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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Reaching out into space yields benefits on Earth. Many of these have practical applications — but there’s something more than that. Call it inspiration, perhaps, what photographer Ansel Adams referred to as nature’s “endless prospect of magic and wonder." 

Our ongoing exploration of the solar system has yielded more than a few magical images. Why not keep some of them close by to inspire your own explorations? This week, we offer 10 planetary photos suitable for wallpapers on your desktop or phone. Find many more in our galleries. These images were the result of audacious expeditions into deep space; as author Edward Abbey said, "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

1. Martian Selfie

This self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the robotic geologist in the “Murray Buttes” area on lower Mount Sharp. Key features on the skyline of this panorama are the dark mesa called “M12” to the left of the rover’s mast and pale, upper Mount Sharp to the right of the mast. The top of M12 stands about 23 feet (7 meters) above the base of the sloping piles of rocks just behind Curiosity. The scene combines approximately 60 images taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager, or MAHLI, camera at the end of the rover’s robotic arm. Most of the component images were taken on September 17, 2016.

2. The Colors of Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft captured this high-resolution, enhanced color view of Pluto on July 14, 2015. The image combines blue, red and infrared images taken by the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC). Pluto’s surface sports a remarkable range of subtle colors, enhanced in this view to a rainbow of pale blues, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story that scientists have only just begun to decode.

3. The Day the Earth Smiled

On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, our Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn’s shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings — and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. This mosaic is special as it marks the third time our home planet was imaged from the outer solar system; the second time it was imaged by Cassini from Saturn’s orbit, the first time ever that inhabitants of Earth were made aware in advance that their photo would be taken from such a great distance.

4. Looking Back

Before leaving the Pluto system forever, New Horizons turned back to see Pluto backlit by the sun. The small world’s haze layer shows its blue color in this picture. The high-altitude haze is thought to be similar in nature to that seen at Saturn’s moon Titan. The source of both hazes likely involves sunlight-initiated chemical reactions of nitrogen and methane, leading to relatively small, soot-like particles called tholins. This image was generated by combining information from blue, red and near-infrared images to closely replicate the color a human eye would perceive.

5. Catching Its Own Tail

A huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn’s northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this true-color view from Cassini. This picture, captured on February 25, 2011, was taken about 12 weeks after the storm began, and the clouds by this time had formed a tail that wrapped around the planet. The storm is a prodigious source of radio noise, which comes from lightning deep within the planet’s atmosphere.

6. The Great Red Spot

Another massive storm, this time on Jupiter, as seen in this dramatic close-up by Voyager 1 in 1979. The Great Red Spot is much larger than the entire Earth.

7. More Stormy Weather

Jupiter is still just as stormy today, as seen in this recent view from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, when it soared directly over Jupiter’s south pole on February 2, 2017, from an altitude of about 62,800 miles (101,000 kilometers) above the cloud tops. From this unique vantage point we see the terminator (where day meets night) cutting across the Jovian south polar region’s restless, marbled atmosphere with the south pole itself approximately in the center of that border. This image was processed by citizen scientist John Landino. This enhanced color version highlights the bright high clouds and numerous meandering oval storms.

8. X-Ray Vision

X-rays stream off the sun in this image showing observations from by our Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, overlaid on a picture taken by our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The NuSTAR data, seen in green and blue, reveal solar high-energy emission. The high-energy X-rays come from gas heated to above 3 million degrees. The red channel represents ultraviolet light captured by SDO, and shows the presence of lower-temperature material in the solar atmosphere at 1 million degrees.

9. One Space Robot Photographs Another

This image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows Victoria crater, near the equator of Mars. The crater is approximately half a mile (800 meters) in diameter. It has a distinctive scalloped shape to its rim, caused by erosion and downhill movement of crater wall material. Since January 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been operating in the region where Victoria crater is found. Five days before this image was taken in October 2006, Opportunity arrived at the rim of the crater after a drive of more than over 5 miles (9 kilometers). The rover can be seen in this image, as a dot at roughly the “ten o'clock” position along the rim of the crater. (You can zoom in on the full-resolution version here.)

