human rights dinner


designers worn by princess madeleine: marchesa

april 2nd, 2011: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation in florida

april 5th, 2011: health & human rights awards

may 8th, 2012: gala dinner for the world childhood foundation 

october 3rd, 2012: swedish american chamber of commerce from farm to fork gala dinner

may 11th, 2013: dinner in celebration of the 375th anniversary of the founding of new sweden in delaware 

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Photographs by JEB (Joan E. Biren)

  1. Archene Turner and Lynn Walker share a sweet moment in the backyard of their home in Atlanta, Georgia. 1987.
  2. Ana Maldonado, physician associate and women’s health care specialist, provides lesbian health service at the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center. Here she assists a client in seeing her cervix. California, 1986.
  3. Colevia Carter, D.C. human rights commissioner, poet, and human resource developer for the D.C. prison system, attends the Human Rights Campaign Fund dinner in 1984. Colevia also developed AIDS education programs for the Black community in Washington D.C.
  4. Del Martin and Pyllis Lyon have been domestic partners since Valentine’s Day, 1953. In 1955, they co-founded the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the oldest lesbian organization in the U.S. Here at Habromania House (habromania: having delusions of a pleasing nature), their San Francisco home, Del and Phyllis pause in the midst of their many movement activities. 1984.
  5. Anna Marie Rechichi works as a welder for a large crane manufacturer. She is an active member of Cleveland’s Hard Hatted Women and Older Wiser Lesbians. Anna Marie also volunteers with Oven Productions, which produces women’s cultural events in Cleveland, Ohio. 1986.
  6. Eleanor N. Soto takes a turn on the 24-hour crisis line at the Mid-Peninsula Support Network in Mountain View, California. Eleanor was co-director of this agency, which serves battered women and their children. 1986.
  7. Friends Kim Samsel and Robin Ching get together for conversation in American Sign Language. Baltimore, Maryland. 1987.
  8. Mona Bachmann is part of a crew patching the roof of a friend’s house in preparation for a community Fourth of July celebration in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. 1987.
  9. Mary, KD, and Boo end a full day of work and play with music. These “valley girls” have been together, building a community of women, for ten years. Stevensville, Montana, 1987.
Conversation at my boyfriend's family Christmas Dinner
  • *little baby cousin running around in his fab fairy costume*
  • Uncle: (to his mom) Why do you let him do that? He is going to be messed up when he is older.
  • Mom: Yeah, he isn't, he just hangs out with all the girls on the street! He loves dress up!
  • Uncle: But if you keep letting him dress like that you'll turn him gay!
  • Boyfriend: You don't turn gay.
  • Uncle: ...
  • Boyfriend: And even if you did, it's not a bad thing.
  • Uncle: So you're telling me if your son dressed like that, you wouldn't be mad?
  • Boyfriend: No, actually. I would take him to the store and buy him his favourite dress there!
  • I don't think I could possibly love him more.

Can I request fluffy relationship headcanons with Kiibo and his s/o? Thanks :3

Yep! Here you go!

  • He doesn’t really understand how relationships go, you’re his very first one after all!
  • So you have to guide him through a lot of things and he has a lot of questions.
  • But he’s been doing lots of research!
  • Maybe a bit too much??
  • He brings you flowers every single day. Flowers and chocolates. All the time. Every day. Sometimes multiple times a day.
  • Because he loves you! And he wants you to know he cares!
  • You think it’s adorable though, so you don’t make him stop.
  • Plus chocolate!
  • But you wonder where he even gets all that money…
  • Kiibo also trusts you a whole lot!
  • So he definitely trusts you to help him with repairs from time to time!
  • You’re not very good…
  • There’s been some incidents.
  • But he always supports you anyway! You did great! Yay you! (But he should probably see Iruma…)
  • He also makes you dinner! He can’t eat but humans love dinner! Right??
  • Kiibo is an excellent cook, he can measure ingredients perfectly and has millions of recipes at his disposal so everything goes well!
  • He’s a little hard to cuddle. Robot body.
  • But he tries to warm it up for you! Really! He promises!
  • Still kinda pointy and dangerous. But he’s a great heater in the winter! You cuddle him a lot then.
  • He gets super embarrassed when you kiss his face! He cannot believe you just kissed his face in front of so many people! But he’s not mad because you are just the sweetest thing and he thinks maybe face kissing is a human thing??
  • He now kisses your face all the time. All over your face. One hundred face kisses, super fast!
  • Great wifi hotspot!

To raise money for charity, I’ll be cooking a three course meal for ten in my humble abode every month this year. If you want to attend the first dinner party in London’s Olympic Village on Sunday January 25th, please send an email to 18+ only, BYOB, all welcome, suggested donation of £20. All proceeds will go to the Human Rights Campaign. 

