human rebekah

Klaus Mikaelson x reader
+ Reader is Rebekah’s long time human friend. When things get rough in the Quarter Rebekah moves reader to the compound to be safe. Klaus finds reader interesting and feelings pursue.

You laid on your couch and set your arm across the back of it, brushing the smooth blanket atop it with your thumb. Everything was sore.

“Y/N,” Rebekah said crossing her arms, you peeked one eye open. “I cannot believe you are being so stubborn!” She exclaimed, exasperated. Rebekah had known you a long time and has taken you in as her ‘human’. You had been living in the Quarter for a long time and the witches tried to use you as leverage over Rebekah.

“True. But that’s because this is my home. I can’t just back down because a couple witches tried to use me against you.” You sat up, finally, wincing in pain. The witches had thrown you around quite a bit.

“And besides, how safe could I really be with your vindictive brother Klaus or devious Kol?” You inquired. If they really wanted, they could kill you. Kol could run off and Klaus could just dagger Rebekah if she gets out of line.

“Y/N you know I would never let that happen. Please. For me. Just come stay at the compound? It’ll make it much easier to ensure your safety.” Rebekah gave you her best puppy face and you couldn’t say no to that.

“Fine.” You said with feign annoyance. You stood up and walked to the threshold of your living room. “I’ll go pack now and we can move me in tonight.”

Rebekah smiled wildly. No one can harm you, her best friend. Rebekah loved you so much because she saw herself in you, only human. You were strong, selfless, and looked out for family above all else, and Rebekah is your family.

“Okay, Y/N, right this way.” Klaus heard Rebekah from downstairs entering the compound. He also heard another person accompanying her. He swiftly made his way to stand in front of you and Rebekah with his enhanced speed.

“And who might you be, love?” Klaus said, smiling at you.

“Her name is Y/N, and she will be staying with us for now.” Rebekah stated.

“And why might that be, sister?” He said looking less enthusiastically at his sibling. You knew Klaus didn’t like outsiders and you felt like you were intruding, but you’d rather that than Rebekah nagging you forever more to join her.

“Because, dear brother, I have invited her. Some witches tried to use her against me and I find she would be much safer here.” Rebekah crossed her arms in defiance, daring her brother to try and kick you out.

“Well, by all means then,” he said turning to you with animosity. “Welcome to my home.” He held his hand out for yours and you took his. Instead of a handshake like you expected, he lifted it to his lips. He pressed a soft kiss to the back of your palm. After he let go, smirked as you blushed and mumbled a shy “thanks.” And walked away down one of the many halls of the compound.

It had been a couple weeks since you initially moved into the compound. Nothing outstandingly bad happened since. Kol and Klaus had been unendingly flirtatious with you, to Rebekah’s dismay. You could see her roll her eyes every time she bore witness to their mischief. Elijah had been very helpful and had been teaching you to defend yourself on order of Rebekah. Hayley was in and out of the compound, always on the move, doing anything to help the wolves.

You, on the other hand, had been basically stuck under non official house arrest unless you were at work. You’re a barista at a cozy café in the quarter. You always smelt of cinnamon, vanilla, and roasted coffee. It had become his favorite scent, he was always happy to spend time with you. You were shy and he liked to tease you with Kol sometimes but you also enjoyed art among and had come to see him as more than a monster to be feared.

You were walking home after work one evening when you felt an arm slip around your neck and a hand cover your mouth. You screamed and tried to open your mouth to bite your attacker but they were too strong, someone supernatural. You knew it wasn’t a Mikaelson because even Kol would not try to trick you like this.

Your muffled screams seemed to do you no good when the attacker sloped your hair from your neck and tilted your neck for a better angle to plunge their teeth into you.

But Klaus heard you, even your muffled screams. He was near by, he was going to ask to take you out to dinner for some time out of the compound and waited along your route home.

But he was not quick enough to come to your aid, the vampire had already started to feed off you. You didn’t see Klaus, you thought it was over when black splotches dotted your vision. Your legs were limp and your eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. Pain throbbed from your neck. Then there wasn’t a body, Klaus ripped the vampire off of you. Klaus proceeded to rip their heart out. Before you fell to the ground Klaus caught you, kneeling to the ground holding you in his lap, cradling your head.

“Oh, Y/N,” he muttered looking down at you. He bite his wrist and fed you his blood to heal you. You were half drained when he saved you.

You looked at Klaus through your lashes, your eyes barely open.

“You are prone to danger.” He whispered. You smiled faintly.

“I live with the Mikaelsons. It’s normal.” You said in a raspy voice. Klaus picked you up bridal style and carried you back to the compound. If only you knew how much Klaus had come to love you and he vowed to not allow any one dare hurt you again. Now you were not only Rebekah’s human, you were the Mikaelsons’ human.

One Of Us

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Reader x McCall pack / Reader x Mikaelsons

One of Us Masterlist

Warnings: Reader uses strong language. Reader is a little extra but not as much as Klaus…

“Wait there’s another…” Lydia muttered and trailed off as she found another deadpool.

Everyone waited as she tried to open it but shoved her seat back and jumped to her feet with a growl of frustration. “What, isn’t it like the other ones?” Stiles asked quickly as he hurried across the room to help.

“No, I can’t figure… oh… oh no.” She gasped which drew the rest of you to gather round. “I know some of these and they’re all just kids.” She whispered as she slammed the print button and all but tore the paper from her printer before it came through.

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had some drinks || kol mikaelson (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: kol x reader
word count: 6,163 (never wrote this much oh my god)

warnings: teasing, swearing, kissing, unprotected sex, foreplay, oral (male & female receiving), biting, blood sharing, fingering, hand job, multiple orgasms, alcohol use, slight bondage. 

authors note: yes, this is my first kol smut, but nonetheless, i went all out and i hope you like it! :) also, thank you to my love @oneshot-obssessed​ for being so supportive and reading through it during the process, i love you so much!! 

requested by @obrienimagines
listen to this on repeat.

summary/request: kol smut where the reader is a girl that klaus used to take care of bc her parents died, but she only meets kol when she’s 17 and he’s really flirty. 

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No Use Being Upset Over Them Part 2

Characters: The Mikaelson’s and Reader

Warnings: No humanity! Reader, threats, temporary death, anger, and I think that is it!

Kol was in a rage. You were gone, not just physically, but emotionally too. You weren’t you and that thought consumed Kol at every moment. He could think of nothing else.

“Kol, moping isn’t going to help find Y/N,” Elijah commented barely looking up from his paper. That was the last straw for Kol. All week he’d kept himself in control and not once lashed out at the source of the problem, but now that control was gone.

“DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Kol exploded pinning his brother to the wall by his neck, his vampire face making an appearance.

“Kol! Let him go!” Hayley exclaimed as she and the rest of the family made their way into the room in order to find the source of all the noise.

“Maybe I should, and after I do that I can rip your throat out!” Kol snarled at Hayley.

“As fun as that sounds, I do believe that wouldn’t be worth the trouble Kol,” you spoke up from the entrance of the compound.

