human revoltion

How to bring Asriel back

(undertale spoilers)

With the power of seven human souls, a monster can become godlike. However, for a soulless flower, the equivalent of seven human souls was also able to change Flowey back to who he once was – Asriel. But it may not be that simple.

A human soul is not enough

First, it’s important to get out of the way the misconception that a single human soul would be enough to bring back Asriel. If a single soul was enough for Asriel to come back, Flowey wouldn’t have become Photoshop Flowey. While Photoshop Flowey’s purpose was to regain total control of the timeline and toy with Frisk, Flowey truly wants something more than that.

Six human souls do not give him the compassion he was missing. They do not give him his old body back. Flowey only gains incredible power after absorbing six human souls. Eventually, the human souls fight back against Photoshop Flowey, in response to Frisk’s calling for their help. They save Frisk despite supposedly being under Photoshop Flowey’s control. This is why Flowey refuses to use them again after the first time.

Hee hee hee. Don’t worry.
I know there’s no REAL point in fighting you.
The human souls would probably just revolt again.

Monsters souls are needed

To achieve his “REAL FORM”, Flowey needs the equivalent of seven human souls. With god-like powers, Flowey is able to create his desired form – whether that be his child self or a new, more powerful one. However, unable to take Frisk’s soul, Flowey goes after the next best thing – the monsters’ souls.

It’s all because you MADE THEM love you.
All the time you spent listening to them…
Encouraging them… Caring about them…
Without that, they wouldn’t have come here.

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It’s interesting that Flowey doesn’t go after the monsters until Frisk befriends them. However, there is something significant about this scene. Flowey captured six monsters.

This matches the number of human souls Flowey had stolen. Perhaps, the human souls are not able to revolt if they are matched with the same number of monster souls, and Flowey needed them within grabbing reach. There is also the possibility that with a greater number of souls, the less influence each soul has within the body.

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Regardless of the exact reason, the human souls cannot revolt and Flowey achieves his “REAL FORM.” This turns out to be far more true than he may have realized. Once Frisk saves their friends, Frisk is able to reach out to Asriel and SAVE him.

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It is thanks to Frisk and the monster souls that Asriel is able to feel again. This would not have been possible had Flowey not absorbed the monsters’ souls. Specifically, without the souls of Frisk’s friends.

As a flower, I was soulless.
I lacked the power to love other people.
However, with everyone’s souls inside me…
I not only have my own compassion back…
But I can feel every other monster’s as well.
They all care about each other so much.
And… they care about you too, Frisk.
I wish I could tell you how everyone feels about you.
Papyrus… Sans… Undyne… Alphys…
Monsters are weird.

Asriel explicitly states that it is the monsters’ compassion that he feels. The humans, strangely enough, are not included. It is the monsters’ love for each other and Frisk that allows him to regain his own compassion. However, then Asriel reveals the sad truth.

Maintaining his true form

I have to go now.
Without the power of everyone’s souls…
I can’t keep maintaining this form.
In a little while…
I’ll turn back into a flower.

Notice how Asriel says he needs “the power of everyone’s souls” to maintain this form. This could mean that Asriel requires a power equivalent to seven souls or he requires human souls and monster souls. More than likely, he needs both cases to be true.

The power of seven human souls is god-like. It would make sense that seven human souls, or an equivalent, could keep Flowey as Asriel. However, being a soulless flower, Flowey is missing the love, hope, and compassion monster souls have. 

Love, hope, compassion… This is what people say monster SOULs are made of.
But the absolute nature of “SOUL” is unknown.
After all, humans have proven their SOULs don’t need these things to exist.

While the Snowdin Library Book claims human souls can exist without compassion, it’s unlikely that all six human souls lack love and compassion. Defying Photoshop Flowey’s control, the human souls rebelled and saved Frisk – an act of compassion towards someone in need. Consider this with what Asriel says about feeling the monsters’ compassion rather than everyone’s. Being a flower infused with monster essence, Flowey may only be in tune with other monsters’ feelings.