It’s always interesting to me to see discussions on Sans’ laziness. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how Sans is legitimately incredibly lazy, and I’ve also seen people stand up and state Sans is not lazy at all (taking his conversation at Grillby’s into account, and other such matters). I feel like there’s a balance in how Sans operates. To me it seems he uses a lazy efficiency, a pragmatic method of getting the right thing done with as little effort as possible. In essence, he knows how to “get by” and be successful with the minimal needed effort.

There is a lot of proof that Sans gets by with minimal effort. He doesn’t recalibrate his puzzles, and the only puzzle he does place on the ground is literally a sheet of paper that he took from Snowdin’s newspaper. Sans is found sleeping at his first station in Hotland, much to Undyne’s frustration. All the patrons at Grillby’s recognize the fact he virtually lives in the restaurant; he stops in the restaurant three times in half an hour for three separate breaks, as seen:

NPC: Hey Sans, weren’t you just here for breakfast a few minutes ago?
Sans: nah, i haven’t had breakfast in at least half an hour.
you must be thinking of brunch.

At another point in time, another regular restaurant attendee remarks, “Sans is a sentry. But don’t let his title make you think he does anything. Everyone knows he sits around in the forest reading car magazines.”

Then, several of the phone calls with Papyrus and Undyne also reveal how Sans typically operates at work. He is acknowledged to be lazy by the sentry who works nearest to him, as well as his boss, who reviews his work productivity and results.

Between Snowdin and Waterfall in room_water2:

Undyne: This is Papyrus’s brother’s station. I’m always catching him slacking off, or sleeping… But his results are JUST good enough to not fire him. Well, except today. He didn’t tell me ANYTHING about you. JUST scraping by the bare minimum every time… I guess it’s kind of impressive…?

In room_fire1:

Sans: don’t worry. i am.

It seems Sans is not actually at work if he is with Papyrus on the other side of the phone. Sans is supposed to be in Hotland. But he’s with Papyrus in Snowdin at the time of the call.

Then, in room_fire9:

Sans: yep. that’s why i’m missing work, too.
Papyrus: OH MY GOD!!! SANS, GO DO YOUR JOB(S)!!!
Sans: me too.

Through all of these conversations, it’s made pretty clear that Sans is skipping out on some expected work duties. If even his boss says he “scrape[s] by the bare minimum every time,” it means that Sans is cutting a few noticeable corners. If all the patrons at Grillby’s see him at the restaurant frequently instead of at his station, it says something about how he goes about his job. There are many many instances in which Sans should be somewhere for his work… but he’s not in the location, indeed not even doing anything useful… eating food at Grillby’s is not related at all to his position as a sentry. He didn’t need to get brunch and breakfast within twenty minutes of each other.

Now some of Sans’ laziness and being in the “wrong” location at the “wrong” time is a cover for what he’s actually doing. Sans’ laziness is - in part - a cover-up. Sans even admits it himself during his conversation with Frisk at the diner:

Sans: my brother’s a real star. he’s the person who pushed me to get this sentry job. maybe it’s a little strange, but sometimes… … it’s nice to have someone call you out on being lazy. even though nothing could be further from the truth.

This indicates that Papyrus’ perception of Sans’ laziness is somewhat misconstrued. Papyrus thinks that Sans is being lazy and shirking his duties, but that is not necessarily the case. Remember that Papyrus is the same person who calls out Sans for “napping” every night - when in fact all Sans is doing is getting his necessary hours of sleep. Papyrus is also unaware of some of the work Sans is doing covertly.

What Sans is doing is following and monitoring the human. He observes the human’s entire journey from the time they leave the Ruins to the moment they reach the Throne Room. Sans watches the human, keeps track of where they are, and sees what they are like. 

And the fact is, Sans monitors the human very thoroughly. He might pretend to be lazy, shirking work, but the point of the matter is, he’s using every possible excuse to keep a close eyesocket on Frisk’s whereabouts and actions:

  • He follows Papyrus around with the puzzles the entire time, thus interacting with the human frequently throughout Snowdin Forest.
  • Sans jokes that Frisk is pulling him away from work when the two go to eat food at Grillby’s. However, what Sans is doing is work. He is interacting one-on-one with the human.
  • The fact he kills Frisk in the same way Frisk kills Papyrus in the Genocide Route implies Sans has seen the human’s private final interaction with Papyrus (I suspect Sans watched video footage of this event from Alphys’ lab after the fact, before meeting the human in the corridor).
  • Sans appears at four “separate” sentry stations. I suspect those “four” stations are actually just one station that has been teleported around… which means that Sans is teleporting his station and himself wherever Frisk is expected to appear next. He’s intentionally making himself be in the way.
  • Sans is conveniently nearby - coming out of seemingly nowhere! - when the human is on their journey to Waterfall and meets Shyren. The fact Sans does this in all versions of the game (either as a hooded figure, or as a cheeky dork selling toilet paper tickets) indicates that even if the human has killed Papyrus, Sans is being just as vigilant watching them… just more discrete.
  • Sans meets the human for another dinner right before they enter the CORE. Sans is the only monster who has two friendship dates with the human. He’s paying close attention and being quite vigilant monitoring the human.
  • Sans is the final person to meet with the human before they see ASGORE.