“Y/N?” Rebekah asked in shock. You sort of seemed like you, but…you were missing…you.

“You’ll catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that Beks,” you chuckled. Kol had forgotten all about Elijah and was now eyeing you.

“You still…you haven’t turned it on have you?” Kol sighed.

“Why should I? There’s no reason for me to suffer just so others can be happy.”

“Darling, please. You need your humanity.”

“I said no Kol. It’s not like I’m killing people.”

“You haven’t killed anyone?” Klaus asked, astonishment evident in his voice.

“No, I just stopped by to pick up a bag and I did that so I’ll be on my way,” you explained and turned to leave only to find Klaus standing in front of you.

“As much as I would like to just let you leave, I can’t love.”

“Why not? Nothing I’m doing is harmful to any of you,” you pointed out.

“You’re wrong. Now, can we do this the easy way or are you going to make things difficult?” Klaus questioned.

“How do you know that I didn’t anticipate this and cover for myself?”

“What are you talking about?” Kol asked.

“I’ve discovered that Cami can’t be compelled, but she has plenty of friends that can.”

“What did you do?” Klaus growled his face starting to change.

“Nik, don’t! Y/N’s probably bluffing, even without humanity, reason still exists!” Rebekah explained.

“What’s your point?” Klaus demanded, stopping you when you tried to leave.

“Y/N is well aware that doing anything to hurt Camille would be quite the mistake,” Elijah spoke this time.

“I’m going to call Camille and if there is anything wrong, you are going to fix it,” Klaus growled before speeding off to make his phone call.

“Please tell me that you were not stupid enough to actually compel someone close to her,” Elijah sighed.

“That would just be great for you wouldn’t it?” You hummed.

“Actually, it would be rather bothersome.”

“Too bad I don’t care,” you muttered looking at your nails.

“Turns out Y/N was telling the truth!” Klaus exclaimed walking back into the room.

“What did they do?” Hayley asked as everyone else was to stunned to talk.

“Nothing even slightly harmful right Klaus?” you replied.

“Be that as it may, I cannot have you running around in this condition.”

“You can’t stop me. Try it and we’ll see how fast the bodies start piling up,” you threatened.

“Oh, I can stop you,” Klaus smirked before speeding in front of you and snapping your neck.

A/N: Here  is part two! Enjoy!

An Old Friend

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Kol & Rebekah Mikaelson)


(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

*not my gif


It was around 7PM , Kai and Y/N were at the (surprisingly empty) Mystic Grill sitting at the bar drinking and laughing. Y/N had challenged Kai to do tequilla shots. He always told her she doesn’t want to see him on tequilla which only made her want to see it more. Downside was as vampires their alchohol tollerance was higher than the ones human have , so they kept drinking. So far Kai was winning. Y/N looked at him , smiling. Kai grinned back and put his hand on her waist leaning in to whisper in her ear “You will loooose.” before kissing her neck.
“Even when I lose , I still win..” she had replied to him.
Suddenly Y/N felt someone’s presense close by. At first she thought it was the alchohol getting to her but then …
“Hey there , Trouble.” Y/N heard a familiar voice with an accent and froze in place completely stunned. There was only one person who called her that. Kai looked at her and then at the surprise visitor. Slowly she turned around and when Y/N saw who it was ,  a wide smile spread on her face.
“Kol ?” she leaped from her seat and wrapped her hands around the new comer. Kai finished his drink , he wasn’t happy they had been interrupted but tried to hide it.
“Oh my God ! How are you back ? I thought I’d never see you again after the Other Side disappeared…“ Y/N said excitedly.
“Mother dearest pulled me and my brother Finn back before it collapsed. Of course ,you know how my family is - she came back from the dead and tried to kill us again. …"Kol trailed off. Y/N’s eyes widened.
Kai cleared his throat and both Y/N and Kol turned towards him. Y/N took a step closer to Kai and he wrapped his hands around her , the look on his face clearly stating ‘Hands off. She belongs with me.’
“Sorry.” Y/N apologised to Kai , kissing his cheek. “Kai , this is my very good friend -”
“Best friend.” Kol interrupted.
Y/N smiled , “My BEST friend Kol Mikaelson. He is an Original vampire.” Kol smiled and nodded at Kai who pulled Y/N even closer to him. “Kol , this is Kai Parker … my boyfriend.”
Kai outstretched his hand , Kol doing the same and they shook hands ,  a few moments  longer than normal. Y/N took a deep breath… The situation was getting more and more awkward by the moment. Her eyes darted between Kai and Kol , there was a tension building in the air and she had to think fast before any of them did something stupid but before she had had the chance to speak …
“So , Kai … ” Kol started saying as he took the seat on the other side of Y/N “I hope you are treating Y/N with respect…” he said trailing off. “Because if you aren’t - ”
Clearly Kol’s time away hadn’t changed him at all. He had always acted like Y/N was his little sister , ready to protect her from whatever or whoever would ever want to hurt her.
"Don’t be mean Kol.” said a female voice. Behind him had walked in another old friend of Y/N… well , more like frenemy.  "I am sure if he had tried to hurt her in any way, Damon would’ve ripped his head off. You know how protective the vampires here are over their human friends.“  Rebekah said reaching behind the bar to grab a bottle with bourbon. Y/N and Kai exchanged looks.
"Hello Y/N … Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rebekah said nodding towards Kai who gave her a small smile in response.
Y/N tensed.  "Rebekah … long time.“ she said pausing for a second. "What are you doing here ? Looking for Matt ?”
“Not exactly but it would be nice to see him. Where is he ?”
“You might wanna try the police station.Ask for sheriff Donovan.” Y/N said shifting uncomfortably.
Kai whispered in Y/N’s ear “You OK?” Y/N only nodded turning her attention back to the Mikaelsons. Clearly Y/N wasn’t OK. The girl , Rebekah made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.
“Any particular reason you both decided to drop by ? Kol being here - I like … You ? Not so much.”  Y/N said , her voice slightly trembling.
Rebekah visibly got angry by the remark and reached for Y/N’s neck but Kol pulled her back as Kai quickly pushed Y/N behind him.
“Sister .. calm down. You don’t want to cause a scene , do you Bex ?” Kol said calmly.

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•Shy little girl•|Part One| - |Rebekah Mikaeslon and Marcel|

Genre: Fluff
Request: Can you do a Rebekah Michelson x daughter!reader were the time jump in season 5 bekah and Marcel had adopted a little girl (reader) she is 4 years old and human and Rebekah finally has the family she always wanted until Klaus and the rest of the siblings come to her and want her to move back to New Orleans, but she does not want to because of her daughter, and they meet her she is super cute shy clingy to Marcel?
Pairing: Rebekah x Marcel and daughter!reader
Warnings: Probably bad writing
Summary: After the time jump, Rebekah finally had her own little family, but then she is need by her siblings and can’t just leave her daughter alone and eventually you are introduced to your whole family.
Author’s Note: I have not gotten this far into the Originals, so if this isn’t the most accurate representation of the events, I apologize in advance and sorry this took longer than usual, I was getting ready for school.  @lovely-wagner
Things you should know: (h/c) = your hair color and (e/c) = your eye color and Y/N is your name.
Word Count:

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Little Baby

Freya Mikaelson x Daughter!Reader

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Imagine: being Freya’s daughter and finally reuniting with her again.