At first, I used my powers for good.
I became “friends” with everyone.
I solved all their problems flawlessly.

This could also be a case of knowing the monsters. Flowey was created after the six humans had perished, with their determination. He never had a chance to know any of the humans. Frisk doesn’t know them either. On the other hand, Flowey had plenty of time to befriend the monsters. Even if Flowey was missing his compassion, there is no denying that he spent time getting to know these monsters. He even mentions how Papyrus is his favorite. He knows the monsters, so he can connect with their feelings when he has their souls inside of him. Of course, this is only after Frisk saves Asriel using a memory of his best friend, Chara.


To maintain his form and compassion, Asriel would need to keep all the souls he had absorbed – humans and monsters. But that isn’t something Asriel is willing to do.

Through the different instances of bodysharing, it’s clear that souls are still capable of will and desires, even after death. Chara took control of Asriel’s body and carried their own body to the village. The human souls fight back against Flowey and save Frisk. The monster souls have their own feelings and desires. Souls aren’t sources of power – they are still people. To keep the souls for himself would mean imprisoning them for as long as a god-like creature lives – possibly forever. This would go against Asriel’s character. It would be living at the expense of others. Asriel, who refused to kill the villagers at the cost of his life, is above taking others’ lives for his own.

Illumination Entertainment Cinematic Universe Timeline

-Cambrian explosion 540 million years ago: Minions first Evolved

-1968 AD: Queen Elizabeth II knights a minion

-1960-2035: Life and death of Gru

-2016: Animals gain class consciousness

-3144: Humanity reduced into gated cities. Remaining Minion population evolved into singing fish like creatures.

-3216: Last of Minion Lineage dies. Animals begin to evolve bipedalism and revolt against humanity for the destruction of the ecosystem. forming organized bands and killing men on sight

-12597 AD: Events of Sing take place

Zodiac Mythical Races

Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.

Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the tree they were from died so would they. Love of nature, and an extremely strong tie to their home/roots nothing screams Taurus more.

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Who knew words had such power over the imagination. Laelia didn’t, until she met Nate. During their time together she’d grown to love the feeling of euphoria, the world her imagination created and the intense stories that novels offered. 

Laelia smiled as she turned the page, gripped by the novel. She was so engrossed in her story that she didn’t notice her now, best friend, Xokop approach her. 

“Your human infatuation is somewhat revolting,” Xokop commented. Despite the comment, Laelia smiled. She found herself doing that a lot recently. 

“I’m sure you mean contagious.”

“Nothing contagious is good. Shall we converse outdoors for I may have to vaporize that library woman if she ‘shhh’s me again,” Xokop suggested while rubbing her temple.


In Two Meanings

@undergroundsky​ pointed out to me that the Chapter Title “Two Meanings” and the image of the first page correlate. 

The page shows two dandelions growing in what otherwise is a barren place. Dandelions have two contrasting meanings: faithful love, and separation.

That alone is fitting for a chapter in which a marriage ceremony takes place right before what is either a departure, or a major attack on Goat that may very well separate both Kaneki and Touka.

Building on that though, rather than referring to Touka and Kaneki the image and words of contrasting meanings can refer to all of the events of the chapter. As in the presentation Tokyo Ghoul, similiarly themed events tend to be grouped in the same chapter. 

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Coal workers in Colorado arm themselves as the strike turns bloody, eventually culminating into the Colorado Coal/Labor Wars, in which many armed striking workers retaliated and defended themselves & their families from violent scabs, corporate gun-thugs and even the Colorado National Guard, while also seizing mines and destroying company property in retribution for the massacre at Ludlow. 1914.

Mega Man X: The Novel Chapter 2

Hey all, sorry for the long wait! Chapter 2 is finally complete!! As usual, I thank my lovely team for their work! Edgekagami was the translator this time, and my editors were the lovely moidang and Lambency!

