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Deported gay Afghans told to ‘pretend to be straight’
New Home Office rules would send gay asylum seekers back to Afghanistan, where homosexuality is illegal
By Emma Graham-Harrison

“Gay Afghans can be deported to their home country, where homosexuality is illegal and “wholly taboo” and they must pretend to be straight, under new British government guidelines for handling asylum applications.

The new guidance for a country where not a single citizen lives an openly gay life has been denounced by human rights groups as a violation of international law, and criticised by the Home Office’s own Afghanistan unit.”

In the race to the bottom, the UK Tory government is clearly trying to catch up. 


Amnesty International is gravely concerned Rex Tillerson doesn’t care about human rights violations

  • Amnesty International USA is making its concerns about secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson abundantly clear.
  • The former ExxonMobil CEO faced his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday, prompting a statement from Amnesty alleging that Tillerson’s “commitment to human rights … is in serious question.”
  • During the nine-hour-long hearing, Tillerson hesitated to acknowledge violations of human rights by Syria, the Philippines, Russia and Saudi Arabia when questioned by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • “After a day of questioning, Tillerson’s commitment to human rights in the U.S. and abroad is in serious question,” Amnesty International USA Executive Director Margaret Huang said in a statement Wednesday. 
  • “While he confirmed that U.S. foreign policy should include the prioritization of human rights, he refused to acknowledge human rights abuses by known and long-recognized violators.” Read more

Please watch this full video

Unless you are a victim of abuse or faint of heart

People have to realize, it’s statistically impossible that there are no pedophile rinks in your government, and in big banks, and in international corporations. Not to mention how well connected to each other these institutions are. There are tens of millions of people around those circles, around the world, and you only need a sample of a few hundred to surely find someone who has raped multiple minors. There are more than a few hundred people who have hundreds of millions of dollars, and you can only imagine how much you could get away with if you had those kinds of resources and connections. The more powerful someone is, the easier -not harder, easier- it is for them to get away with it. Here’s the proof of all of that.

I also wanted to highlight a specific name from this video

22:17: “the flight logs also show that Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island fucking frequently.”

“Billionaire hedge-fund mogul, Jeffrey Epstein, became a free man five years after he was first accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

… During Epstein’s terms of house arrest, he made several trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island. In the early stage of his sentence for soliciting prostitution for a minor … he was allowed out to his office each day. Meanwhile Epstein had settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought by the underage girls who were recruited to ‘perform massages’ at his Palm Beach mansion. Seven victims reached a last-minute deal … days before the scheduled trial. Each received well over a million dollars, an amount that will hardly dent Epstein’s 2 billion net worth.

The Palm Beach Police Department identified 17 local girls who had contact with Epstein before the age of consent. The youngest was 14 and many were younger than 16, and that was just one of those things many homes around the world20:38he also owned property in New York, Santafe, Paris, London, and the Caribbean.

The subsequent investigation by the FBI, reaching as far back as 2001, identified roughly 40 victims, not counting Nada Marcinkova whom Epstein referred to as his ‘Yugoslavian sex slave’

There are some heavy allegations surrounding politicians and royalty who spend their time with a convicted pedophile [Jeffry Epstein].

…. Brought in on the billionaire’s private jets, nicknamed by locals as the ‘Lolita Express’, numerous girls were allegedly taken to his 78th acre little st. James hideout in the US Virgin Islands. It is claimed that they were made to take part in depraved orgies….

Court papers claim visit included prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders. The flight logs also show that Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island frequently. The flight logs show that he went there 26 times in 3 years.

 The most powerful people in the world are doing this with impunity because nobody has the power to stop them, and when they are -like Epstein- finally brought trial, he simply pays off the victims and escapes the sentencing“


Merry Christmas everyone!