Warnings: none, just pure fluff. perhaps a few bad words. but hey, we live for them. 😂

Word Count: 971

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anonymous asked:

"Maybe in Stefen more than Elena," Not picking on this anon because there's been others who've said this but it's not true. JP retconned everything by her own admission in s6 but even in that season Elena says she loves Stefan so much. Did she tell Damon she loved him SO much? You had a great post about the sire bond and I think ppl don't really understand what JP did to Elena's character with that and some ppl still think she was sired in s6 because it was only assumed that it was broken in s4.

And even throughout season 4, Elena expresses deep attachment to Stefan that’s beyond platonic.

The episode she sleeps with Damon, she and Stefan share a charged moment:

When she finds out he’s been spending time with Rebekah:

When she finds out that he slept with Rebekah:

and I say this in another post but Bonnie’s facial expression is telling, she has an “oh shit” look on her face and she looks at Elena to see if she’s OK because she knows that this will hurt. And this didn’t happen when Matt and Caroline started dating so this isn’t about “anyone would feel a type of way if their ex started dating someone else.”

and in Nova Scotia Rebekah rubs it in Elena’s face that she’s close to Stefan and Elena is visibly upset about it:

and this actually harks back to 4x06 when Elena spent time in a room with a hallucination saying Stefan won’t like her anymore, while I think that entire scene was ridiculous I think it does speak to the fact that losing Stefan’s love is a deep fear of Elena’s:

and then when she turns off her humanity, she’s preoccupied with the physicality of her relationship with Stefan:

(whereas with Damon, she uses physicality to try and manipulate him)

and then she gets jealous of Caroline:

and at prom she brings up what happens in 4x10, that memory is still with her and still haunts her even though she has no humanity, she uses what Rebekah did to her relationship with Stefan to prove that she’s a bad person:

and I think it’s really telling that during their dance, after she says “What heart?” she continues to dance with him, she doesn’t walk away.

In 4x22 when Stefan tells Elena that she can’t kill Katherine, automatically her mind goes to whether or not he has feelings for her:

In season 5, after choosing Damon, the rage she concerning Stefan’s whereabouts was so strong, it triggered a compulsion that would make her kill every person in the dorm and then thinking about Stefan rid her of it:

This expression in 5x03

The way she holds his hand:

In 5x04 she’s preoccupied with getting Stefan to remember her and to remember them and they nearly kiss:

In 5x06, she storms down to Tessa’s cabin:

and she actually can’t stand to see them touching and then in 5x11 when she finds out that he slept with Katherine, she’s outraged:

and then they don’t really interact again until 5x18 and in 5x18 Elena is devastated at losing those visions:

and I always loved this scene because of that small, wistful exhale Elena has when Stefan agrees that what they saw felt amazing:

and then she asks if she will ever be able to talk this way with Damon:

and then from 5x18 onward the show makes sure Stefan and Elena don’t share scenes or dialogue together unless it’s about Damon/Delena and sometimes Caroline/Steroline but then in 6x22, Elena is talking about the life-changing, transcendental, unbelievable love the two of them share and as you said, she says “I love you so much” and considering all of the gifs I’ve presented, I don’t consider it to to be the platonic, soul friend love she has with Matt. Elena actually exhibits a lot of romantic attachment to Stefan, it’s just that her dialogue with Damon is so overwrought that’s what people think of but the way Elena acts toward Stefan is telling.

Can you do an imagine where the reader is invited at the Mikaelsons ball and she talks about her feelings for Klaus with Rebekah and he overhears and then he asks her about it and she says something like “It’s not true it’s just your imagination.” but they end up together?:)

    I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t fit in with any of the people here. I saw my sister Elena and she waved to me but I didn’t want to talk to her. She’s the reason that Aunt Jenna is dead. I began to walk over to Caroline but was stopped by Rebekah Mikaelson. Of course she would be here, it was her ball after all. I didn’t necessarily have anything against Rebekah, other than her brother ruining my life.

    “Hello Y/N, you look amazing” She pulled me into a hug, which was a little strange considering we really only talked when her asshole of a brother made one of my best friends a hybrid.

    ‘Hi Rebekah, as do you” I decided to be civil because she hadn’t done anything wrong to me. She seemed like she would be a good friend.

    We talked for about an hour more and became pretty good friends in such a short period of time. We started to ask pretty deep questions, it would probably turn out to come back at me latter but it felt good to get information out of my system.

    “So… You and matt?” I said with a teasing wink and smirk, she visibly blushed and looked away toward Matt for a second. I knew there was something between them, anyone could see that.

    “Yeah, I like him. He makes me feel human” Rebekah had a very obvious blush on her face. She smiled just at the thought of him, it was cute and I shipped it. “Anyways, enough about me. You and my brother seem to have a certain connection” She wiggled her eyebrows. “I mean, he talks about you all the time”  

    At this point and time I knew I was as red as a tomato. “There’s nothing to say. He ruined my life.” I said with a shrug and tried to stay as nonchalant as I could.

    “But you still find yourself attacted to him?” Bekah asked with one eyebrow raised. I nodded at this and looked up to see Klaus staring at me from across the room.

    “I need a drink.” I stated as I walked towards the bar, it was true if I was getting through tonight I would need to be at least a little tipsy. I finally made it to the bar and swallowed a glass of champagne down in what seemed to be record time.

    “Careful love, someone might take advantage of you if you are in a drunk state.” Klaus showed up behind me and sat in the seat next to me. I rolled my eyes.

    “I can handle myself thanks.” I could feel the Salvatore’s stares on me, them protecting Elena also means they protect me. But I can protect myself.

    “I don’t know. You are attracted to the man that ‘ruined your life’” he had his signature smirk on his face. He was using his stupid vampire hearing and listening into my conversation.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You must be imagining things big bad wolf.” I tried to pull it off by standing up and walking away but he followed me.

    “Well love, if you are not attracted to me than one dance wouldn’t hurt would it?” Klaus knew he was getting to me and it bothered me so much.

    “Fine.” I said with a sigh, “one dance wouldn’t hurt anything.” Yes it would.

    “Perfect” as if on cue a slow song began to play and Klaus put his hand on the small of my back and the other in my hand. Which forced me to place mine on his shoulder. His touched made me jump, making him chuckle. He knew what he was doing to me. Soon one dance turned into dancing the whole night with neither of us noticing.  

Mikaelson Sister: Need Of A Family

Words count: 2077

 Warning: none?

REQUESTED: I hope I did what you asked for. I didn’t include Finn, but i did include Rebekah. Honestly I’m happy with how it turned out. BUT if it wasn’t what you wanted let me know. And you people keep requesting.

