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Ok I lied here are some sketches I worked on the last couple hours. I might be drawing more Bloodthorn if at all because I’m working on his story in a roleplay. Also I neglect my less recent ocs every time I make a new one if you couldn’t tell lol so I guess Bloodthorn was the one that killed off Bayou’s fam and nearly crippled her (makes sense with his anger, fighting skills, and savagery). The human is Rye, he’s Deaf and cool, his best friend has leukemia

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So you're a demi-pan with a heavy guy preference? :o



i put on a bunch of makeup, sweater and a flower crown at almost 10 pm just to take selfies

Quinn, he/him

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Some sketches as I try to figure out what my kids Rye and Allie look like! Rye is the dude on the left, he’s congenitally Deaf and likes to run, has Waardenburg’s Syndrome (white tuft of hair, one colorless/blue eye with the green one, and has a few patches of lighter colored skin). Allie is the girl on the right, she has leukemia and gray eyes, she likes sewing/knitting and makes her own little hats to cover her head, and she’s perpetually tired with ‘bruised’ eyes

Btw she’s jokingly telling him he’s rude and he’s like “whaaat??”