Standing Rock and the Struggle Against Corporate Power


I agree… like the 14 women executed in Iraq last year for not wearing a hajib. Or those imprisoned for it in Saudi Arabia, or the myriad of other female rights violations due to sharia law involving just the Hijab… that’s before we look at who is FORCED by LAW to wear the Hijab…

that’s also before we enter into the various other womens/human rights violations, like getting stoned to death OR lashed AND imprisoned for getting RAPED… or the fact that women cant even drive in Saudi Arabia… or the 150 women executed in Iraq for refusing to convert… or the THOUSANDS of Iraqi and Syrian women who are currently being sold into sexual slavery…

The Chapel Hill Shooting is a tragedy by one bigot, lets not use it as an excuse to overlook the very real oppressions and murders happening EVERY DAY throughout the world. The greatest threat to and killer/abuser of Muslims is AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN other Muslims.    

Saudi “comedians” promote violence against lgbtqa

Twitter: @amarapammar @M7_moud Report this homophobic scum

Here’s the shotguns used tonight. Lots of restraint shown:

External image

Summary of the night (August 18th, 2014):

There were many arrests throughout the night. Water bottles and other objects were thrown at police, and after gunshots rang out near the QuikTrip, police began firing smoke and gas indiscriminately. There have been reports of white anarchist agitators from out of town, provoking police.

Many protesters ran, terrified, coughing. Journalists were caught in the gas: one canister rolled right under a photographer, who collapsed from it. Fires and bricks were used by residents to try and keep back police.

Police began clearing out the street, ordering anyone who wasn’t credentialed media to leave or be faced with arrest. When one reporter (who is livestreaming the events and has a camera on him) explained he lost his credentials while being fired at and showed his PRESS patch instead, officer told him “this doesn’t mean shit” while ripping the journalist’s PRESS patch off of his vest and throwing it to the ground.

Police formed two lines and began moving forward. A handful of protesters got caught between the lines, trapped but repeatedly told to get out. Among them, WaPo reporter Wesley Lowery reports that the entire neighbourhood has barriers and many people are unable to get home.

SWAT teams have begun doing tactical sweeps and media were ordered away.

Amnesty International was also on the ground tonight and were kicked out by police. Currently, AI is highly critical of the US.

There are still a few people trapped, it appears, including a few reporters, who are tweeting that they’re being mercilessly gassed. After ordering the media away, the police seem to be gassing entire neighbourhoods indiscriminately:

External image

And here’s an image of what it looks like when they fire gas:

External image

Currently waiting for a presser from Captain Johnson, who was seen tonight attempting to keep peace with no helmet/mask/gear.

Doing the right thing is not a principle of American foreign policy, not an ideal or a goal of policy in and of itself. If it happens that doing the right thing coincides with, or is irrelevant to, Washington’s overriding international ambitions, American officials have no problem walking the high moral ground. But this is rarely the case.
—  Rogue State by William Blum.

I think that what we’ve learned through all of this nonsense is that in real life, “conspiracies” look hideous. They aren’t mysterious suave cabal members secretly controlling your mind with subliminal cues. They are a frothing populist mob that elects demagogues that tell outright lies about things that never happened. If you described these events to someone outside these times, it would sound ridiculous. It would sound like the ridiculous things that ridiculous people came up with to explain their own prejudice in lieu of evidence– while ignoring real human rights violation or corruption cases.

but this stuff going on right now is real, the USA’s president who was elected with the help of an anonymous misanthropic sadist faction can outright make up massacres that never happened and claim that crime is the highest it’s ever been and that we should be afraid,etc. etc. shit that sounds like the setup for a d-list political thriller story.

But it’s not sexy or ‘interesting’ or ‘compelling’ in real life. It’s ugly. And it’s inept, and full of incompetence rather than expert maneuvering or cunning conspiracy. Making millions of self-interested parts move together efficiently to accomplish a secret goal is hard to impossible. Making millions of self-interested parts stampede as one and trample everything indiscriminately is much more attainable. 

Standing Rock 10/23/16

This week in NODAPL news:

Over 83 Water Protectors are arrested (again) for praying near the DAPL site.

Local militarized police fire four gun shots and take out a Native News drone covering the prayers.

