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Acid attack survivors in India model new clothing range for powerful photoshoot

Survivors of acid attacks in India have become the face of a new clothing range designed by a woman who had acid thrown in her face while she was asleep four years ago.Delhi-based designer Rupa and her friends Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal modelled the clothes from her new range, Rupa Designs, for photographer Rahul Saharan.

Rupa suffered extensive injuries when her stepmother threw acid in her face while she was sleeping in 2008.

She was allegedly left without any medical aid for six hours before her uncle found her and transported her to hospital, where she underwent eleven operations and spent three months being cared for.

We need to talk about how families/parents/communities forcing religion upon people and how making them feel obligated to follow a religion through either:

  • Tradition
  • Emotional/mental abuse
  • Fear tactics 
  • Manipulation
  • The threat of physical violence
  • Threat being shunned 
  • Fear of disownment/homelessness
  • Pressure from bribery or blackmail
  • Pressure through guilt

 is really damaging and traumatic to peoples mental health.

And we need to talk about it now. 

after you’ve been in abusive situation long term you have no idea how much stress and burden it’s inflicting into your life, it becomes normal that your biggest worry is anticipating your abuser’s mood and actions, and not your own life and your own achievements.It becomes normal to dread what they’re going to think or say about you, what they’re going to do if you take a step outside of what they allow you to do. Always feeling trapped and suffocating becomes the new normal, wanting to get away and not knowing from what becomes just “life” and it’s impossible to even imagine how your life would look like if you were free. Abusers can make freedom seem scary, wrong, even stupid, as if you don’t deserve it, as if everything you would do on your own, from your own will, is silly, dumb and wrong, like a free will of your own is a ridiculous thing for you to have. Like you don’t deserve it. Even when it’s your first human right.


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

can we acknowledge that having children is not a human right but a privilege very few should be allowed

The Trump Doctrine: attacking countries who abuse human rights while *at the same time* banning their people from entering your country as refugees as they flee the abuse and war

I want to know why people who think that sex work is bad think that sex work, the act of exchanging sex for something of concrete value, is so much worse than casual hookups, people having sex to procreate, drunk sex, breakup sex, sex you have because you want to feel closer, and all the other weird reasons people have sex–sex to just get losing your virginity over with!–so much worse than all these reasons and ways of having sex.

Talking to other sex workers and people in harm reduction, we keep encountering the idea that sex work is more “high risk” than any other kind of sex except gay sex.

This is demonstrably untrue, however. When sex workers are given the tools to have safer sex, we have exponentially lower rates of sti infection that the surrounding population of civilians of pretty much any age.

Sex workers need protections from civilians, not the other way around.

I understand that a lot of people think sex should ONLY be had in the context of a loving and committed monogamous romantic relationship, but relationships end. At a certain point (say, 2017) divorce rates and breakup rates and hookup culture all combine to make the censure of sex work seem truly hypocritical and ludicrous. So many people are having so many kinds of meaningless sex for stupid reasons, but it’s adult women, trying to leverage the one thing society agrees that we have of value, that need to be protected from themselves.

But take it to the logical legislative conclusions.

Can we really be sure that drunk co-eds can be trusted to make good decisions about who to have sex with? what if in two weeks they find out the person they were sleeping with was LYING to them and sleeping with other people? what if he was doing it without condoms? That’s pretty fucking rude and unethical, shouldn’t we protect young women from this all too common scenario? CAN we? what does that look like?

What about a couple having sex to get pregnant when neither of them is really feeling it but they both want a baby?

Under Oregon law, a stay at home housewife having sex with her husband who pays her bills and mortgage, is trafficked.

And it’s frankly shameful that people criminalise adults under the guise of concern trolling about sexually exploited children when they aren’t lobbying even close to as hard to a total reboot of the child welfare system–Texas’s CPS system recently made international headlines after human rights abuses so bad they make Minnesota’s or Oregon’s look fine. (I’m being bitterly hilarious, the abuses of different cps systems are never fine).
People are willing to support misogynist and racist abuses overseas and at home (TPP, H&M, Goodwill) and they’re willing to close their eyes to child abuse in the the very system made to protect them, but they love to jerk off to the idea of exploited people and being the magical white saviours of fragile exploited women and children. it’s this ONE SPECIFIC CONTEXT they love to circle jerk about.

They don’t give a damn about other kinds of slavery, they don’t publicise instances of it, they don’t organise against it, they don’t support sex workers trying to organise to aid vulnerable people. they genuinely JUST care about this one aspect of sexuality, regardless of how interconnected all misogynist and racist abuses are and the realities of survival under global capitalism.

I think it’s amazing. Just amazing. In one hundred years, nothing has changed except to become worse for poor people around the world, but the middle class is still more concerned about legislating adult women’s sexuality than real change that would protect vulnerable people.

I know this is usually an art blog but the situation on Manus Island is getting really bad.