The truth is, Sans is literally everywhere. This sentry is so dedicated to keeping an eye on the human that he will watch a huge chunk of their journey. It’s true Sans admits he has not seen everything about their journey, but he has definitely watched over them thoroughly.

Not only does Sans watch the human, but he does a lot to try to influence the human’s interactions. He will warn the human not to mess with Papyrus (in a Genocide Route, or if the human has killed Papyrus then retracked to an earlier SAVE). He will give the human a warning about Flowey. He will give a lot of deep messages to the human which hint at doing the right thing during their two meals and during their meeting in the corridor. His judgment includes a lot of provocative words that make the human seriously consider what the right thing is to do upon meeting ASGORE. Yes, Sans chooses not to fight or stop the human in almost any situation, but he’s never doing nothing. He’s being very intentional in his choices to let the human travel through the underground to ASGORE’s throne. He even asks the human at MTT Resort, “haven’t i done a great job protecting you?” 

The point of the matter is, though Sans is a sentry, he’s not doing the job Undyne would desire him to do. Undyne’s initial desire is to kill the human and take their SOUL to ASGORE. That’s the standard thing a guard or a sentry should do, and that’s what all other guards and sentries try to do upon meeting the human. Sans is the different one. He says he’s protecting the human. He says he’s rooting for the human. Even with his first introductory speech, he says he has no interest in capturing the human. All the work he has done has been to ensure the human reaches ASGORE. He’s watching the human’s journey and seeing to it that they make it there (preferably as peacefully as possible). That can even explain why Sans never tells Undyne about the human, like he’s supposed to do as a sentry… he’s got other plans in mind.

So in that sense, Sans is doing a lot of work. He’s not being lazy. He’s giving the impression of being lazy, but he’s not being completely lazy.

It means there’s a balance. I feel it is perfectly natural to rectify the understanding Sans does a lot of work with the fact that Sans is honestly very lazy. Sans does all the work he needs to do, but he doesn’t expend extra energy. He’s like the person who gets a straight A report card without bothering to study for the tests he needs to. He only does the minimal work needed to get the right result.

In fact Sans will even blame himself if he makes the wrong decision and realizes after the fact he should have put in a little more effort. The no mercy neutral ending is telling:

Sans: there’s a bad feeling hanging over everyone. like everyone’s just going to die here, trapped in the dark… I bet you’re wondering why I’m not the ruler eh. I’m not cut out for something like that I like to take it easy, you know? … …that’s a joke. this is what happens when people like me take it easy… …

It is hard for Sans to come to grasp the fact that “this is what happens when people like me take it easy.” Sans knows he could have done something more. He knows he could have killed the human, and he seems to blame himself here for the fact he did not take that action. And when he says “I like to take it easy, you know?” it is both a truth and a joke. Sans is someone who does not prefer to be upfront working all the time. He prefers to be able to sneak in a few dinners at Grillby’s and fly low under the radar. But at the same time, it’s a joke because it’s not the full truth.

Sans does work. He is lazy in many senses, and works just enough to get the job done that needs to get done. He doesn’t overextend himself like Papyrus, but he does take it a lot easier. He does take breaks. He does screw around. The first half of the analysis proves that. But when he needs to get something done, he’ll do the most efficient, pragmatic means of getting it done possible. He knows how to successfully get by with something less than extended effort.

It’s sort of like how he teleports from one location to the next. He gets there successfully and does the work of “traveling”. It just doesn’t involve the extended effort of walking.

This nonchalant efficiency is what probably has gotten Sans to accumulate his money (Papyrus and Undyne talk about this in Snowdin before Frisk goes to the True Lab). Sans is one of the entertainers at MTT Resort, he works as a sentry wherever he chooses to locate himself, and he’s got that illegal hot dog stand. Not to mention his scientific background. Sans has done all these things, finds ways to chill and take it easy, and get a lot of money out of it. Efficient, a little bit lazy, but successful.

So Sans doesn’t do what isn’t necessary. Cleaning his bedroom has no purpose in the grand scheme of life or his interests, so it becomes “another world… a world where they don’t know how to vacuum.” Sans recognizes that his brother will vigilantly, fanatically craft a number of puzzles in the case humans arrive, and he recognizes that their boss Undyne doesn’t care for puzzles anyway (and he has no interest in the human getting captured), so he places no effort in creating and resetting puzzles. The most he will do is plop a word search on the ground, which he probably does just to entertain himself with his brother’s response. And when a human isn’t in the underground, of course there’s no need to actually do much, and he can afford the time to read car magazines and drink mustard at his station in Snowdin Forest.

Since Sans knows how to get things done efficiently with minimal effort, he knows how to get by with doing a lot of lazy things. Undyne is right… his scraping by with minimal effort is impressive… because of how thoughtfully he calculated it!

As I see it, Sans is both productive and lazy.