Part 2

You sighed in frustration as you tried to call Tyler your boyfriend for the billionth time but he still didn’t pick up. You walked in the grill and straight to the bar where Matt was serving tonight.

“Hey Matt have you seen Tyler anywhere?” You asked you boyfriend’s best friend, he had to know where Tyler was. “I haven’t seen him in two days and he won’t pick up his phone.”

“(y/n) you don’t know?” Matt kind of asked himself he had a sad look on his face and you suddenly became worried. What if something happened to him? What if he is in some kind of trouble in this cursed town? What if your idiot of a brother asked him to do something crazy and when he didn’t he killed him? There was so many what if’s you were going crazy. “Look why don’t you wait we’ll talk after my shift? I’ll be done in an hour and a half, okay?”

“Yeah sure.” You told him and ordered a glass of bourbon. You know you sounded pathetic for a thousand plus year old but you couldn’t help it. You don’t go and fall in love with anyone you meat like your older sister Rebekah, but when you love someone you love them with all you might.

After long hour and a half Matt finally finished his shift and you two left the grill to sit in one of the benches in the par close by.

“(y/n) I know this will be hard for you to take in and believe me I didn’t know that Tyler didn’t tell you.” Matt started and the more he talked the more you became worried. “But… Tyler left town and I don’t know when he’ll come back, he told me that he told you and that you were having a break.”

Suddenly you felt as if your heart was being torn out of your chest it was a feeling worse that a steak to the heart, you felt as if your world came crashing down, you felt. Sad. Then you were angry, angry that Tyler left you, after all that you’ve been through as a couple. You felt betrayed that he said that you’re taking a break. You felt mad that you were worried about him as if something has happened to him, but all along he was the one who left. He is the one who left without saying goodbye. And then you felt… you felt nothing. You turned you’re humanity off you couldn’t handle all the feelings going through you.

There was only one tear on your cheek, and you wiped it away. Before standing and leaving Matt behind you. You ignored his calls for you, and left to have a few drinks, if you know what I mean.





A few hours later. The music was so loud that it felled the huge Mikaelson household. You had dead bodies around you as you danced on the coffee table was a half-naked man. There was bite marks on him and blood running down your mouth.

You were so out of it that you didn’t hear your one of your older brothers come home.

“(Y/n) what is the meaning of this?” You turned to look at Elijah your eyes going from red with vines around it to their natural (e/c).

“What Elijah? I’m only having come fun.” You smirked at his shocked face, you were always considered the most kind of your siblings. Maybe it was to the fact that you’re the youngest of them. They all try to protect you, even Niklaus who never daggered you.

“What is going on?” An annoyed voice of your only sister rand before she even reached the room. “(y/n)?”

“What?” You asked getting annoyed.

“What are you doing?” Rebekah asked as Elijah disappeared.

“Nothing, just having a drink.” You looked around you to the bodies that are empty of any blood. “Or a few.”

“What the hell happened and made you do all this?” She asked you and frowned as you turned back to the human in front of you. You dug your teach in his flesh and drank from him, when you were suddenly pushed back by Rebekah.

“Bekah what is wrong with you?” You asked her childishly. Before you pouted. “I was having fun.”

“No more blood from the vine until we know what’s wrong with you.” She said sternly.

“No need love, we already know.” A familiar voice of Nik said and walked into the room and took in the scene. You still on the ground with blood on your face, bodies and blood everywhere the music still playing and Rebekah and the human on the coffee table. Nik turned to you. “(y/n) darling, did you turn your humanity off?” Nik’s voice was calm and gentle like it was when you were kids and you were afraid of Mikael.

“Maybe.” You shrugged and got off the floor.

“I called Kol, he’s on his way.” Elijah said and stood next to Nik. You groaned in mention of your annoying brother.

“Why did you do that?” You asked Elijah getting mad at him for calling both Nik and Kol.

“(y/n) you need help, wither you realize that or not.” Elijah said and you lunged at him, your eyes turned red and vines became visible under your eyes. Elijah wasn’t expecting that so he didn’t have time to move. You crashed into him and you both fell to the floor, you him and hissed. When you were flung back and crashed into the wall. You fell to the ground. You stood up and saw Nik, and Rebekah standing on either side of Elijah, you hissed and tried to leave the room, when they moved and help you in a tight grasp.

“Let me go.” You shouted as you fought trying to get out of their hold. “Let me go, what is wrong with you all you do stupid things all the time and when I embrace my true natural you try to hold me down. I hate you all, I hate you just let me go.”

“I’m so sorry love.” Nik said sadly and his hands wrapped around my nick and then darkness.




You open my eyes to see the ceiling, you tried to sit up but you couldn’t. You looked to see both your hands and legs tied to the bed with metal chains. You pull on the chains hard and when they start to break a voice said.

“I wouldn’t do that darling.”

“Kol.” You breathed as you saw your brother in front of you. “Get me out of theses chains, Kol please.”

“No can do, not until you turn your humanity on that is.” Kol told me and sat on the bed beside me.

“Kol, please I promise I won’t kill anyone, let me out.” You acted emotional and even mastered to slip a few tears down your cheeks. “Kol, you know me I was just mad I wouldn’t do what I did to anyone, please.”

“Then turn your humanity on.” Kol said simply as he looked at you with sad eyes.

“They’re on. I promise.”

“No they are not.” Elijah said and stepped into the room.

“What?!” You asked confused. “How would you know?”

“Because Nik went to a witch and she spelled the chains they wouldn’t break unless your humanity is back on.” Rebekah said also walking into the room. You screamed and tried to break the chains.

“LET ME OUT!” You screamed as your siblings just watched you with pained expressions.

“When will Nik get here?” Kol asked Elijah and Rebekah. “I can’t watch her like this for long.”

“He’ll be here soon.” Rebekah said and she moved to the other side of the bed and sat down. “(y/n)? Please calm down, tell us what happened.”

“NO, JUST LET ME OUT.” You screamed and your face vamped out and you tried to bite her, luckily she saw you coming and pulled back just in time for you to bite the air.

“Did it work?” Nik asked as he joined you all in the room.

“Yes, it has.” Elijah answered. “Now it’s time for us to find out what happened.”

All your sibling stood around you and they looked down at you, as if you were an alien.

“(y/n) tell us what happened.” Elijah requested kindly.

“No, I don’t to tell you anything. I just want to get out of here.” You told him as if you were worn out.

“Where’s Tyler when we need him?” Bekah asked herself. You hissed at the mention of his name.

“Tyler would do you no good.” You told her your tone changing from anger to anger AND agony.

“Tyler? What did he do?” Nik picked on your change of tone.

“Nothing, he did nothing now shut up.” You told Nik as you tried to stop any kind of emotions from showing.

“Tell us what happened?” Elijah asked you as kindly as he could.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, it was stupid of me to love a stupid teenager.” You told him more calmly now.

“(y/n) it’s not stupid to love anyone, not at all.” Of course it was Rebekah who said that. Your eyes started to burn as you fought the tears and the emotions.

