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What measure is a non-humanoid?

I’ve written before about how omnics are treated in-universe, and without meaning to Blizzard brought up a good question, which is the difference between humanoid omnics like Zenyatta and the Shambali monks and the decidedly more alien omnics like those affiliated with Null Sector. 

On one hand we have the human-omnic audience during Mondatta’s speech about unity, all omnics which have some semblance of a face.

Whenever the focus is on the omnics’ fight for their rights, they’re at the forefront, the sympathetic metal-humans who just want to live their lives. 
Compare them to Null Sector.

No faces, different legs, non-human proportions. They’re the evil ones, the extremists, the terrorists who’d rather blow all King’s Row to hell than enter in a civilised dialogue about their rights. 

They hold several humans hostage but they also have Mondatta, who you’d think should be on their side if not approving of their methods. But to them he and the mayor of London are one and the same. What did Mondatta do to earn their ire?
Why aren’t there non-humanoid omnics in the audience at his speech? Why is the first time we see a significant non-humanoid omnic presence when they’re threatening to blow up the city?

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Imagine explaining secondhand embarrassment and how we will repeatedly watch things that cause it even though it makes us so uncomfortable.

Zorgk and Lt. Susan Manhym were assigned to be partners after Captain Monty discovered that Private Rob was purposely feeding the Jarthinark misinformation about the Humans for fun.  The Captain wanted every Human and Jarthinark to bond and thought that making bonding time mandatory would be successful.  

Zorgk did not see how this would be beneficial to their treaty but they know better than to question a Human custom. Human Susan begged Zorgk to watch her favorite Human picture or ‘movie’ as they call it. Zorgk didn’t understand how it could be beneficial to their partnership but Human Susan was excited and he knew that refusing would not be beneficial to their relationship.

Human Susan spent most of the movie attempting to convince them that Pride and Prejudice was a ‘classic’. Zorgk decided to play along and learn much about Human Susan’s interests in hope that they would remain friendly as having a Human enemy was more dangerous that having a Human partner. Zorgk was fascinated at the nonsense that intrigued Human Susan and noticed that the Human referred to as ‘Mr. Collins’ was being decidedly annoying and rude to the ‘Ms. Elizabeth’. One of Zorgk’s eyes adjusts to view Human Susan and her face was transformed into a cringe of painful proportions.  

“Human Susan, why is your face like that? Are you in pain?” Zorgk questioned frantically, “Do you need a medic?”

Susan laughed and waved off their concern, explaining “I always get secondhand embarrassment watching the train wreck that is Mr. Collins. He’s ridiculous. “

“Secondhand…embarrassment? Zorgk asked slowly.

“Yeah,” Susan paused, trying to phrase her explanation, “Basically, when we watch something awkward, it can cause an involuntary response of embarrassment for them, the characters. It’s a form of empathy.”

“Empathy?” Zorgk had begun to take notes that would surely be added to the “Human Manual”, “For a fictional human?”  

“Yeah, it’s like feeling and understanding what others feel, but with the situations we watch.  It sucks sometimes, especially if we love the movie.”

“Human Susan. You have stated that this movie is a ‘classic’ which insinuates that it is revered in your society and watched by all. Your kind seeks out secondhand embarrassment, for entertainment?” Zorgk questions, accustomed to ever changing ways of Humans.

“No, no, no. We watch the movie for Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth.” Susan laughs again, “Mr. Collins is an unfortunate causality we must endure for the sake of the story.”

Zorgk sits back confused but willing to accept Human Susan’s response. She wasn’t like Human Rob who like to spread misinformation. Susan and Zorgk took to watching that movie every fifth sol to fulfill their bonding requirement and sometimes they’d watch other movies. Around the fourth time that Zorgk watched Mr. Collins possessively dance with Ms. Elizabeth or request her hand in marriage, Zorgk finally understood. Mr. Collins was a walking train wreck indeed.

drawing the human figure!

let’s dive in! this

will be like your Bible, at the beginning. it will allow you to study proportions, and basic anatomy, as in basic shape of the human body, aka “where to put mass and where to not put it”. When you got this one, you can start drawing lay-figures in any pose you want.

Maybe start with something easy, and then go for the harder ones, or start copying comic books characters in poses, starting with a stickman, a lay-figure and then muscles. Try to understand HOW the body is working, which muscles he’s using, which way he is turning his head or his torso. I used to put myself in the same position I was trying to copy, and it helped me a lot. I’m actually still doing it!


A little trick for the arms, if you notice the forearm is bigger than the arm in the frontal view, while it is smaller in the side view

now you can concentrate on the smaller parts, like the head, the hands and the feet. The process is the same, from the general shapes to the detailes

@kaiserkothe​ I took a peek at your page, you’re on the good way, you only need more practice. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, fast sketches help waaaaay more than fancy drawing when you’re learning, you’ll have all the time in the world to draw them when you know the basics

Hope it can help you! ask away if you want to know anything else ;)

I wanted to doodle these girls ever since I saw them in the trailer, and then I imagined what if Keith was with them, because there can never be enough Galra hybrids (which I assume all these nerds are). Then I wondered about an AU where Keith is just with them on Lotor’s squad, Lotor being a hybrid himself wanting all the Galra hybrids to join his little club, so I figured fudge it and added him.

seeing as there is not a lot of reference for these guys yet, I kind off just guessed their heights based on the picture I did have, Keith is smallest seeing as his physical body has human proportions and even then he isn’t the tallest guy around. I based his armor on elements of both his paladin armor, the suit from blade of the Marmora and most of all the armor of this squad of course. 

