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Pidge would be the type to drag her friends into a haunted house and then just scream the whole time

Stay back, I’ll protect you

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So the two of you where like, "oh, hello there" and then sat down to hold a conversation?

basically! i saw rich go past me in security and thought “ey, if i bump into him again, i’ll be sure to work up the gumption to say hey”

sure enough, i went through security, and he was just hanging out scrolling through his phone, so we had a little chat! it was mostly about the logistics of con. ticket sales, vending things, like actual shop talk. we were both a little grumpy that we couldn’t get our drink on and enjoy the festivals at nola a little more, though. our jobs are really unique, but not really the ones you get sloshed during.

anyway, i knew if i were in his place, socializing after a con wouldn’t be my top priority, so i bid him safe travels and we parted ways

….only to find out that we were going the same place

if you go on twitter you can see we were messing with each other on the plane a tiny bit–he wouldn’t switch seats with me unfortunately, but somehow in the time when we talked and when we boarded our plane, he’d lost his headphones

(do note i did offer him my new spare headphones, because dude he’d be able to give them back to me in less than 2 weeks, and i can guarantee he regretted passing on them)

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Tbh stories of your interactions with the cast is my favorite reality show. I love hearing about every little thing.


i grew up having such crazy social anxiety, holding a conversation with teachers i looked up to was impossible.

i respect a huge portion of the cast as independent artists and creators, i’m so immensely intimidated by them, 5 years ago i couldn’t even imagine trying to speak to any of them. now i can tell dumb jokes to them, you guys. JOKES

so i like using the interactions as little personal confidence milestones. i’ve grown so much, and i’m really glad you guys’ve enjoyed watching it

anyway, i don’t like leaving an ask without an image, so here’s a happy borja

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How about a fic where Patton and Virgil are on a really long bus/train/airplane ride and they’re sat next to each other. Patton talkes the ear off of Virgil? Doesn’t have to be romantic.

Time Flies

Platonic Moxiety

Human AU

So I got a bit carried away with this one…

There were pros and cons to every single seat in the plane (except for the middle seat; that was the worst). 

In the isle seat, you could get out easily for bathroom breaks and you had more space. The con? You have to stand up and get out of your chair if there’s someone in the window seat who has to go to the bathroom.

In the window seat, you get a great view and you can lean against the wall to sleep. The con was that you were confined to a tight space and you had to ask, normally, a complete stranger to get up so you can relieve yourself.

Virgil was in the window seat. 

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Ancient Battles

What about how Humans fought ancient wars? What if other aliens races fought battles with some kind of non violent means or some way that did not cause any fatal injury.

“So human-sam i am interested in alien history and I found something odd in one of your book”

“Oh yeah Kom what you find?”

Kom- “What is this?” Pointing to a picture of a medieval knight,

Sam “Oh that’s a knight, he was a soldier of the medieval times”

Kom - “A soldier? Why is he wearing all that shinny stuff”

Sam - “It’s armor, like the stiff we wear against lasers”

Kom - “But that would not protect him against that kind of weapon”

Sam looking at him oddly “No i suppose not but it’s to protect him against that” he points to his weapon. “A sword”

Kom - “Whats a sword?”

Kom - “Basically it is a large sharp piece of metal that was used to kill the enemy”

Kom looked at him horrified as a sudden realization dawns on him.

“Wait so you are telling me that in ancient days your kind fought with sharp pieces of metal and hacked each other to death”

“Yeah basically, some battle were fought by hundreds of thousands of men in one army”

Kom stared at him his eye widened to the point of nearly popping out, his friends were right, Humans are just plane insane.

Submitted by: @amollion

Ancient Battles

What about how Humans fought ancient wars? What if other aliens races fought battles with some kind of non violent means or some way that did not cause any fatal injury.

“So human-sam i am interested in alien history and I found something odd in one of your book”

“Oh yeah Kom what you find?”