“He-he.” You stopped talking when you knew if you continued tears will fall.

“Let it go little (y/n).” Kol said your nickname that everyone called you when you were young.

“He left me.” And with that tears started to fall and you cried for the first time in years. “He didn’t call he just left, he told Matt that we’re taking a break. He said goodbye to them all but not me.”

“Oh, darling come here.” Kol pulled you into his arms the best he could with you still in chains. You buried your head in the crook oh his neck, and with that your humanity was back.

“Oh my god I killed them, I killed them, I killed them.” You repeated as you held into him.

“Hey baby girl, come on you didn’t know what you were doing.” Nik said as he ran his hand up and down your back.

“(y/n) do not cry you slipped all of us did, and honestly you are the one that lasted the longest without slipping.” Rebekah said and she pulled your hair out of your face.

“There is nothing to worry about.” Elijah said as you looked him through your blurry vision. “As Rebekah said you slipped, but that was only for a day. I have never heard of a vampire who turned their humanity off for only a day. You my dear sister are a phenomenal. We all love you and we will stay by you to the end of all time. You bring us together, you make us united. No matter the place or the time we’ll come to you.”

You pulled from Kol, the tears still slipping down your face. You looked at you siblings. And a fresh round of sobs rocked your body(not like that you dirty minded people).

“I love you all, I love you so much and I’m so sorry.” You whimpered.

“There’s nothing to apologize for.” Rebekah said.

“Now whip those tear away.” Nik said.

“Yes we have a hybrid to hunt down.” Kol told you and you smiled. You know that no matter what your siblings will always be there for you, and you loved them for that. You loved that they will put their differences behind them for your will being. And you suddenly felt as if your anger was for nothing, how can you be sad when you have a family that support you that will always have your back.

Elijah was always there for you when you needed advice.

Rebekah was there when you needed someone to talk about boys or go shopping or even hate on the doppelgängers for making your brothers fight all the time.

Kol was there for you to be reckless when you needed to let lose every once and a while.

Nik was there to guide you from wrong to right even though he mostly did the wrong he couldn’t watch his sister do any wrong.

They were all protective, they were all here for you to talk to, to laugh with, and to cry with. They are all that you could ever need.

Always and forever.

/me is actually forever bitter that rebekah and matt won’t end up together.

Rumors - part 24


This is a first time that I’m alone and actually could sleep not wake up after two hours. I feed and dressed up so I can go and start looking for the cure.

I was walking down the street when I heard Rebekah’s voice;

- Y/N is that you? “Rebekah said coming closer behind me.”

- I turn around and say; Heyy, Bekah.

- What are you doing here? “Rebekah asked me.”

- Same as you; “I said.”

- You’re looking for the cure? “Elena asked me.”

- I see you made some new friends; “I said looking and Rebekah and then at Elena.”

- I’m not friend with her, she is just helping me to find a cure; “Rebekah told me.”

- And when you find it, she will take it right? Because little Elena always needs to get what she wants; “I said.”

- I don’t want the cure anymore; “Elena said.”

- No? That’s something new; “I said and rolled my eyes.”

- Yeah and I won’t let you find it and destroy it; “Elena said coming closer to me.”

- I laugh and said; You think I’m scared of you?

- You should be; “Elena said.”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and the second later I pinned Elena against the wall.

- You know I’m older than you and stronger, right? “I said.”

- So what, I should be scared of you? All you do is pin me on the wall; “Elena said.”

- Oh you want me to do something else, because I can; “I said looking at Elena.”

- Elena better don’t piss her off; “Rebekah said.”

- Pff what will she do? Broke my neck; “Elena said looking at Rebekah.”

- Well I already did that as you said, maybe I should try something else; I said and in the same moment I plunged my hand into her chest, grabbing her heart, Elena groan in pain as I tell her; Make just one move and I’ll rip your heart out.

- I know why you don’t want Rebekah to take the cure. You are afraid that you will become human too and maybe die and then when you die as human you won’t be on the other side with Kol; “Elena said.”

- Elena, you’re just making it worse; “Rebekah said.”

- You’re right, I don’t want that to happen to me, same as I don’t want to lose my best friend when she takes the stupid cure; “I said squeezing her heart.”

- Rebekah put her hand on mine; Stop, people are watching; “She said.”

- I looked at Rebekah and pulled my hand out of Elena’s chest, saying; Just so you know Katherine knows you’re coming here.

- Wait, she is in this city? “Rebekah asked.”

- You didn’t know that? “I asked.”

- No, we were just passing by; “Rebekah said.”

- Well I guess she will be mad at me because I told you two that she is here; “I said.”

When Elena heard that Katherine is here she started looking around and she saw some girl that had her back turned towards us, she went towards her thinking that was Katherine, but it wasn’t her. While we were looking at Elena we saw that she disappeared in some alley in one second, Rebekah and I looked at each other and went there to see Katherine holding Elena by her throat against the wall.

- I laugh; No body likes you Elena; “I said.”

- I suppose they are here for the same reason as you; “Katherine said.”

- Yes, we’re; “Elena said.”

Katherine starts choking Elena but Rebekah comes from behind, grabs Katherine’s neck and push her to the ground.

- Where is the cure? “Elena ask while Katherine push her self off the ground.”

- What? No "I’m here to avenge my annoying little brother” speech? “Katherine asked.”

- People die. We move on; “Elena said.”

- Katherine exchange looks with me and I said; She turned off her humanity.

- So sad for the boys, their special snowflake of human frailty is gone; “Katherine said looking at Elena.”

- She is just too weak to handle a death of her brother; “I said looking at Elena.”

- So we’re gonna be here a while let’s go to restaurant; Katherine said and passed by us and when Elena wanted to go behind Katherine I push her away and start walking next to Katherine.

- We sit at the table and Katherine said; I’m gonna go grab some menus; and starts to stand up but Rebekah stabs her hand with a fork, pinning it to the table.

- You’re not going anywhere; “Rebekah told her.”

- I forgot how charming you were; “Katherine said trough her teeth.”

- So maybe I should just go and try to find the cure by myself as I wanted in the first place; “I said and wanted to stand up but Elena was sitting next to me and she didn’t let me to pass by her.”

- They are gonna keep you here same as me; “Katherine said.”

- I see; “I said and looked at Rebekah.”

- Let’s just find out where cure is, before Stefan and Damon find us; “Elena said.”

- Let me guess they want to find cure for you; I said and looked at Katherine saying; Poor Elena everyone always wants to save her.

- Rebekah grabs Katherine by the chin compelling her; Where is the cure?

- Katherine smiles and say; I’m sorry, I’m on vervain.

- Oh, I get to torture it out of you, fun; “Rebekah said.”

- Why do you want to become human? “Katherine asked Rebekah.”

- So I can live a normal life and have a family; Rebekah said and added; But the question is, why do you want it? Let me guess, to kill Klaus?

- Since it can be used against him, I’m sure he’s just itching to get his hands on it. I give him the cure, he gives me my freedom; “Katherine said.”