For the most updated versions of each chapter, please check the google doc! I will be updating the tumblr posts when a new version is released but it’ll lag behind a bit.

In this chapter, a penguin has no chill, and our blue hero is stealing the trademark of another blue hero.


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anonymous asked:

I'm an INTP, and I would just like to know what are some of the INTP's less stereotypical traits?

Hi, sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this but I couldn’t really think of anything right off the bat so I took some time to list the things I caught myself doing that I thought wasn’t very stereotypical of INTPs at all! These are just a collection of things I think aren’t very stereotypical of me, and could very well not pertain to any other INTPs, but ya never know lol.

1. Stubborn in thinking- Now, this isn’t what you may be thinking. Like all INTPs, I’m a very open minded individual and can see all sides of a situation easily. However, once I make my mind up about something, that’s it! I’m sticking to it! Nothing you can say can convince me otherwise. For example, the concept of aliens. I 100% believe there are aliens in this universe, and I will not budge on this thinking. I find it appalling and hard to relate to people who don’t also believe in aliens, and quite frankly, judge them for it! Because of this tendency of mine, I can be very close minded to certain ways of thinking, which isn’t very INTP-like at all!

2. VERY CUDDLY- Yes, I am in fact, quite the cuddly individual. Despite the notion that INTPs are revolted by human touch, I am not! But don’t think of this the wrong way. I do NOT want to cuddle every person I see! Strangers can stand a good ten feet away from me at all times. I only feel this way about close friends!

3. Not good at math AT ALL- Probably the most stereotypical thing I’ve seen about INTPs is that we’re math geniuses but man, that’s just not true for me. Math is just not my thing. And honestly, I loath it with a passion. Kudos to all the INTPs that are math whizzes but unfortunately, I’m not one of them :/

4. LOVES ANIMALS- I’ve seen multiple posts about INTPs being “eh” about animals but that cannot be further from the truth about me! I love them!!! So much!!! My goal in life is to become a veterinarian!! Like!!!!!! I can’t be the only INTP that loves animals, that would be a sad, sad world to live in!!!! Just because we’re neutral about a lot of shit doesn’t mean animals are included!!!!!

5. Not computer savvy- There’s this stereotype that INTPs are good with technology but lemme tell y'all, I’m a fucking disgrace with it comes to computers and the like. I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to that stuff.

6. Gets up on time- I understand the stereotype with INTPs being lazy bums and not getting up on time, and I’m definitely a lazy good-for-nothing, but when I gotta be somewhere in the morning I get my ass up and go. Once that alarm goes off, I’m up! No problem! Which leads to my next unstereotypical thing-

7. Being on time- INTPs are known for being late but I’m not one of them. I make sure to get to places on time, and even give myself time to spare in case I may be late.

Okay well, that’s pretty much it! There’s probably more but this is what I consciously caught myself doing that wasn’t very INTP-like! Hope this answered your question! And maybe it’s not just me that does these very un-stereotypical things?

(Posted anonymously via submitter request)

This is an amazing Knock Out/Breakdown yandere fic that my friend wrote for me via private message, and I just had to share with you all!  :D :D :D  (Put under the cut do to length.) 

Summary:  When Knock Out and Breakdown spot human reader walking in the woods late at night, they follow them hoping to discover the location of the Autobot base, but end up discovering something far more surprising instead…

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Nope, I don’t hate Sam or Cait. I just dislike what they show us they are right now during all this ridiculous meladrama creation. No matter whose to blame it’s turned into a sleasy pile of garbage that’s starting to stink in the summer sun.

Nope, I won’t stop shipping Sam and Cait. This is why I joined this fandom. What I saw between these two costars. I have read most of the books. Love the Jamie Claire love, but Sam and Cait together is my ship.