Kom- “What is this?” Pointing to a picture of a medieval knight,

Sam “Oh that’s a knight, he was a soldier of the medieval times”

Kom - “A soldier? Why is he wearing all that shinny stuff”

Sam - “It’s armor, like the stiff we wear against lasers”

Kom - “But that would not protect him against that kind of weapon”

Sam looking at him oddly “No i suppose not but it’s to protect him against that” he points to his weapon. “A sword”

Kom - “Whats a sword?”

Kom - “Basically it is a large sharp piece of metal that was used to kill the enemy”

Kom looked at him horrified as a sudden realization dawns on him.

“Wait so you are telling me that in ancient days your kind fought with sharp pieces of metal and hacked each other to death”

“Yeah basically, some battle were fought by hundreds of thousands of men in one army”

Kom stared at him his eye widened to the point of nearly popping out, his friends were right, Humans are just plane insane.

Schrödinger’s Boy-

Just imagine… Danny has to deal with side effects to being half-dead. Like schizophrenia, he sees things. But rather than just hallucinations, they exist, because these ‘spirits’ he sees are permitted to linger over the living, but not bond with the human plane. And because Danny didn’t die properly, and of course had over powering amounts of ectoplasm fused with his DNA, he has an enhanced unnatural bond with the deceased plane, and is the only one to hear, see, and feel the passing spirits of the dead.

Summary- Danny can see the two dead, and living, because he is tied between two planes of existence.

Hide’s Role as the 2nd OEK

Finally finished writing this meta with @glittery-meme-rabbit (’’: She put the idea forward and I mostly expanded on it more than anything else.
All calendar images are from @tgcalendar2016.

There has been a lot of speculation concerning Hide’s whereabouts as well has the potential motives behind his apparent involvement in the ghoul world. It’s safe to assume that he may possibly have interests outside of Kaneki, or at least developed some as a result of following Kaneki into the ghoul world. Many have speculated that he may have ties to the Washuu, particularly because of the “yoshi” in his name following the Washuu’s naming patterns (and Yoshitoki being called “Chika” at one point), and after further investigation, there seems to be a lot of solid evidence to back up this claim. However, in this post, we’ll be discussing how Hide’s potential Washuu roots may give him direct ties to the original One Eyed King and what that may mean for his current role in the story and Kaneki’s current aims for revolution.

The Washuu clan are pretty sketchy overall and their goals are questionable, to say the least. Since they’re ghouls, it’s possible that the original One-Eyed King was a Washuu himself and split off from the clan when they rose to power as a result of disagreement about their aims and the methods they used. It’s possible that the original OEK rebelled against the will of the clan and left them to pursue his own goals, which most likely would have been creating coexistence through the eradication of V and the Washuu. However, the Washuu would have prevented his plan from succeeding, landing him where he is now.

If we make the assumption that Hide is a Washuu, then it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out that his goal is similar to the original OEK’s, especially if he escaped from the sunlit garden.

Firstly, he appears to have developed a distrust of adults from an early age. We can see evidence of this in the 2016 calendar page for the nineteenth of June which gives us some insight into Hide’s perspective on things and shows us that he doesn’t seem to have a very positive attitude towards adults as a child.

“It’s times like these when adults needlessly toy with us.”

He sees them as people who toy with children in a similar way that the Washuu toy with the weak, which would explain how he developed this outlook. The Washuu created the CCG to combat ghouls but also created V to shield the eyes of the public from the truth, like how an adult would talk down to a child or make them ignorant of the world around them. Since Hide developed this mindset at a young age, it’s safe to assume his relationship with the Washuu and desire to rebel against them originated from this.

Exposing their secret to Marude was one way of doing this, and even living a normal life and aiding Kaneki when he knew he was a ghoul were ways of rebelling against the Washuu’s will. Even if Hide doesn’t seem to care about ghouls being on the same plane as humans, he’s been shown to treat them as equals (e.g. staying friends with Kaneki despite his ghoulification, befriending Ikuma, and holding no malice towards Nishiki.) Even his “sacrifice” for Kaneki could be an example of him being blind to species since he was willing to sacrifice himself regardless.

