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And he we have the full set of death to all of humanity. and my ovaries These hot nerds will be coming out tomorrow at 6pm Japan time so keep an eye out for that and watch me suffer as my bad luck proceeds to kill me in getting any of them ;w;

Humans Are Weird: Menstruation

I’ve seen this on Pinterest, and considering I’m going through “that time of the month” I figured it’s time I contribute.

The brown eyed human male looked up from his position watering a native fauna from Juiopr to see his captain, Kullehlah of Juiopr. “Yes?”

“Seeing as you have a female mate, I thought I would ask you this question. Why do some females take some time off once a month?”

At this, Human-John fully looked up and placed the watering can down. “Well,” he began, and then paused. “This… actually isn’t the best place for this exclamation.”

Both the crewman and the captain looked around. The botany lab wasn’t the best place for this conversation.

Everyone gathered in the rec room. The ship was on autopilot for the moment, and they were slowly making their way towards a planet which was having problems negotiating with a sister planet. There was all-out war between the two planets (that was also kept isolated) so the crew was in no hurry to get there.

Human-Nancy, the crew’s ambassador, had procured a whiteboard. Before joining the crew she had been a teacher, and she was still adept at teaching.

“Alright, let’s begin,” Human-Nancy began, putting her hands on her waist. “I’m sure you all know that there are two sexes: male and female.”

“Aren’t there more?” Oui, a crewmember from the desert planet of Verandes, asked.

“You’re thinking of genders,” Human-Nancy clarified. “A gender is an expression of someone’s behaviors that may or may not align with their given sex. Sex is the difference between male and female, based on what reproductive parts you have. Does everyone understand?”

There were nods all around. “Okay, good,” Human-Nancy said. “And you all know the difference between sexes, right?”


Human-Nancy sighed, placing her face in her hand. Kullehlah recognized it as an expression of exasperation. “Okay, you don’t remember… I’ll remind you. For this lesson specifically, know that female humans have the organs necessary to carry a child to term and later support them.

"One of those organs is the uterus”-Human-Nancy flipped the board over, displaying a picture of-something. “The uterus is attached to several things: the vagina”-Human-Nancy pointed at a tube that extended from the bottom of the uterus-“two Fallopian tubes”-Human-Nancy pointed to two stalk-like protrusions that extended from the top of the uterus and curved around-“and the ovaries.” Human-Nancy gestured to two oval shaped orbs that rounded off the Fallopian tubes. One was attached to each tube.

“Everyone understand so far?” Human-Nancy asked, to which the crew nodded. She smiled and continued:

“Once they begin going through puberty, a woman will go through something called menstruation. The slang term is known as a period. Once every twenty eight days, one of the ovaries releases an egg. It travels down the Fallopian tube and settles in the uterus. Then, drawing the blood from the rest of the body-”


Human-Nancy stopped talking. “What’s what?”

“The uterus draws blood from the rest of the body?!”

“Yeah…” Human-Nancy intoned. “Anyways,” she continued when it became apparent no one else would be freaking out, “The blood forms a uterus lining. As the egg comes in, it’s all ready and waiting for fertilization.” Before someone could ask a question, Human-Nancy clarified: “Fertilization is when an egg and a sperm meet in the uterus after a male and female have had sex, and the egg begins to develop into a tiny human.”

This drew several gasps from the alien crew.

“If the egg is not fertilized, the egg dissolves and it, and the blood, flow out of the vagina in what is called a period. The symptoms of a period include bleeding from the vagina, cramps (to let the vagina push out the blood), blood clots, throwing up… and that’s about it.”

Kullehlah had to blink due to his expression being locked in one of surprise.


“One,” Kullehlah spoke up, “How do female humans survive this?!”

Human-Nancy shook her head. “We just do.”

And that is why, Kullehlah thought, humans are weird.

Puppy Pile Talks

Stiles and Derek have a discussion at 3 am about what pup likes what parent better.

On A03. On Fanfiction.

“Ugh, you wolves are so freaking hot. It’s like an oven in here,” Stiles complained. Almost all the wolves were in his and Derek’s bed and he was being cooked at 350. He had woken up at around 3:30 to find Malia, Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Scott, Lydia and Liam knocked out in the bed. Stiles was currently trapped under Liam, who must have joined the pile last, seeing as how he was on top of everyone else too. He had Erica hugging his legs and Isaac hugging one of his arms. Being crushed into his mate’s chest probably had something to do with the heat too.

Craning his neck to look at the rest of the pile, he saw Lydia was back to back with Derek with Malia in front of her. Scott was somewhere near Isaac. Boyd was on one side Erica and Jackson was at the foot of the bed, curled in a ball.

His moving and whispered complaints must have woken up his mate, who pulled him closer, “Shh…” Derek said, having a hard time finding Stiles’s mouth, trying to physically shush him. “Pups are sleeping. Daddy’s sleeping,” he whispered groggily.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered that the reason your posts get denounced so easily by more mainstream people is that you have fundamentally different definitions for certain terms? I mean, I'm not sure if it's totally comparable, but the philosophy of science is that a set of guidelines are created (Newton with physics) then more scientists "fill in the cracks" and ignore when the facts don't line up, continuing to work with their understanding without questioning it until the faults with it (part 1)

Become so glaringly obvious that they no longer can be ignored which causes a complete shift in how research is completed, all until a new scientist answers the questions (Einstein after Newton), which is slowly accepted as the new paradigm and then integrated into science so that the whole process repeats. It seems similar with this. The idea that gender or sex isn’t concrete is the current ideology and because the terms you use don’t fit the current paradigm they’re as outlandish (part 2)

As someone who said the earth was round a hundred years before anyone questioned it at all. Idk just a thought because I feel like I see too many parallels of that between radfems and libfems, especially since I’m a little new to the debate and not completely convinced by either side yet (I lean radfem bc I’m lesbian but haven’t figured it all out in my head yet) Anyway, lmk what you think and if I got it wrong. Also I’d love to see you definitions for terms like sex and gender. (Part 3)

“Understanding without questioning it”? Then how do you think faults are discovered in scientific theories, anon? 