Nope, even if they push MM on us for years, I wont ship Sam and her. I don’t support actors like her. If she can only obtain a following by dating someone and not her talent with her craft, it’s a NO and won’t change for me.

Nope, I don’t think Tony is more than a good friend who supports Cait continuously. I admire him for that.

Nope, I don’t believe what story they give us. Sam and MM or anyone else. Hard sell is so obvious and this one has rocks being thrown into the fandom continuously. People being hurt and disappointed in so many ways. This was not necessary and the way it’s been done was and is wrong.

Nope, I don’t have to watch Season 3 if I don’t find the desire to. If all this hurtful fandom shit is just for a TV show I find that very sad. If it’s because of Sam and his latest supposed GF that’s even more ridiculous.

Nope, I haven’t changed about WS. I have and still do find him a revolting human being. Heard he was a nasty piece of work years ago, he is still the same. I don’t care what he says or does except he doesn’t belong anywhere near a fandom of women. He is a bully. Sam’s relationship with him is showing Sam being ok with this garbage. Yes, WS is an actor but still garbage with money.
Sam needs to re evaluate his friends. No pity for Sam, being an adult means making choices. This was a bad one.

Theory Time, My Good Chaps


So, as we all know… WANTED WAS AMAZING.
We also know that Zircon, the new gem that defended Steven, acCUSED THE DIAMONDS OF SHATTERING ONE OF THEIR OWN.
But actually, it’s not as far fetched as it seems.
This is a Theory regarding how I THINK Yellow Diamond either
A) shattered Pink
B) is covering something up about the shattering of Pink

In “Message Received” , Yellow seems VERY adamant about wanting the Earth DEAD. Gone, Kaput. Note how she doesn’t want to turn it into a Kindergarten. She wants to, quote, “…erase that hideous hunk of rock of of our star maps!”
She doesn’t want the Earth as a colony, she wants it gone. And blah blah blah Peridot protests and all that.

Fast forward to Steven Bomb Five, particularly “That Will Be All”. When she walks in to see Blue WEEPING IN AGONY, she does not comfort her or console her as a sister would. She seems annoyed, and Blue is shocked when she comes in. Almost as if she knows Yellow doesn’t like being around Pink themed things. (That part is speculation. She could’ve just been surprised by her sudden appearance)

Anyway, if what I’ve stated so far is true, that would make this episode A LOT more interesting. It would imply that Yellow is FAKING SYMPATHY, granted, very poorly. Maybe she wanted all those Rose Quartz’s shattered because she didn’t want anyone to testify against her.
(This will make more sense later)

Before we move on to “The Trial”, here’s what I think.
I think Pink wanted to use Earth, as Peridot says, for its resources. It was used as a Kindergarten, we know that. But perhaps that was all she wanted to do. If Pink really WAS sympathetic towards the humans, perhaps she revolted against Yellow, who wanted the Earth gone completely. Perhaps they fought and maybe stormed off, like sisters would.
More on that after I discuss “The Trial”.