As Haise, Kaneki earned himself the nickname “King of Fakes”, but I think this still applies now. Kaneki has stepped in and assumed the role of King when that role does not rightfully belong to him as a result of his lack of ties to the original OEK. In other words, Kaneki isn’t the true heir to the metaphorical throne of the One-Eyed King.

However, if Hide really is a descendant of the original OEK through his ties to the Washuu, and shares the same goals as him, then this would make Hide the true heir.

We’ve been shown in the past through Arima and Eto how the role of OEK can be shared. As the OEK, Kaneki is still viewing the world through only one eye, which creates a bias (in Kaneki’s case, his bias is in favour of ghouls) which means he won’t be able to achieve his goal alone. He is only one half of the solution, and until his other half joins him in the role of King (two One Eyed Kings together makes two eyes to view the world through and therefore help them to see the true nature of reality rather than through the lenses of their own biases), he won’t be able to achieve his goal of unity between the species.

Also, just as a side thought, considering the fact that Hide was most likely severely injured by Kaneki down in the sewers, it would certainly be interesting if he returned with severe damage to one of his eyes or without it entirely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That would make for some meaningful symbolism.

There are multiple pieces of evidence which hint at Hide being Kaneki’s other half, and therefore the person who should join him as King. Firstly, Kaneki’s birthday being on the 20th day of the 12th month, and Hide’s being on the 10th day of the 6th month, therefore making his birthday half of Kaneki’s. Secondly, the battery day calendar page which marks Kaneki with the number two, and Hide with one (half of two) as well as the fact that this places Hide in the pitcher’s position, being the one who plans and strategizes, and the receiver (Kaneki) being the one to actively put those ideas to work.

Hide’s role as the witch’s servant in their school play also heavily foreshadows this. Eto is the only character who has shown to have been associated with a witch, so we can assume that the witch parallels Eto. Eto was working with Arima as part of the One-Eyed King gig, and Arima was the one who most closely prepared Kaneki for this role. As the witch’s servant, Hide would have close ties to the witch, presumably Eto, which may mean that she too is preparing him to take up the role of OEK alongside Kaneki. In fact, the ending of the play has the witch’s servant leaving the witch to join his childhood friend, the Prince (Kaneki) and promising to work alongside him. This could possibly be foreshadowing of Hide leaving Eto’s side to join Kaneki as the joint OEK.

There’s also been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Hide is a half-human, and there appears to be some evidence to support this theory. Without going into too much detail, this line from  the redraw of chapter one of Tokyo Ghoul seems to be the most compelling piece of evidence, and the fact that “ghoul” is in quotation marks implies that Hide is talking about something which is not exactly a ghoul but similar to one (half-human would make sense in this case since they are equal parts ghoul and human aside from the fact that they display mostly human characteristics).

There are a bunch of other metas discussing this subject floating around tumblr so I’m sure they’re not difficult to find but this one by @deimos-the-otaku I think in particular addresses something which other theories haven’t so I’ll throw this one in particular in.

If this theory is true and Hide does turn out to be a half human, then this just strengthens the possibility of him being the second OEK, or perhaps more appropriately, the second half of the OEK. If Hide is a half-human and Kaneki a half-ghoul, this would parallel the previous OEK duo since Arima was a half-human and Eto a half-ghoul. Not to mention, it would be interesting to have the current half-ghoul OEK (Kaneki) trained by the previous half-human OEK (Arima) and the current half-human OEK (Hide) being trained by the previous half-ghoul OEK (Eto). It would also make far more sense for a half-ghoul to lead the unity of the two species with a half-human since they are both equal parts human and ghoul yet display characteristics of one species each. This would make more sense symbolically than Touka, for example, being Kaneki’s partner in revolution (since she’s a full ghoul) or Hide being his partner if he was human (since he would be a full human) so there would be an imbalance.