10. Night Lights

Last, but far from least, is this remarkable new view of our home planet. Last week, we released new global maps of Earth at night, providing the clearest yet composite view of the patterns of human settlement across our planet. This composite image, one of three new full-hemisphere views, provides a view of the Americas at night from the NASA-NOAA Suomi-NPP satellite. The clouds and sun glint — added here for aesthetic effect — are derived from MODIS instrument land surface and cloud cover products.

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Humans are Weird: Seasons

I was thinking about how Earth is probably one of the rare planets with seasonal climates, due to its wonky tilted axis. So Earth has a crazy variety of climates and weather patterns, and humans have just learned how to deal, much to the confusion of everybody else. 

This was turning into a headcanon about how humans are bizarrely prepared for anything, and then I had a thought- Space Cruises

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An AU where a big and advanced alien species enslaved humanity some centuries ago, and they consider humans as cute, fashionable pets.

Aliens are big and weird, and in a size and social role comparison humans are like a small housecat.

So you’re minding your business in your home, climbing up on the improbably big furniture and prodding at the incomprehensible alien knick-knacks. They use some really unintuitively behaving materials and they bounce when they should crack, or break when they’ve obviously taken harder knocks before.

Sometimes an alien picks you up with half a dozen tentacles, brings you close to its weird, bad-smelling eating and sniffing orifice, and proceeds to rub its face on your chest while you hang in there, while the alien goes “SNOOFMURFMURFSNUFMOOF” on you. Because it loves you, that’s why. Then it carries you to a different room while lovingly caressing you behind an ear with a slightly damp, cool tentacle, and plops you down in a seemingly random spot.

Occasionally, you spot someone else peering at you from around a corner or behind a bit of furniture, and you run over to see who it is, but they vanish - only to appear a little way off elsewhere. This only ever happens when the alien is in the room, watching you, and while it’s holding a strange-looking rod. That’s right - you’re pretty much chasing a laser pointer.

There’s this huge bowl in one room, kind of like an oversized punch bowl, and the alien pours some sort of slurry into it every day. It looks like week-old borscht, but the flavor changes by day. Sometimes it tastes like bacon, other times like candy. As soon as you’ve gotten comfortable with it, the alien starts serving you some completely different kind of slurry that tastes like aphids and old socks, and makes this frustrated “BLURBLEPLURPBLORRB”-noise while wiggling its flagella at you when you shun this substandard fare. There’s no way to make it clear that the place the alien got your food stopped carrying it and now the alien is trying very hard to get something as similar as it can find so you’ll be happy, but how’s it supposed to know how it tastes to you?

But when all is said and done, the alien does care about you. You get some weird-looking but fun toys to play with, you have a nice, soft and enormous pillow to lounge on, and the alien apparently enjoys listening to you talk at it while it gives you gentle tentacle-pets. And you can usually sleep curled up next to its big and soft midsection when the house is dark for the next 27 hours.


The Choleric is highly personable, optimistic, and well liked. Cholerics can be very charming, open and friendly to most of the people around them. Associates and people they meet at parties or social gatherings respond well to their charm. However, since the Choleric is goal and mission oriented, they will use socializing, parties and associations primarily to network with people who will be useful for them in reaching their goals. They will not want to participate in any endeavor unless there is something in it for them.


