human prince

I am not a Disney princess.  I’m Roger from 101 Dalmatians.  I’m hesitant to bond with new people, but once we’re in love I will lurk upstairs improvising mocking songs about your college friends with questionable morals.  And if 84 extra human children mysteriously showed up at my house I would just buy a house in the country and keep them all. 

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one


here have some fantasy au! Klangst ^o^;; i know y’all love pining Keith (this is before they’re together so Lance is like ??wot m8??)
drawing elf Nyma was really fun but also hard to decide on lolol

“He’s so beautiful…”

(mabel in the background “MATCH MADE!” and pacifica just having her jaw dropped)

i can’t get enough of this au auuugh

i love the little mermaid and i can’t believe i just rewatched all 3 movies AGAIN.

(BTW bill isn’t in fact unconscious he’s just pretending to be, so he’s thoughts are just “I’m beautiful??! what about you mysterious gorgeous angel fish whom i would just love to know more about” lol )


Finally got this done while i’ve been in bed sick with the flu for the past 5 days lol (+_+;;)
My klance fantasy au where Lance is an elven prince and Keith is a knight! I recently wrote the first chapter here! 
Hope you like it! ♡