Not to mention, Hide’s tarot card (the Magician) is supposed to represent the bridge between the world of humans and the world of spirits (in this case, we can assume that the world of spirits represents the world of ghouls).

This theory by @echo-from-the-void also talks about how meeting with Hide, what Kaneki considers his human side, could aid him in reconnecting with humanity and therefore aiding him in the success of the revolution he’s planning, and what better way to adapt his tactics to suit both sides than to have a second king (the other eye of the One-Eyed King) come from the opposite perspective, that of humans? This would bring Kaneki’s ‘ghoul eye’ and Hide’s ‘human eye’ together, and subsequently, their two perspectives together to see things from both the side of ghouls and humans equally.

Another minor detail I noticed but am not really sure of whether it’s relevant or not is that every time Hide, Kaneki and Touka are drawn together in Ishida’s art, Hide and Kaneki are drawn beside each other while Touka is off to the side. If this does have any relevance, it could point to Touka’s companionship to the One-Eyed King being a red herring. We’re made to think that she’s Kaneki’s Queen, but that’s not what this cause needs; it needs another OEK. I wouldn’t say this is too farfetched since it’s quite similar to what happened with root A; we were given a number of hints which misled us into thinking that Touka was the one Kaneki was holding under the cloth in the promotional art and that the hands in the opening belonged to her, when really, those were all red herrings and it was Hide all along.

(Also note how in the above image, Kaneki seems to be being crowned King with Hide by his side ?)

Also, if the child of Kaneki and Touka dies, which seems extremely likely (check out this theory for evidence/foreshadowing of the child’s death in Ishida’s art and poems), it could be symbolic of their union being incapable of uniting humans and ghouls (since it failed to make a human/ghoul hybrid), further implying that it’s a red herring (chucking @fakeking here since he copyrighted this idea apparently). Then Hide would have to step in as the second OEK to aid the revolution.

It would be even more significant, symbolically, if Touka was never pregnant in the first place, as some have started to speculate (partly because of the little “probably” in her speech bubble when she was giving Kaneki the news), because this would symbolise the fact that their union was a falsehood all along.

All this would also fit nicely on the timeline since the previously mentioned theory would place the child’s death sometime soon, especially now that the Oggai have made it underground, and if we assume that Hide returns in chapter 136 to parallel the original series (and also would mean that the chapter would be released around the time of August 11th, Hide’s cliffhanger page from the TG calendar), it would fit quite well with these events for this to be the time that he breaks off from Eto to take up his spot beside Kaneki.

However this goes, I’m almost 100% certain that Hide’s role in the story has run far deeper than we’ve been shown, and even if he appears as an antagonist, I believe his destiny was always to end up by Kaneki’s side. Everything in the series so far has pointed to that conclusion; all their symbolism together, the fact that Hide’s entire character revolves around Kaneki, the immense sacrifices that Hide has shown to make for his best friend, the way in which Hide has been portrayed as Kaneki’s link to the human world many times before, and last but certainly not least, the conclusion of their school play practically spells it out for us.

Whether the position he takes up is as significant as the joint One Eyed King is still debatable, but it’s definitely one of many possibilities, and I believe he’s definitely needed to play a significant role in the unity of ghouls and humans.

The Seven Hermetic Principles

“The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.” – The Kybalion

In the years of old Egypt, a fundamental truth was shared, which had a profound and remarkable effect on all esoteric teachings to come, from Christian mystics and the Jewish Kabbalah, up to the secret knowledge of India written down in the Upanishads. All these occult teachings show a resemblance in their deepest and most basic ideas. The master Hermes Trismegistos, whose actual physical existence had never been proved, has been said to be the “Master of the Masters”, “the Scribe of the Gods”, and even “the God of Wisdom” himself. As a mythological figure, the greek god Hermes is equal to the roman god Mercury and to the egyptian deity Toth; god of the moon, magic and wisdom. Hermes’ philosophy has been passed on both orally and in writing throughout the last several centuries. The first written version is said to be the “Tabula Smaragdina”, a text of twelve sentences that contains all knowledge, found within Hermes’ grave. While the original Tabula Smaragdina is missing, writings about it have been found in Latin, Arabic and Greek since several hundreds of years. In 1908 knowledge from the Tabula Smaragdina and the Corpus Hermeticum (other texts by Hermes Trismegistos) got translated and further elaborated in English, known as The Kybalion. The philosophy of Hermes is the key to the understanding of all mystic teachings, including astrology, alchemy and psychology, as well as the many occult writings of different religions. The purpose of all these teachings is the same - The transmutation of consciousness into a higher vibrational state.