1. Extrovert of a highly selective nature

2. Approaches many people for association and socialization but wants to associate with only a select few.

3. Uses ability to socialize as a screening device, selecting those individuals with whom he/she wishes to associate

4. Chooses social events that meet his/her needs and desires

5. The few people he/she chooses to associate with must meet a criteria that is in his/her mind

6. Fast-paced - prefers working at a furious pace

7. Task-oriented - relates better to tasks and systems than to people

8. Tough-minded, strong-willed - once his/her mind is made up, he/she has a hard time changing it

9. Needs recognition for accomplishments


1. Extremely independent

2. When undertaking a task, he/she wants complete control over it, tolerating very little interference from other people

3. Must have a great deal of control over the lives and behaviors of other people, but will tolerate almost no control over his/her life and behavior

4. Very strong willed

5. Must receive recognition for accomplishments


1. Shows a great deal of affection but only requires a small amount

2. Will only give and receive love and affection when it is according to his/her terms

3. Refuses to believe that people really love him/her unless the love is given according to the way he/she believes it should be given

4. Lacks emotional development

Potential strengths

1. Completer - will complete all the tasks he/she setsout to accomplish, regardless of the cost or consequences (which can have a negative effect as well as a positive one)

2. Makes quick, intuitive decisions

3. Very good leadership capabilities - the number of decisions and responsibilities this person is capable of handling would make other temperaments cringe

4. Uses charm (behaving warm and personably) to maintain control of deep, personal relationships

Potential weaknesses

1. Gives false message that he/she appears to like people and like to socialize when in reality he/she does not

2. People-user - uses people as tools to get what he/she wants - capable of walking over the rights and feelings of others to accomplish this - associates with people whom he/she can manipulate into meeting his/her personal desires and goals

3. Very controlling

4. Have a tendency to develop deep relationships with people who are weak-willed and then resent their weakness

5. Places conditions on the love he/she gives and takes

6. Will reject people and the love they show if they do not meet his/her terms or provide love according to his/her standards

She chose the name Rain when she first entered, and indeed could be often seen standing in the rain, droplets decorating her many tiny braids like gems, looking like stars in the night sky on her skin.
She wore silver and iron and gold as beads in her hair, and was free enough with them, giving her gold beads as sacrifice for small matters. She had a voice that was warm and pleasant, but her song sounded more like the crackling of flames. She worked in sculpture and metal, but studied justice. She studied humanity and their patterns and by her junior year could accurately predict which students would get taken next.
In her senior year, with iron chains wrapped around her arms, and two self forged iron knives warming themselves against her flesh, hidden from view, she approached a Noble. She exchanges a new student, with a voice like water flowing over a diamond, for the ability to see guilt in humans, and when she walks away with a smile like a knife slash she glows red, red, red.



The Melancholic is extremely creative. The great artists, musicians and other creative people are usually of the Melancholy temperament. They are detailed and task oriented and relate better to systems and tasks than to people. They have very high intellectual capacities; they are thinkers. They see both the end result and the pitfalls in any project they undertake. They prefer to work at a slow, steady pace and need quiet time alone each day to think, dream and regenerate. They tend to be perfectionists and set extremely high standards for themselves and the people around them. This can cause frustration and relational friction.


1. Introvert, a very private and serious person (this is compounded if he/she is a first born)

2. Needs alone, quiet time every day to think and regenerate

3. In social situations he/she approaches very few people for association and socialization and is happier when not approached for socialization

4. Is a homebody who would rather stay home than socialize

5. Task-oriented - relates better to tasks and systems than to people, approaches life as a step by step task to undertake, always with an end result in mind

6. Slow-paced, works at a steady, slow pace and loses momentum as the day progresses


1. Expresses very little control over the lives and behaviors of others, and will not tolerate control over his/her life and behavior - highly independent and strong-willed

2. Demands order, truth, reliability and dependability from himself/herself and others - perfectionistic

3. Must appear competent and in control

4. Intellectually oriented - needs facts, research, information - when he/she has the necessary information, he/she must act upon it - will follow individuals whom he/she knows to be intellectually superior (has respect for them as leaders)

5. May become anxious if anyone is his/her sole responsibility


1. Rarely shows or wants physical expressions of love and affection - physical touch is regarded as part of foreplay, leading to sex; otherwise, it is considered nonsense