It’s because the scientific method is to keep testing, keep searching for data, and updating theories when new data is discovered. It’s well understand that a theory in science is the best explanation of the evidence shown by the current data.

It’s not just one famous scientific comes along every hundred years or so and has a “eureka!” moment as you seem to be imagining. 

The idea that gender or sex isn’t concrete is the current ideology

No, biological sex in our allogamous sexually reproducing species is a pretty concrete thing. That someone questions it doesn’t mean they’re correct. Again, this is like creationist thinking, “Well we think it could be this way because the actual data doesn’t align with our pre-determined beliefs” and they’ll just keep making excuses the more they’re proven wrong:

“Oh that’s outdated because I said so” “Oh do you believe everything you were taught in school?” “You just hate me!” 

As someone who said the earth was round a hundred years before anyone questioned it at all.

You know nothing of history, anon, scientific or otherwise.  Eratosthenes did an experiment in 240 BCE to calculate the circumference of the Earth. He proved the Earth is round with math alone by measuring the shadows of pillars in Alexandria and Syene at the same time of day. 

Gallileo’s conflict with the Catholic Church wasn’t about the round Earth like many misconceive, but about heliocentrism.

Also I’d love to see you definitions for terms like sex and gender.

From my FAQ page:

Sex - a scientific designation of biological structure in sexually reproducing species, mammalian species are allogamous and have two sexes: female and male.

Female - The sex in an allogamous sexually reproducing species that typically produces ova gametes and has a reproductive system that includes a uterus, vagina and ovaries. In humans develops from the genes contained in XX chromosomes 

Male - The sex in an allogamous sexually reproducing species that typically produces spermatozoon gametes and has a reproductive system that testicles and a penis.  In humans develops from the genes contained in XY chromosomes

Woman - adult human of the female sex.

Man - adult human of the male sex.

Gender - The arbitrary prescribed behaviors and societal expectations imposed on individuals based on which sex they are that devalues and subjugates people of the female sex specifically. [e.g.: “Girls aren’t good at math, boys are better scientists.”]

“hey Lady!” my boss texts me, accompanied by an entourage of emojis. funny how a word that used to sting in the mouth of my father years ago is hardly worth an eyeroll now. still, it feels foreign. lady. do these people see me? i look in the mirror, squinting. where’s the lady?

girl i can handle, ‘girl’ is pretty easy. girl is small, slim, relatively unsexed. she’s young and bright and can move through the world without a care, until she’s playing basketball with her friends one day and a teacher pulls her aside to ask her, in a hushed, scandalized voice, if she’s wearing a bra.


woman is tougher, despite being more accurate a month from 23. woman feels like curves and long hair and wearing a dress skirt and having your shit together. i don’t see that in the mirror either.


ok. i nod, i try to internalise. a woman can look all sorts of ways. a woman can be all sorts of things. a woman is an adult human female. that’s it. that’s all. i came, i saw, i reblogged, i liked. you are a woman. a woman is an adult human female. 

i look at my face through toothpaste splatters and dust. woman? where?

i’ve tried to name myself, i’ve tried to Identify. i’ve tried out new labels with about the same frequency as i’ve tried new hair color. they fit for awhile, but it takes effort to maintain the illusion that any of it exists outside myself and the small circle of people who like me enough to entertain the idea that i am anything other than what i used to feel i’d rather die than be.

which is….what?

female. afab. a vagina-owner (and fetishist). xx. a human with tits and ovaries and a uterus and a vulva, all of which i wish i could give away in an online raffle. 

oh, human? is that what we’re calling it now? 

i don’t know what to call her other than ‘her’ and it took a long time to get even there. ‘reidentified’ seems to be the preferred term in these circles but i’m not. every word i can think to use to describe what i know is true feels wrong and falls flat. 

‘hey Lady!’ 


Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow stay whitewashing characters while The Flash now has a main cast that is majority POC

tailtwitcher  asked:

The entire gang is HAWT AS HELL as humans. My ovaries cannot handle it!! What would each of their races/nationalities be?

Thank you oh my gosh! Thank you so much :D :D :D Man this question is difficult, but I love it! Let me think. I’m not trying to exclude any races or nationalities so I am sorry if it is not something you agree with. I’m also going to try to be careful to not mix up nationality with ethnicity, but if I do I’m sorry.

Human!Sonic: Caucasian/American

Human!Tails: Caucasian/English (based on his appearance and name origin)

Human!Amy: Caucasian/Anglo-American (based on her appearance and last name origin)

Human!Knuckles: Jamaican

Human!Sticks: Native Hawaiian/American/Polynesian (I know that’s ethnicity but I’m including it for clarification)

Human!Rouge: Mixed/Mexican-French (like Jessica Alba)

Human!Shadow: None, since he was designed and not actually born

Human!Aurora: Caucasian/American

Human!Ruff and Tumble: Tanzanian (based on locations of spotted hyenas)

(You have no idea how much time I spent on this to make sure I was being as accurate as possible holy shit X’D)


A very important message from Richard Armitage. (x)

Let’s take a page from this man’s book and be considerate of everyone when we post not only on Twitter, but on Tumblr and other social media platforms as well.