The philosophy of Hermes, and thus of all occult and esoteric knowledge, is based on the Seven Hermetic Principles. These laws are universal and ineradicable.

I - The Principle of Mentalism

“The All is Mind; the universe is mental.” – The Kybalion

Our material universe holds a substantial reality, The All, within itself. This All is pure spirit, a living mind, unknowable and undefinable. It is infinite and eternal in time and space. Matter is a mental creation of the All. But while all matter is illusionary from an absolute point of view, it is very real to the finite mind, and must be treated so; however, always with a clear understanding of the higher truth.

II - The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.” – The Kybalion
Our universe consists of the Three Great Planes: the great physical plane, the great mental plane and the great spiritual plane. The Principle of Correspondence implies that there is a harmony and correspondence between each of these planes, since they were all born from the same source. All laws and characteristics are universal and apply to all three great planes and their sub-planes. The alchemist knew that once he turns metal into gold, the same transformation will be done unto his soul.

III - The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” – The Kybalion
Everything within the All is in motion. Matter, mind and spirit are basically the same energy, but differentiate from each other by their rate of vibration. For us humans, the mental plane is eminently interesting, because all kinds of emotions, thoughts, will or desire, as well as any kind of mental condition, vibrates in its very specific mode. One can gain total control of their own mental states and moods by mastering this principle and change their own vibration, and also affect the minds of others by changing theirs. This phenomena is known as telepathy, induction or suggestion.

IV - The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet; all paradoxes may be reconciled. Everything is and isn’t, at the same time.” – The Kybalion
Everything within the All, whether it is material, mental or spiritual, has two poles, which are but the two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between them. Mental transmutation can only happen by changing the vibrational rate within a thing, but a thing can never be changed in its nature. An undesired rate of mental vibration can be transformed by focusing and putting the awareness onto the other pole. As it is written in the Kybalion: “If you are possessed by fear, do not waste time trying to “kill out” fear, but instead cultivate the quality of courage, and the fear will disappear.” The tendency of nature itself is to move into the direction of a higher vibration, back to the pure spirit it once came from.

V - The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” – The Kybalion
Between the two poles of everything, there is a pendulum-like movement, a measured motion with equal amplitude to the left and to the right. This balance of the swing is called the Law of Compensation. This law also applies to mental states in man, balancing the capacity for pain and pleasure. The more suffering one is able to bear, the more enjoyment awaits him, and vice versa. However, Hermetics use the Law of Neutralization by changing their own vibrations to a higher plane, and thus escape the effects of the negative swing of the pendulum on the lower plane.

VI - The Principle of Cause and Effect

“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law.” – The Kybalion
There is no such thing as chance; there is a cause for every effect and an effect for every cause. Chance is a term for an effect that results from causes we can’t perceive or understand. Most of us go through life being mere effects; pawns to their own creation.
Those who are able to raise their vibration to a higher plane, those who understand that not only our acts, but also our thoughts and emotions will have an effect, become Causers instead of Effects. They dominate moods, characters, qualities and powers in both themselves and in others. They do not escape from causation, but they serve on the higher plane, and rule on the lower one.

VII - The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.” – The Kybalion
Everything on the material, mental and spiritual plane contains the masculine and the feminine principle. Neither the masculine nor the feminine principle is capable of creating without the operative energy of the other. While the feminine principle tends to receive impressions, and generates thoughts, ideas and the full work of imagination upon these outer perceptions, it needs the masculine principle and its expressive tendency to generate and materialize original mental creations. Creation is only possible by a union of the two elements.