2. Has very few deep personal relationships - may include only spouse and children and possibly parents plus one or two good friends

3. Has very deep tender feelings but struggles to express them

4. If shown too much physical love and affection, he/ she feels crowded, as if his/her “space” is being invaded

5. Expresses love and affection by performing tasks, being responsible and dependable - and accepts love and affection expressed in these ways (performing tasks)

Potential strengths

1. Self-motivated and self-disciplined

2. High intellectual energies, a thinker

3. Makes decisions very well and takes on responsibilities very well when dealing in areas with which he/ she is familiar or an expert (areas previously dealt with)

4. A very loyal friend who is faithful to his/her word

5. Very self-sacrificing for both deep relationships and mankind as a whole

6. Very sensitive and able to empathize with the feelings of others

Potential weaknesses

1. May have strong fear of rejection because of low self-esteem - may search the environment for messages that he/she is not acceptable - is very easily offended or insulted

2. May brood on past failures, insults, mistakes - his/ hers/others’

3. Has little feeling for the people whom he is involved with in deep relationships

4. If pressured into making decisions or taking on responsibility in unknown areas (areas not previously dealt with), he/she tends to procrastinate. If this pressure continues, he/she will rebel and become angry, expressing this anger in ways learned in childhood

5. Becomes anxious if someone is his/her sole responsibility

6. Pessimistic concerning deep relationships

hey mom and dad (my coming out letter to my parents)

I debated sharing this on tumblr for a while, but figured if someone is struggling coming out to their conservative parents, there’s a chance this could help. I wrote a letter as not to put them on the spot, to allow them their own time to process it, and to give them a tangible part of myself so they could not dismiss it in conversation.

Please feel free to message me if you have questions or want advice in talking to your parents. I’m more than happy to share more of my story with you.

“As you both know, I’m much better at expressing myself through writing than in person. So even though we talked about some important things at dinner the other night, the topic that was intended to be covered was not. I was already feeling tense and nervous and had put a lot of pressure on myself, and for sharing something this personal I didn’t want the energy to be negative. There was also a lot of anticipation from everyone at the table and I didn’t want that to add to the possible ‘shock factor’ or put anyone on the spot.

The more I learn about human patterns and behavior, the more I learn about how willing people are to conform to social norms, conscious or not. Sometimes things that seem petty can be so influential on a person’s identity and sense of self without them even realizing it. I think it’s apparent that I have grown to the point of critically analyzing the way things are instead of accepting them at face value. I’m still making progress in this area, but being aware that the world’s expectations of me are not always who I am has helped me learn some things about myself that never seemed like viable options.

You have both witnessed the boys I have dated growing up and I know you weren’t all that crazy about any of them. Honestly neither was I- but I’m sure that was pretty apparent. I’d never experienced the heartbreak that I saw [my sister] experience with her relationships. I never really went through the typical teenage-girl “boy crazy” phase.  Mom, you’ve told me with every boyfriend that I’m a heartbreaker because of my apathy in the relationship. The most I’ve been hurt by other people is when friendships end- not when romantic relationships have ended. Of course, many things are factors of my lack of caring when it comes to boyfriends, but I think one of the main ones is just that I don’t want to date boys. And I don’t know if I ever really have, or if that was a reflection of me trying to find my place in society- conforming to what the world expects from me.

Then I met [my best friend, a man], who is essentially everything I thought I wanted in a boyfriend at the time. And yet I still could not bring myself to date him. There was still something missing aside from our personal compatibility. I value how close my friendship with him is and I want the best for him, but I have no desire to be his girlfriend or to have him as my boyfriend, or to have a boyfriend. I don’t know if you know where this is going yet, or if you are surprised at all by this statement, but I don’t want to date men. I want to date women (want to, lol. I’m still alone). That is who I am.

