human rights week

One more reason why I love David Tennant

DT appreciation week, day 7:
One more reason why I love David Tennant 

I’ve decided not to use the themes of the day, but to write some of my own ramblings. Hope it’s okay and that it can still be used in DT appreciation week :-)

Like most of the people that I socialise with in here, I find David Tennant extremely attractive, handsome and sexy. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about David’s humbleness about the way he looks, and I feel that there might be more to it. So here are some thoughts:

Yes - David is a humble man when it comes to his own looks. He’s said several times that he doesn’t look at himself as sexy or handsome and this is because of his upbringing. I believe him when he says this.

However, I do think that he’s quite confident and happy about his looks. Just look at the way he dresses - he DOES care about how he looks. I think that it’s the very idea about someone deciding and setting the bar on what beauty is, who’s sexy and handsome - and who’s not - that he finds repulsing.

We also have to remember that David’s also a father and I think that he wants to teach his children to be confident in themselves based on their personalities and not on their looks (although, I can imagine David’s children being gorgeous!)

I’ve also read in an older interview (from 2005, I think), that he doesn’t care about how a woman look like - he gets attracted to talent and personality. On Saturday Night Takeaway last year, this was his comments on a clip with Jennifer Lawrence, who had just been voted “most beautiful woman alive”:

As you can see, David’s all: “Meh, I’d rather want the food that she ate!” Later on the show, David fanboyed over a chubby, though very beautiful singer, Joane Stewart. In my world, he’s sending a very clear message here: It doesn’t matter how you look - if you’re a nice person and does what you love to do, I’d rather hang out with you than this mainstream actress*.

So, my conclusion is that David is a very humble person, but that he also has some rather strong opinions and is critical about the mainstream tendencies of our society. David is a truly good human and he wants all of us to feel good about ourselves, even though we might not live up to society’s views on beauty or sexiness or whatever.

* please note that I have nothing against Jennifer Lawrence - I just use this as an example to prove my point.


Chalking of the Steps 2016 by University of Essex .
Via Flickr:
Every year, to mark Human Rights Week, our students write the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the steps of our Colchester Campus. This year students, and staff, braved freezing temperatures, to ensure we all remember universal human rights.


Gratsu week :
day 2: Heart

Ok this one has an AU-ish side to it so the idea is that once you are in love with someone you can give them your heart and if it turns out they love you too you can make half of your hearts fuse together and then BAM your other half is always there with you . And so at the beginning of the thing Gray is refusing to fuse their hearts together because he is being secure . Everyone have beautiful hearts and Gray’s is so ugly and black and Natsu deserves better 

soooo underswap is just an adorable AU and this was just an exuse to draw more new clothes X”D

((I am in all the AUs hell right now, so I guess I just draw a lot more underswap and underfell or idk I want to draw everything X””D))

This week: a Filipino treasure screens at MoMA Film, live-stream a Q&A with social justice thought leader Bryan Stevenson, get creative with littleBits at the Design Interactions Studio, and more

[Insiang. 1976. Philippines. Directed by Lino Brocka. Pictured: Hilda Koronel. Courtesy Cineteca di Bologna/L’Immagine Ritrovata]
Palmyra's Baalshamin temple 'blown up by IS' - BBC News
Islamic State militants have blown up the ancient temple of Baalshamin at Palmyra, Syrian officials and activists say.

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