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A playlist made to discover some bands 

Fossils- Circa waves 
Fire that burns- Circa waves
Contagious- Night riots
Back to your love- Night riots
way it goes- Hippo campus
Suicide saturday- Hippo campus
Kangaroo pocket- Rozwell kid
Bangs- Rozwell kid
Someone else- LANY
She said- Sundara karma
Indigo puff- Sundara karma
Stranger- MOTHXR
She can’t tell- MOTHXR
 Talk too much- COIN
The rhythm of night- Vinyl theatre
 30 seconds- Vinyl theatre
Silhouettes- Colony house
You & I- Colony house
Throw shade- CRUISR
Kidnap me- CRUISR
Making eyes- Saltwater sun
Wild- Saltwater sun
En route- Human resources
Bad news- Human resources
Alive- Glass caves
Out of control- Glass caves
We move like the ocean- Bad suns 
Salt- Bad suns
Alcatraz- King no-one
Philosophical- King no-one
Dark love- High tyde
Do what you want- High tyde

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Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers

TRANSLATION: “I hate young people. And HR.”

Motivation through satisfaction

Nowadays, study shows that millennials are indeed job hoppers which made employee retention a nightmare for employers in the recent years. 

It’s true that they tend to flip jobs from time to time when there’s a better opportunity, but is it really their fault? What if it’s the other way around? What if it’s actually the employers who is at fault here that they failed to create motivation through employee satisfaction?

Whether a millennial or not, when the employee  is not anymore satisfied in his/her workplace, it increases the percentage of leaving the job. And sadly, there are still employers who really don’t know this.

Here are the four (4)E’s to think about to motivate your employees and eventually have their satisfaction:

1. ENGAGE. Employees tend to be motivated when they feel they’re part of the organization. Let them feel they belong to the group. Engage them in a meaningful relationship. It will be best if you could do a one-on-one to discuss milestones and updates in your lives, it doesn’t need to be about work at all times, but doing so increases camaraderie.

The most and crucial part of this is that the employer should act as a leader and as a companion to its subordinates and lead them by example. The problem with most of the organization is that some managers have poor interpersonal skills. Remember that no one wants a boss who doesn’t know how to treat his subordinates well. 

Beware of this kind of managers in your organization as they’re cancerous. Always remember: “employees leave because of their managers and not because of the company.”

2. ESTABLISH. Employees tend to be demotivated when they do jobs repeatedly for a long time. Employees, especially those who are aggressive in their workplace are always looking for career advancement and growth. Establish them by implementing job rotation. It is very effective to keep their minds working. Rotating them from one task to another is hard at first but when you were able to establish it, it would be beneficial on both sides.

Switching tasks from time to time may build and increase employee satisfaction since you are also helping them to be ready whenever there’s a chance or opportunity for promotion.

Remember that switching tasks from time to time may also cause headache when not carefully planned, establish a fixed rotation schedule as your guidance (eg. every two or three years).

3. EQUIP. Unlock the full potential of your employees. Every employee who are engaged in their jobs and careers want to know more about their company and the industry they are in. If an employer wants to harness the full value of their employees and build loyalty and eventually increase retention, they should be investing in training their employees. 

Training will help increase motivation for employees as you are equipping them for better opportunities with adept understanding on the industry they are in. Satisfaction comes next as you are filling the room for their improvement and unlocking career development 

4. EMPOWER. Demonstrate your trust to your employees, communicate with a clear vision and show that you appreciate their efforts. This is very crucial in empowering your employees as they will feel that you are giving importance to them. A simple tap in the back or a simple “great job!” may give a difference to the workplace. 

Let us admit that anyone wants recognition. The very best thing that the employer could do to uplift their spirits is to recognize them even on small things or efforts. This will result eventually to an increase in your employees’ productivity as they wanted to do more, then comes their satisfaction.

Take a note of this 4 E’s and apply it on the workplace. You’ll definitely be surprised of the outcomes. But take note that this does not guarantee 100% satisfaction as there are other factors that needs to be considered.

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Name: Sean
Age: 22
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a college student in Chicago, nearly graduated and going into a human resources to help make the workplace better. I speak only English, but I am trying to learn Italian, sadly I’m not taking any classes and likely won’t until I’ve graduated and can take some community college classes.

Preferences: ages: 17-25

10 ways reading more makes you an excellent employee

It is no secret that reading boasts a myriad of personal benefits, and is often credited as one of the main hobbies of a wide range of people. But did you know that the more you read, the more attractive you look to potential employers?

That’s not to say that all you need to do to bag a top job is read a book every now and then, however, regular and varied reading can make you a better potential employee, and here’s how:


[consiglio di lettura] =>>> 《HRevolution. HR nell'epoca della social e digital transformation》

di Alessandro Donadio - Editore. Franco Angeli, 1° edizione (27 marzo 2017)

Il “capitale umano” è la leva operativa “vincente” di ogni tipo di organizzazione e questo libro ne riassume l'essenza: un manuale per “un lavoro di forte ri-umanizzazione dei contesti” in un mondo del lavoro (e non solo) in cui predomina l'uso di tecnologie digitali e del Web.
… i miei complimenti all'Autore ★★★ !

Dignity comes from using your inherent human resources, by doing things with your own bare hands-on the spot, properly and beautifully.
—  Chogyam Trungpa