I’m the same person I was before you read this- the only thing that has changed is me deciding it’s time to open up to you. I love and appreciate you and the support you have shown me through the years and I hope you can still see me as me and not as a label. The only difference you can expect is for me to be more comfortable in being myself around you and not feeling like I have to hide a part of myself from you.”

side note: I left this letter in their room then left the country for a week where I had no service. not even sorry lol

First DR Characters as Unique Aesthetics:

Makoto Naegi:

Calm nature, rain droplets, the smell of a woodstove burning in winter, dewdrops, a breeze over a rolling meadow, sephia photography, 

Kyoko Kirigiri:

Fog falling upon a valley, looking down the train tracks, abandoned and run-down homes, lavender pastels, braided hair, leather gloves, creaky floorboards, 

Aoi Asahina:

Water ripples, pastel sweets, muscled bodies, snapchat filters, underwater photography, varsity jackets, feather earrings, 

Byakuya Togami:

Modern architecture, cursive handwriting, porcelain skin, antique coins, paperwork strewn over an executive desk, secret love notes hidden away, 

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

Cracked glass, smooth stones lying in a wicker basket, neon signs, dreadlocks, tarot cards, opalite, rainbows cast through translucent glass, black lace, dreamcatchers, neatly written notes, 

Sakura Oogami:

Bruises as they lighten to yellow, fresh bindings, fallen cherry blossoms, water swept beneath a bridge, disturbed dust upon a surface, sweat upon skin, 

Hifumi Yamada:

Pastel hair, seifukus, pigtails, winged humans, manga clips, grid patterns, sketch art, pink chocolate, striped drinking straws, starry eyes, 

Mondo Owada:

Pristine motorcycles, long coats, greaser hair, cigarette smoke, drive-in theatres, baggy pants, make out movie scenes, scribbled out road signs, scars, fogged car windows, 

Celestia Ludenberg:

Spiral staircases, skin out from beneath foggy rose water, stiletto nails, checkered tiles, antique bottles, portrait lockets, Goth clothing, dark lips, dried blood, velvet dresses, 

Junko Enoshima:

Glitter hair roots, hair bows, ribbons, blue eyes, long lashes, crowns, chokers, magazine clips, rotary phones, miniskirts, plaid, corsages, heart boxes of chocolates, 

Mukuro Ikusaba:

Exposed tattoos, sleek guns, engraved daggers, freckled faces, mirror images, foggy lakes, grey skies, murky water, bloody noses, combat boots, baggy sweaters, 

Kyotaka Ishimaru:

Button-ups, lace-up boots, stark white hair, scarlet irises, empty hallways, hanging banners, dawn light through the window, jackets coated in badges, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, 

Chihiro Fujisaki:

Clean desktops, typography, fractals, equations on grid paper, tears of joy, stripes, the shade beneath the trees, organized folders on a computer, long embraces, plants grown between the keyboard, neat and tidy wires, 

Toko Fukawa:

Ink blots, vintage books, attics, leather and lace garters, lipstick hidden on a man’s collar, satin sheets, handcuffs, typewriters, dominance and submissiveness, 

Sayaka Maizono:

Pastel pink, strawberry milk, porcelain tea cups, city skylines, stage lights, glitter dust, makeup brushes, selfies, cat-ear headbands, swishing skirts, 

Leon Kuwata:

Bold eyeliner, studs for piercings, stuck out tongues, exposed skin, ripped jeans, tattoo sleeves, French kissing, bitten lips, messy apartments, smokey eyes, dramatic stages, 

Humans Are Blind

Ok, I have been reading a tonne of Humans Are Weird/Space Australia stories and I’ve decided to throw myself onto the pile :)

I’ve seen a couple of posts about how aliens might have different senses to us and how human vision is a compleat sci-fi asspull, but it got me thinking.  Even within the senses humans have, there is a huge amount of variation.  Our hearing range only extends down to 20hz and the section of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see doesn’t even match up with other earth species!

Alien-1: Human-Steve welcome to the crew!  We hope you enjoy… Human-Steve are you listening to me?

