human ponies


((I’m not doing straight-up episode responses to the EQG specials. But I’d thought I’d at least use the time in which they’re airing those to answer a few asks that were for Genie Sci-Twi and/or Sunset

I will however still giving off my thoughts on the EQG specials over on my modblog. You can find my thoughts on Dance Magic, here))

Random gift art to @scisetdaily / @adgerelli because I love your blog and I can’t believe purplebacon is married and is having kids! You always give me my daily dose of Sunset and Twilight keepin me ALIVE

A+ blog would recommend (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


it may be hard to believe BUT I have drawn other mane7 ships than rarijack before. Take a look at all this old art. All of these are ships I enjoy too, even if I don’t draw them a lot. I’d have liked to add raridash and raripie too, but for some reason all the raridash is nsfw and I don’t have any cool raripie pics at all (which is weird because I love that ship)