First things first, I would like it to come to attention how quickly Yellow wanted Steven shattered. The greenish Zircon states “oh yeah, this things gotta rose quartz gem and she shattered Pink Diamond” and Yellow does not object. She thinks that’s all the proof they need. But Blue wants to hear more. She isn’t as up-and-at-em to shatter Steven as Yellow is. (Like I said above, perhaps she wanted no one to testify against her.)
And OH GOLLY, when Zircon says that the Diamonds could have shattered Pink, Blue looks terrified and appalled. Yellow… just sits there for a moment… angry. Before poofing Zircon as she protests and denies her words. Even when her Zircon says something, she poofs her too. She is in such a fit of rage that someone had, perhaps, figured her out.
Even more on Blue Zircons case. She states that she was only a few steps out of her palanquin before being shattered. By a rose quartz. But Zircon says, “How?” Which is a very valid question. Supposedly, keep in mind, this is headcanon. After having a fight over the Earth, Yellow contacts Pink on having a peace meeting. Private. Alone. No Agates. No Sapphires. No Pearls. It would seem innocent, just 2 sisters trying to talk out an argument. How the shattering takes place, I couldn’t begin to guess but before I sign off I would like to point out two things about Blue… and something about Bismuth.
First, Blue.
If my headcanon is true, and it was only Pink and Yellow having a talk, Blue would not have been there. Which would be how she does not know how “a being as powerful as a Diamond perish.” Yet, she seems to know it was done with a sword, which is what I get into next. Most of the accounts of the shattering are handed down, stories if you will. Keep in mind that Yellow is one of the most, if not the most powerful gem we have seen so far. If no one was with them, she could fabricate a elaborate, sympathetic story of how one of Pink diamonds own soldiers had shattered her in front of her entourage. And have no one oppose her in fear of being shattered. But there is a few key details that make this story… clearly fake.
One: In the episode “Bismuth”, Bismuth says, and I quote, about Roses sword
“It could destroy a gems physical form in an instant. Destroying the body, but never the gem.”
The keys words there, “never the gem.”
If Yellow’s account of Pinks shattering are true, then Pink would not have been shattered, making Yellow a liar.
Two: Zircon says the records say Pink diamond was shattered in front of her whole entourage. Even if my headcanon is incorrect, and she did have her entourage behind her, THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY THERE ARE NO PINK GEMS SEEN A N Y W H E R E.
Yellow shattered them to prevent the news from getting out that she herself had shattered Pink. There would be, once again, no one to say anything otherwise.

To sum up.
Imagine a heartbroken Pink Diamond, devastated that her colony was going to be destroyed, going to visit her planet one last time. Her Sapphire, her Agate, her Pearl behind her, her palanquin lands on Earth so she can say goodbye. The moment she steps out, she is shattered by Yellow, who had opposed her idea to destroy Earth. The Pink gems rush to try to get to the palanquin, but Yellow is faster, poofing and shattering each one, except a certain Rose Quartz. She destoys the palanquin, so that the Rose quartz cannot defend herself as Yellow Diamond rushes back to Homeworld to describe how a soldier suddenly turned on her own Diamond and ran off. Rose would have nothing to say. Her opinion is inferior compared to a Diamond. Blue, devastated, vows to have her shattered, but can never get rid of the only thing she has left of her beloved sister.
And I imagine Yellow thought she was victorious. Her lies had been accepted, and she reigned with power. No one was left to expose her.

Until now.

A quick summary of some Elder Scrolls lore, by Reezda

This post comes from a packet of lore I made for a Elder-Scrolls-themed D&D campaign I am running. It is just a brief summary of some important lore points focused on the campaign, but Mira and I feel it’s educational enough to post here.

The world of the Elder Scrolls is known as Nirn (also called Mundus). The main continent of importance in Nirn is called Tamriel. Tamriel itself is divided into several provinces: High Rock, Skyrim, Morrowind, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Valenwood, Summerset Isles, Hammerfell, and Cyrodiil. In addition to Tamriel, there are a few other continents, such as Atmora, Yokuda, Akavir, Pyandonea, and Aldmeris, but they are all inaccessible, for a variety of reasons.

The races of Tamriel are divided into three groups: Men, Mer (elves), and Betmer (beastfolk: Argonians and Khajiit, to name the most popular two). Throughout history, men and mer have been fighting each other, creating deep-seated racial tensions between them. All races of elves come from a race called the Aldmer (old folk). The Aldmer come from the continent of Aldmeris, believed to be to the south of Tamriel. From Aldmeris, the Aldmer are believed to have settled in the Summerset Isles, an archipelago to the west of Tamriel. From there they established a flowering society steeped in magic, worshiping the Aedra: the gods from whom the mer believe they descend (versus the Daedra, whom the mer believe share no connection to Nirn… typically regarded as “demon lords,” though that’s not precisely accurate, since some of them are not particularly melovolent).