For the Hermetics it was not only essential to know and deeply understand these principles, but also to master, use and express them. Only then could some good come out of it for the possessor of the knowledge, and for the whole race. “True hermetic transmutation is a Mental Art”, speaks the Kybalion, “If the universe be mental, in its substantial nature, then it follows that Mental Transmutation must change the conditions and phenomena of the universe. If the universe is mental, then Mind must be the highest Power affecting its phenomena. “ The Hermetics knew that by raising their own vibration to a higher plane, and thus be able to rule on the lower one, they did not cheat, but play an important part of the game. They still served on the higher planes, fully aware that they could not destroy or avoid any principle.

“The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the universe, imagine that they may defy its laws. Such are vain and presumptuous fools. The truly wise, knowing the nature of the universe, use law against laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph. Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the master.” – The Kybalion

Where is everything you want?

It’s “there” isn’t it? In your mind, your happiness, your perfect relationship, dream job, more confidence, a flat stomach are all “there”. You look at your present circumstance, and see its is not “here”. So, by reason and logic and common sense, you tell me it’s “there”. This is an illusion. And until you understand the relationship between a desire and its manifestation, you shall not be able to manifest very much, and you’ll continue to be unhappy with where you are now in your life or mind. 

To manifest anything, it has to exist first. To manifest is to change a desire into another form. Manifesting is not magic. It exists as an idea, a possibility, mere fantasy… The idea of light manifested as a lightbulb. The idea of humans flying became the plane. Heated food became a microwave. Try to think of one creation that wasn’t an idea in someone’s mind first…. 

So knowing that everything exists first, and is manifested second, takes the burden off of you. There is a Native American teaching that everything you want or need is in the air, and you can merely pluck it out as necessary. This, is like that. 

Eckhart Tolle says thought is the most potent form of energy, it vibrates so high you cannot see it. The truth is everything you want exists now in thought level. Make no mistake about it; it already exists. Catch the feeling, the mood, of what your wish fulfilled would be like. And you cannot help but manifest it into your life. 

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I started translating a book I found in the Astral.

Human Communication Within the Astral: by Gariel Mays. 

I recently found a book in the astral and set about translating it. It is hard work, but intensely interesting. I do not know who the author is, but Gariel Mays is the name listed. The book seems to be a guide for using astral energy to learn to better communicate within the astral. It may be obvious for others who have been in the astral much longer, but it has been a huge help to me so far. I will include what I have transcribed so far in the read more. I have not written out all of the book, just the pieces I was able to understand. There are two sections I have read, part of the Introduction and a section of Chapter 2. I believe Chapter 1 was about the history of astral communication but it was very confusing for me so I skipped it. 

Please remember that this may not relate to most of you, since it is merely my experiences with the astral, and others may have a completely different experience. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share. 

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I have seen every single episode of AT but the thing is that I didn't watch them in the right order. This will sound totally dumb. Did the mushroom bomb or did a comet cause the creation of Ooo? Did the mushroom bomb cause the creation of the Lich or vice versa? Can you PLEASE post, in the simplest explanation you can, a linear timeline of how many comets and mushroom bombs have happened in AT (including a separate line for the alternate dimension/s)?

We infer from the Farmworld universe that the Lich was created by the detonation of the Mushroom bomb during the Mushroom War. Finn wished to Prismo that the Lich never existed and was transported to a timeline in which Simon Petrikov used his ice powers to freeze the bomb and stop it from ever going off. Farmworld Marceline tells us that if it weren’t for Simon:

Of course, Finn ultimately DOES detonate the bomb in that timeline, and we see Farmworld Jake become a Lich. Given all that, we accept that in the alpha timeline, the Mushroom bomb DID detonate, and it birthed the Lich. This assumes that Farmworld is THE closest timeline in which the Lich does not exist, and not simply A timeline in which the Lich does not exist.

