s wrestled a bear and won, he owns more than ten shotguns in his house. 
he’s pretty scary but he’s scary because he’s scared. he’s afraid people will negatively influence kankri, or get him sick, so he’s mean and he will prejudge often 

anonymous asked:

your human signless art just keeps slaying me,,

;x; anon thank you!!

I still love him with all my heart.
And I don’t know if you mean human Signless from my silly Magostuck AU but… I still think about it from time to time, and wanna draw more things for it.

Here’s a sketch! I’ve wanted to draw something to go with this song for a long time…haha [Although the song makes me want to draw some sort of demonstuck art… I.. I really like this song for that reason, someday I’ll do it]


I interrupt your usual dash scrolling with human kankri/signless, results I ended up with after messing about manga studio


Fun dualsign aus for you and your friends!

  • pokemon!au where Dualscar runs a gym and Signless stares through the window every day watching him battle
  • space!au where Dualscar rescues Signless from a slave ship
  • dragon!au where fucking dragons
  • wolf!au where Dualscar is alpha and Signless is from another pack
  • fallout!au where water is a precious commodity and Signless helps steal it for Dualscar
  • monster!au where Dualscar raises interesting creatures and happens to find a wood dryad Signless stuck in a bear trap
  • aquarium!au where Signless the crab likes to bother Dualscar the seahorse all day
  • college!au where Dualscar runs a troll-blog that Signless thinks is actually serious
  • free!au where every time Signless goes swimming he fucking drowns and Dualscar has to save him
  • gamer!au where Dualscar and Signless make dumb internet videos of themselves sucking at video games
  • okami!au where Signless is Ammy and Dualscar is Waka
  • animal!au where Dualscar is a snake and Signless is a mongoose
  • spy!au where the two are international spies that compete with each other and then go on dates later
  • human!au where Signless is a poor street artist and Dualscar is the rich business man that always gives him ten bucks every time he walks by
  • metroid!au where Dualscar is a space pirate saved from a crashing ship by bounty hunter Signless
  • httyd!au where Signless befriends dragons and takes Dualscar to see
  • eldritch!au where Signless goes looking for evidence of the Old Ones and finds a sleeping Dualscar
  • familyswap!au where Signless is raising Cronus and Eridan and Dualscar is raising Karkat and Kankri
  • rockstar!au where Dualscar needs to replace his drummer asap and picks Signless from a crowd at random
  • any!au. literally anything. if you’ve made up the au, it’s good. go for it. spread the dualsign. do it now.