Human: …

Alien-1: Human-Steve!  Please pay attention when I am talking to you!

Alien-2: Xpprop, I have read about this!  I believe the human cannot hear you because you are not within its audible spectrum, let me try.

Alien-2: (Does best Batman impression)

Human: Oh, gidday!

Alien-1: …I don’t believe this.

Or what about ultraviolet light?

Human: Hey Marpivox! have a look at these flowers!

Alien: Yes!  They are very pretty Human-Alex, especially their concentric patterns!

Human: ???

“Signal does not conform to expectations.”

The message was not unusual in itself.  The investigation that followed was.

The junior on duty flagged the deviation message for investigation in the usual way and paid it no more attention.  Staff on duty the following day would follow up, he just wanted to get to the end of this shift and go enjoy his forthcoming holiday.  

The handover to the next shift passed most conventionally, he went off duty without a second thought to the deviation in sector N1MB.

The next shift worked through the log in time order as usual.  The N1MB signal was passed to the anomalies team for further attention.  

The anomalies team leader did pay a little more attention.  The signal type was one she had never encountered before.  A rhythmic series of short and long pulses.  No decoder currently in use could read it.  But the signal was clearly far from random.  She alerted her manager to this unexpected turn of events.

“Are you sure?  Run the decoders again, please.  Its probably just a glitch.”

“I’ve run them 3 times already, Glode, it must be a glitch on our system.”

“I’ll run them here, that should help us identify the fault.”


Glode ran the signal through the decoder sequences.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode inspected the message crossly.  It was going to be one of those shifts.  He loaded the signal onto a second system.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”  He shrugged.  It was lunch time.  He set a scan to run on the machines to find the error while he ate.  

After lunch, he reviewed the log.  No errors found.  He ran the signal through once more, firmly expecting a different outcome.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode signalled the anomalies team leader.  “Matina, have you any more anomalies from N1MB?”

“I haven’t rescanned that sector, its not scheduled for another 17 cycles.  There is nothing in it recorded as even close to intelligent life.  There is only one planet with any life signs recorded.”

“Oh.  Can you run an extra scan and let me know if you find any more deviations?”

Glode looked up the planet with life signs in N1MB.  The Imaging showed a blue-green planet.  Zooming closer indicated land masses.  The remote scans indicated high levels of geological instability along with substantial atmospheric flows.  But life forms had been identified despite the apparently hostile conditions.  

Hardly any time passed before Matina signalled back.  “I’ve got a whole bunch of anomalies, Glode.  They all follow that pattern of long and short pulses, they are similar but not the same.”

Glode stared into the monitor, “This has all the indications of a new language pattern.”


Finished! Near the end, I nearly regretted doing this because I had so many errors. But…. I really like how it came out. I have plans to add an inside pocket and cover up the threads so it’s safe to use, and I’ll be good.

Human tirefire Clint Barton pattern is by @todayiwrotenothing and yellow squares pattern (with some of my own tweaks) by @dak-says-so . Thank you both for sharing thess patterns with me!

Consider This

Humans love patterns.
We’re addicted to them. The second we find something that we can easily repeat we become comfortable and therefore deny any change that might disrupt our simple brains’ need for comfort.

This is what stops us from moving forward, learning, and bettering ourselves.

Consider your 9-5. Consider smoking. Consider your social behaviors, the words you use, your nervous ticks, your friends, or your lover.

Consider how unpredictable life can be, and do not assume breaking one of your habits will break you, but rather enlighten and open you up to new ideas and possibilities.

Or don’t.

I’m not a doctor.

- Christopher Thompson

The name Death’s head Hawkmoth refers to any of the three Asian moth species of the genus Acherontia. The one represented in the picture is called Acherontia Atropos. The other two species (A. Lachesis and A. Styx) are not much different, since the three are fairly similar in size, coloration and life circle.

These moths are easily distinguishable by the beautiful human skull-shaped pattern of markings on the thorax.