Police go berserk and mace a crowd of about 100 protestors.

They currently are surrounding a camp of 100 Water Protectors.

If you’re able to get to Standing Rock, please go.

Otherwise please donate as much as you can to the camps and their legal defenses.

At the very least, blast all your social media about it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that someone who doesn't appear to hold any overtly antisemitic beliefs, isn't an anti-Zionist, but supports BDS because of Israeli human rights abuses is antisemitic?

Of course not, as long as there isn’t a double-standard.

If they want to boycott Israel because of human rights violations, I hope they do it properly. No laptop, no smartphone, nothing that has any links to Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, IBM, HP, Yahoo (obviously, that means no Tumblr). No more using eBay, Amazon or Facebook. No more eating Domino’s pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, the Coca Cola Company, anything made by Nestlé and Danone. Let’s hope that they also don’t use any Israeli-made medicines, either. Anything with the label “Teva” is Israeli, and about 75% of all prescriptions filled in the UK are Teva, where about one in nine prescriptions filled in the US are Teva. 

Those are just the things that I can remember that have ties to Israel from the top of my head, so, well, I hope the BDS-supporters really do their research. 

In any case, if they don’t want to be antisemitic, then they can’t hold Israel to a double-standard. That means boycotting every country that has human rights abuses.

Chinas has massive human rights violations, so everything that’s Chinese or interacts with China has to go.

Japan still won’t recognise the forced comfort women, demanding that statues to remember them are removed, they haven’t criticised the horrendous abuses in the Philippines and there’s notorious anti-non-Japanese racism, so they have to go, too.

The US has a multitude of human rights violations, and still deals with the likes of Saudi Arabia.

The same for the UK, actually. (No more fangirling over Doctor Who or Sherlock for the not-antisemitic BDSers, I’m afraid!)

A huge amount of German companies are behind massive human rights violations around the world, so bye-bye Germany.

The Netherlands has ties to Saudi Arabia, so we can’t support them.

Canada has sold arms to Saudi Arabia, now they’re gone, too.

I mean, I can keep going, but I think I’ve made my point, don’t you?

anonymous asked:

But they cannot change it that is the point, those laws you just mentioned were made by the parliament and they have videos of them approving the equality in marriage bill. Those laws are made by members as individuals and the other laws under HR commission is derived from the UN. And no country in the world can go against them without facing the UN first let alone the "Tories"

Countries violate human rights every single day and not all countries derive their human rights from the UN.

What’s the UN going to do? They’ve got no power to enforce anything. Tories can repeal laws if they want. If they create their own bill of rights then only what is in that bill is enshrined.

For example that bill could leave out the right to free healthcare, right of asylum, right of anything. It’s entirely open to interpretation and it’ll be our MPs (with which Scotland is outvoted every single time) that decide on it.

anonymous asked:

diamonds are so tough though? moonstone and opal jewelry for example is real pretty, but they chip and break in months :/ diamonds are forever isn't about the state of marriage but their durability. (advice from a jeweler here).

diamonds lose their value almost immediately because the value of diamonds is artificial because all of them are sold by the same corporation (de beers). white sapphires almost as strong and are a fraction of the cost and will probably retain their value better over time.

also, again, slave labor. de beers hires slaves. child slaves. diamonds are a human rights violation. i’m not saying other gem industries don’t have their issues, but they’re not called ‘blood diamonds’ for nothing. buy something made in a lab, no one will know.

sorry if it sounds like i’m shitting on your career choices but yeah. not the best way to spend three months salary. put a down payment on a house or somethin

If you voted for trump you’re evil. You don’t the benefit of ignorance or stupidity. You’re just evil. You heard a platform of hate and human rights violations and you LIKED IT. You WENT for it. Knowing what they would do to us. You went for it BECAUSE of what they’d do to us. Trump supporters are not just ignorant and uneducated Americans the way we sometimes frame them. They have hate and contempt in their hearts, they’re fine with destroying entire peoples, and they’re evil. They’re evil.