However the society of the Aldmer grew fractious. Several groups of mer left the Summerset Isles and headed into mainland Tamriel. Among these groups were the Ayleids. The Ayleids headed into central Tamriel – what would now be called Cyrodiil – and established a civilization of city-states, with the White-Gold Tower and its surrounding city (what would later become the Imperial City) as its center.

While the mer were establishing themselves in Tamriel, men from the continent of Atmora to the north of Tamriel began to flee their homeland as it began to freeze over. The Atmorans began settling in the northern part of Tamriel – what is now Skyrim – where they eventually came into conflict with Falmer (snow elves) – the mer who had settled in that region.

As human tribes established themselves south of Skyrim, they encountered the Ayleids. The Ayleids enslaved some of the people, forcing them to build their new civilization. In the year 242 of the first era, the human slaves revolted, led by a woman named Alessia – later regarded as a saint, who received prophetic visions from the Aedra, supporting her revolt.

During the Alessian Slave Revolt, the Ayleids were severely weakened. The power structure of Cyrodiil shifted, and a new empire rose, led by the human fomer-slaves – the Imperials, though some Ayleids still held power over some regions in Cyrodiil.

However, centuries after the Revolt, the teachings of an Imga (the Imga were a betmer race of ape-men) named Marukh started a religious order within the Alessian Empire: the Alessian Order. This order vilified mer and established a monotheism to replace the polytheistic pantheon of Aedra that was commonly worshiped in the Empire. As the power and influence of the Alessian Order grew, the Ayleids began a long exodus out of what remained of their cities, fleeing to all corners of Tamriel, seeking sanctuary with other races of mer.

Eventually the power of the Alessian Order grew so much that the highest ranking member of the Order: the Arch-Prelate had power that rivaled the Emperor himself. All other forms of worship were outlawed in the Empire. By this point, racism against elves – the Ayleids especially – was at an all-time high. Ayleids were no longer in the province. Their cities fell to ruins.

crys-wolf  asked:

How is it that frisk can keep themselves from dying during the omega flowey and Asriel fights? Frisk has less determination as flowey takes control of the timeline, and while I can see Asriel toying with Frisk, flowey wants Frisk's soul, why is this?

(undertale spoilers)

While Flowey wants Frisk’s soul, he seems to also want someone to play with more than anything else. All throughout his Photoshop Flowey fight, he is toying with Frisk. Reloading save files and killing them again and again. When the game is reopened after he kills Frisk, he will say a number of different things as Frisk keeps dying. Rather than take their soul and end the fight, Flowey taunts Frisk and continues playing with them. He only fights Frisk like this one time because the human souls will revolt if he tries again.

When it comes to Asriel’s fight, he makes it clear that his goal is to keep Frisk (or Chara) from leaving. He even wants to reset the timeline to force them to go back to the start again. However, it is interesting that Frisk’s soul continues to repair itself. Asriel is in control of the timeline, so it makes sense that Frisk cannot return to an earlier save point. Yet somehow they continue forward in the fight thanks to their determination.

While Frisk may no longer have control over the timeline, their determination keeps them going. On a more meta note, it’s worth acknowledging that Frisk’s survival is vital to the story. According to the rules of Undertale, Frisk cannot reload due to Asriel overriding their determination. However, if Frisk dies at this point, Asriel cannot be SAVED. This may be a case of Frisk having “plot armor,” unable to lose for the sake of the narrative. Regardless, Flowey’s purpose in both battles is to keep Frisk/Chara around.

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(Requested by littlerilizle) Some bad language in this guys.

Sometimes having Edward as an older brother was great. Being eternally stuck at sixteen wasn’t so brilliant but having an older brother to look out for you, who knew what you were going through and was there for you if you needed him, who was just as indestructible as you, that was great. Sometimes. Other times it totally sucked. 

