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I saw JessicaNJpa get asked this question and I'd like to hear your thoughts: do you think the cullens have any running jokes or little familial nuances they bring up that happened like fifty years ago?

If anyone didn’t see jessicanjpa and forksfiction​‘s answers, check them out. They are excellent. 

I think there are countless running jokes. Although, the joke headcanons I have are more from recent events than from what happened fifty years ago. 

Such as:

  • Emmett is going to tease Edward (with Bella within earshot) about “dating an older woman” for the rest of their existence. He will also give Bella a cake with “Happy 19th Birthday” each year because of how insistent she was about still being technically 18 in BD. 
  • If Edward ever encounters another blood-singer, there will be countless jokes about how he found another soulmate, and whether he plans on inviting them over for dinner too. Plus, someone may accidentally bring up that whole MS conversation where Rosalie and Jasper wanted to kill Bella. Awkward.
  • There has to be a running tally of whether Edward or Rosalie is more extraTM. Edward is now winning with his phone crushing and sparkling Italian adventures.
  • After Emmett and Jasper watched “Dexter,” they started calling Edward “Dex” because of his “rebellion.”
  • Anytime something goes moderately wrong, everyone (mostly Emmett and Jasper) blames Bella, claiming her danger magnetic quality was strengthened in immortality. 
  • With alternative medicine becoming more popular, Emmett tells Carlisle that he should start offering vampirism as a “natural” treatment option. Carlisle is not amused. 

Plus, Emmett probably designed a few a bunch of those custom Cards Against Humanity Cards, and gets really excited when the opportunity to use them presents itself.  

Examples Under the Cut (to avoid making this post too long):

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Can you draw Rodney in 80's afro hair in human and robot version?



OK so that is my human version of both Rodney and Fender from Robots that aint a secret >:3c

Bonus robots version for your soul: *tell me if you want the afro-less version*

Thank you for your request!

In this gif you can see:

  • minah having mental breakdown
  • chanyeol looking like he has diarrhea
  • lu han escaping after ROFL like a buffalo
  • xiumin running after lu han to smell his butt
  • chen losing all hope for his band members
  • suho backing away from all the crazies
  • lay clapping like a madman
  • kai getting scared of lay
  • kyungsoo creepily clapping at no one in particular
  • baek going in circles like a hamster
  • kris going to the nearest exit to avoid all the shame
  • sehun enjoying the show
  • and tao judging everyone
Jughead's Flaws
  • Jughead: I have flaws. I think I'm just too cocky for my own good.
  • Archie: I don't think you're co-
  • Jughead: You could say, I'm ACE at being ARrOgant.
  • Archie: Well, I-
  • Jughead: I can also be a real savage.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead: I really burn people, I really pass that ACEtic acid AROund.
  • Archie: Wait, isn't that just vinegar-
  • Jughead: I eat way too much as well. I just stuff my fACE with macAROni all the time.
  • Archie: Why are you talking like-
  • Jughead: And brACE yourself when around me, Archie, because sometimes I just feel like I'm a human pAROdy of a tumblr blog.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead: Everyone should just call me "the disgrACE" instead.
  • Archie:
  • Jughead:
  • Archie: What the hell are you-
  • Jughead: I'm aroace.

Another week another sketch with extra sparkles LIGHTNING

Though I have bad news Kiddos: my cscanner is on the Fritz and until I figure something else out there won’t be any more Final Fanfic crossovers (or Em+Kim Webcomic pages) D:

I drew Emily as Edward Elric from FMA last Friday, so it’s all done, and Saturday I was upgrading my desktop computer to a better OS and when I tried to reupload the scanner drivers it wouldn’t take… so I had to brute force the drivers manually uninstalling them in safemode and forcing a reinstall in the device manager and finally, when the poxy drivers took control and I could finally open the scanner GUI the scanning arm wouldn’t produce light so all my scans turn up black. Save for taking a photo of the inks (which seriously kills the quality) I dynno what else to do with this scanner. I don’t have a backup scanner either.

Edward Elric, and FullMetal Alchemist is ©  Hiromu Arakawa and Viz Media
Emily is © Gaz TV inc. 98
Owned and Created by me
Art by me