I might make some more doodles and/or finished art once we get to know the characters better, or just whenever. Until then, have Keith hanging out with his “big” sisters, the squad is looking damn fine. 

Drawing Short & Tall People

Any tutorials (or just advice in general) on drawing short/tall people? I see a lot of stuff on how to draw average-sized people, but when I go to draw someone who ISN’T average-sized, I find myself at a loss… Help?

Play with proportions.

The average adult human is said to be about 7 heads tall. This doesn’t mean all people, or even that most people are actually 7 heads tall though. Plenty of people are above and below that measurement.

To draw someone shorter, you can sever a head or two. Or add them on to make them taller. Most of that height tends to be in the legs, but there is some variation in torso height. It’s also important to note that head sizes vary as well.

I googled up some photos of people of differing heights and made a quick head count overlay:

colourspectrum1  asked:

Your sims are all so stunning!! My sims end up looking all the same - do you have any tips to increase the diversity of faces in the game?

Thank you so much! I’ve held on to this ask for awhile because I just don’t feel like an authority on this subject. I think everyone has a sim style, and I don’t always feel like my faces are as variant as I would like them. 

That said, I had a few tips and ideas to share!

1. Study Faces.
I’ve been fascinated by the human face my entire life. I studied to be a portrait artist so I’m always looking at people and imagining how I would draw them! 

You don’t need to be an artist to be fascinated by faces though. Start collecting images of people whose faces strike you - I have a whole Pinterest board of them! You can use these images to base entire sims off of, or you could find just one particular facial feature inspires you. 

2. Proportion.
Here’s a very basic guide to human facial proportions. I like to make my sims feel a bit more realistic, and I’ve noticed that the default sims 4 faces have very large eyes and teeny tiny noses. So the first thing I start with is reducing the eye size and increasing the nose. I’ll also usually reduce the head size as well. 

Then, once things are feeling more human, I mess with the proportions to create interesting shapes. Maybe one sim will have really wide-set eyes and a long nose; someone else might have a very small mouth and longer chin. Don’t be afraid to make non-conventionally attractive people. Play around and have fun! 

3. Use Different Presets.
This is kind of an obvious tip, but if you always use the same presets, it’s going to be hard to make different-looking sims. I am guilty of this - there’s a particular jaw that I prefer and I only use the eyes without eyelashes so I can use cc eyelashes. But try to stay out of preset ruts!

4. Profile.
Don’t forget to visit the profile. You can have the best looking sim from the front, and then you turn to the side and they look like a frog. You can adjust the individual features as well as the depth of the entire face. 

5. Touch Every Slider.
I make a point to touch every slider, including in the detailed view, for every sim I make. Some will just have small changes, but I don’t leave anything exactly how the preset is. 

6. Don’t underestimate the power of Skin Details.
Skin details bring sims to life. Freckles, eye bags, nose masks, mouth corners, overlays, etc. – they all contribute to making your sims feel alive and unique. I have a collection of my favorite skin details here.

7. Step away and come back.
Work on your new sim, then take a break and go do something else. When you return with fresh eyes, you will notice things you’d like to change that you didn’t see before.

Hope these tips are helpful. Have fun! 

Drawing humans [1/?]: Basic proportions

Okay, I will be going into more detail about the various parts of the body later, but this seemed like a good opportunity to start off with an overview.

In drawing, it is generally better to start with basic shapes, before jumping right into doing all the details.  That’s why many artists use a skeleton or mannequin of sorts to lay out the general shape of the body before they start on the face, hair, clothing, and so on.  Different artist’s mannequins tend to look a little different, and I don’t think there’s one “right” way to do it, but here’s what mine look like:

At this early stage in a drawing, the most important things are the pose and the proportions.  I’ll talk about posing in a later post, but here are my thoughts about proportions:

When talking about proportions, we often measure in “heads” - that is, the height of the head of the person being measured.  The average adult human is roughly seven and a half heads tall, although there is some variation in real life (and even more variation in stylized art!).

Characters with larger heads in proportion to their bodies (in other words, characters who are fewer heads tall) tend to look younger and/or cuter (hence, chibis).

Conversely, characters with a smaller head in proportion to their bodies (characters who are more heads tall) tend to look powerful or imposing.  You’ll see this a lot with superheroes and villains and other “larger-than-life” characters.

Keeping the various parts of the body in proportion to each other can be a challenge.  Here are some of the rules-of-thumb I use to help keep things from getting too wonky:

  • The legs are roughly half the total height
  • Elbows fall at or just below the bottom of the rib cage
  • Wrists are even with the crotch
  • The length of the hand, from the heel of the palm to the tip of the longest finger, is roughly equal to the height of the face, from chin to hairline

I hope this was helpful!

I love this lesson about the torso. The bisection into the chest and the hip part is one of the most useful things I ever learned about human antomy. The left sketches show where the arms and legs connect. The middle ones show the collar bone to find the right position of the shoulders. The hips look like underwear because of the estimates of the legs. The right sketches include the scapulas already to give some guidance.

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Hentai is for dudes who are too much of assholes to get laid irl

Hentai is for dudes that have been so indoctrinated by extreme beauty standards that they are no longer attracted to human beings but impossibly proportioned facsimiles of humanity

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You know what makes me wonder, is that Boris at the end of chapter 2 seems to be perfectly fine and all friendly and chipper. Not evil at all. I wonder if Bendy used to be like that, but is possessed or something. Doesn't make sense that boris is all cool but Bendy is all crazy you know? I don't know. So hyped for chapter 3!

I’ve got a theory, and it’s a theory that’s actually existed since Chapter 1 was first released.  It’s also, ironically, a theory that I never really cared for… but Chapter 2 has added a significant helping of support for it.

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