Then Rebekah aggressively searches Katherine’s pockets with vampire speed.

- Do you really think she is that stupid to have it on her? “I asked while Rebekah was searching Katherine’s pockets.”

- Are you on her side? “Rebekah asked.”

- I’m on my own side and a little on Klaus’ side; “I said.”

- I can’t believe she is your best friend; “Elena said to Rebekah.”

- Why? “Rebekah asked Elena.”

- Well she is trying to destroy the thing that can make you happy; “Elena said.”

- Shut up Elena. She can be happy without it and if she takes the cure and then in a couple of years starts to get old and sick, she will curse the day when she took it; “I said.”

- Maybe you just think like that, because it’s best for you if she doesn’t take the cure; “Elena said.”

- Oh, come one I know her better than you do, just stop talking; “I said.”

Rebekah finds Katherine’s phone and gives it to Elena. Elena finds an appointment for 2PM that says “meet em”.

- Who’s “em”? “Elena ask.”

- A friend; “Katherine say.”

- You mean a “friend”; “I said gesturing quotation marks.”

- It says here you’re meeting at two, I guess I’ll just have to meet “em” myself; “Elena said.”

Rebekah and I looked at Katherine and she looked worried.

Elena comes out of the restroom, closing a makeup compact, and returns to the table where Katherine, Rebekah and I are sitting.

- What do you think? “Elena as she sat.”

- Not even close; “I say and look at Katherine who smiles at me.”

- Yeah, not quite slutty enough; “Rebekah say and Elena laughs.”

Elena takes bracelet, watch, earrings and jacked from Katherine. When she put all of it on herself Katherine looks at her and say; This will never work, you know. The bad haircut, the doe eyes. You’ll never pass for me.

- Elena was mimicking the word Katherine said and after that Elena said; Something’s missing; and looks under the table saying; Your shoes. I want your shoes.

While Elena was waiting for “EM” I was still in the restaurant with Katherine and Rebekah.

- I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you know her; “Rebekah said and looks at Katherine and me.”

- Well I didn’t think I need to tell you that; “I said to Rebekah.”

- If I knew back then that she is friend with the Mikaelson’s I would never hang out with her; “Katherine said.”

- And if I wanted to tell Klaus back then where you are, I would, but I didn’t so there is no need for you to think that I’m not your friend; “I said to Katherine.”

- I can’t believe I even told you that I’m running from him; “Katherine said.”

- That’s just proves that you trusted me; “I said.”

- Well I wouldn’t trust you a bit if I knew you’re close with him; “Katherine said.”

- As I said I wasn’t close with him then; “I said.”

- You didn’t think Elena was her when you saw her for the first time? “Rebekah asked me, because she didn’t want to listen us arguing about Klaus.”

- I did, but when she didn’t recognize me I knew it wasn’t her and Elena is too much annoying; “I said.”

- Katherine smiles and says; “Elena will never be me.”

- Rebekah looks at Katherine; I’ve always been a little envious of the legend that is Katherine Pierce. The way you could wrap men around your little finger, the way Elijah betrayed Klaus for you, the way the Salvatore brothers stumbled head over heels for you; “She said.”

- I laugh and Katherine looks at me and ask; Why are you laughing?

- Oh nothing, I just figured something out; “I said smiling.”

- Figured what out? “Damon asked as he sat beside me.”

- There goes the neighborhood; “Katherine said and rolled her eyes.”

- I see you already found Katherine; Damon said and looked at me adding; I didn’t know you are with Rebekah and Elena.

- Well I’m not, I found Katherine before any of you did; “I said looking at Damon.”

- You’re losing your touch, evil one; “Damon said looking at Katherine.”

- Where’s Elena? “Stefan ask leaning on the table, I mimicked in my chin what Stefan said and Katherine laughs at that.”

- What’s your problem? “Damon asked me.”

- Well I killed Elena, so I don’t have a problem anymore; “I said to Damon.”

- You did what? “Damon said angry and wanted to grab my neck but Rebekah grabbed his hand.”

- Relax, she didn’t kill Elena; “Rebekah said holding Damon’s hand.”

- Haha yeah, but I almost rip her heart out; I said with a laugh and add; You have no idea how easy that could happen.

- If you do that, I’m going to kill you; Damon said and added; There is no more Kol to defend you.

- But there is me; “Rebekah said looking at him.”

- Damon looks at Rebekah; And when you take the cure, you won’t be able to defend her; “He said.”

- Well I’m sure Klaus will be more than happy to defend me if that’s needed; “I said.”

- Okay if you guys are done with that I would like to know where Elena is; “Stefan said.”

- Oh, she is with Katherine’s “friend”; “I said.”

- Who is that friend? “Stefan asked.”

- You may know him, an Original brother, impeccable taste; “Katherine said.”

- Elijah; “Rebekah and I said in the same time.”

- I knew I figured out it was him; “I said.”

- Well, you sort of have to question Elijah’s impeccable taste if he’s friends with you; “Stefan said to Katherine.”

- Oh, he is not just a friend; ”Katherine said smiling.”

- You’ll use Elijah so he can make you a deal with Klaus for your freedom in exchange for the cure; “I said.”

- That’s right; “Katherine said.”

- Well I guess I’ll need to find the cure before you give it to Elijah; “I said and stand up but Damon pulled me down.”

- No you won’t. Katherine will take us to the cure; “Damon said.”

- No she won’t; “Katherine said.”

- I’ll go talk to Elijah; “Stefan said.”

- You go deal with Elijah, Katherine you will take us to the cure; “Rebekah said looking at Katherine.”

- Ugh, Fine. Move. You have to follow me; “Katherine said to Rebekah.”

We walked out of the restaurant and Stefan stayed on the street to call Elijah.

- Hey, let’s go; “Rebekah said to me as she saw I’m standing where Stefan was.”

- Nope, I want to talk with Elijah, you three can go; “I said.”

When they walked away Stefan took Katherine’s phone to call Elijah. When Elijah answered the call I told Stefan; Gimme the phone. But he didn’t give it to me right away.

- Elijah heard me and told him; Put Y/N on the phone.

I smiled and took the phone out of Stefan’s hands and broke his neck so he can’t listen what will I talk with Elijah.

- So Elijah here’s the thing, I want to destroy the cure same as Klaus, we can work together; “I told him.”

- Does Katherine want’s us to work together? “Elijah asked.”

- Nope, but she doesn’t need to know; “I said.”

- Maybe we should just stick to this plan, I’ll give cure to Klaus and he will destroy it; “Elijah said.”

- If Damon and Stefan take the cure before we do they will throw it down Elena’s throat; “I said.”

- Doesn’t she want’s that? “Elijah asked.”

- Not now. But when she does want the cure she won’t have it. She killed Kol did you forget that, they can’t win; “I said.”

When I finished talking with Elijah I went to the place where Rebekah, Damon and Katherine were right when Rebekah took the cure.

- No, Bekah! ”I said before she falls down onto the sofa.”

- Stefan came couple of minutes after me; Why the hell did you broke my neck? “He asked.”