Turnbull’s Office: 02 6277 7700

Shorten’s Office: 02 6277 4022

It’s really easy to call their offices right now. A staffer will answer the phone (or you might get an answering machine). You can just say who you are, what your electorate is and that you are concerned about Manus Island. You don’t need to give a speech or provide reasons. 

Just write yourself a single sentence: “I think we should bring these men to Australia” or “I think you need to let charities in to give them food and medicine” or “I think we need to take the UN reports seriously”, or anything. It takes about a minute and the staffers I’ve spoken to have been polite.

If you’re not Australian, please consider calling your government too. Especially New Zealanders. There’s been a big push to get other countries to sanction us over this. Call and say you’ve got friends in Australia who want to support these men but the politicians aren’t listening. Call and say you think no country should ever treat vulnerable people like this. Call and say Australia is a selfish rich nation trying to bully the poorer nations around us. Call and say you think that the UN should be respected. Call and say anything.

I used to depend so much on what people thought of me and weather i was useful/welcome presence in their life because I honestly thought that i couldn’t live if nobody wanted me alive, I couldn’t matter if i wasn’t bringing benefits to everyone, I wasn’t a good person unless I was proving it constantly and giving everything I had to anyone who could benefit from it, I needed people to want me alive, because if they didn’t, I was afraid I’d be abandoned and left to die.

It changed when I realized I could live without anybody else. I could live even if nobody else wanted me alive. I could feel good about myself even if I wasn’t constantly doing favours to everyone and giving myself away to others. I could survive even if I wasn’t beneficial to everyone.  Because I finally did the crucial thing, I put myself into that equation, I counted myself as a person. I want me to be alive. And that’s enough. Me wanting to live for myself is enough. Nobody else needs to benefit from my existence. I don’t have to do anything for anyone else’s sake, ever. This life is mine, all mine, and nobody else has even the right to decide weather I should live or die. I get to be beneficial to myself, and nobody else. I get to do whatever I want, weather others like it or not. I get to do this unapologetically and without guilt, I get to own and live my own life because this life is all I got.

I’m the only one who is going to experience consequences of my choices, there is nobody who I owe my time or favours, there is nobody who I need to impress, nobody I need to like me, nobody I need approval from. And no, this is not an abusive mindset, because I don’t need to hurt anyone or benefit from anyone in order to live, taking my own life for myself does not hurt anyone in this world, only ones losing something here are the abusers who assumed the ownership on my life, to which they had no right. My life is only mine, and I’m going to fight and defend the right to do with it whatever I want until the ends of this earth. My freedom is the most valuable thing that I have, and I resent that they could have ever convinced me that it doesn’t matter if I have it or not.


Please watch this full video

Unless you are a victim of abuse or faint of heart

People have to realize, it’s statistically impossible that there are no pedophile rinks in your government, and in big banks, and in international corporations. Not to mention how well connected to each other these institutions are. There are tens of millions of people around those circles, around the world, and you only need a sample of a few hundred to surely find someone who has raped multiple minors. There are more than a few hundred people who have hundreds of millions of dollars, and you can only imagine how much you could get away with if you had those kinds of resources and connections. The more powerful someone is, the easier -not harder, easier- it is for them to get away with it. Here’s the proof of all of that.

I also wanted to highlight a specific name from this video

22:17: “the flight logs also show that Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island fucking frequently.”

“Billionaire hedge-fund mogul, Jeffrey Epstein, became a free man five years after he was first accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

… During Epstein’s terms of house arrest, he made several trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island. In the early stage of his sentence for soliciting prostitution for a minor … he was allowed out to his office each day. Meanwhile Epstein had settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought by the underage girls who were recruited to ‘perform massages’ at his Palm Beach mansion. Seven victims reached a last-minute deal … days before the scheduled trial. Each received well over a million dollars, an amount that will hardly dent Epstein’s 2 billion net worth.

The Palm Beach Police Department identified 17 local girls who had contact with Epstein before the age of consent. The youngest was 14 and many were younger than 16, and that was just one of those things many homes around the world20:38he also owned property in New York, Santafe, Paris, London, and the Caribbean.

The subsequent investigation by the FBI, reaching as far back as 2001, identified roughly 40 victims, not counting Nada Marcinkova whom Epstein referred to as his ‘Yugoslavian sex slave’

There are some heavy allegations surrounding politicians and royalty who spend their time with a convicted pedophile [Jeffry Epstein].

…. Brought in on the billionaire’s private jets, nicknamed by locals as the ‘Lolita Express’, numerous girls were allegedly taken to his 78th acre little st. James hideout in the US Virgin Islands. It is claimed that they were made to take part in depraved orgies….

Court papers claim visit included prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders. The flight logs also show that Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island frequently. The flight logs show that he went there 26 times in 3 years.

 The most powerful people in the world are doing this with impunity because nobody has the power to stop them, and when they are -like Epstein- finally brought trial, he simply pays off the victims and escapes the sentencing“