Princess Bubblegum visited a crater in the S5 episode ‘James’ and was met by an army of goo zombies. This crater, in what Jake calls ‘The Desert of Wonders’, is relatively consistent with what we’d expect the size of the Mushroom bomb’s destruction to be.

In the S6 episode ‘Evergreen’, which takes place during the Cretaceous period on the alpha timeline, we see a special comet that people around here have taken to calling the Lich comet. This is for its color and its stated purpose being so similar to the Lich’s. That and its horns.

That comet hit Earth, 65.5 million years ago, presumably bringing about the dinosaurs’ extinction. Our standing theory is that scientists around the time of the Mushroom War [early 2000s-ish in the alpha timeline] took the ~essence of the Lich comet and used it as an ingredient in the Mushroom bomb.

There are other comets, too. Up to three different deities over the course of the past half a season have all referenced that something is coming.

Evergreen insists that the Lich comet is not the same as the sort of comet that hits Earth every 1000 years.

In ‘Astral Plane’, Tetra-G identifies the recurring comet as one that does leave a lasting impact on Earth - it brings an agent of change. 

Matthew doesn’t explicitly mention a comet, but when his episode dropped four episodes after ‘Evergreen’ and three episodes after ‘Astral Plane’, it felt a heck of a lot like building on S6 foreshadowing:

Of course, Lemongrab dissolved Matthew, so that protective force appears for the moment to be gone. 

Again, there’s no guarantee that Matthew’s referring to anything to do with the recurring/agent of change comet, whose nature is still unknown. Is the agent of change always different? Sometimes bad, sometimes good? Given that this season’s two-part finale is made up of [assumedly] ‘The Comet’ [though ‘The Comet’s’ episode slot is NOT yet confirmed] and definitely ‘Hot Diggity Doom’, we might hazard a guess that the coming comet and Matthew’s Second Age of Terror are related.

As S5’s ‘Simon and Marcy’ confirms, it’s been reaaaally close to 1000 years since a-short-while-after-the-Mushroom-War. Those similar numbers and S6′s foreshadowing suggest it’s probably definitely time for another agent of change, and the last one hit approximately the same time as the Mushroom War:

Given that there’s a massive crater in the side of the Earth whose scale is NOT consistent with either depiction of the Mushroom bomb’s detonation [Farmworld Marcy’s vision and the Farmworld detonation in ‘Jake the Dog’, both GIF’d above], we expect that the bomb detonated AND our planet was ravaged by SOME comet at SOME yet-unknown point in time.

Was it the agent of change comet that hit at around the time of the Mushroom War? Is it possible this crater was formed by the Lich comet millions of years ago and our real-life timeline breaks apart from Adventure Time’s timeline even more distantly than we think? Real-life human civilization is over 1000 years old, so if they share a timeline, what events in our history count as the every-thousand-years comet’s impact in Adventure Time?

A pic posted by the Bravest Warriors crew on Earth Day lends itself towards the two shows maybe being set in the same universe, and I haven’t personally watched BW yet.

If there’s some possible backstory clues in there, I dunno about em yet. 

So far as other comets that have popped up but haven’t had a tangible impact on the storyline that we can fully grasp and quantify are concerned, in S5′s ‘The Vault’ we were given a glimpse at (some of) Finn’s past lives, among which was a comet [an agent of change comet? Just a random one?]:

And, in S6′s ‘The Visitor’, Finn, carrying a baby version of himself, met a comet in a dream that we speculate was symbolic of life-giving:

Within the context of this episode, this dream accompanied Finn wandering in his sleep to Tetra-G’s comet from ‘Astral Plane’, which was not a recurring comet but rather Finn’s dad in an out-of-control spaceship. But since we’re sort of inclined to view ANY S6 comet as foreshadowing for the comet coming at the end of the season, however, its life-giving imagery might suggest something less sinister than ‘Hot Diggity Doom’ and Matthew’s Second Age of Terror.