- Consider it that we’re even now; “I told him.”

- Even for what? “Stefan asked.”

- For not telling me what Elena and Jeremy were planing to do; “I informed him.”

- Damon sighed; Oh, just get over with it; “He said.”

- I’m going to tell you the same, soon; “I hissed.”

For some time Rebekah was unconscious on the sofa and I was besides her while Stefan and Damon were talking.

- Do you feel something? “Stefan asked me.”

- Nope, maybe cure doesn’t work like I thought it will; “I said.”

Rebekah suddenly gasps for air and wakes up.

- How do you feel? “I asked looking at Rebekah.”

- I feel good. I feel great. I feel alive; “Rebekah said with a smile.”

- Slight problem with being alive, I can kill you now;Damon said and throws a letter opener at Rebekah and she catches it with vampire speed.”

- You’re still a vampire; “I said to her.”

- The cure didn’t work; “Rebekah said.”

- The cure was a fake; “Stefan said.”

It was almost night fall and Rebekah and I were sitting in the park talking.

- Are you going with us back to Mystic Falls? “Rebekah asked me.”

- No, I will stay here for the night, I’m not ready to go back; “I told her.”

- Okay, I understand. Just don’t take long to come back home; “Rebekah said.”

- I won’t I promise; “I said and hugged her.”

When Rebekah went to meet Elijah so they can go back to Mystic Falls I started slowly walking to my motel room. When I got there it was around 9 PM and I went straight to the bathroom for a shower.

After that I was looking through my clothes and talking to Kol when someone started knocking on my door. I opened them and saw Katherine.

- Who were you talking to? “Katherine said as she entered the room and saw that I’m alone.”

- With Kol; “I said.”

- Katherine looked at me; You’re crazy; “She said.”

- What are you doing here? “I asked her.”

- Would you want to go out and have some fun? “Katherine asked.”

- Does fun include killing someone? “I asked.”

- Katherine smiled; You know it does; “She said.”

- I smiled back at her; Then I’m going; “I said.”

Before we went out I needed to dress up so Katherine was sitting on the bed and waiting for me. My phone was next to her and she took it and saw picture on my screen.

- Aww, is this you and Kol? “Katherine asked showing me the picture.”

- Yes; “I told her and took the phone from her hand.”

- Katherine smiled and asked; Are you ready?

- Yeah, we can go; “I said and started walking to the door.”

We went to a club, ordered a bottle of wine and whiskey. I poured myself one glass of wine and one glass of whiskey, drinking it alternately.

- You know it’s not good to mix a drinks; “Katherine said.”

- I don’t care; “I said.”

- I didn’t think Kol’s death affected you this much, but I was wrong; “Katherine told me.”

- This is the only way to keep myself from killing everyone; “I said.”

- Or you can just kill Elena; “Katherine said.”

- Shut up, I don’t want to talk about that, tonight should be fun; “I said.”

- Okay, then pick someone; “Katherine said.”

I smiled and grabbed her hand so we can go dancing. Katherine takes the bottle of whiskey with her and drink it while she was dancing.

Some guys were looking at us and we were dancing very close to each other.

Then one guy came to us grabbing Katherine by her waist and Katherine compelled him to be quiet then sank her fangs into his neck. I smiled at what she did and bite the other side of guy’s neck. Katherine give him her blood and compelled him to forget everything.

- You know it’s not fun if we don’t kill someone; “I said to Katherine.”

- Just like in old good times; “Katherine said smiling.”

- Oh yeah; “I said smiling and dancing.”

As we were dancing we compelled most of the people to not make any sound. Then Katherine went to stand on the bar, I was looking at her and she called me to stand with her, when I came there we were dancing on the bar and in the next moment we showed everyone our fangs jumping with vampire speed and biting most of the people there, killing some of them. After that I looked at Katherine and smile as we walked out of the club.

- This was good; “I said smiling.”

- Well how else can it be when you are going out with me; “Katherine said.”

- Haha, you’re right; “I said.”

We went to her car and start driving, it was early morning when I came back to my motel room. I fall on the bed, falling asleep in no time.


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well thought out reasons why you hate camille?

1. On paper, she’s described as‘believes that people can’t just be evil’. Oh, yes, wear an angel costume with that, so allegoric.

And yet when she first met Marcel, who simply told her “You know, it’s not safe here alone.” she threw back at him the very distrustful statement “You know I have a blackbelt in Karate.” Compare that to when Elena first met Damon, also in the middle of night with not much people around. Damon said something similar to what Marcel said and what did Elena reply? “This is Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here.”

So tell me, who’s the one who doesn’t believe that people are just evil, and who’s the one who’s looking very much like a hypocrite?

2. Initially they said that she’s a psychology student, but then the story’s changed so that she’s got a grad at psych. You have a graduate degree and you’re a bartender? Boo-hoo Mr. Obama please pay better attention to your job so poor Camille doesn’t have to be underemployed.

Why change the story at all? Oh, yes, to give her unquestionable credibility! So that when the two arguably most powerful people in the world for some inexplicable reason decide to pour their hearts out to her, of all people, she can use her shiny grad degree to magically understand them, even though nobody’s asking for her diagnosis anyway.

And when she recites half a page of Carl Jung to explain what Elijah is (“Narcissistic and paranoid”) and why Klaus is that way (keeps reliving the past, blah blah), her fans use it as an argument to say “She’s intelligent and mature and she understands Klaus. Unlike Caroline who’s just a high school teenager.”

3. I can’t say this enough – I really really really hate how it’s implied that she understands Klaus and connects to him in a special way, right during their first episode together.

Elijah and Rebekah are Klaus’ family and have been with him since forever but even they don’t understand him. Both the man he calls his brother, Stefan, and the first woman he’s had feelings for in a long while, Caroline, have to think deep and make an effort to try to understand him. You know why? Because Klaus has gone through countless complex experiences and emotions that made him a multifaceted individual with complicated thoughts and motivations, even more complex than the average vampire, who’s already too complicated for that matter.

And all of a sudden, for some reason, this human can effortlessly say all the right things to get to Klaus and make him cry, when the deaths of his brothers barely had him shedding tears? Why? Because of her magical psychology degree?

If we took Klaus to Glee’s Emma Pilllsbury would she also understand him instantly because of her psych degree?

4. She’s described as queen material and presented as if she’s the first person to stand up to powerful supernatural beings and not be afraid of them.

Ugh, brave and feisty my ass. There’s Katherine. There’s even Elena. They stood up to powerful supernatural beings even when they were human. Rebekah and Caroline and Bonnie are just as brave and feisty but I’m excluding them as they were already supernatural when they faced Klaus.

5. She’s given a lot of unnecessary ‘power’. Let’s face it, for her annoying nosiness she would be dead at least forty five times by now. But no, for some reason she’s still alive. Klaus just can’t hurt her – he feels this unexplained need to protect her, compel her bad dreams away, and cares for her so much that he agrees to let her leave because he doesn’t want her to get caught in the middle of the NOLA mess.