Edward was generally a good brother. He’d help you if you needed it, he would spend time with you, he would teach you new things and he would look out for you. However, there were also times he took the ‘looking out for you’ aspect of his brotherly responsibilities too far. 

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thewill00  asked:

I enjoyed reading your post about why Asgore wasn't warned, but I can't help but wonder if it's kind of pointless. By the time you reach Asgore, you've reached LV 20 (which sans says is the "Maximum") and Chara literally has the power to destroy the entire world. I doubt Asgore could have changed much even with the human souls.

(undertale spoilers)

This is an excellent point. By the time the human makes it to Asgore, not only are they sporting maximum stats, but their damage far exceeds the 99 ATK listed in the menu.

(9,999,999,999: nearly 10 billion points of damage.)

However, while this easily incapacitates Asgore when he’s caught off guard, there is a possibility he may have been able to hold his own against Chara if he absorbed the 6 human souls. While the game never reveals just how powerful Asgore could have become, there are some hints.

Flowey and the Six Souls:

There is one other creature who has absorbed 6 souls: Flowey. While Flowey does not have a boss-monster soul, the 6 souls alone provided him with “incredible power.” Photoshop Flowey does not have a “CHECK,” but if it wasn’t for the human souls revolting against him, he would be impossible to defeat.

If Asgore absorbed the six human souls, it’s reasonable to assume he would be even more powerful than Photoshop Flowey with the addition of his boss monster soul. Could it be enough to overpower the human?

The Power of a God:

While Asgore never gets the chance to absorb seven human souls, there are clues as to what would happen if he did. This power is described as godlike, and capable of destroying humanity.

With the power of seven human souls, our king…
King ASGORE Dreemurr…
…will become a god.
With that power, ASGORE can finally shatter the barrier.
He will finally take the surface back from humanity…
And give them back the suffering and pain that we have endured.

I would use their souls to become godlike…
…and free us from this terrible prison.
Then, I would destroy humanity…
And let monsters rule the surface, in peace.

One of the most interesting clues to this unfathomable power is hidden in an unused piece of text found in the game files, labeled as “History Part 7.” The other History Books are found in Toriel’s, Alphys’, and Asgore’s houses.

HISTORY PART 7 (unused)
When a human dies, its soul remains stable outside the body.
Meanwhile, a monster’s soul disappears near-instantly upon death.
This allows monsters to absorb the souls of humans…
While it is extremely difficult for humans to absorb a monster’s soul.
This is why they feared us.
Though monsters are weak, with enough human souls…
They could easily destroy all of mankind.

This last line is the most important: with enough human souls a monster could not only destroy all of mankind, but “easily” at that. Now, Asgore only had access to six human souls, so we can only speculate just how much humanity-destroying power it would have granted him, and if it would have been enough to defeat the human.

Infinite ATK and DEF

Lastly, there are the statistics from the god form of Asriel. While Asriel has 6 human souls and all the monster souls (roughly the equivalent of 7 human souls), his stats might be the best clue to what Asgore would have had with 6 human souls plus boss-monster soul.

Asriel Dreemurr boasts infinite stats. If anyone could survive an attack from the human, it would be him. The question is: would Asgore have infinite stats with the addition of 6 human souls? And if not, would it be high enough to withstand 9,999,999,999 points of attack damage? Is it possible that human souls are not susceptible to the damage inflicted by hatred, and the desire to hurt?

To go one step further, Asriel Dreemurr has another set of stats in the game data that is not infinite. Rather, his in-game stats are 9,999 HP, 8 ATK, and 9,999 DEF.  However, this is still nothing compared to the nearly ten billion points of damage inflicted on Asgore. Whether the infinite stats are true, or if the in-game stats are true depends on how the game is interpreted.

Since Asgore never absorbs the souls, there is no way to know how much power he would have. The only certainty is that Asgore does not stand in the way of Chara erasing the world.