human rag doll

First Instinct

Featuring: Daddy!Namjoon, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

Attentive was his second nature; protecting you was his first instinct.

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The apartment was quiet.

Namjoon shut the door behind him softly. The place was mellow, only soft yellow lights illuminating the place. The air was still, no movement. City lights peeped in through the windows, little dots here and there.

Stepping out of his shoes and placing his bag on the table, Namjoon made his way to the only room that was still lit.

Your room.

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5sos getting mobbed at the airport in LA
Do people not understand that if you mob them you’re ruining it for the rest of us cause they will start sneaking out the back of airports and stop trying to meet fans! STOP FUCKING MOBBING THEM OR I WILL CUT YOU, THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS NOT FUCKING RAG DOLLS THAT YOU CAN THROW AROUND

i understand wanting to get a photo with 5sos but please remember that they are humans not rag dolls that you can tug on and slap your phone into their face, if some fans keep acting like this and treating them like nothing then they’re probably gonna be forced to take back exits by security so you’re pretty much ruining everyone elses chance of meeting them when you treat them like shit because they’ll be rushed to their car straight away

anonymous asked:

I kind of get why people were pushing and grabbing on Zoe cos that might be their only chance to ever meet her and they get really excited, I mean I'd try and get as close to her as I could if I were there

Then I beg to the good lord you never go to any events where you can possibly meet a celebrity because you’ll be one of these people who will end up hurting them in your frantic tries to get a selfie. THEY ARE HUMANS. They’re not a rag doll to be tossed about and be pushed and pulled and grabbed. They can get hurt just like any of us. I bet Zoe’s probably got a bruise on her back because of yesterday. Is it really worth to physically hurt someone just because you want to touch them?! If your answer is yes, please reconsider your choices in life and your morals and whilst at that, stay away from other humans.

ultra-the-god  asked:

A human sized rag doll falls from the sky and lands next to everyone as they're taking a walk*

Whoa. What the heck is this?

Hannah: *stares quietly*

Luke: *ears twitch a little*

Elsa: Well, it’s obviously a giant ragdoll.

Lisa: *giggles at it and starts walking toward it, though Elsa holds onto her firmly*