human revoltion

Coal workers in Colorado arm themselves as the strike turns bloody, eventually culminating into the Colorado Coal/Labor Wars, in which many armed striking workers retaliated and defended themselves & their families from violent scabs, corporate gun-thugs and even the Colorado National Guard, while also seizing mines and destroying company property in retribution for the massacre at Ludlow. 1914.

Surrealism is not, has never been, and will never be a literary or artistic school but is a movement of the human spirit in revolt and an eminently subversive attempt to reenchant the world: an attempt to reestablish the “enchanted” dimensions at the core of human existence—poetry, passion, mad love, imagination, magic, myth, the marvelous, dreams, revolt, utopian ideals—which have been eradicated by this civilization and its values. In other words, Surrealism is a protest against narrow-minded rationality, the commercialization of life, petty thinking, and the boring realism of our money-dominated, industrial society. It is also the utopian and revolutionary aspiration to “transform life”—an adventure that is at once intellectual and passionate, political and magical, poetic and dreamlike. It began in 1924; it continues today.
—  Michael Löwy, Morning Star: Surrealism, Marxism, Anarchism, Situationism, Utopia, p. 1.

For a Drop of Your Blood by @kingsmanhartwin

Eggsy Unwin is an MI6 agent, assigned to protect, and keep tabs on, Harry Hart -one of the three leaders of the vampire clan - who is in town due to a number of human revolts sparked by vampiric insurrection.

Harry is immediately drawn to Eggsy and his mouthwatering blood, the taste of it, the feel of Eggsy clutching at him as he takes. However he keeps himself emotionally distant as vampires and humans are not meant to be together. Well, he tries - or so he tells himself.

The playing field will change drastically, however, when Harry is forced to change Eggsy to save his life.