Also, guess what! She can threaten Klaus, and even slap him, without getting her neck snapped!

I just can’t believe how stupid the writers are. For a thousand years the Originals have kept themselves secret even to the rest of the vampire population. In fact before they came to Mystic Falls they were almost a myth. But now they’re in the danger of being exposed, not by a werewolf nor a hunter nor a witch, but by a ‘brave’ human.

Gahd. I can’t. I just can’t.


Adrenaline starts coursing through her veins, fueled by the impending fight and by a twisted sense of satisfaction at the thought that what is about to take place – this argument that will no doubt end in a screaming match – is them. Them going back to normal, or as normal as they’ll ever be. The original hybrid ready to lash out and the baby vampire trying to get him to see reason. Niklaus Mikaelson showing his more vengeful side and Caroline Forbes begging him to show mercy.
This is something she understands, a dynamic she’s oddly comfortable with, a situation she’s found herself in before, a discussion that will bring forth their differences – her forgiveness against his desire for revenge, her morals against his violent streak, her reason against his impulsiveness – but also their similarities – stubbornness, strength, intelligence, mutual respect in spite of the disagreement.

Two Lost Souls by Moultipass1

Unable to cope with his son’s death, Klaus turns off his humanity. Elijah and Rebekah try to make him turn it back on but face failure after failure. Fearing he’s lost to them, they decide to enlist Caroline’s help in a last desperate attempt. Their plan is put in jeopardy when a surprise awaits Elijah in Mystic Falls.

The Space Between The Stars

Okay so i was thinking ab why i was born (AP classes are taking their toll) and ofc my thoughts when to the Mikaelsons and what they would have to say about it.
This is circa 1002 AD, during the de Martel era, probably a few nights before they were exposed. Their absence as the sun came up contributed to the rumors of what they are.

They all find themselves with nothing to do one night, which is peculiar for the roles they are living.

There is no communication between the five of them, nothing arranging where or when to meet; they merely find each other

Just like when they were children- when they were human.

Rebekah is the first one there. She is always the first one to do anything; to speak, to cry, to love, to hate.

Klaus and Elijah meet halfway and move as one, silent, their hands brushing.

They find Rebekah, her blonde hair spread across the lush grass in all directions. Klaus lays on one side, Elijah on the other, their heads not far apart.
They look at the sky.

Kol is next, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth and brushing his hair away from his face. He stands next to Elijah, stretching out his arms like a bird. His head blocks the moonlight and Elijah swears he could be a god. With no warning, except for the knowledge that Kol had always done this, he falls backward, weightless. His arm hits Elijah in the face on the way down, Elijah rolling his eyes and rubbing his face, out of habit more than an effort to comfort pain.

Kol has always been the loudest, in everything he does. He has never been silent in his life.
He lets out a groan and stretches, bending his elbows and using his large palms to rest his head. He begins to hum the song their mother used to sing to them.

That is what brings Finn to them, the scent of his painfully dry veins making his siblings flinch. He lays next to Kol, breathing in the smell of the blood he so desperately tries to hate.

They almost form a star, beaten and abused yet somehow still beautiful. Rebekah’s legs are spread, so wide that her left ankle rests on the calf of Elijah’s crossed legs, her other foot just below Klaus’ shin; one of his legs raised so that the sole of his foot pressed against the side of his knee. Kol lays with his leg straight up in the air, reaching for the moon he knows he will one day touch, still humming. Against the dark night, Finn is casket ready, legs straight and arms crossed across his chest, eyes unblinking.

The space between Klaus and Finn is large, compared to the distance between the rest of them. Large enough to fit a small, adolescent body.

The night screams Henrik’s name, Kol’s humming nearly blocked out.
They had not done this since he died.

He would lay on his stomach, head propped on his hands and legs crossed in the air. He would watch his siblings stare at the clouds, muttering about their shapes.

He had never really cared to look.

“There are so many stars.” Rebekah notes with a hint of wonder in her voice.
“Do you think they are cool to the touch? It seems like it would be freezing out there.” Questions Kol, pulling apart a blade of grass.

It had always been Henrik who would speak the words that would make them think, whose answers would truly bond them.

This time it is Finn, voice raw and exhausted; he does not feed enough.

“Do they die, or do they sit there forever? One day, will they be our only companions left?” No one can answer, too terrified of the thought that one day the five of them might be the only life left on earth.

So, he speaks again.

“Do you ever wonder why we were born? And why, after we died, we were reborn into this… curse,” He throws the word out bitterly, “of eternal life?”
They are all quiet, pondering this sour thought from their desolate sibling.

Rebekah, of course, is the first one to speak.

“Love.” She sighs. “The universe needed to do a little more to get us to our soulmates is all. It’s still doing work for most of us.”

“Hmmm,” Kol’s humming turns into a single, solid, flat note of thought. After a moment he ceases and grins a wild, mad grin. “To have fun. A whole forever of chaos.”
A manic laugh follows, and it is heard all the way at the castle.

“To better ourselves.” Says Elijah, causing Klaus to roll his eyes. “We have eternity to recognize our flaws, improve our morals.”
“You are fools, my dear brothers.” He huffs out. “We were born for power.”
The hungry way in which he says it makes Elijah shudder.

Oh, how he had changed.

They all hear their sister’s dramatic huff.

“I suppose you are in the right, Rebekah,” Klaus lies, partially to make her feel better, partially to give Elijah false hope for his redemption, and partially because it is true.

Although he loves Aurora, there is something else. Something truly worthy of being his eternal companion.

He has a soulmate; his name is power, and nothing makes the hybrid feel the way he does.

Klaus tries to make himself feel guilty he does not love Aurora as much as he loves power, but is unsuccessful.

“Damn right I am.”

Perhaps this is the last night they spend as a family- none of them can recall. But they can recall Kol’s pealing laughter before he falls asleep, and Finn’s comments that somehow fail to bring the mood down. They remember Rebekah’s crude jokes and Elijah’s constant reprimanding; they remember Klaus saying all the right things to console them, even if no one else noticed the pettiest, smallest shot of hurt run through them.

Klaus remembers being the last one awake, staring longingly at the full moon, feeling the anxious thrum in his bones which cannot yet break into his those of a wolf.

He remembers hearing movement and turning his head back, remembers seeing an all-too real vision of Henrik in his spot, laughing with his mouth wide, eyes full of joy. Klaus freezes with his neck craned back, straining his hears for the sound of laughter that is not there.

He stares for a while at the memory, finally looking away when the first tear falls down his cheek.

When he glances back, the apparition is gone.
Every time Klaus closes his eyes and feels sleep pulls at his mind, Henrik is there waiting for him. Not the laughing, beautiful Henrik that fades a little more from his mind each day. No, his mind is far too twisted for that. The Henrik waiting for Klaus is bloodied, stomach ripped open and claw marks over his face. He wakes up each time, a terrified gasp and a rapidly beating heart consuming him.

This is the night Klaus realizes something he, deep down, had already known; he is irrevocably broken.

This is the night he starts to embrace it.

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